Mumtaz Bhutto’s censored article: Choas & Collapse

I was in receipt of this article with the following attached message

This article was blocked by the press under pressure from the Zardari government, who have issued instructions to all newspapers that no article written by me (Ameer Bhutto) or my father are to be printed henceforth, which is why it is being sent through email. Please circulate it as widely as possible

Its true the artcile has not seen daylight as it most definitely is touching some sensitive nerves. The question is, what remains the fate of the Zardari led government as it seems that there are signs of the older PPP faction to be slowly rising up from the ashes

Chaos and Collapse

Mumtaz Ali Bhutto

Mind boggling bungling, among other more heinous faults, has come to be the identifying characteristic of the Zardari government. From the inept way administrative matters are handled to the fact that Zardari can not open his mouth without something startling pouring out of it, one gets an overwhelming sense of incompetence all around. Not only the task of governance, but even that of running a party like the Peoples’ Party has proved to be far beyond the capabilities of the accidental Co-Chairman, who sneaked into power not on his own merits or public acclaim but on a tidal wave of emotions and subservience of those who were salivating at the prospect of memberships of assemblies, ministerships and all the other joys associated with winning an election in the current dispensation. All too soon, the whole set up has exploded and, as pointed out at the start, the lack of calibre and qualification of those who have occupied high offices has become starkly evident. It must be remembered that it was more or less this lot which twice before formed governments but were unable to run them even though Shaheed Benazir held the reins. They have landed the country in serious trouble internally and externally, such as bringing it to the brink of war with India by grossly mishandling the Bombay tragedy and reducing the much trumpeted reconciliation to a joke by violating all commitments. This government basically came into being through a deal with Musharaf and under protection of the cursed NRO. In return, the government does not only maintain him in presidential style, but also follows in his footsteps. The greatest letdown, however, has been in keeping the promise of roti, kapra makan to the people and freeing them from the curse of corruption, lawlessness, high cost of essential commodities and lack of basic amenities. The lure of jobs and handouts under the Benazir Income Support Scheme has proved to be a pipe dream and gone sour. The net result is that within a short period of nine months the government and the Peoples’ Party are not only in a chaotic state of disarray and collapse, but also the object of public discontent, which has manifest itself in a recent poll by placing Zardari’s popularity at nineteen percent. So much so that ministers and party office holders are unable to venture even into gatherings of party workers without risking harm and their leader can not step out despite the security provided by thousands of protectors at very high cost to the people.

On Benazir’s first death anniversary, it was announced that there would be a public meeting at Garhi Khuda Buksh Bhutto, addressed by Zardari. Later, this was cancelled due to security concerns. Then it was on again and Zardari was to address it by telephone from Naodero, a mile away. But on the morning of the anniversary, it was once again announced that the public meeting was off for the same security reasons, much to the anger of those who had been herded from across the country to be there. It is shocking that a man who professes to be a democrat and a leader of the masses, guarded by 9,000 policemen, 7,000 rangers and hundreds of commandos on this occasion, did not feel safe among the people in, of all places, Garhi Khuda Buksh Bhutto, the geographic epicenter of the Peoples’ Party’s.

While lack of any progress in apprehending and punishing Benazir’s assassins, indeed the failure to file an FIR even a year after the murder, falls like a yoke on the government’s neck, in his address to a small gathering of party office holders in Naodero, Zardari confessed that he knew the identity of the killers. This being so, the inexplicable twelve month delay in action against them is unpardonable and the faΓ§ade of approaching the United Nations, at the potential cost of hundreds of millions of dollars for just an inquiry, nothing more than an escape. Knowing the identity of the killers yet allowing them to go free not only casts doubt on Zardari’s motives but also implicates him under section 216 of the Penal Code, thereby bringing Benazir’s murder at par with that of Mir Murtaza Bhutto.

