PTA Blocks websites with Salman Taseer’s pictures ‘Harmful for the integrity of the Country’

Its being reported that PTA has recently blocked six specific URL’s in Pakistan deeming them “harmful for the integrity of the country“. These websites are blocked for carrying a certain set of pictures containing Salman Taseer, The Governor of Punjab & his family.  The PTA is said to have complied upon the request from the Inter Ministerial Committee which has prefered to monitor and block anti-Pakistan, blasphemous, and pornographic web sites.

The alleged pictures had started making rounds on the Internet in early November and consequentially did find its way on a few specific websites, we too did share a couple but preferred to ignore the remaining as they were definitely too personal for public consumption.

Though on a personal level we exercised self-restraint in choosing not to publish the private pictures of his daughter, but I am shocked to see the official bureaucracy go begging at his mercy deeming these websites as harming the national integrity of Pakistan, quite definitely a far fetched lame excuse at best. I am sure there could have been other effective legal measures to bring down these pictures, which would then have been a better representative of a democratically elected government but it seems they still choose to rule by the dictatorial stick. All said, I am definitely shocked to see how easily PTA was eager to comply to this lame excuse on the whims of certain individuals and hope that they quickly revert their decision to block these websites

Though I still choose not to share those pictures myself but some common sense needs to be knocked into PTA and our Governor that its nearly impossible to totally block / censor content on the Internet as even now a simple Google search will list a dozen more websites which are also sharing the same images

The following are the six (6) URL’s that are supposed to be blocked from Pakistan

  3. http://www.



, , , ,



81 responses to “PTA Blocks websites with Salman Taseer’s pictures ‘Harmful for the integrity of the Country’”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    great point proud pak!
    this is the exact reason we hate secularists so much.
    they just want to decrease the threshold for sins by promoting and supporting the acts of adultry, indecent behaviours and drinking.
    and funny thing is that they insist calling themselves muslims.
    some body ask them what will happen if they violate their party rules…..dirty swine altaf will waste no time in tearing their body apart.
    i do not want to cross my limits but i must say those invite the wrath of ALLAH(swt) do not deserve to be called as muslims

  2. afflatus Avatar

    Hi, I think the ban on above URLs has served to highlight the hypocrisy of our people holding the public office, more than anything else. And that’s just typical of our leaders and governance.

    As for alcohol/lifestyle choices, I think that we’d be better of as a nation by not judging the morality and competence of others based on our own religious/personal values.

    Still, the thing that really needs to be emphasized is that a public administrator is answerable to the public, for sure. Personal choices that violates the constitution & hurt the feelings of the nation should be questioned, yes.

    To me, this action just highlights that ‘freedom of speech’ has the lowest priority on our administration’s agenda. It underlies its apologetic & hypocrite attitudes & a grave disrespect of public opinion.

    And thats why its all very sad.

  3. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    I may add, why should we hate secularist like
    MQM’s Altafian Barristers with their yadon ki Baraat
    ANP and PPP ke hijray ? for the following
    reasons :

    – because they are not what they claim to be !
    – they failed, all along the history of secularism,
    in establishing even 5 grms of remedies to the
    social evils; alcohol, prostitution, fornication,
    adultry, child abuse, replacing them with
    – Homosexuality, same-gender marriages, perversity,
    stupid and ridiculous music, celebrating jam sessions
    of so called faaaashion shows (desi accent )where our
    desi future Miss worlds come with their artifiical
    skin tans of 8 kg of makeups and stinking Pinglish
    accent(Indians are even worse). I don’t know where to
    stuff Barrister,
    but I know one thing for sure, there are some
    son-of-a-bitch seculars who have ruined the world,

    Joseph Stalin killed 20 millions only half in goolags
    Adolph Hitler National Socialist killed millions
    Saddam Hussain Baasist secular killed several hundred

    French Seculars exterminated 1.5 millions of Algerians.

    Indian SecularHindus exterminating 5 millions
    of Indian muslims only in 1947 in two months time in
    Bengal. UP, Punjab etc.

    Altaf secular Mongoloide of MQM is responsible for
    murdering 30.000 muhajirs and 6000 Punjabi Pathans in
    and around Karachi and inside Sindh, he was helped by
    Indian raw. He has developed a very strong terrorist
    hold on Karachi.

