The Deal has been finalized, the show will go on, hero’s need to be made

I share with you an email circulated widely by journalist Afzal Khan today –

Its a worrisome analysis almost in line with my earlier post today morning – The Sharif’s are being seen to have been allowed free movement while lawyers and political leaders are being arrested country wide. This lawyers revolution is for now the beating pulse of a nation, little do they factor in the frustrations and the voices of the people

The email from Afzal Khan carried the title The deal is clinched, but the show will go on (Afzal Khan)

  1. All key players, Sharif brothers, Asif Zardari and Lawyers will come out as victors in the face-saving formula which has been scripted by Milliband with US blessings and guaranteed by Army.
  2. Federal govt will be going to Supreme Court for a review of the verdict on the Sharifs’ disqualification, the court will admit it and issue a stay and pending hearing for indefinite period this will give Punjab back to the Sharifs
  3. The lawyers and politicnas will NOT be allowed to reach teh red zone
  4. COAS Kayani has conceded to deploy the army in Islamabad and other cities and the troops will not fire a single shot but hope their presence will deter processionists from violence
  5. Lawyers will have their dharna near Faizabad but inside capital limits
  6. A constitutional package will be introduced after the deadline
  7. Gujrat’s Chaudhry’s will visit Raiwaind they will have the satisfaction of jolted rivals and brought both PPP and Sharifs down to
    seek their support and they will also have their revenge over PPP having seriously undermined its credibility and popularity
  8. Obama will tell the world that he has blocked the army take over in Pakistan
  9. Sharifs will fall in line in the war on terror
  10. Anti-American Imran and Qazi who had already dealt themselves out of the reckoning in power structure by boycotting the polls will be isolated and may be put under house arrest if the Pak establishment wants to enhance their popularity
  11. US/IMF will deliver another doze of financial aid to sustain Pakistan economy
  12. Indo-Pak tensions would be diluted after they have responded to 30 questions
  13. The Taliban or militants will remain busy and continue burning NATO supplies
  14. Gilani will have undeservingly established an image of a balanced person
  15. While the entire episode has been turned into a farce, the lawyers’ road show will go on
  16. The media that has made a fun of itself because of its total ignorance will have their part of coverage of the road show anchors and analysts will resume hot debate on impact of the march, the great betrayal and sell out
  17. At some stage Sharif’s and PPP may return to coalition
  18. For the civil society it will be another bout of Sisyphean labour having taken the great stone close to the peak and then rolling back to the ground with it to make another try/

Afzal Khan sitting at home with a broken crystal ball has already exhausted enough of the bag of predictions and would like to retire at this hour of early morning leaving some other players in the pantomime still strutting on the stage(5.50 AM)


8 responses to “The Deal has been finalized, the show will go on, hero’s need to be made”

  1. Zain Ally Avatar
    Zain Ally


  2. farzal Avatar

    this is a ridiculous list; multiple points contradict each other.

  3. Le Mystique Avatar

    18 is a number too big for Long March related predictions, but some statements do make sense..

    Lets watch and see..

  4. Ehsan Avatar

    Looks fake, don't think going to happen army takeover is going to happen most probably !

  5. Awami Avatar

    Blah. Bunch of crap. The more you post this, the more you add uncertainty and internal suspicion to the efforts you hope succeed.

  6. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Afzal Khan spot on this is exactly what my analysis is.Ofcourse there can be surprises.

  7. Le Mystique Avatar

    Lets forget the role of a vibrant evolving and politically awakened civil society…

    this force can be used to do wonders…. re-instatment of CJ is just the beginnings of a far more crucial, and bigger struggle…

    Lets continue hoping and striving for the best.

  8. Sana Avatar

    Untill when we will be playing between the hands of PPP ans PML(N)>God save us from falling into the trap again.