This government’s failure has even greater and deeper effects than this: The world regards Pakistan as the factory of global terrorism. The Bush administration expressed apprehensions that any further terrorist attacks upon American soil or citizens are likely to originate from Pakistan. In the wake of any terrorist incident anywhere in the world, the tracks invariably lead back to Pakistan. Hence the finger pointing by India in the aftermath of the Mumbai tragedy. One fears that the time is not far off when, due to this government’s mishandling of the situation, foreign powers might find it unavoidable to intervene and directly attend to a situation that is a constant threat to their own security. Air space violation by India has already taken place and the only reaction from this panic stricken government is to cover it up by labeling it a mere ‘technical violation’. American troops have already made forays into Pakistani territory and their drone attacks are now a common occurrence. Only three days after President Barak Obama took oath of office, American drone attacks killed twenty people in Waziristan. The government’s token protests against these have become a bore. Obama has already been reported to have said that for the purpose of anti-terrorist action, Northwest Pakistan will be treated as a part of Afghanistan.

It has become routine for American Deputy or Assistant Secretaries and Ambassadors to barge into Aiwan-e-Sadar with objectionable frequency, obviously not just for a pleasant chat, while in India they are received at the secretary level. They even collect high awards from the Pakistani President while the Islamic world and freedom and justice loving people of the world condemn their war against Muslims and killing millions of innocent people.

The bottom line is that the people of Pakistan have to wake up before it is too late. The exercise of effective genuine democracy requires the participation of the people, not just at the polls but at all times as a correcting force. The main reasons why democracy has failed in Pakistan is because the people have abdicated their power of scrutiny, as a direct consequence of which forces antithetical to not only democracy but also effective, good governance have been unleashed. This government has broken every commitment but there is no one to hold it accountable. People are too busy flocking to ministers with applications in hand to worry about such a betrayal of mandate. Protests in small groups on limited demands and pursuit of individual gain has obviated the requirement of ideology, principles and programs in politics. This practice has dragged the country to the brink of economic collapse, backwardness and failed statehood in which unqualified and unworthy persons are directing the destiny of a hundred and seventy million people, a fate most alarming. It is no matter that young people, seeing no future, are driven to suicide while mothers are compelled to sell infants in bazaars to buy flour. Such will be the epithet of the Zardari era.





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  1. guYasir Avatar

    Why Chaos and Collapse ?

    Since so called Enlightenment which is basically a Luciferian doctrine which says

    Do whatever you want. There are no moral laws.

    Age of Enlightenment aka Age of Reason is a key to understand our present predicament.

    Lucifer which means Lightbringer is a rebellion against God and asked God to give him longlife so he'll led astray to mankind.

    God has given him longlife since then world is an eternal contest between God and the devil; human beings were put on earth to represent one or the other.
    Our ruling class is part of this luciferian/illuminism cult which pays lip service to God and seek luciferian liberation to rule the world under the pretext of equality, liberty, fraternity.

    Our politicians are perverts, criminals and traitors whose aim is to serve their masters(bankers)malevolent agenda no matter its go against their own public.

    Election process is fraud and fixed, as the bankers naturally prefer the candidates who are most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient.

    Zardari apparently far better than anyone in corruption and obedience so he was being chosen by westerners to fulfill their demented dreams.

    Political parties have been divided among themselves and they make public as their scapegoats and give them Enlightenment so they may live in Roshan Khayali and make Khayali Palao/Biryani

  2. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    look who is talking…

    i believe his intensions are the same as zardari. he also wanted to take the control of PPP.

    those who know mumtaz ali bhutto can verify that he was nothing but a third rated goon specially for body cares what he say.

  3. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ we, in Pakistan have this kind of " politicians "

    in abundance, atleast 127 of such lota kinds who

    can work as politicians in Pakistan with all the

    rainbow colours of the flags of 7 foriegn power's

    agenda, with due apology to Bhutto clan, if needed.

    In my previous comment (deleted) I just wanted to

    express the freedom of parallel bars exist between

    Pakistani Politics and their outdated Dadras and

    thumris moral priciples.

