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The image that led to the ransacking of the Shanakht Festival

The controversial image of the Shanaakht Festival has been taken down from this post due to repeated insistence of the organizers as they continue to receive threats from various sources, so in light of the seriousness of the issue I must condemn these instigators but take down these images for the sake of public safety. I pray that the entire team of organizers come out of this crisis and rejuvenate Pakistan all over again

Yesterday a group of Peoples Student Federation ransacked the Shanakht Festival at the Art Council over an image of Benazir Bhutto sitting on lap of Zia-ul-Haq.

Looking at the picture I was appalled at the audacity of the artist to have photoshopped such an image practically insulting the political leaders in the picture not to account for the emotions of the people attached to them. In my opinion it is akin to a political blasphemy, granted there could be some artistic license, but one would be a tad bit careful in displaying nudity in Pakistan merely for the sake that it may irk some emotional reactions. I believe this image was in bad taste but at the same time I must also condemn the ransacking and believe this issue could have be sorted amicable and peacefully.

Having digested the events of yesterday – the Shanakht festival is back on schedule — without the image!!

UPDATE: This image has been taken from a Facebook group that was objecting to the ransacking of the Shanakht Festival by PSF – Pressure has been coming from many sources asking us to take this image off “so that the government can allow the festival to continue”, but my position is that I find this image utterly objectionable – I hold the organizers of Shanakht, the artist group which collected these images and definitely the artist who photoshopped it in the first place responsible for a major blunder. The image was on display the entire day yesterday and was bound to be made public sooner or later and it was bound to spark a full blown controversy even later. This is my peaceful way of registering a protest, taking the image offline [as requested by many people] will definitely not be a solution


  • Ammad Khan |

    Assalam O Alaikum,

    This image has a big mistake, I think the place where BB was, this place for Nawaz Sharif because he is the baby of Zia. It is reality all politicians grow in the dictator's lap. But I really respect Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, he was a great politician, Real Pakistani. In the beginning he was in support of Ayub Khan but when he felt some distances between them so he left Ayub's cabinet. But Nawaz Sharif enjoyed with Zia's government as well as in his government era and he was a main culprit who broke Muslim League.

    Anyways, everyone have own point of view.


    Pakistan Zindabad.

  • Muhammad Asif |

    >>>Ammad Khan<<<

    Pakistan Zindabad! WOW!!!

    It was really needed on this page. Its like the perfect "convergence" for this extremely diverse conversation.

    Thanks Ammad!

  • Ammad Khan |

    Thanks my dear friend!

    Subsay pehlay Pakistan. Now lets see how many people think about that.

    Again and always Pakistan Zindabad.