Venezuela expels Israeli envoy over Gaza ‘Holocaust’

Hugo ChavezIt was heartening to read that the Venezuelan government on Tuesday ordered the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador to Caracas in protest to the Israeli military’s offensive in the Gaza Strip. President Hugo Chavez called the events in Gaza a Palestinian “holocaust” and said the presidents of Israel and the United States should be tried for war crimes in international court. “The Holocaust, that is what is happening right now in Gaza,” Chavez said in televised comments. “The president of Israel at this moment should be taken to the International Criminal Court together with the President of the United States.”

I have always loved Hugo Chavez and his bold statement against the American hegemony specially his speech at the UN where he called George Bush a devil.

It is good to see Venezuela highlight this crisis but ironically various neighboring Muslim countries are still not ready to play hard ball, in outright condemnation of Israel for the fear of upsetting the American war lords.



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70 responses to “Venezuela expels Israeli envoy over Gaza ‘Holocaust’”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i read your comments about poor dr afia siddiqi and this is enough clue for me. i do not have a slightest doubt in my mind about you and your intentions.
    and i give a damn about “next month to july” people have ytheir plans and ALLAH(swt) has HIS own and i strongly believe that when HE executes his plan all the other plans become worthless craps.

  2. barristerakc Avatar

    @Dr.Jawad Sahib,

    The vary fact that Pakistani Armed Forces are in a process of “sucking oxygen” (Zard-ari Lingo) out of Talibans /Islamists in FATA proves that Liberal (left-wingers) like us are heard and our POV is accepted while the GoP has rejected your POV.

    However, I honestly respect folks like you (Dr.Jawad Khan Sahib), Asad Ali (Kashmiri Sahib), Bibi Farah and even that PakiPatriot for your views (except when you guys lashes out with personal comments but then I ignore it as I understand your sentiments and emotional approach).
    Honestly, I do (myself) go overboard for the sake of arguments (remember I am a layer – LOL).

    I have my views and You, Sir have yours. If you really want to change and influence policies and have problems with the FATA Operation; you should join politics and make a difference; if you can’t then vote for the party you are ideologically close too – if you win; I will respect your decisions to stop operation against Islamists and vice versa.

    That(s) how things works – fortunately, right now – the majority support killing the extremist and Islamists for the sake of internal and external security.

  3. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Thank you for your two small points.This defination of Terrorism was completely missing from my dictionary.Please do not think I am a scholar and keep educating me.
    Since July seven Muslims in UK are on defensive and we have not been able to evaluate the whole scenario from a Muslim point of view.

  4. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    “PS. I am a registered solicitor with the law society of England & Wales and do practice at the Crown County Courts and High Court back there.”
    You so do not surprise me.Pakistani community marganalised and defensive think by posting kill Muslims and Terrorists they are securing their bright future in UK.
    You have not understood United Kingdom.In a country where there is no Capital punishment you have failed to understand the basis on which British Society stands.
    Stand up in Parliament Square or outside Old Baily and make this proclaimation of ,Hanging all the Extremists”
    It would not be Muslim Community ,it will be British people who will consider you insane and against their civil liberties.
    Having a degree or a lisence is of no use if you fail to understand the core values of Justice system for which many
    Brave British have laid their lives.
    If you do not relate to Muslims,that is fine,relate to British at least.
    If you think British are unsympathetic or full of hatred for muslims think again?US ,India or Israel suits you more.
    I would never come accross you in real world though because you will always be absent from Rallies to stop war ,Palestine Cause or Humanitarian Causes.

  5. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    ” the majority support killing the extremist and Islamists for the sake of internal and external security.”
    Isnt it brilliant than we are no lawyers but ordinary people and not in politics yet still stand up for our views.
    Swimming against the current is always difficult.Mr.Tony Blair went to war against the wishes of British people .That does not make him right despite having mendate.
    If you think Zardari is in power and prosecution and hanging is the answer and your sick laughter based on conception that Obama might engange in aggresive assault on Pakistan is extremely dark.
    You have forgotten even British you are of Pakistani origin .

  6. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    you are running london based MQM branch which has
    one idol and that is Tony Blair. Who granted you
    political asylums you MQM’s terrorists.

  7. barristerakc Avatar

    LOL. As a rule I do not talk about personal life but let me assure you although I idolize Tony Blair (but he messed up in the end) but I was not granted a political asylum LOL…I was born there and got most of my qualification from there.