    I see you don't posess meloman's taste.

  4. Kalsoom Avatar

    I agree with Dr. Jawwad-

    The letter just reflects further on the deepening fissures within the PPP, but it also shows a struggle for power. Just because Mumtaz Ali Bhutto is on the outskirts, doesn't make him any better than the Zardaris of the world. Cloaking ambition with the ideology of democracy doesn't really fool anyone.

  5. Momekh Avatar

    I have not even read the article yet, but I think the reason TeethMaestro put it here is to prove the point that people have made in the comments i.e. fissures in the PPP. Also, the concept of lesser evil seems to be the only choice left under any circumstances :/

  6. Danali Avatar

    Dr. Jawad Khan, could you please provide the basis on which you have said “I believe his intensions are the same as Zardari.” And speak for yourself, or atleast mention the population percentage of people when you say, “Nobody cares what he say.”

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  7. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    my mistake.

    at least there is one person who cares.lolzzzzzz

    that was just an opinion not a gallop poll.

    no hard feelings dear.

    he might be the hero for workers of sindh national front but dear leadership demands:

    1) the hight of the character and sincerity (which i do not see any single popular politician have) "or"

    2) adept in the art of exploitation.(all the succesful/unsuccesful politician know this art)

    any common man with poor affiliation to any political party can understand what i mean.

  8. Junaid Avatar

    agree, no body should care when he speaks, of same lot as zardar and others and may be slightly more.

  9. Davey Avatar

    Mumtaz may have an agenda. But what he says is true. It's a good thorough article and doesn't say anything which is contrary to reality.

    Ofcourse this article does NOT make Mumtaz a saint (niether does he say that himself incidentally). But it does put everything about Zardari in perspective. Can anyone dispute that? Do we have a Zardari sympathizer in our midst?

  10. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    Ofcourse not!

    i think only sympathizers zardari have are his ministers like farzana raja shery rehman and rehman malik and others.

    also there is no 2nd opinion about asif zardari.

    my question was "why now…why after BB?

    people use to say "do not focus on who is saying but listen what he is saying.

    but what i learnt from my observation and experience,i say "do look who is saying before listen what he is saying.

  11. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ who is legitimate in Pak's election results ?

    when they are falagrantly "run " by US Embassy,

    can any one of you deny the meetings of

    US Aambassador, envoys, secretary of State "visiting"

    Pakistan Election Commisssioner at his office several

    times. I have confidence in some commenters on their

    " authentic " and sincere human " intelligence".

  12. Danali Avatar

    To Dr. Jawad Khan:

    No offense taken sir! πŸ™‚

    It surely was your opinion, but since you have said it yourself that it was not a poll then please refrain from making conclusions and generalising. And also refrain from personal attacks.

    As far as 'nobody cares what he say', then I wonder why the government has banned him from publishing any articles, and I wonder why 9 people in just 2 days have posted their comments.

    Shall we stick to the content of the article rather than getting personal? I am sure nobody knows him personally here.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  13. Syed Avatar

    When people get confused the witness comes from only among those who have been on the same boat. It is true that Mumtaz is no saint but what he is telling is quite sensible. You know the best of witness against a thief can be from one among the gang himself. He knows inside and out of what we the common people don't know.

    This is how Allah SWT exposes people for better understanding of common people.

    If my son got killed and I was Inspector General of Police, and still I do not try to find out / investigate to solve the case / mystory, would I be considered serious or loyal to my family? No. And its a BIG NO.

    Zardari must answer this question. Else HE is part of the Plot hatched by musharraf, the coward dictator to remove someone from among the masses who enjoyed peoples support.

  14. Danali Avatar

    To Syed:

    May I please know the basis on which you associate Sardar Mumtaz Bhutto and give an example '…one among the gang'?

