Drones parked in our own backyard, to Bomb our own People


In a shocking discovery reports have emerged from simply Google Earth images evidence of three drones parked on an airfield in some remote destination within Baluchistan, the images were captured by orbiting satellites and archived within Google Earth data warehouse to suddenly be discovered recently. Though there is no denying that during the Musharraf regime bases were rented out to the American army costing them a massive deficit to the tune of $10 Billion. But what probably irks the nation is that the Pakistani government have categorically denied that the Pakistani bases are being used to launch drones-

Omar Qureshi who writes for The News broke this discovery locally in Pakistan

The picture of the drones on the Pakistani soil, taken in 2006, has three drones, all Global Hawks. The picture has coordinates and they can be vaguely read as 27 degrees, 51 minutes North; 65 degrees, 10 minutes East. These coordinates place the strip not far from the nearby Jacobabad airbase which is around 28 degrees north, 68 degrees east.

One can easily verify the authenticity of the picture taken in 2006 with the 2009 image found online on Google Maps by merely inserting the above coordinates [or follow this LINK] in satellite mode

The Times Online also carried the report

The CIA is secretly using an airbase in southern Pakistan to launch the Predator drones that observe and attack al-Qaeda and Taleban militants on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan, a Times investigation has found. The Pakistani and US governments have repeatedly denied that Washington is running military operations, covert or otherwise, on Pakistani territory — a hugely sensitive issue in the predominantly Muslim country.

The Pakistani Government has also repeatedly demanded that the US halt drone attacks on northern tribal areas that it says have caused hundreds of civilian casualties and fuelled anti-American sentiment. But The Times has discovered that the CIA has been using the Shamsi airfield — originally built by Arab sheikhs for falconry expeditions in the southwestern province of Baluchistan — for at least a year. The strip, which is about 30 miles from the Afghan border, allows US forces to launch a Drone within minutes of receiving actionable intelligence as well as allowing them to attack targets further afield

But it all started a few days earlier when Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee commented on 13th of February that unmanned CIA Predator aircraft operating in Pakistan are flown from an air base in Pakistan. The disclosure also marked the first time a U.S. official had publicly commented on where the Predator aircraft patrolling Pakistan take off and land.

The CIA declined to comment, but former U.S. intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, confirmed that Feinstein’s account was accurate.

While Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at Georgetown University, said Feinstein’s comments put Pakistan’s government on the spot.

If accurate, what this says is that Pakistani involvement, or at least acquiescence, has been much more extensive than has previously been known,” he said. “It puts the Pakistani government in a far more difficult position [in terms of] its credibility with its own people. Unfortunately it also has the potential to threaten Pakistani-American relations.

Chowrangi very rightly sums up the dilemma facing the people of Pakistan

But now the cat is out of the bag. So that is once more proved that how much regard American and our own government has for the people who reside in Pakistan. Their lives are of no value and our own government is involved in the killings. What a shame and what a sorry state of affairs. Another lie of our president has been caught and nobody knows how many more are on the way

For now the Government of Pakistan has a lot of explaining to do and just mere diversion tactics towards Musharraf might alone not help their case.



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  1. Saad Avatar

    The drones that you see in the picture above are MQ-1 Predators [not Global Hawks], used for carrying out precision strikes. This can be ascertained by simply measuring their wingspan and then relating to the data available on the internet pertaining to MQ-1 predators.

  2. Raza Avatar

    How come I can't see those drones when I click on the "LINK"?!

  3. Saad Avatar

    The new update on Google Earth does not show the drones. However, it does show a more modern clam-shell building which is used to house these drones. That and the quality of the asphalt of the run-away, if compared with rest of the run-ways in Pakistan, is a dead give away that the airport is in fact use of a force with a considerable amount of finances.

  4. KarimG Avatar

    And Zardari's cut on it?

  5. vish Avatar

    That's not a predator's profile. The mass hysteria this is spreading is lamentable

  6. ShoukaT Avatar


    and who are our own people???

    you are saying like those qabaili people love pakistan…

    what have they done in the development of pakistan…

    i dont wana say anything more about those qabailis or it will be immoral….

  7. binary-zero Avatar

    this was discussed in a PK Defence consortium by about an year ago – Jang and the news is pretty late and it was proven by the fact that these were not the predators.

  8. Rational Avatar

    Teeth Maestro,

    One can and should debate the issue of drone attacks in Pakistan and investigating the truth is important but simplistic emotional nonsense such as the headline of "killing our own people" is just meant to arouse and inflame people not inform them.

