Zardaris upcoming Joint Session speech – 58-2(b) & the 17th?

zardari-speech-to-parliamentPresident Asif Ali Zardari is scheduled to grace and address the Joint Session of the two houses, in preparation Mr. Asif Zardari made a swift preparatory powder and puff exit to Dubai while his son Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has in turn made his way to Pakistan and will most likely expected to grace the visitors gallery along with his sisters on Saturday whilst his father carefullyplaces the picture of their slain mother on the dais to address the nation.

Typically the speech was expected to have been a garlanding speech for the PPP to have fulfilled Benazir Bhuttos’s promise, he would generally have returned the cordial pat on the back to Nawaz Sharif [returning the favor where Nawaz Sharif gentle tapped the shoulders of Yousuf Raza Gilani on his visit to Raiwind a few days back]. it would have followed through with some simple announcements regarding the Governor rule in Punjab and even maybe a few cordial cabinet seats handouts to PML-N in a show of friendship and support – BUT

What has been making waves in the past few days was a few wishful thinking writers suggesting that Asif Ali Zardari might be contemplating on handing over the Article 58-2(b) and maybe even making serious inroads into hacking the 17th Amendment as reported by Mubashir Hassan in an op-ed published in The Nation yesterday

President Asif Ali Zardari has decided in principle to abdicate his power to dissolve National Assembly and the Provincial Assemblies, and he will make a formal announcement in this regard during his address to joint sitting of the Parliament on March 28. According to PPP sources, the President has also made up his mind to end Governor’s Rule in Punjab, and he may make the decision public in the same address.

Ideally if he were to ‘voluntarily‘ shed these executive powers, then I suspect it would literally deflate the PML-N’s [post Long March] walk in the clouds and PPP would easily claim a thumping victory hailed by millions of Pakistanis as a true example of political democracy, such a decision could potentially transform Asif Zardari from a shady politician into a true leader. But, this scenario may have potentially been dreamt in the clouds as it would be difficult for Asif Ali Zardari to relinquish this coveted seat of power so easily and without batting so much as an eye.

My guess is this speech on Saturday will only be mere promises and mere words, apart from the executive order to end Governor Raj in Punjab nothing else will emerge to have any significant importance. The question that lingers in everyone’s mind is how long with PML-N will remain bed partners with the PPP. The silver lining on the clouds is evident that the next tussle will be yet again on the streets in regards to the 17th Amendment which would have been spurred on by continued rampant corruption by the executive.

The twig that may break the camels back soon will be the result of some confrontation taken by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry and Asif Zardari. The newly reinstated CJP is already seen stepping on one too many toes and is even slated to have refused a dinner invitation by Asif Zardari – the 10-count has begun.

You have read my opinion on the upcoming speech – I open the question to our readers here – What will be the talking points in Zardaris address to the Joint Session on Saturday

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32 responses to “Zardaris upcoming Joint Session speech – 58-2(b) & the 17th?”

  1. Muhammad Saad Avatar
    Muhammad Saad

    He will most probably subject the parliamentarians and the nation in general to yet another, now customary rant about him fulfilling all of his promises and commitments and I also anticipate him saying that the Charter of Democracy is not a Quran or Hadith that it must be implemented in letter or spirit! After that the opposition members, especially the younger lot of the PML-N (Khwaja Saad Rafique, Abid Sher Ali, Captain Safdar and co.) will start jumping on their seats chanting Go Zardari Go or if they dare to then even Zardari ***** Hai hai, with Gillani listening to that calmly ( he may be even smiling from the inside you never know!). If that happens then it will surely prove to be the most entertaining parliamentary address ever! After all, what else can you expect from these people?

  2. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Oh God!!

    When the choice is between a wrotten apple and pears what do we choose.

    People who are thinking Nawaz is a savior need to bloody read the papers and reviews at the time he was Prime minister,how horse trading and votes were bought to secure himself.

    He would go to any lengths to be Ameer ul Mumeneen of Pakistan.



  3. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    @farrah k raja!

    its seems that you are most irritated by the idea of being ameer ul momineen.

    can you support me if some day i become the ameer ul momineen?

  4. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Dr Jawwad

    Of course not.What is this crap about Ameer ul Mumeneen .Why Muslims cannot live in oresent.Why they are so much facinated to turn back the clocks of history and live in the times when Allah thought he has to send His Prophet PBUH among the most ignorant people.

    Well ,Prophet PBUH was the last prophet and the desert has been transformed,Saudi Arabia and Dubai are hubs of world's richest economies,and with Al Baruj there is no sign of nomades.