    Thanx! πŸ™‚

  15. Mag Avatar

    Uff @ Danali.. why do you have to keep asking for 'proof'/ 'basis' .. isn't the time during which 'politicians' are in power proof enough for you? … not ONE politician did any good for this country .. and if by mistake some of them did 'some'thing.. they made sure it was known to public .. so yea we know Mumtaz Ali Bhutto is no saint … and if Syed thinks hes one among the gang.. its just his opinion man! .. people don't have to give proofs for having a hunch .. do they?

  16. Danali Dahraj Avatar
    Danali Dahraj

    All opinions are useless unless backed up with proof & reasonsing; The same reason I ask proof is the same reason people here generalise!

    No man is a saint, but atleast some truly are the sons of this soil and have done good when in power (for which one should just refer to the records), and continue to strive for doing good even when not in power.

    Peopel do not have to give proof when they have a hunch, but then they must say 'What I say is just a hunch' Yea?

    Thanx! πŸ™‚

  17. Haris Avatar

    @Danali….what you want to say and ask (like for proof) is of no consequence here. Whatever people say at this forum is their opinion. I believe Mumtaz Bhutto is no saint and Zardari the biggest un-saintly thing that has happened to Pakistan. If you feel strongly about the opinions made against Mumtaz Bhutto then you get the proof coz we all the proof we need is in front of us.

    Anyways the article speaks the truth though there may be some more time left before the PPP loyals can gather enough courage to revolt. I hope such a time comes quickly.

    God Bless Pakistan!

  18. zardarikameena Avatar

    I cannot agree more with guYasir. Whoever has read the scriptures should know what is happening in today's world. America is the beast/the nation, the Bible talks about. If you've ever read the Quran, you'll be able to figure out who the believers and the non believers are. The people who run America are zionists, atheists, freemasons, non believers .. call them whatever you want to. They run the banks, the media, educational institutions. Anything and everything. You name it. They control you. The line has been drawn by God. You can move as far away as you want to because it's the devil you're listening to. Funny how people forgot what Israel did a few months back in Gaza and how America supported Israel. America's arrogance will screw America itself. America is the largest producer of carbon monoxide in the world which is destroying the Ozone layer and the Quran says that the waters will rise and the sun will be scorching on the day of judgement. I can see it happening already. If you go back 1400 years, it was the same people (Kafir) who attacked Islam in similar ways, playing dirty games to make it look bad. Ironic how during Hajj people throw stones and shoes where the Devil once appeared and how Bush was thrown a shoe at. America, as of today has soldiers and troops in 135 countries out of 192 countries in the world and has overthrown or has helped overthrow more than 50 world governments since 1945 for it's own interest. Mush licked clean America's balls and Zardari is doing the same. The war on terrorism is fake like all other lies told to people including 9/11, and the invasion of Iraq. This so called terrorism was created. America has only 3 motives in Afghanistan/Pakistan. 1) To get hold of the heroin drug trade (for the CIA – read the book 'drugging America'). 2) To take control of the oil pipeline. 3) To help destabalise Pakistan and declare it a failed state so that they can disarm our nuclear capabilities. This is nothing but greed and arrogance. God has his own way of punishing. Ever read what happened to Pharoe ? His body is preserved in Cairo. Here's what the Quran says: 'This day shall we save thee in thy body, that thou mayest be a sign to those who come after thee but verily, many among mankind are heedless of our signs) Yunus-92'

    Wake up people. Stop supporting people who America pays to sleep in bed with. Wake up. All that glitters isn't gold. We need change. Pakistan Zindabad.

  19. Mohsin Avatar

    History bears the testimony as to how Mumtaz Bhutto licked the boots of General Zia after the murder of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and got perks and privileges from the dictator, and now he talks about democracy. It was he who gave wounds to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto during last thirty years and continued rubbing slat on her injuries. Now he criticizes government and President Zardari for corruption. Mumtaz Bhutto, please tell us why you couldn’t win a single election in your whole life?? That’s because you are a conspirator and dubious.