    In the case of a country that cannot establish the writ of state others will do it for them if they feel threatened and have the power to do something about it. The most recent drone attack killed 31 people but there has not been a single claim that a civilian died. In fact there were numerous reports in Pakistani newspapers that Taliban and Al Qaeda were severely disturbed by this attack on the leaders and soldiers of Baitullah Mehsud. Even well meaning, moderate Pakistanis remain confused about the threat of extremist terror to them because their blind hatred of America pushes them to sympathize with anybody who wears the mantle of opposing America no matter how barbaric their acts. There is and always has been plenty wrong with American policies in the region but under no circumstances can ignorant barbarians like Taliban and Al Qaeda be allowed to take over the state uncontested. What do Teeth Maestro and others recommend be done when the state of Pakistan does not have the ability or the will to inflict any damage on these violent barbaric terrorists.

  9. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    "Killing our own people"? The author needs to re-examine the targets of drone strikes over the last few months and notice who has been targeted. Without fail, these have been Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders, and our hysterical media and Tallie apologisers continue to beat the drum about "our own people". These are people who refuse to accept the state of Pakistan, they are not our people.

    Further, why should we complain when recently a Predator took out the mastermind behind the first Marriott bombing. Surely others who have REALLY murdered our people have also been targeted. There is a reason the Pakistani government is cooperating: because it is IN OUR INTEREST.

  10. KarimG Avatar

    Wow Wow Wow…Dany Boy, get a hold of yourself. Fine, the American, British and Israeli MAEBAB can call any body Taliban, AL-Quik Quik and get started in killing them, why do WE have to buy their crap.

    You want to know about extremism…well how about people, nations and countries who have come to believe that they have the God given right to rule other people, steal their resources and land and if they resist label them terrorist and bomb them.

    Taliban as despicable as they are… are the product of these same forces, what I am pointing out to you is that Taliban and Al-Quick Quick are visible enemies but these enemies are product of politics and social conditions, whereas US, UK, Israel and colonial forces and their interests are REAL enemies who will always be creating these smaller enemies for us to be busy. Better deal with Taliban in a conciliatory tone then to fall in the hell hole that superpowers will push you in. Who funded the father of Taliban otherwise know as Mujahedin…WHO? CIA and its Arab whores particularly S.Arabia. Taliban is the legitimate child of Mujahedin, Al-Quick Quick is byproduct of Mujahedin and both Mujahedin and and Al-Quick Quick are the bastard children of CIA, Israel and the Arab whores…keep your eye on ball Danny Boy…on the ball!

  11. Arshad Khan Avatar
    Arshad Khan

    Pakistani leadership is quick and good at selling Pakistani people and Pakistani land. This is what you call stabbing in the back.

  12. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    US must quit the war and leave us alone.Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    It is not 2001 any more World politics has changed if USA wants to meet Russia land their.

  13. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Dr Sahab,

    The background of these Liberties of the USA within the territory of Pakistan is because of this:

    1 – Ronald Reagan, William Casey and Jihad


    2 – The Afghan Pipeline By Steve Galster. – 1


    3 – The Afghan Pipeline By Steve Galster. – 2


    A US Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) was established in Army Headquarters in Rawalpindi. A Military Assistance Programme (MAP) was started. Pakistan army was divided into MAP and Non-MAP units depending on their role. MAP units were oriented towards safeguarding US interests and non-MAP units along Indian border.

    The objectives of US and Pakistan were different in this military alliance. For US the arrangement was to safeguard US interests in southwest Asia and Middle East and not against India. Pakistani military establishment saw the relationship as a short cut to modernization of its armed forces but failed to comprehend long-term strategic interest of Pakistan. One frequently hears the complaints of Pakistani officers from top to bottom about ‘betrayal’ and ‘abandoning’ by America. The fact that US was following her national interest while mediocre Pakistani military leadership were more in wishful thinking rather than planning for safeguarding their national interest. There was nothing secret about US policy. In several public statements and documents, US objectives have been clearly stated, if Pakistani generals could not see them, this was their own folly. The general principles of these security agreements were that United States will enter

    a security agreement when:

    – There is a genuine threat to US interests.

    – The mutual security pact will significantly contribute to preserve these interests.

    – The final judgment of US troop commitment will be made by elected representatives.

    – Allies will contribute their fair share in terms of personnel, weapons, resources and government support.18

    Tale of a love affair that never was: United States-Pakistan Defence Relations Columnist Hamid Hussain analyses an ON and OFF affair.


