Help Gaza with five minutes of your time !

To donate to the Palestinian Embassy:

Account Number 22497900126003
Habib Bank Islamabad Branch

Embassy of the State of Palestine,
House No. 486-B, Street No. 9, F-10/2, Islamabad,
Tel: 2291185, Fax: 294703.

Thanks to the Sabbah Blog


After the successful email campaign, it’s time to move to the next level: calling some of the war criminals.

Objectives of this campaign are as follows:

  1. Bombard their phone/mobile/fax lines with anti-war, anti-Zionist messages. This can be in the form of calls, faxes or even sms’s;
  2. Waste the time of these war criminals as much as possible. Some of them are doing nothing else but jumping on the TV screens to spread lies and hatred. They justify killing Palestinian children and civilians;
  3. Directly delivering to them the message that we are disgusted by what they are doing and they should stop now;
  4. Show them the magnitude of support that Palestinians have after the world witnessed their war crimes in Gaza.

Let’s start with war criminal, Mark Regev, International Media Adviser to the Prime Minister.
His MOBILE number is: +972-5-0620-3264 and his office number is +972-2670-5354
If you like to follow your call/sms with an email, use this one:

Second war criminal, Shlomo Dror in the Ministry of Defence.
His MOBILE number is +972-5-0629-8148, office number is +972-3697-5339, fax number is +972-2670-5602
As before, if you like to follow it up with an email, use this:

Third war criminal is Major Liebovitz from the Israeli Navy
His MOBILE number is +972-5-781-86248

If you know or come across any mobile number of any Israeli war criminal, please send it to ( so that I can update the list here. Meanwhile, you can bombard the top war criminal, Olmert and his office assistance, managers, spokesperson, etc… Please visit the following page to select the name that you like to play with and pick his/her office number and/or fax number.

Note: To call or fax any in the above list, remove the “zero” and add +972 (Israel Int’l code) before the number. (Example: Ehud Olmert’s phone number is 02-670-5555 will become +972-2-670-555, fax number is 02-670-5475 will become +972-2-670-5475)

I suggest that you put your feelings on paper either by drawing or as a letter (in any language, in fact using other than English language will keep them busier and waste more of their time, which we want) and fax it to the maximum fax numbers you find there, but phone calls are still very important if you can.

More? Yes, you can do more. Call or fax the current Knesset members. Go to the following link, select any name and you will find their phone and fax numbers. Again, to call or fax any, remove the “zero” and add +972 before the number. (Example: Benjamin Netanyahu (a.k.a. Bibi the butcher!) phone: 02-6408456 will become +972-2-6408456 and his fax number is 02-6496659 which becomes +972-2-6496659)

Knesset members:

Also Knesset Directory (add +9722 before the numbers you find here):

To: The Israeli Ministry of Defense, Fax: +972-3-697-6717
To: The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fax +972-2-5303367

Last but not least, share a copy of your fax with others. Please post your fax on this flickr group:

PS. Feel free to do the same with any and all pro-Israel war on Gaza. You can start with:

White House (although they are busy backing up there files, but we can only hope that Obama will get something to read and learn about on his first day in office) :

The Congress (which justed gave Israel new green light to kill kids and women of Gaza):

Be creative! Search for the contacts of your government official’s website and contact them. Save Gaza!

Remember, Silence is Complicity!

Israeli mobile numbers start with the following codes:

  • 9725 Israel-Mobile
  • 9726 Israel-Mobile
  • 97251 Israel-Mobile
  • 97253 Israel-Mobile
  • 97255 Israel-Mobile
  • 97256 Israel-Mobile
  • 97258 Israel-Mobile
  • 97252 Israel-Mobile-Cellcom
  • 97257 Israel-Mobile-Mirs
  • 97254 Israel-Mobile-Partner
  • 97250 Israel-Mobile-Pelephone



Update: Here is a list of most terrorist Israeli officials. Feel free to bombard them with your words of condemnation and pictures of their war crimes. [Hat tip: Shadia] Just copy the entire list into your TO or CC list and send them all an email