    Should we start eating raw meat,in various parts of Somalia they do.

    I am not irritated at all ,I am a very realistic person it is sad though ,a religion called Islam which is considered the most modern ,close to human nature and moderate religion in the West has been hijacked by totally ignorant people.Dark Ages of Islam this is how I see it in Somalia,Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    This is my reality and I do not shy away from it.

  5. a_usman Avatar

    Well, In my point of view, he will tell the same story , "I lost my wife in the terrorist attack, we are fighting against terrorist, we are victims of terrorism, we need more help from west"… In my opinion nothing special is going to be announced.

  6. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad

    I cannot be irritated ,neither I can be afraid any more.

    The place I live in United Kingdom it is full of Somalian and Pakistanis and Afghanis.

    Afghanis are the only one who appreciate the freedom and normal life I guess because they have seen the true horrors.

    Pakistanis and Somalians often conduct this Ameer Ul Mumeneen lectures,of course I am absent.

    The people attending these lectures are boys with nike shoes,track suit payjamma,Kameez upto ankles ,toppee on the head.Fail in school,outcast in society ,speaking fast forward English,their childhood is they go to school without washing their faces.

    Hair cut is done after they recieve warning letters.Often separated from rest of the class becuase their heads are full of lice.All these boys do go to school and are being bullied,they usually are together in large numbers at least six to seven ,quite intimidating,

    After school straight to Madrissah for four hours,school timing is from 9 to 3.30 .

    Please if you become their Ameer do tell them Waddoo five times a day is essential for personal hygeine and being a doctor do recommend them some lice killer please.

    Do preach their mottee mothers and fathers that to claim benefits is Haram for a healthy person.

    Best of luck.

  7. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    How is your blood pressure now:)

  8. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    its not crap farrah.this is inevitable.

    you know i am the biggest supporter of democracy but i don't feel that we suitable for democracy because democray requires many things which is for me impossible to be nourished in the hearts and minds of muslim diaspora especially pakistanis.

    muslims are unfortunately and subliminilly worship the dictators,kings and military rulers. may be because of the inherent monotheism,they want only one person with absolute power to be their leader.

    and also as a muslims i can't ignore the prophecies of NABI E KAREEM (saww) in which HE (saww) give us the glad tidings of HAZRAT MEHDI and second coming of PROPHET JESUS(PBUH) who will lead the muslims.

    i do not know about somalia.i don't know why they eat raw meat. but believe me europians do more obnoxious and nauseous things than eating raw meat and also i am not aware of any extremist version of islam which emphasizes on eating raw meat.

    medically it is extremely difficult if not impossible for normal human being to consume the raw meat.

    my blood prssure remains fine till some body admires the pervez musharraf.

    sooner he will face a judicial trial and most probably he will face a harsh punishment.

  9. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad

    I am surprised you do not know Somalians,apparently Yemen,Somalia ,Afghanistan and Pakistan are all in the same list.

    I am further surprised you claim that raw meat is not suitable for human eating,I was told by a Somalian it is excellent actually and close to human nature as all human used to eat raw meat initially.

    regarding Prophesies ,before we discuss that let us discuss the time in Quran.Is time not hidden.I believe Qayyamat can be tomorrow,it can be centuries after.

  10. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Sorry Awab

    This whole thread has been again hijacked.Dr Jawwad can you kindly stop bringing religion into politics,please.

  11. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad

    What is inevitable ?Ameer ul Mumeneen,you claim to be democratic and yet you thiink Muslims are some sort of handicaped people who cannot be nurtured tolerance and democracy.

    You are so wrong in this conclusion.When we start preaching hate ,institutionalised hatred and murder than of course that is what the child will learn.

    Democracy is nothing but a social justice and tolerance.Every one treated fairly and equally.

    So are you saying Muslims inherrently do not possess any of these qualities.