  14. barristerakc Avatar

    We need drones to keep a check on Al-Queda. It's nothing shocking ……maybe, it's about time – Pak Airforce could take over the controls and finish or keep the pressure on Al-Queda.

  15. KarimG Avatar

    So barristerguy, let me see I understand you well, if me or you, ordinary folks, no freaking Taliban or Al-Quack Quack, had the misfortune and happened to be the residents of these areas and did not have any where else to move to or live,

    TWO FINGERS TO US & TOUGH LUCK, is that right?

  16. Abdullah Khan Avatar
    Abdullah Khan

    KarimG – I agree.

    Let's not forget the proximity it brings for the US to mother Russia; by using these air bases.

    Earlier on Shaukat said something about the Qabailis. What have you lately done for you country shaukat. If someone does not believe in the existence of the State, does he deserve to die? are you twisted ?

  17. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    not shocking and not surprising at all.

    jab har shakh par ulloo betha ho to gulistan ka anjam yehi hota hey.

    i have only one question.

    how it appeared on googles earth?

    google earth is not connected to the sattelite.it shows only satellite images taken many many years ago.also they have bound by usa for not showing their strategic millitary Installations.

    please correct me if i am wrong.

  18. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    @KarimG: Okay, let me try and understand what you are proposing: The evil colonialist powers (the US, the UK, and, of course, those evil zionist pigs Israel) are out to get us, and are 'keeping us busy' by imposing 'visible enemies' like Al Qaeda and the Taliban on us. So what we should do is deal in a 'conciliatory tone' with the visible enemy so that the big enemies don't kick our ass?

    So if we neutralise the small enemy by bowing to it, won't the big enemies kick our ass anyway given that their objective is not being met by the smaller enemy? Your argument makes no sense.

    Apologists for 'muzakirat' with these elements constantly state their origins, as if no evolution has taken place. While the CIA was instrumental in organising the 'jihad' in Afghanistan, they gave up control to the Pakistanis, who then lost control when Osama stepped in. Any rational state would make decisions based on a realist framework, not on one that constantly harks back to the original sin.

  19. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @ people!

    "secular fascism"

    ridiculous!……isn't it?

  20. Qasim Avatar

    @ Rational

    @Danial Barki

    your ideas are that of US neocons zionist

    nazi killers, you represent nothing but

    human's lowest the most disgusting fugure.

    Î don't know how do you two Gentlemen look like ?

    Killer whales or swines ??


  21. Qasim Avatar

    @ Al-Qaidah does not exist, just a fantomas !

    Talibans are yet another ghost Paki Seculars

    created, now ANP's elimination is the price, you

    pay, Ghaffar Khan Ghaddarist. Indian agents

  22. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    "US neocon zionist nazi killers" haha. Haha, you are wrong! Because my full credentials are "US neocon Zionist-Israeli-Jew Freemason Nazi Qadiyani Dajjali Secular-Fascist baby seal clubber and killer". Feel free to add any other make-believe or real group you fundos hate to the title you have chosen for me.

    It still doesn't cover up the fact that you haven't bothered addressing my points.

  23. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Al Qaeda does not exist?!

    Taliban are 'ghosts' created by Pakistani seculars?!

    I want some of what you're smoking!

  24. KarimG Avatar

    dr…. man I am speechless, Amen!

  25. KarimG Avatar

    Dany….must admit, you are a GENIUS… CIA lost control hum!!

    Listen up…"unintended consequences" has been the excuse of all these agencies, do you really believe that when they plan these things they do not foresee all of this? Millions of people just 6 years ago were in the streets of the world protesting the 'planned' war on Iraq, "WE KNEW IRAQ HAD NO WMD, WE KNEW" and you wanna tell me that that chimp in WH didn't…hah! Hundreds of experts and and a large number of US foreign policy experts working in the embassies wrote open letter and even resigned in protest fearing the consequences for the region and clearly stated that it was against the international law and declared foreign policy goals of US…Dany, it is irrelevant whether today Taliban, OBL or whoever else takes orders from CIA or not, the genie is out and that has given these powers excuse to come to the region for their goddamn multinationals profits and whole bunch of other sick designs…lighten up man…lighten up!