    PPP’s Khussra seculars are only good for Dhamaal at
    Laal Shebaz Qalander, composed of 5 anti-islam,
    pro-hindu Sindhi nationalist parties.The Mujjawars of

    Seculars are all hidden evil of the world, some naives
    have to be taught some realities.
    thats is all for the moment.

  4. barristerakc Avatar


  5. Ali Avatar

    mqm ka barrister bhag gaya

  6. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    your comment of dec 04 @4.08 pm

    I wonder if your second para killed your 4th one,
    or vice versa, but please take notice that both
    have exposed your freedom to fatalism.
    The world opinion on Alcoholism does’nt mean anything
    to you. The same world can witness that since 1500 years
    a religion had banned consumption of alcohol and
    intoxications, thats why the entire world is still not
    drowned in a barrel.

  7. afflatus Avatar

    I did not pass a moral judgement on ‘alcoholism’, ‘drug abuse’ or social drinking.

    But what I did say is that, we’d be better off as a society by not judging the competence & ability of a person to run public office, build a rocket or cure cancer, if his lifestyle doesn’t conform to our likes/ personal preferance/ religious inclination.

    Between, the governer is not an ‘alcoholic’ by a clinical definition, I hope; probably just a social drinker.

    PS: I do not intend to start a discussion on merits and demerits of alcohol here. Its larger than that. And I have made my point already in the first post.

  8. afflatus Avatar

    Between, this incident regarding the governer is not about secularism vs. islamism or anything else.

    Its a lesson in hypocrisy and apologetics. Lets not do disservice by making it just another argument between seculars, islamists or people who think that when it comes to morality they know better.


  9. barristerakc Avatar

    Bhag nahi gaya; I found the comments below my dignity to reply too. You guys are just making fun of yourself. LOL

  10. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ I bet you had any left ? LOL

    Khamoshi, bhag jana hi kehlati he, huzoor !

  11. Mikey_Noida Avatar

    These thugs and friends are always going to be in power – so who cares about these pictures?

    Lets face the facts, until the criminal fraternity is removed from the country, what ever is written about them, will not affect them

    Even a Swiss court miserably failed to seek justice on their theft of Pakistan’s state

  12. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ bari durgat bani he apki, chishti Huzoori mein,

    langoti, faqat apki latki howi, reh gaei he

  13. MB Avatar

    I think the reverse is true, its SALMAN TASEER’s ASS which is harmful for the integrity of PAKISTAN especially punjab.

  14. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    oh come on, please stop playing hide and seek, the
    guy is ” alcoholic ” like other gandoos of PPP in
    Punjab with their ugly faces and normaly have 2.5
    alcohol level in their blood. You can see on their
    face’s muscles, eyes, speech coherence, reactions,
    nervousness, angre, etc etc, Taseer’s interview with
    PTV, two weeks ago was a ” certificate ” of alcoholism
    in the guy, aging with him ! he is finished. sorry !

  15. Nabeel Tahir Avatar
    Nabeel Tahir

    Its too late. Good work bloggers, who ever published, atleast people came to know the real picture of corrupt person like Mr.Salman taseer, the person who is not a good Muslim, how can he be honest, sincere, true to his people he is governing.
    Why all people hide the REAL TRUTH of such corrupt people bureaucrates who mess the Country instead of developing, Mr. Zardari appointed him because both people minds match i-e CORRUPT.

    He enjoys in his bog GOVERNOR HOUSE and damn cares about the people suffering outside.

    In a Democratic Country, such things dont happen, every thing should be open to the citizens of the Country.

    Sorry if it hurts people feelings but its an open Truth and no one should fear to speak out TRUTH.

  16. faisal Avatar

    But you can still watch these pictures in Pakistan.

  17. Nabeel Tahir Butt Avatar
    Nabeel Tahir Butt

    Dear All,

    I agree fully with "ProudPak", want to ask whole Pakistani nation, what is Pakistan ?? It was taken in the name of Islam, if Quaid-e-Azam was alive, he would have heart attack seeing such happenings. Mr. Salman Taseer, his taseer is intensively dirty for Pakistan respect, what will people say hmmm " ye apne aap ku Musalman kehte hen aur harkaten dekho zara " , koi be istra Islam ki aur Muslim ki respect nai kare ga. Mr. Salman Taseer jo harkaten karahe hen, aur unki sari aulaad and wife, trust me and I have faith over it, if he had earned halal rizk, he and his family would have been different, the person who does haram acts and eat haram, trust me uski aulaad be wesi hugi.