  12. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    yes i believe that muslims are not democratic and i have reasons to believe that. nothing not even the good education or living abroad could make them democratic.

    if my argument is wrong then give me the valid reason for supporting pervez musharraf.(valid means theoratical not the circumstantial)

    lets not mingle the ethics with the politics or with the religion,these are connected with each other also many time depend on each other in order to achive some goals. but these are separate entities with their own dynamics.therefore if group of politicians violate the code of conduct or violates the moral ethics it doesn't mean that politics should be banned.similarly if some group of people eat the raw meat or having the long grown hairs full of lice practice and preach the violent theology it doesn't mean that we should discard the principals of islam especially the part of islam which deals with the people and the state.

    we live in the time where every thing is brought into the politics sports,media,entertainment,departments,offices, people even pros and hijras have been entered into the politics then why not islam who give us the brightest examples in the history of politics and state affairs.

    which give us the code of conduct.we saw the glorious era of khulfa e rashideen(ra).when Hazrat Umar(ra) said(meaning) i,ll be accountable in front of God even a dog dies because of hunger.the brightest and the most noble time of the history of the politics is the time when muslims sincierly followed islam.

    Allama Iqbal once said that:

    "juda ho deen siyasat se to reh jatee hey changezi"

  13. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    "This whole thread has been again hijacked.Dr Jawwad can you kindly stop bringing religion into politics,please"

    i couldn't understand that.would you please explain what dis you mean?

  14. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Good that you came to the bottom line question quickly :

    Why I support Musharraf:

    Oh I see no dictator in him.Fortunately I do not suffer from any allergy to uniform or civil clothes.

    He brought into the country everything I wished for,impartial and sympathetic hearing to women cases in the court.

    Police handling and approach towards woman changed.

    These are the biggest issues which affect my life.

    It means if a woman is married to an idiot and she goes to the court ,court listens to her instead of just saying,BIBI Chup ker kai baith jao.

    I know your stereo type response Mukhtaran Mai case.The tragedy happened to that women and unfornately Musharraf advisors did not handle it well,instead of him offering personal and impartial speedy justice to Mukhtaran Mai the case was spilled like beans all over the world.

    Secondly he stood up in the whole Islamic World alone to say that extremism is not true Islam.

    I think that is the greatest service to Islam he did.He stoodup for moderate and civilised form of Islam.

    He brought people like CJ Iftikhar and allowed them to work independently.

    He tried to reconcile with PPP because he wanted Democracy in the country.

    He is a very able and strong general and I think pakistan at present time needs such type of leadership,a person who understands dtrategic importance and International politics.

    Most important of all he gave media freedom.He became a victim to it as well.

    Mr.Jawwad look compare the time when Zia left Pakistan,the society was a closed ,pessimistic and depoliticised,look at when Musharraf left,Paksitan was highly reactive,awake and live and kicking.Everyone has an openion and everyone has an understanding.

    To me this is real Pakistan.

    Oh and the most important thing I forgot unlike Mullah Omer he said he would rather be a part of coalation instead of being directly under fire from USA,he saved my country,my people,my friends and my family.

    At least my cities were not carpet bombed by the frenzy of George Bush Shock and awe,when I saw this happening over Afghanistan and Iraq.

    The most controvercial,the most democratic and wise General Pakistan had,who changed the course of history.

    he shook up everythng .The stagnant ,social ,political,economical scene of Paksitan ,suddenly became alive and the reformation and clearing of old values and rebirth of new Pkaistan started.

    Only if Benazir could have followed or some one more able than him.Pkaistan would have been different.

    The Best thing happened is the spirit he incalcated and rejouvanated in Pakistan that spirit is alive,you have seen the March,the protests and it will stay with Pakistan.

    This is something which Benazir and Nawaz failed to do during their times of Democratic rules.

  15. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    I believe Muslims are democratic although ideally all Muslim men dream about polygamous life.

    A person becomes what ever his or her circumstances teach her.Europeans were not chosen for democracy ,they adopted and practiced it.

    Muslims are most democratic and liberal ,freedom loving people ,otherwise they would have stick to the old religions and customs.

    @This whole thread has been again hijacked.Dr Jawwad can you kindly stop bringing religion into politics,please”

    We are all aware at all times that this blog is mantaind by a Pakistani and mostly people commenting are muslims so why we should bring in Islam every two minutes from brushing the teeth to what is happening in our streets.

    Pakistan is facing political challenges not Islamic or faith related.Everyone is clear about their faith orientation.Be that Muslim,Sikh,Hindu ,Christian or a free thinker.

    Message of Islam is absolute and perfect no one is questioning that.The thing in question is why political issues are forced to people in the name of Islam.Whole of Pakistan is striving for democracy and you bring in Ameer ul Mumeneen.

    Ask people to stand with Nawaz who support Ameer Ul Mumeneen.Or is it going to be Maulana fazul ur Rehman.Faith related parties never won the majority in the Parliament.In case you are forgetting Zia was considered dictator in Pakistan because of Hadood Ordinance.People have shown huge resistance.