  26. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Wait a minute, you're stating that there is no such thing as 'unintended consequences' with these agencies which are sticking their foot in this region for multinationals to profit and, very specifically, "whole bunch of other sick designs". Then you say that it is irrelevant whether the Tallies and Al Qaeda take orders from the CIA or not. If this chain of command is overseeing operations for the benefit of evil big powers, how are they irrelevant?

    The War in Iraq is a bullshit war, based on bullshit premises, including non-existent WMDs. How is that relevant to Afghanistan/Pakistan, when it has been proven that terrorists are based here?

    You're making no sense. In fact, you sound like one of those confused proponents of the theory that somehow, the US government, in collaboration with the Zionists, orchestrated 9/11.

  27. KarimG Avatar

    Look at the evidence man…look at the evidence, of course 9/11 was an inside job. As a matter of fact this opinion is shared by many many people that come from vastly different walks of life, including some who have expertise in many aspects of the event. There is also body of evidence to suggest that the Pearl Harbor attack was no surprise, declassified documents show that in 60s US military intelligence (Operation Northwoods) proposed bringing down US commercial planes (yes with American civilians in them) and blame it on Cuba to over throw Castro and today nobody doubts that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that became the American excuse to launch open war on Vietnam NEVER HAPPENED. You see we have to understand that it is the environment of chaos and lawlessness that allows these powers to manipulate and operate. I am no fan of these medieval forces who use religion as a tool of oppression, but they are people on the ground and because of their faith they can not be defeated by war, that much is clear to me.

    The situation of Iraq is almost identical to Afghanistan, there too, just like in Afghanistan in 80s when Soviet Union controlled the country, a brutal dictator had brought people to the point where they welcomed US as a liberator, Afghanistan got Mujahedin that morphed into Taliban and offshoot of OBL and Iraq got organized sectarian carnage. No right minded person can deny that Pakistan's territorial integrity and its national defense assets are under severe threat today because of Zia's treacherous policies and hostile forces that are operating in the region.

    In Iraq the war has unleashed forces that eventually might cause the country to fall apart also…

    Ever heard of Divide and Rule!

    The thing that is needed the most today is peace, even an imperfect one but peace, this war on terror and war on extremism BS has killed way too many people without any result or success. It will be only in the environment of peace that the mentality of the people in the region can change otherwise death itself will become a religion and a cause and few years down the road nobody will even remember who and why started this whole SHIT!

    On a final note, I guess people who come on these blogs are well intentioned and want things to be better, please please read, research, understand the issues, look at the history of conflicts and try to identify the commonalities, most of the mainstream media has been bought a long time ago but internet has opened a whole new world of possibilities, but above all we must accept people's right to life and peace. People every where want the same things, intolerance and extremism are born out of injustices and despair, these are social conditions, when these conditions take root in a society they provide a fertile ground for all sorts of extremists to operate. When that happens bombing is the last thing you should do…history is witness these insurgencies can never be defeated by force, you can only spread it with force!

  28. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    You had me at "inside job". No point discussing your conspiracy theories.

    If you'll excuse me, I have to go chair a meeting for my local chapter of the Zionist-American-Hindu-RAW-Mossad-CIA-Qadiyani-Nazi-Secular-Fascist Organisation.

  29. KarimG Avatar

    You are too much of a ????? to be allowed in a place like that, but fair enough go ahead…who knows!

  30. QaimKhani Avatar

    There was a time when Pakistanis were made to believe that Muhajirs were against the state of Pakistan and Pakistan Army had *successfully* recovered maps of Jinnah Poor from 90, ironically that was the time of Shaheed-e-Jamhooriat, BB….

    Now, Pakistan Army is against another segment of Pakistanis and now the *elites* (Paid thugs of corrupt elements of Pakistan Army) are trying to tell every other Pakistani that those people are not part of us.

    Whats even more amazing is the fact that those retards who had suffered at the hands of *Operation Clean-up* are now partners of their own killers

    Mittee kee muhabbat main woh qarz bhee chukaey ham ney jo wajib bhee naa they hampey

    Peer Sahib, Mujhey yaad hai, tumhain yaad ho kah naa yaaad

  31. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Al Qaeda does not exist?! Taliban are ‘ghosts’ created by Pakistani seculars?! I want some of what you’re smoking![Burki]

    RE: Drones parked in our own backyard, to Bomb our own People

    Dear Mr Burki,

    This may help!