Shimon Peres (; Ehud Olmert – Prime Minister (; Ehud Barak – Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Defense (; Tzipi Livni – Acting Prime Minister , Minister of Foreign Affairs (; Abraham Dicter – Minister of Internal Security (; Ariel Atias – Minister of Communications (; Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer Minister of National Infrastructure(; Eli Aflalo – Minister of Immigrant Absorption (; Eliyahu Yishai – Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Industry, Trade, and Labor (; Gideon Ezra – Minister of Environmental Protection (; Isaac Herzog – Minister of Welfare and Social Services, Minister of the Diaspora, Society, and Fight Against Antisemitism (; Jacob Edery – Minister of the Development of the Negev and Gal); (; Meir Sheetrit – Minister of Internal Affairs (; Raleb Majadele – Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport (; Ruhama Avraham Bal);a – Minister of Tourism (; Shalom Simhon – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (; Shaul Mofaz – Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of Transportation and Road Safety(; Ze’ev Boim – Minister of Housing and Construction (; Haim Ramon – Vice Prime Minister (; Rafi Eitan – Minister of Pensioner Affairs – (; Ronnie Bar-On – Minister of Finance (; Yacov Ben Yizri – Minister of Health (; Yitzhak Cohen – Minister of Religious Services (; Yuli Tamir – Minister of Education (; Majalli Whbee – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (; Matan nai – Deputy Minister of Defense – (; Meshulam Nahari – Minister Without Portfolio (; Benjamin Netanyahu (; Ehud Olmert – Prime Minister (; Raanan Dinur – Director General Of the Prime Minister’s Office (; Ovad Yehezkel – Government Secretary (; Ya’akov Galanti – Head of Communications Division and Media Adviser to the Prime Minister (; Shalom Tourgeman – Foreign Policy Adviser for Prime Minister (; Amnon Ben-Ami – Deputy Director General (; Tzahi Gavrieli – Personal Assistant to the Prime Minister (; Shlomit Barnea Farago – Legal Adviser (; Joseph Strauss – Accountant (;Marit Danon – Director of the Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women (; Uzi Keren – Adviser to the Prime Minister (Settlement Affairs) (; Hagar Biran – Advisor to the Prime Minister for Liaison with the Knesset (; Ruti Avramovitz – Pub);c affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister (; Ofer Levy – Adviser to the prime minister for official visits and special events (; Yael Nachmias – Head of the Division for policy Implementation (; Gavriel Golan – Adviser to the Prime Minister for Planning and Development (; Mark Regev – International Media Adviser to the Prime Minister (; Rachael Risby-Raz – Diaspora Affairs Adviser (; Gal Alon – Adviser for Strategic Development (; Julia Braya – Adviser to the Prime Minister for the Russian Languge Media (; Edna Halbani – Director of International Visits – (; Vered Swid – Adviser to the Prime Minister (Social Affairs) (; Avi Widerman – Adviser to the Prime Minister (; David Baker – Senior Foreign Press Coordinator (; Yehiel Nizri – Director of the Prime Minister’s Bureau (Central Region) (; Avigdor Liberman (; Ami Ayalon (; Amir Peretz (; Abraham Hirchson(; Alex M);ler (am);; Amira Dotan (; Amnon Cohen (; Arieh Eldad (; Avishay Braverman(; Avraham Michaeli(; Avraham Ravitz(; Avshalom V);an(av);; Benyamin Elon(; Chaim Amsellem(; Chaim Oron(; Colette Avital(; Dalia Itzik(; David Azoulay(; David Rotem(; David Tal(; Dov Khenin(; Effie Eitam(; Eitan Cabel(; Elhanan Glazer(; Eliahu Gabbay(; Esterina Tartman(; Gideon Sa’ar(; ad Erdan(; Haim Katz(; Isaac Ben-Israel(; srael Hasson(; Itshac Galantee(; Izhak Ziv(; Lia Shemtov(; Limor Livnat(; Marina Solodkin(; Mazor Bahyna(; Meir Porush(; Menahem Ben-Sasson(; Michael Eitan(; Michael Melchior(; Moshe Kahlon(; Moshe Gafni(; Moshe Sharoni(; Nissan Slomiansky(; Nissim Zeev(; Ophir Pines-Paz(; Otniel Schneller(; Ran Cohen(; Reuven Rivlin(; Robert );atov(r);; Ronit Tirosh(; Sara Marom Shalev(; Shachiv Shnaan(; Shai Hermesh (; Shelly Yacimovich (; Shlomo (Neguse) Molla (; Shmuel Halpert (; van Shalom (;Sofa Landver (; Stas Misezhnikov (; Tzachi Hanegbi (; Tzvia Greenfield (; Uri Maklev (; Uri Yehuda Ariel (; Yakov Litzman (; Yakov Margi (; Yisrael Katz (; Yitzhak Aharonovitch (; Yitzhak Levy (; Yitzhak Vaknin (; Yoel Hasson (; Yohanan Plesner (; Yoram Marciano (; Yosef Shagal (; Yuli Yoel Edelstein (; Yuval Steinitz (; Zahava Gal-On (; Zeev Elkin
(; Zevulun Orlev (;Zvi Hendel (



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15 responses to “Help Gaza with five minutes of your time !”

  1. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Palestinian holocaust
    murder and genocide committed by Israeli Nazi pigs

  2. hello Avatar

    this is insane, sending spam emails is going to do anything! do something more practical and realistic to to help.

    Did any one watch the special Gaza capital talk on Sunday? In the end Hamid Mir asked that what can Pakistanis do for help and the journalist from Gaza replied that send us some F16s.

  3. AH Avatar

    Who is this money going to? Not Hamas I hope.

  4. Muhammad Munir Avatar
    Muhammad Munir

    US and Israel are killing innocent people all over the world!! they are the biggest terrorist ! the world is in danger because of these two nations!