    That person is very close friend of Mr.zardari and he selected him coz both have same mind thinkings.

    Such info abt corrupt person should be spread only in Pakistan not abroad, atleast in Pakistan people shud know who is that CRAP governing and eating money of people of Pakistan.

    Such jerk should be thought bad in hearts, remember all Muslims brotrher and sisters, you must remeber this Hadeeth-e-Pak " when you see any wrong act happening, stop it with your hand, if not use your tongue to stop, still you cant make it sto, consider it bad in your heart " , so my dear Paki bros and sis, every one has to give his own answer in grave and time of judgement, Mr.Salman Taseer will have to answer for his every single act BUT " if we see something bad and dont say it bad and tell others, we will also have to be answerable" , there will be NO Pakistan only ISLAM & MUSLIM will be your recognition.

    THINK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best Regards……………….nabeel

  18. legends Avatar

    i think this is a totally wrong approach…..
    however now it has done now
    so the next thing to do is to PRAY for his family and also for ourself
    each and every person is having some secrets of its own and if they are disclosed then everyone feels ashamed
    we must be thankful to ALLAH ALMIGHTY to keep all those secrets highly confidential and
    if someone’s secrets are disclosed then we must look on ourself first
    this is actually the positive approach……..

  19. imran Avatar

    pta good

  20. Ammara Avatar

    I just want to say that I am a practising Muslim who is still learning more about religion. Of the little that I have read in the Quran I came across the following points:

    1. Those Muslims who call themselves Muslims yet do not believe in His clear signs ( such as secular people?) are hypocrites.

    2. Allah does not like those who use foul language and get angry.

    If we really want to show those who are secular that Islam is a beautiful religion then I would like to humbly add that we will have to change the way we use our words on open forums.


  21. lifeh2o Avatar

    This is not only about salman taseer. This is culture of elite class, and you people think that by talking in English or by wearing Americans dresses you will be respected as you respect them.

    Pakistani = Tasbeeh in one hand and wine in the other

  22. Nabeel Butt Avatar

    Dear All,

    Just imagine, the acts Salman Taseer and his family is doing with pleasure, the death angle comes beside them or any else person to take away their soul, question is , " do they have enough good AMAAL with them or a life full of haraam sins they been doing " , trust me if one have fear that an eye is watching every single second, nobody would do a sin. When people appreciate, praise those acts which are haraam, strictly forbidden, then that sin act becomes a GOOD ACT in their heart and mind, they continue doing that, nowadays people discuss all other stuff of their interest, no1 discusses things which Islam said, I pray ALLAH guide us all bef its too late. Prepare for day of judgement, live as its the last day and its not only Salman Taseer, Zardari, Musharaf etc.. all have been doing to make usa happy, ALLAH lanat karta he un sub logo pe, REMEMBER your grave wont give you space coz you been doing sins on this earth, this earth is even alive. This earth wish for those noble, pious people and wait to smash those sinful people.

    May ALLAH guide those sinful people or do something to erase sin from the face of earth forever. Aameen.

    Tcare all.

    Nabeel Butt

  23. Carlee Iese Avatar

    I Hope Everyone doesent Underevaluate the true Importance of what you have posted here…Please guys dont skim read this take time and read into thouroughly….Thumps up to the Writer…Great work!

  24. Raja Avatar

    I think everybody know Pakistan in heavy crises, But question is this why? You know why?

    Pakistan face one such a big problem, is our nation and leaders is sleeping now is our bedrooms. Today we accept, we are not a Muslim and Pakistani, today we are only hypocrites Muslim and hypocrites Pakistani, and we are not sincere with Pakistan.

    If your are make strong Pakistan, batter Pakistan,

    So please wakeup, wakeup my friends, we have not time for wastage.

    There is very important question raze up, whose first wakeup our nation or our leaders???

    I wait your answer?



  25. Muhammad jamil Avatar
    Muhammad jamil

    salam to all>plz vote against the following website,as it is a fake islamic site and misguiding the muslims,i dnt know how to block the site, any muslim hacker must hack the site,

    the 2nd url is just an example from the site.

  26. salman taseer Avatar

    salman taseer firing say halak

  27. ArtistDigital Avatar

    Provided that: Person = Morally Corrupt :))

  28. pedra6 Avatar

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