    Answer with more details:

    Cover-up or Complicity of the Bush Administration? The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11 Attacks by Michel Chossudovsky Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa Centre for Research on Globalisation (CRG), Montréal Posted at globalresearch.ca 2 November 2001


    Pakistan's chief spy Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmad "was in the US when the attacks occurred." He arrived in the US on the 4th of September, a full week before the attacks. He had meetings at the State Department "after" the attacks on the WTC. But he also had "a regular visit of consultations" with his US counterparts at the CIA and the Pentagon during the week prior to September 11.

    And this may also help:

    Nawaz Sharif and Lt. General (Retd) Mahmud Ahmed


  32. KarimG Avatar

    Dany Boy, you asked, I opened the box, others are here to 'waterboard' you in it…..ENJOY!!!!!!

    Keep 'em coming folks…

  33. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    How are you sure those meetings were held to supposedly finalise plans for 9/11?

    Michel Chussodovsky is a quack, and the whole world knows that except for the Pakistanis that lap up his conspiracy theories.

  34. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    'Waterboard'? Haha. It's going to take a lot more than conspiracy fetishists citing blog entries and quack 'research' to convince me otherwise.

    I'd love to see you guys try. Heh.

  35. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    you can turn the rivers and sea into wine.

    you can turn the mountain of stone into mountain of


    you can build palaces in the air.

    you can move faster than speed of light.

    you can prolong the age of humans upto 5000 years.

    you can make the human to fly in the sky without any machine.

    you can play criket on the mars.

    but what you can not do is to make pakistani secular fascist

    to convince on "conspiracy theory"

    funny thing about these "conspiracy theories" is that these theories came from the top minds of europe and usa.

    i bet if some day if bush come on the tv and say that he ordered the demolition of twin towers and used alquida as a cover up, even he will fail to convince pakistani secular fascist.


    because if you accept the injustices and inequities done to suppress muslims around the globe, you give the reason and moral ground to the islamic forces for retaliation.

    i do not know why???

    but mentality of pakistani secular fascist is exactly similar to the israeli soldire who kill the women and children mercilessly.

  36. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    Haha! Just a sampler: Chussodovsky's "research centre"/"think tank" Global Research, is in no way affiliated with the University of Ottawa, it is independent despite Chussodovsky's PERSONAL affiliation with the varsity.

    Also, Global Research was established two days before 9/11. Let me put on the same straw hats that you guys are wearing and say: Global Research orchestrated 9/11 two days after its founding to get more hits and ad money! And I bet its funded by the Zionists and Secular-Fascists!

  37. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    I'm speechless too, but unlike KarimG, who is in awe, I'm stunned by the jumps of logic you've taken to not only term me 'fascist' yet again (refer to the other threat where you have no answer to my simple question on your employment of this term). And now, apparently I'm a exactly similar to an Israeli soldier! Speechless, indeed. Heh.

    Good on you, Dr Jawwad. Never mind the fact that an Israeli soldier represents a religious state, not a secular one. Let's not let logic get in the way of good old bashing of anyone who does not buy into your pie-in-the-sky thinking.

    p.s. What top minds have forwarded such conspiracy theories? Let's name names. And no quoting obscure, attention-seeking quacks like Chussodovsky.

  38. KarimG Avatar

    Dany Dany Dany…get a hold of yourself, listen carefully, you might learn some thing here…

  39. WiseGuy1020 Avatar


    Yes the Mujahideen were financed by CIA and Saudi money, but that money was doled out by the ISI and the Taliban were their creation. The CIA didn't lose control, the cold war ended and they left. The ISI helped the Taliban gain control of Afghanistan after the Russians withdrew.

    The question of why the Pakistan Government allows the USA to conduct surgical strikes in Pakistani territory is because

    a) Pakistan is getting a shitload of US money to combat terrorists and instead their buying more F-16s for their much anticipated but never-gonna-happen war with India. These sort of clandestine agreements help stymie criticism from the US Government about misusing their funds.

    b) The Pakistan leadership is unable to do what is really necessary to regain control of the tribal areas. Pakistan needs to actually enforce their sovereignty over the tribal areas of Pakistan.

    c) The highly conservative percentage of Pakistanis, while a minority, are very vocal. These religious extremists have infiltrated various levels of the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies. The current government has a weak mandate and fears that military might preform a coup to prevent civil war.(or that civil war might occur)

    d) These Taliban have no qualms about killing other Pakistani Moslems. Thus it is in Pakistan's best interest to neutralize the Taliban.

    And yes these are surgical strikes. The USA is not completely destroying neighborhoods or towns. They have the capability to do so if they wanted to.