  8. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    This is not for AKC.
    “Displaced Migrant”
    I know one guy ,he cannot stand still,he keeps jumping ,repeating himself without listening to the answer.
    Never finishes his work in time.While speaking he is so hyper that sliva often springs out of his mouth.
    He irritates me very often by asking questions like,Are you pregnant?When I am Muslim and single?
    Offering me food while I am fasting?
    Asking rest of the ladies who are going on holidays/
    Are you going alone?
    Did you sleep alone last night?
    Asians are @@@@ers,questions about virginty,claiming every woman around as his mate when all of them run away from him.
    Further he asks me every weekend would you like to come to a pub for drinks,when even the ones who drink do not accept to accompany him.
    He provokes me by saying Asian men can marry four times ,why can’t you ?
    Thanks for protests against Sitanic Verses he does not come to that.
    you are a modern woman you can drink and are you going on date?
    He preaches me ,life is short and one should not waste it ,you need to relax have couple of drinks.religion is bull@@@@.
    than he changes,his tone and rehotric to:
    Asian woman are so disgusting they go out with English men and do not like Asian men.Than whole hatred pours out Asian woman are trying be English ,they are messed up and bla bla bla.
    In my charecter study of him .I blank him out ,I do not register his existance.The truth is poor guy is an Asian ,do not know what was his original religion,he proclaims to be Christian now and British.Yet he hates Christianity and British as well.He has huge grudge against his parents regarding his name,original name was something else,travelled to UK on some other name,to get a visa maybe he changed his religion to Christianity.
    His name on passport is different ,and even he spent whole of his life away from parents literally as an orphan .
    His personal life is so sad,although he is married and have a child.he hates his parents and does not relate to his wife and child.H eis such an irritation just on the way home he provoked some one and got very outrageous sort of fists which knocked him out.He is so lonely and he takes his anger,which he holds since childhood against his governemnt which was brutal towards his community,he holds prejudice and hatred agianst Jinnah,”as per him ,how did this ***** got independent country.He hates me why I am holding to my religion or culture or why I am so clear on my originality?Why I am able to claim Paksitan and Britian as well,Why I am able to relate to whole of Islamic world?
    I can only feel sorry for him,his trials,tribulations ,fear of prosecution has forced this man to abandon his roots,his religion,his country and just to live life he had to have British Passport and Church of Rome.
    We all look at him in a shock when he addresses all of us,you are not British ,look at your skin,you are Polish ,you are Pakistani,you are Indian and we just think look at your colour of skin at such times maybe he thinks he is Hugh Grant or grandson of Churchill.Fact is he is not.
    We do not even sympathise with him.Sadly every time he opens his mouth someone tells him to shutup.He would like to have a converstaion but we all pretend we are busy and do not listen.
    By having an English name,by having a Catholic religion ,by having a British Passport or by drinking and openly discussing sex ,he does not become English .Fact is he has lost everything even his ID as an Asian.What a sad life!!

  9. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    No I do not want to know about personal life ,good that you could laugh.
    Just to say principal to live life is simple ,never say something which one cannot accept or advocate later.
    Blogging is about sharing ideas and development of thought process.It unites us as well we know different points of views .
    Many Times Jawwad and Asad and rest make me re-consider what I have said and how I am thinking and that is so good.The biggest enemy of Muslims is silence and fear how people percieve us.
    keep posting.You do not frustrate me.

  10. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    that’s what i call a jaw breaking answer.i bet your posts are more powerfull than the punches of mike tyson.

    @barrister ak!
    “The vary fact that Pakistani Armed Forces are in a process of “sucking oxygen”………..while the GoP has rejected your POV”

    As I said earlier in my post and again I shall say “what the hell are you talking about?
    As India entered in “great game” the whole game plan has been changed. Pakistan armed forces and ISI started to play a double roll. They are targeting the Taliban fractions that are fighting against Pakistan army and collaborating with Indian intelligence agencies. Mean while Pakistani forces keeping the blind eye in fact promoting those fractions that are just fighting against America and NATO. This new roll is shocking and frustrating for Americans and America. They became furious and now with the amendment Americans skipped their major steps and planning to execute final step which is the fragmentation of Pakistan.
    Gallop and other polls described the majority of peoples of Pakistan think that this is unjustified American war. What are you talking about?

