The Genius Figures it Out: It is Da Bomb

Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief “As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk,” he told The Washington Times.


The Saudi Prince genius has figured it all out – by himself! So now that it is out, no harm in sharing the insight with the unwashed millions.

It is not Islam, nationalism, pride, identity, brotherhood and other fringe intangibles that keeps this half of Pakistan intact. It is Da Bomb!

The successors to the Raj, and her satellite cohorts would like to get their hands on the Da Bomb. You must be familiar with the arguments floated: we need to keep it from falling in the hands of the big beards. This killer machine, dubbed the Muslim Bomb would wreak havoc as indiscriminately as the Christian, Communist, Jewish or Hindu bombs. Bu that is a digression.

The Army that has a country – yeah a stale joke – but valid to make the point – knows an insurance policy when it sees it.

So, even if Kahota is wiped out – never put all your eggs in one basket – it would have sufficient of those Da Bombs in its hideouts elsewhere to retain its blackmailing potential.

Blackmailing? Strike it out. Sub it with ‘survival.’

This Army has been fed a high protein, high cholesterol diet for the past 60 years through lean and leaner times. Often at the expense of health, education and welfare of the citizens. It has grown obese – and grown fatter and lazier.

Their officers are guaranteed plots at throwaway prices that turns them in to millionaires overnight. The retired (read retreaded) officers are parachuted into civilian sinecures. Their pensions and perks are guaranteed by the provincial governments. What else would they need?

Ah yes, a country.

But the country is in turmoil. The federal writ which was threadbare, is now almost extinct. In the name of a personalised Allah and Shariat, the uncouth, untrained, unqualified and uneducated moulvi-mullah nexus is usurping what by right belonged to the Bomb Khadims of the Da Bomb Sharif.

After Mushy years, the maligned Army is nursing its wounds now, some whisper. They also say it would rather let the civilians manage (read mismanage) and share the blame for the economy, deteriorating law and order, talibanisation influx, down turn in the economy. And hope that when they occupy the presidential palace again, the awam with fickle memory would welcome them with garlands once again.

All this is predicated on the big bluff they hope is not called.

Meanwhile, experts and axe grinders are in full bloom speculating on the demise of the state. Which brings me to the quote of the Prince,“As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk.”



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  1. Barrister Ali K.Chis Avatar

    so whats the alternative?

    Provincial Autonomy is one alternative and a long lasting one too – distrubution of resources and reforming the whole NFC Award Structure (from population to share on earning) is another one ….18th Amendment should be accepted and endorsed by the parliment on a.s.a.p basis.

    For Heaven Sakes, Unite on Such Issues for the betterment of Pakistan – at a same time realze the importance of threat from the Qutbi's who call themselves Talibans – our biggest national security threat ever! << Taliban's Website? and PTA doesn't ban it! what is the real agenda of this website?

  2. Momekh Avatar

    @Barrister: no, I think it is an MQM site, part of their online efforts to garner fresh (read: young) support from the odd 16 million Pakistanis online.

  3. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Momekh – I suspect the exact same.

    It was in late end of March that AKC and Nadeem Gehla [] had their run in on my facebook status which was extensively reported by Ahmed Nadeem

    Faisal Sabzwari very honorably came on the blog and politely apologized on 29th of March – and more or less gently snubbed on AKC

    Dear Mr. Nadeem

    I’m really shocked to see that Mr. Chishti has used these remarks in his posts. As a Policy MQM does not support racism or anything close to it. I know that many of the readers HERE might have their own logics or reasons to prove me wrong but I’m clarifying Officially on behalf of MQM. I’ve gone through with the language of the original post and comments, which are disturbing to me and many others, but I believe that being Pakistanis we should stop calling each others names. Again apologies if someone associated from the MQM has done anything which can not be supported.