    While I am not advocating killing civilians and it is regrettable when they do die. That being said, if you hang out in the house of Taliban leader or during a meeting of them you should expect to be targeted.

    Until Pakistan needs to enforce control over NWFP and FATA. Until they do so they should not complain when the USA "violates" their nonexistent sovereignty over their border areas.(where, by the way, mass murderers of civilians are being sheltered.)

  40. KarimG Avatar

    Wiseguy 1020, honestly…where would we be without the pearls of wisdom coming out of people like you…. so let the BOMBING begin!

    Innocent death…you regret…well thank God for that at least…so I guess if cops happen to be shooting at bank robbers who at the most were gonna get away with money, and if in the process they shoot your loved one…you well be content if they REGRET…right!

  41. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    A recent Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll of 1,010 Americans found that 36 percent suspect the U.S. government promoted the attacks or intentionally sat on its hands. Sixteen percent believe explosives brought down the towers. Twelve percent believe a cruise missile hit the Pentagon.


  42. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    How are you sure those meetings were held to supposedly finalise plans for 9/11? Michel Chussodovsky is a quack, and the whole world knows that except for the Pakistanis that lap up his conspiracy theories. [Burki]

    Dear Burki Sahab,

    If you have access to the Daily Dawn and The News International Archives [in their offices in Karachi] then you can easily confirm that meeting because it was reported in these Newspapers that Mr Mahmud was in the USA during the week of 911 [guess what Mr Mahmud was on a visit to discuss Defence Ties and Cooperation with the USA – SO MUCH FOR THE SO-CALLED MUSLIM UMMAH]. No Conspiracy Theory, Sir, plain and simple chronological facts from history and let me give and other friends some more Jolts about Pak US Relations:

    Pakistan and United States of America


    Why CIA Is Engaged In Campaigns Against Pakistan’s ISI, Military?


  43. WiseGuy1020 Avatar


    That is a pathetically inadequate analogy.

    a) "bank robbers who at the most were gonna get away with money"

    Plenty of people have been killed by bank robbers, even before police showed up.

    b)"and if in the process they shoot your loved one"

    I would be upset of course, but I would blame the bank robbers for being there in the first place and drawing the cops. Unless my loved one was in fact a bank robber, then I would blame he or she.

    Besides most bank robbers are out to steal money not murder civilians.

    I would only use missile strikes if I had concrete intelligence that the target was present. Now Pakistan allowing US special ops into Pakistan IMO would greatly increase both the accuracy for such strikes and reduce the necessity of such strikes. The US would much rather go in and extract one of these guys alive so they could exploit valuable, actionable intelligence from one of their leaders, than to just take them out with air strikes. Pakistan, however will not allow them to.

    I have to agree with Danial, try addressing one of my points instead spouting nonsense.

  44. KarimG Avatar

    Wiseguy, I was gonna give you the benefit of the doubt…but you are beginning to sound very much like those US/??? spoke (lie) persons who step up to the podium to 'explain' after their F#$%&*G smart bombs have killed a whole bunch of women and children…

    For the last time….regardless of who you are…these people are people of faith, they are fearless of death, and as much as I wish that they would go away, this is not how they will go away, as a matter of fact this is how they gain strength, they can not be defeated militarily, there has to be a political solution…but you can go on about surgical strikes or whatever else your smart liberal mind tells you. Indeed they have an undesirable interpretation of religion, agreed that they have no qualms about mass killing, but they can not be defeated in this way…

    And I even wonder if the purpose of all this SHIT is really to defeat them!

  45. David Katz Avatar
    David Katz

    You have to hit the terrorist hard. This thing is not going to be solved until there are strikes on taliban supporters in Karachi and Lahore.

    Its only a matter of time that the strikes move eastward into mainland Pakistan.

    Only reason Vietnam war was lost because we did not strike deep into the supply lines.

    Everyone knows extremist are throughout Pakistan. Mr. Altaf Hussain himself says Karachi is filled with Taliban.

    We must strike Karachi because despite Mr. Hussains Warning no one is willing to do anything in Karachi.

    Its only a matter of time Karachi gets hit.

    If Pakistanis dont value their lives, why should the rest of the world?

  46. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    what is the "loose change"?

    watch this


  47. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    or see this 90 minutes video


  48. KarimG Avatar

    Well Wiseguy, you got help now, lets bomb Karachi….

    What the hack..why not…its not like Altaf Bhai is ever gonna live there right, he is BRREEEEETEEESH now!

  49. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    or see this 90 minutes mind blowing video