  16. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    wow. i didn't expect such a fast reversion.

    i still couldn't understand what is the technical difference between the "ameer ul momineen" and military dictator (ameer ul fasiqeen). yes there is lot of difference between these two but mechanics are the same for both of them.

    you know even a criminal are polite and generous for aleast towards their family.they have parents,siblings and the kids.the earn respect in the family because they provide bread and butter,protection and all the luxuries which is not possible without being criminal.

    should we respect the criminal because they have family and they are generous and polite towards the family?

    what about the crime committed against the society?

    what about those who lost their loved one because of these criminals?

    i hope very soon we will get the answer by supreme court of pakistan.

    todays pervez musharraf is entirley different from pervez musharrf of 1 year he is worried and confused.

    he is suffering from insomnia.

    his guilty conscience make him restless and sleepless.

    he is consulting his army friends and subordinates.

    he is consulting the biggest constitutional thugs of pakistan history, shareef uddin peerzada and malik qayoum.

    i am anxious about the news regaring entering his name in ECL (exit control list) which ultimately results in his judicial trial and punishment.most probably life in prison.

    i love to see him screaming in some dark and stinky room.

    and i strongly believe that the time will come when this commondo will licking the shoes of cj iftikhar chohadri and begging for mercy.

    "Message of Islam is absolute and perfect no one is questioning that"

    message is very clear,no doubt the only problem is compliance.

    people of pakistan rejected the religiou parties just because our religious leader do not have the character.

    which is quite opposite to the other muslim countries.where religious parties gaining support and confidence of the people.but please rest assured that people of pakistan also do not want a "mader pidar aazad" type leader like pervez musharraf.

    people of pakistan are not fundamentalist but they are not also mader pidar aazad secular.

  17. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad you have totally lost the plot here you asked the question and it seems in my response you have no response but the same old same old rehoteric.

    Run out of logic so quick.

    Musharraf have given the Democracy to people ,people are fighting back Zardari and as well Musharraf himself.I like this criticism.Personality is not bigger than society.Musharraf has no cult around him.

    Yes he complied with USA and he did that in the best interest of Pakistani citizens.You so much wish Mullah Omar should be our head who would have said I will not give you foreigners slaughter whole of Pakistan.

    You are dreaming about weak Musharraf.The rest who were not caught and given up are the ones rulling in Swat blasting Pakistan apart.

    Trial for handing over foreigners ,Pakistanis need to open their eyes,those foreign citizens were the ones whose home country refused to take them in.

    This political fabrication and mythical dreams to protect foreigners is strange to me.Our citizens first.

    Firstly the cases should be opened against people who were given to USA and let us see what is the punishment in Pakistan court of justice for them.

    The reality is in todays Pakistan the sort of Revolution you always talk about is like Lal Masjid if that happens again the consequences will be no different.

    Civil goverment will involve army .Same for any person who runs a separatist movement.

    ——but please rest assured that people of pakistan also do not want a “mader pidar aazad” type leader like pervez musharraf.

    Dr Jawwad for you everyone who has a mother and daughter is Madar Pider azad.the only good ones are the ones who have none.Like the tablighee jamaat people abandon your family and responsibility and walk on to Jihad and Revolution this is the message of Islam.

    You have accepted above people of Pakistan reject this.

    You also said the leaders of religious parties do not have moral characters so can I ask why are you condemning Musharraf is just a man like the rest of Educated men are.

    But I know one thing he is a responsible

    father,brother,husband and a son.That is a general criteria

    of any society to judge a person.

    Musharraf is not ashamed that his mother had to work through out her life to give education to his children .I have huge respect for this person .A truely positive personna of a stable mind.

    I appreciate Zardari on this as well,although being a feudal he accepted to take the back seat and be the husband of a very strong and independent woman.

    Open your tunnel vision and see Pakistan is so different from how you percieve it.

  18. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    While we are discussing men,Imran is new emerging politician ,people are not put off because of his personal life.

    Nawaz had a huge scandle with Tahira maybe they are married now but ,again people are not put off because of that.

    So by looking at Nawaz,Shahbaz,Imran,Musharraf Zardari and the rest ,I think generally Pakistani like to be ruled by a moderate personality ,rather a liberal one.

    So far the staunch Muslim persona which came forward was of Gen Zia ,and he is straight away ,NO.No. as per Pakistni people's openion.

    Bhutto is still all time favourite.So is Ayub.Both were liberal.