    Faisal Subzwari

    Joint Organiser Communication & Media Management Wing MQM

    Then suddenly on 2nd April someone registers a domain name of

    It remained unnoticed until I hear reports a Taliban video early one morning – which as soon as I saw it on youtube got pulled down by Youtube nowhere to be found – then out comes Ali Raza Abidi on BLOGAP sharing the link on

    I am suspecting something fishy – the coincidence of registration of the site and the promotion by MQM in ref to the Taliban video 😉 alone seems fishy.

    Then just merely to try and throw a curve ball AKC has the gall to email me and say on 23rd April

    Do you seriously own Islamabad Observer? who owns it? this is bad! :S


    Yes old habits die hard, I just hope that the all-good-good sparkly-new MQM attitude is not merely a game face for us all

  4. Nadeem Avatar

    You are right Doc. I had an argument on your facebook page with Chishti. Later I submitted his racist remarks on I also requested you to post it on your blog, if you remember. But somehow it was overlooked. Before that from IO, you shared an article by Brgd. Usman Khalid 'MQM Scheme for breaking Pakistan". Then there were few articles by Brgd. Sharaf about MQM or alike. So MQM was pretty angry with islamabadobserver blog. The reaction of Mr. Chishti was not spontanious on your facebook page.

    Few days back I noticed this My first reaction after looking at website was that it is another dirty trick of MQM. As it has lots of material against Imran Khan and so on. Although I criticize Imran but still I respect him. They are using name of islamabad observer to forward their agenda. At least I have no doubt that it is Mr. Chishti or the coward sitting in London planning these dirty tricks against bloggers.

    I was away and unable to expose their dirty effort. Thanks for highlighting it. Here are the registration details from whois:


    Islamabad Observer ( )

    S-112, Golden Street, Al Nahda Rd

    Dubai, DUBAI 00000


    Registrar: DomainPeople Inc.

    Domain Name:

    Created on ………….2009-04-02-

    Expires on ………….2010-04-02-

    Record last updated on .2009-04-03-

    Status ……………..ACTIVE

    Administrative Contact:

    Islamabad Observer


    S-112, Golden Street, Al Nahda Rd

    Dubai, DUBAI

    00000, AE


    Technical Contact:

    SiteProduct Web Services

    Administrator DNS

    1 N State Street

    Chicago, IL

    60602, US



  5. Nadeem Avatar

    Thanks Momekh. This is MQM's first attempt on Bloggers. The 'Bloggers Conference' was a part of that strategy. I hope we take them head on….at least I am ready.

    Doesn't matter how much difference I make. I am going to tell them 'stop' bully, bullets and blackmailing. Bloggers in Pakistan are still at incubation stage. I do not ask, but I expect that we are not 'got' by mobsters one by one. From now on I will try to expose MQM more, I will post on all of your blogs and I hope you publish it, however I will appreciate if all major Pakistani bloggers can give me contact to post stuff on their blogs.

  6. Nadeem Avatar

    lol……I called Altaf and MQM secratriat in Karachi and London…I wanted to talk Altaf, as some times back we knew each other personally. All of them deny having any Ali K Chishti in MQM…or even a 'professional wing'…you guys can confirm Talking Anees Advocate on 00442089057300 for London and Mr. Saif on 0092216313690

    Then what is so called professional wing and who is bullying BLOGGERS?

    They refuse to own 'Professional wing' amd Mr. Ali K Chishti as their 'responsible' office bearer.

    Now what is the 'new MQM' leadership?

    A gang to blackmail bloggers or to get sympathies of 'online' Pakistani's?

    As I think Ali K Chishti is trying to create a space for himself in MQM by regestring these fake websites and bullying bloggers to get some space in 'high ups' of MQM.

    Any thoughts?

  7. Nadeem Avatar

    Theet is never dead…….some people think that they wont talk and someone will be happy! NO..No Guys…other topics we get a response every second…talk, Talk…talk guys and girls……… not it enough? I want u to say I am wrong..but plz talk!!!!!!!

  8. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    rince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief [Daily Times]


    Dear Friends,

    Saudis particularly this Rascal Turki Al Faisal must share the responsibility of the mess in which Pakistan is:

    I have uploaded 14 part documentary by PBS Fronltine on these Rascal Saudi Rulers, on my blog watch it and draw your own conclusion:


  9. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief “As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk,” he told The Washington Times. DA BOMB.


