Pakistani Heads into Guitar Idol 2009 – Vote for Him

faraz anwar guitar idol voteFaraz Anwar of Mizraab heads into the Guitar Idol 2009 finals and needs your support. Faraz introduces himself as Pakistani Progressive metal guitarist known for his solo instrumental work with his bands Dusk & Mizraab. While Guitar Idol 2009 is an online talent search to find the hottest ‘undiscovered’ guitarists in the world they have staged over 3 online Heats and a final online knockout round thousands of guitarists will battle for 12 places to perform live on the main stage at the massive London International Music Show in June 2009 and be crowned Worldwide Guitar Idol 2009.

In the final knockout stage there are 120 finalists of these 120, 12 will go to the live final in London. Four of these will be the highest vote-getters and 8 will be based on judges selection. Faraz has made it this far and the voting is now open till May 5, 2009, 9pm (GMT).

To vote for Faraz Anwar Click Here and Register on Guitar Idol 2009 to cast your vote at the same time do help spread the word and help push this lad into the finals in London

Faraz Anwars Links – Faraz Anwar’s Webpage, Faraz Anwars’s Facebook Fan Page, Mizrab’s MySpace Page

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20 responses to “Pakistani Heads into Guitar Idol 2009 – Vote for Him”

  1. Shoaib Hashmi Avatar

    He is an amazing guitarist, one of the finest this country has ever produced.

  2. Haris Avatar

    I don’t support your idea of unfairly voting for someone to put a smile on your face because too much bad news has surrounded our country.

    If I have some freedom of speech on this blog – I would like to urge everyone to analyze every participant and only vote for the best one. Please act fairly like a real learned person does. Haven’t you seen already what happens when we vote blindly? Look who’s in power of the country now — Asif Ali Zardari.

  3. Hamad Dar Avatar

    Great to see the post here and a on lot other sites too. We need to do this 🙂 we need to bring him to first. Hes third at the moment. He was first sometime back. Its not only about Faraz Anwar its about Pakistan 🙂 Ive been doing anythin and everythin till now to spam up the news.. Thanks for puting it up 🙂 and please correct spellings of Mizraab.

  4. Haris Avatar

    It's not a fair practice to vote for someone without analyzing other participants. Although, I know it is always practiced in these kind of reality shows especially if you take example of Indian Idol, you must give chance to another participants irrespective of race, color, culture or country.

    My 0.02 cents.

  5. ruhaan Avatar

    i agree with haris i am sure there are many better contestants on this guitar idol or whatever a problem among us is that most of us are racists most of us will only vote for faraz because he is pakistani him being pakistani doesnt give you the right to vote for him look at the skills of other contestants judge yourself

  6. Haris Avatar

    Please be clear that I haven't even checked out any of the contestant even Faraz himself. I'm just trying to state my opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I say Toh-Mah-To, you say Toh-May-To.

  7. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Haris on one hand I agree with you – 😉 but since he is already there and coincidentally a Pakistani – we here in Pakistan need something to smile about – something to write home about – too much bad news surrounding our country that we MUST hold dearly any flicker good news.

    BTW the voting competition does cater for a fan club dousing their voting lines – lets call it a 'Pakistan centric fan club' pumping up his vote bank 😉

  8. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Haris – firstly let's be clear on one point – freedom of speech does not restrict me to asking or suggesting who I may suggest for you to vote for its entirely your right and your choice

    you are more then welcome to analyze and vote for whom you may feel best suited I'm not forcing you or anyone here my ONE vote is as powerful as yours

    I chose faraz you or any of the readers can choose anyone but my recommendation for whatever reason is faraz that's my freedom of ezpression

  9. Mohsin Avatar

    Well, since I can't really judge who is technically a better guitarist, and all the tunes sound sweet to my ears, I'll definitely vote for our Pakistani guy.

    What you have to understand is that there are certain affiliations and loyalties that you've to care about even if you're not rationally correct. In a hypothetical situation, wouldn't I be a douche not to vote for my sibling when he needs all my support, and instead root for his opponent? 🙂

  10. Saad Ibrahim Avatar
    Saad Ibrahim

    Haris its called patriotism… and i am pretty sure other guy(s) and being supported by their fellow country men too

  11. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Mohsin well said it is also in the same sense of favoritism that we pakistanis choose to support the pakistan cricket team even when the Aussies out perform us all the time _ rooting for one side is the xompetitive spirit no harm in that

    Likewise some support ManU while others may be Cheslea supporters – there is no patriotism there but mere affiliationa

    Haris does have a point but ill leave the judges to be fair for now the guitar idol wants to see who is popular – be it on performance or mere fan base

    Keeping our fingers crossed he does have a lot of votes going for him

  12. Haris Avatar

    Very valid points which made me rethink my narrow stand on this issue. Thanks!

    It was great discussing it with you guys.

  13. reflection Avatar

    @ what " progressive " has to do with art, music,

    and other expressions ? a musician has to be a

    follower of fascism ?

    If it is fascist, secular/communist/marxist, or MQM, ?

    then I am sorry.

  14. raqib56 Avatar

    what is " progressive " attached or to do with an

    artist ?

  15. Danial Burki Avatar
    Danial Burki

    I think Faraz Anwar is a super guitar player, and I've voted for him. But I don't quite like his kind of music; there are some other very good players in Pakistan too.

    I hope Faraz wins this though.

  16. Shiraz Khan Avatar
    Shiraz Khan

    He's one of the world's best players…he can stand in a que where u'll find players like Steve Vai Malmastein Satriani Michael Angelo blabla….as far as the Guitar Idol 2009 is concerned so i think he deserves to be on the Top the way Faraz has played in Autumn madness is awesome, it's a combination of East & West…I've playin guitar from past 8/9 yrs n i've some sense of sound recognition….speed can easily be genrated (no bog deal) but the scales/modes n the notes he has played in that instrumental are very Stylish….!trust me u'll hardly find someone producing such kind a music….with crossed fingers I pray for him

    Thanks & Regards

  17. Lynx Avatar

    Faraz anwar rox hes the best guitarist in pakistan and i believe in the world too

  18. Hamad Avatar

    Thought to update you guys, he won't be playing at london finals even thou he was selected in the top 3 and 12 had to play for finals. UK rejected his visa.

  19. Shoaib Hashmi Avatar

    Actually they knew Faraz Anwar can't be beaten, so the easiest way to take him off was to reject his visa. JERKS.

  20. hibijibi Avatar

    ohhh, what a disaster to the f@cking image of the country….ohh how can we ever recover from this damage………

    I bet these retarded people from malakand are behind this fiasco.