    Ask people I think life was more normal during Musharraf time than it is now.People were optimistic they had a dream to progress and country was largely peaceful although we were engaged in the war.Daily life of people was not disrupted as it has since he left the office.

    Ask Chaudhry ;he will tell you working under Musharraf was the good experience.I wonder if CJ can cope with the pressure.

  19. ns Avatar

    Why were goras with bilawal invited to see the speech ?

  20. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Goras are part of future political campaign when Bilawal will do the politics

  21. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    well! is not less than amusement park for me.

    i see the strange logics,strange behaviours and strange and totally new kinds of arguments.

    "in my response you have no response but the same old same old rehoteric.Run out of logic so quick"

    tell me what is the logic?

    is there any logic supporting an army dictator?that funny.

    and why? because he worked for women rights? ..that's funny that your supreme logic?

    do you have any idea about sanctity of the constitution?

    this is really very unfortunate. it is the reason which made me believe that we are not suitable for democracy.

    because our affiliation for our corrupt leader is blind and beyond any logic.

    i will support my leader no matter what. is this your logic?

    the fact is if he were in england and he topples an elected govt, he would be in jail right now.

    can you convince ang britisher to support an army general for ruler of england?

    of course not!

    because the developed societies can't even listen to this kind of bizzare ideas.

    then why is the bhashans for pakistanis.

    you have a false perception about pervez seems that you are fascinated by his attitute and his inclination towards secularism and women rights.

    can you tell me what is the crime rate against the women before him and 7 years after he took over?

    do not forget that as soon we started our campaign against "karo kari" "marriage with Quran" and othe crimes against women,there is amazing surge of crime against women.

    zia ul haq used the religious sentiments of pakistani public.pervez musharraf attrated secularists and women right activists(because he can't afford to attract fundamentalists)

    to do what?

    same old strengthen himself and prolong his time.

    if he would have been in 1979 i am sure that he would be the "ameer ul momineen".

    can't you see that it's only a power game.nothing more.

    if you want a secular leader,you let him come through democracy.i have no problem with that.

    "Dr Jawwad for you everyone who has a mother and daughter is Madar Pider azad.the only good ones are the ones who have none.Like the tablighi jamat………….the message of Islam"

    again i am amuzed to see the false perception about the religious peoples.

    believe me you do not have a slightest idea of amount of respect and care for the mothers, sisters and daughters in religious people of the pakistan.

    forgive me if i say that perceptions you have about muslims is not different from the perception of an europian extracted by the media and news channels.

    you people are really unfortunate because you can't differentiate the propaganda and the common practices.

    like some one who sees the world through the eyes of news channel.

  22. confused! Avatar

    B/C in Pakistan goras are considered something to be bowed for, especially in big cities. And the thugs who run the show in Pak knows it very well. I believe "they" (enemies)of Pak will play every card they have up their sleeves.

  23. rhea Avatar

    changes don't happen overnight and reformation never comes easy – as an individual or a nation. we know where Zardari is coming from, the approach and the directives involved. but can we please, for the sake of Pakistan, stop this internal battle? we are under siege internationally and despite pleas and speechless shock from experts and analysts around the world to maintain stability in the country, we are determined to undermine and cave ourselves in. i know none of them are angels, but this is what we have to make do with for right now. can we accept that and let the system run for a while? can we after over six decades of existence develop a broader vision and realize that our very home and existence are under threat by external players?

  24. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawwad

    I hope you still have got some hair left to pull out.

    1.Discussion between you and me,what has this got to do with this blog or Dr.Awab.

    He is providing the platform to have discussion and is not taking any the first point on this blog is invalid.

    2.Sanctity of constitution:for your kind information when Zia said Pakistan constitution is a mere piece of paper and threw the book away,he still amended it to rule Pakistan.

    Musharraf government was given approval by Judges.

    The crises in pakistan is bloody huge ,people like Nawaz when they want to re-store their governemnt ,how can that be possible,read who gave the legitimacy to Musharraf rule in the first hand.

    If Nawaz government has to be re-stored than first ,supereme court must re-store the Bhutto government and re-open the case of Bhutto asesination and review the case filed by Nusrat Bhutto that dismissel of Bhutto Government was wrong.


    On woman your arguement is biased it was not for political gain.and your arguement that as soon as woman is tried to be fascilitated by law there is increase in voilence against women ,where do you get such arguements.I am sorry I wont use any stupid word to coin the statement.


    Ameer ul Mumeneen,or secular,I do not want any ,I want a moderate person and there are plenty .