    Join politics?………..i think we are late for politics. it is a time for either revolution or mutually assured destruction.

  11. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    If anything ,USA has lost all the wars ,does not matter how many bombs they drop ,they cannot win the hatred people hold against them.
    They landed in Iraq and fought the war from within?Did they succeed.
    What ever I hold against Talibaan they are most forocious warriors.People who have conquered death while alive .They are Hawks of Afghan Mountains,Pakistan Army,US army and armies of the world have exhausted their strategy and weaponary to subdue them.
    India and US is waisting its resources and dragging Pakistan into this mess.

    They do not fight with weapons they fight with spirit and a spirit of fighter cannot be broken through army might.The day these people will not have weapons they will find someother way to launch assault .Now how can one fight such people?
    Who else but USA knows this?

  12. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    Strange thing I noticed in the posts of all "devils advocates" that most of them are residing in Europe having a Pakistani origin.

    They are articulate and serious especially they don't slang.

    And they avoid personal attacks. More civilized behavior than common Muslims.

    remarkable sign: their post drags you in the state of shock and awe in spite of nice and decent language. And you start thinking "what the hell he is talking about?

    their posts are full of rhetoric and eloquence but devoid of simple logic.

    We know the liberals,

    We know the secularists,

    We know all the non Muslims

    We work with many of them. What the hell this kind of creature comes from?

    They all have "VIOLENT APPROACH AGAINST JIHADI FIGHTERS AND THEIR SYMPATHIZERS" e.g. killing, hanging and bombing in spite of portraying their images of peace loving people.

    I mean my brother is my brother no matter how bigger crime he commit, I will not wish for his brutal death.

    Their approach towards religion is typical. They reject every order of ALLAH and Nabee e Kareem (saaw) which do not match their ideology.

    As I said earlier they are always focus on REACTIONS and extremely reluctant (up to the level of deafness) to listen any thing against ACTIONS.

    In spite of well known reality of enmity, hostility and conspiracies of the western world against Islam and Muslims they consider them as “infallible”.

    You can not see any level of patriotism in these “advocates of the devil”

    They are all hostile witnesses against Muslims and Pakistan like mahmood ali durrani or tariq aziz.

    My question is always the same “who are these people? and “from where they come from?

    And my mind always tells me that they are mercenaries, a part of an army against Pakistan and Muslims.

  13. KarimG Avatar

    Reading the posts here one wonders if you guys have any idea….regardless, read this article and I will go further and suggest that even though the articles just deals with US politicians you can easily add all the garden variety Sheikhs, Zardaris and Manmohans of Middle East & Asia in this HALL OF SHAME too!

  14. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Karim G
    This very idea is a reality and the article you mentioned is very appropriate.It would not be surprising for anyone to know Jews have been prosecuted until the first half of 19th century and theHolocaust but than suddenly US helped them to establish themselves in Arab.At that time the response of Church Anglican and Rome changed towards Jews.
    Unfortunately Jews are trying to avenge Muslims for all the crimes committed against them.By Europeans and how Christianity describes them,only read Shakespears ,Merchant of Venice and see how Shylock is portrayed.
    Surprising is to see this NAtion given the most Wealth,compensation claims for the treatment they recieved through the hands of Hitler still are so insecure.Protection and best rather Super,Duper high tech weaponary seem to kill every living being within their reach.
    This is what is called self destructive behaviour.
    When someone is scared they run to kill their own shaddow.They are provoking the world.we have to see where the response will come,I would not be surprised if it comes from within them.

  15. ProudPaki Avatar

    Hats off for Venezuelans!

    I wish I really really wish Pakistani govt give Venezuelans leader a Nishan-e-Quaid instead. And you see without using nuke on IsraHell we’ll kill those bastards with shame.

    but wah ray meri hasrat 🙁

  16. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    I wish I could meet your
    ” displaced, rather misplaced migrant ”
    he must be as ugly as Altaf Mongol & Co.

  17. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali



    @ All Others

    just check Gaza Holocaust on the link 2008

    I have no words to express my shock, we all watched
    2nd WW’s massacres but this mass killing is out of human
    history, but I must warn you photos! are unbearable !!

  18. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ sorry I repeat

    http:// 2008

  19. KarimG Avatar

    Do you know why they do this? They want us ALL, including the dumb ass Americans to know, who controls, their president, congress and senate…

  20. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @asad ali!
    both links are not valid.