    Dear Sir,

    No military can keep any country intact until and unless decision are institunalized i.e. Parliament and Military must be on same wavelength. Super Military Mind's "Supreme Intelligence" had often put Pakistan's very existence in the doldrums e.g. Kargil and 1965 Operation Gibraltar. Had the stronger Military loaded with Nuclear Bombs been the guarantee for the Country's Integrity then USSR wouldn't have been dismembered despite having more than 2000 Nuclear Warheads [in 1989].

    Sound Economy, Stable Policies, Excellent Education System [in case of Pakistan we must have a single education systmen from Karachi to Khyber], Vibrant Civil Society, and Free and Impartial Print and Electronic Media, Well Oiled Working Judiciary:

    Britain in the early days of the Second World War: conflict, low morale, uncertainty, despondency, and confusion. Addressing a meeting on taking over, Winston Churchill asked the Lord Chancellor: “Are the courts functioning?” On being told that everything was in order, he observed that therefore there was nothing to worry about and that the future of the country seemed bright.

    Super Military Mind's "Supreme Intelligence" had often put Pakistan's very existence in the doldrums:



    General Musharraf’s statements after easing of recent tensions that we don’t care about the de-escalation and we will teach Indians a lesson fall into the second category.

    Ayub Khan who advocated close defence ties with US and even provided air force base for spying mission lamented that US was not a friend but master.

    Another general who was involved at the highest level of close Pakistani defence and intelligence ties with US in 80s, in the post-retirement enlightment phase sees that Islamic world is ‘exploited and blackmailed by the developed countries’, ‘targeted countries are subjected to coercion, technological barriers, sanctions, media trial and economic hurdles’ and ‘attempts are also made to create political divisions within the Islamic Ummah’.

    A retired Air Marshal complains that Indian leadership ‘by crafty rope tricks have managed to convince the Bush and Blair administrations’ about their point of view on Kashmir and ‘Washington and London believe almost everything they say’.

    A Major General complains that , “Our allies have displayed no signs of helping Pakistan in solving our basic and most crucial problem”.

    Two examples of senior officers will illustrate the lack of any in-depth knowledge even about their own society.

    Lt. General (r) Hameed Gul (Former DG ISI and Corps Commander) refuted the theory of isolation if Pakistan go nuclear by stating that, “Firstly, because it is self-sufficient in food and secondly, because Pakistan is a nuclear state. The difficulty will help Pakistan to unleash a socio-monetary revolution in the country”.

    Lt. General (r) Javed Nasir (Former DG ISI) while talking about the potential financial difficulties if nuclear tests were done stated, “what Pakistan will miss in terms of foreign loans? The expatriates and Pakistani nationals within the country will pile up billions of dollars without much problem”.

    Another retired Colonel also is of opinion that, ‘India once again tried the same tactic to revenge her failure in Kargil’.

    Brigadier Gulzar Ahmad explaining the role of celestial powers to lessen his troop casualties in 1965 war stated, “There was a hidden hand deflecting the rounds which would otherwise have taken a heavy toll of the advancing troops”.

    ISI chief Lt. General Mahmud Ahmad during Pakistani ambassador’s conference ‘reprimanded the ambassadors for not relying ‘on the intercession of Providence’ while analyzing Pakistan’s Afghan policy’.

    A former army chief considers the training of thousands of fighters from different countries by United States during 80s as a ‘Divine Will’.

    “the military success of Kargil was totally undermined by the Sharif government’s confused and panicked approach from beginning to end’ and that ‘The pro-US lobby within the Pakistan government panicked Sharif into undertaking a meaningless flight to Washington – leaving everything on the ground in a state of confusion’.