    Musharraf didnot come through elections because he had no plans .Number two the democratically elected canditate with very strong mendate wanted absolute power and provided Musharraf the oppertunity to take over.Thanks God he did.


    In the end you have hugely lost the plot and branded me as a european and struck my name off from pakistan and Muslims register.I do not give you the right to do that.

    The problem with you is ,only your Islam and your vision is right and rest are all wrong non-muslims,so tell me who is democratic here ,who has tolerance here.


    Sorry again you have resigned to the first and last line of your every arguement you are the only good muslim rest are all fake,westernised idiots.

  25. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Dr Jawad just because I am currently residing in Britain you do not wish me to participate into Pakistan politics,but what about you ,being in Saudi Arbaia does it makes you more sacred than me.

    On me lecturing Brirish about Dictators ?I would like to ask you what do you lecture Saudis on.

    I am heard in Britain ,just for your reference :kindly visit

    William Dalrymple:where liberals love a dictator/World news/The guardian

    It will be hugely disturbing for you to read how much support Mushrraf had.

    In the history of Pakistan,Ayub era was golden era and after five more years Musharraf era will be second best.

    Ayub resigned when his grandson entered the house using the bitchy slogan.

    hijacking the civil movement of lawyers doesnot make one a politician it only makes one an oppertunist.

    Historians have recorded in balck and white,everyone.

    including Islam.

  26. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    i am not gonna reapeat my arguments.this discussion is becoming childish "main na manoon type" however i must say that i didn't mean to attack on your faith.

    it was just a response to your one sidedness which is quite evident. any one can clearly see the reason behind the admiration of musharraf/ayoub and bashing of zia ul haq.

    BTW the tablighi do not go for jihad.they even do not like to listen that word.

    @ farrah k raja!

    we are what we are. why hiding behind the curtains of moderation or enlightenedness. if you are a secular feminist then say it loud and clear. whats wrong in it?

    why proving right,the wrong doings of the others with the lame excuses?

    "you are the only good muslim rest are all fake,westernised


    i never said that.however i believe that you are a smart person if you do not try to be over smart 😉

  27. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar

    one more thing.

    appearances can be deceiving farrah.

    i always believed that.

    it is most probable that deep down i may be a materialistic opportunist whome you see as the champion of the religion.

    on the other hand a secular looking could be person who has been touched the skies of sprituality.

    so please do not get irritated by the labels.

  28. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    I think there is no discussion but whole carp.

  29. noman Avatar

    dr jawaad

    can u plz differentiate b/w a civil or mil dictator?how nawaz or zardari are more democratic than musharraf.if musharraf is blamed for gaining power due to the army then both ns and az can be blamed for using illegitimate money,feudal land holdings and industrial assets as power a single relative of musharraf who held a public office? or even contested any form of it with az and ns.the difference b/w democracy and keeping pakistan as a khandani jageer would be evident.

    kal tak ns called az as an nro president now he is clean as a far as the pious cj , power corroupted him .his use of connections for his son do not become that high office.but i dont believe that u will understand at all.ur basically an armchair psychophant with extremist views and violent / criminal ideas.i have already exposed you and your stance on ghazi blog.u ran away from there.

    however i do agree with you on one thing .appearence sometimes is a deception.the ways mullahs operate in pakistan is a case in point.the only beneficiaries of their mode of conducting affairs are the enemies of pakistan .the mullahcracy does not care what happens to pakistan.they have some illconceived notion of itihad bain ul musleemen.and they harm pakistan by spreading confusion in the minds of ordinary people {your abpara friends) have still not called for jihad against terrorist like baitullah mehsood or the indians who are funding the entire jihadi campaign in fata /swat to destablize pakistan.why dont these so called molvis and custodians of islam lay down their arms for the sake of pakistan? maybe pakistan is not imp for them at all. its their indian paymasters .do not confuse politics with reliogious pakistan we are free to go to our mosques.there is nothing anti islam about the islamic republic but these mullahas can only wage jihad against an islamic country.

    farrah im used to dr jawaad's crap :)))))))))))))))

    he will always come up with more !!!!!!!

  30. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    its not is serious business.

    but dear leave these issues to the human beings while you go back to your cage peel some bananas.

  31. noman Avatar


    why u abuse others when you are speechless?

    i agreed with farrah when she called your posts crap.

    and u proved me right!!!!!


    helplessness and inability to reply back logically and decently makes people behave this way.


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    This is fully correct. I was searching on this matter and I concur with your thoughts