  5. AH Avatar

    Munir, you are right … cause Al Qaida hasn’t killed anyone at all.

  6. shy-guY Avatar

    War on terror was a mistake, says Miliband

    If this you admitted then Miliband must admit that creation of state of Israel was also a biggest mistake which spawned this false terrorism term.
    Which is exactly fitting in your faces since you stupidity/cupidity created state of Israel which causes unrest in the whole world.

    David Miliband, must now also admit that U’s are the real Terrorists and Mischievous of the earth.

    Miliband, your whole system is a mistake a shame like capitalism which is at verge of collapse.

    Shame on Israelis must be burn in Hell

    Peace on Palestinians

  7. Syed Avatar

    “I could have annihilated all the jes in the world.But i left some of them so the world could know why I was killing them”.
    Odolf Hitler

    Weldone Hitler. You atleast recognised the criminals truly.

  8. Syed Avatar

    “I could have annihilated all the jews in the world. But i left some of them so the world could know why I was killing them”.
    Odolf Hitler

  9. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali


    you are so naive, you still want the
    money should go to the Fu….g Fatah traitors,
    corrupt, soldouts to Israel, USA, and their Arab
    pimps. For sixty years those bastard secular,
    ba’athist, communist, progressist swindled the whole
    Palestinian cash reserves and billions of US$ in aid
    for the welfare of Palestinians, where is that money ?
    is it spent on PALESTINIANS?
    the only single progress these Fatah swines have learned
    is anti-Islam and Islamophobia propogated by the
    Church of Bethleham who never suffered, even have
    preserved all their properties, men left Palestine and
    the old grandmothers holding on to the properties.
    Just visit Bethlehem !!!

  10. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ The genocide continue, 1200 exterminated
    520 only children,4230 injured and maimed.

    The bastards Isralei nazis are stilling
    complaining the so called Hamas’s artisanl rockets,
    killed how many Israeli pigs ??

    simple reality, genocide is always one party victims ?
    donkeys ! who are you making fool, only the Europeans
    skungs cowards ??

  11. Meme Avatar

    Well, as a muslim, i think we should help our muslim brothers in Gaza and help in every way we can or try to stop buying Israeli products such as PEPSI and start using other things in replacement so we could show that we are also human being or muslims of value and if we cant start any war, we can harm them Financialy and in other ways, STOP HAVING McDONALDS MEALS. We are muslims of value and we should try to stop this war and help people in Gaza.

  12. sy. Walid Avatar
    sy. Walid

    May Allahs curse be on those dogs.

  13. zazoo Avatar

    israel do what ever u can bear inshaALLAH time is not so far that ur mothers and children would b killed dont worry v r praying and v r planning.this will b ur end that u people will b slaughtered like u did innocent palistanians inshaALLAH

  14. potus Avatar

    To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society’s ills on the West — know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.

    President Barack Hussein Obama of the United States of America

  15. Moussa Alyahudi Avatar

    Zazoo, Walid, Meme, Muhamad Munir and Teeth, your writings are full of hatred, and you wish revenge, which – you hope – will soon come. What is this revenge you seek? That babies and women and innocent people will die. And why, because the Israelis are there to get you. Did you ever ask yourself why the Israelis "hate" Gaza? Why they go out on wars against Gaza? The answer is simple. They DON'T HATE YOU! Its you who hate them. Because of your hatred, you think Allah wants to kill the Jews. But you are mistaken. When the Arabs came from Arabia to the land of Israel, Omar signed a treaty with the Jews of Etzion Gaver, and with the help of the Jews freed Jerusalem from the Byzantine Christians. With the help of the Jews, they restored the temple mount which was covered with 300 years of garbage. The great Moshe Ibn Maimon was the doctor of Sallah al Din. Haim Farhi was the general secretary of Gazar Peha who fought Napoleon. Lets get the story straight.

    Because of your mistaken hatred, flamed by Al Houseini, who's father bought his reign from the Turks with money, and from the the people by selling easy to go hatred, you attacked the Israeli people AFTER Israel signed the Oslo treaty which was going to create a peaceful region for the THE GOOD OF ALL OF US.

    Our ancient books (which the blessed Nebi Muhammad acknowledged, and said that if we Jews follow we may reach the highest of heights) say time and again, that in the end of days, Yishmael (Ismaeel) will repent, and we will remember how to be brothers, sons of Abraham together, just as Yishmael and Yitzhak (Isaac) buried our father Abraham together.

    So why does Israel attack in Gaza. Because the Amaleki non-Arab Muslims, crazed by false (clearly even to the most simple minded, if you just stop to take a look) propaganda continuously attack Israeli children, women, and innocent people. But still the Israelis don't hate back. They fight – yes. But listen to the children talking: Listen to the movie on Kfar Darom settlement inside Gaza. You'll see that even the one hating boy, who's father was killed, agrees to change his discourse, when his friends remark about it.

    The day is soon to come when Jews and Arabs realize that we should be living together, under our one God.