    In 1965, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) led by Brigadier Riaz Hussain had a very poor performance. In less than 48 hours after the launching of Operation Gibraltar, ISI lost all its contacts. Instead of any accountability, Brigadier Riaz was promoted to the rank of Major General. Similarly, Director of Military Intelligence, Brigadier Irshad had very little information about the whole exercise let alone a comprehensive strategy. He admitted to then information minister when asked about the nature and purpose of operation so that ministry could project it. He innocently admitted that the beauty of the operation is that ‘even I know very little about the operation’. He rose up the ranks to become Lt. General and lead a Corps. A senior retired Lt. General while commenting about 1965 war is of the view that ‘the reputation of many senior commanders was tarnished and many others would have come to the limelight but intense personal lobbying prevented any meaningful change’.

    A defence analyst has summed up the overall attitude of Pakistani military leadership in these words, “…although most of generals have learned how to “play politics” both within the military and in dealing with politicians and bureaucrats, they are often lacking in speculative or conceptual skills, let alone the ability to articulate their ideas in such a way that a mass public would find them intelligible”.

    The general despise of Hindus and doubting their capacity of able to give a good fight was almost universal. General Ayub Khan in his letter to C-in-C General Muhammad Musa stated, “as a general rule Hindu morale would not stand more than a couple of hard blows delivered at the right time and place. Such opportunities should, therefore, be sought and exploited”.

    Ayub Khan was of the view that Indian army had expanded too rapidly and lacked disciplined leadership.

    The most tragic effect of 1965 war was not military but political which military mind was unable to comprehend. The remarks of an East Pakistani summarize the feelings of Bengalis about 1965 war, “while the West Pakistan was using its American tanks and American planes to fight India for the precious five million Kashmiris, 65 million Bengalis were left to fight with their bare hands if the Indians had attacked us”.


    Martial Mind Pakistan Officer Corps thought-process about Defence Columnist Hamid Hussain explores the Pakistan military mind-set. [Defence Journal Monthly July 2002]


  10. Aamir Mughal Avatar



    Chasterton had said, “I would hate to see a man in uniform make a speech, more so, if it is a good speech.”

    ‘Sir Walter Scott had said, “However disciplined and valiant a soldier he never be trusted.”

    H G Wells had said, “A professional military mind is by necessity an inferior and unimaginative mind; and no man with talents willingly imprison his gifts in such a calling.”

    Bertrand Russell had said, “All Generals are narcissistic and they have no sense of history.”

    Bernard Shaw said, “Soldiering is the art of the coward of hitting mercilessly when strong and getting out of the harms when weak.”

    Tolstoy had said, “The greatest Generals I have met were all stupid and absentminded men”.

    Napolean had said, “The more vicious the man the better the soldier.” He again said, “I had picked up my Marshals from the mud and gutter”.

    Johnson had said, Soldiers and priests have been the corrupters of the earth.”

    General Gul Hassan the Chief of Army Staff to Military Garrison at Malir – the honest confession in the most direct and perverted language of a soldier. After the Great War with the blessings of both General Montgomery and Arch Bishop of Canterbury, England passed the law “Homosexuality among consenting adults in private is permissible.”


  11. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief “As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk,” he told The Washington Times.


    Turki Al Faisal s/o King Faisal [The Genuine Saint – May Allah have mercy on his soul]

    Saudi Military [basically Saudi National Guards are trained by Vinell Corp (US Contractors in Iraq) and during Vietnam War this group was US CIA's undercover front.

    Myth of Strong Military:

    King's Ransom by Seymour M. Hersh How vulnerable are the Saudi royals? 16 October 2001 [appeared in The New Yorker]

    Since 1994 or earlier, the National Security Agency has been collecting electronic intercepts of conversations between members of the Saudi Arabian royal family, which is headed by King Fahd. The intercepts depict a regime increasingly corrupt, alienated from the country's religious rank and file, and so weakened and frightened that it has brokered its future by channelling hundreds of millions of dollars in what amounts to protection money to fundamentalist groups that wish to overthrow it.

    "Today, two-thirds of the Saudi Ph.D.s are in Islamic studies," a former Presidential aide told me. There was little attempt over the years by American diplomats or the White House to moderate the increasingly harsh rhetoric about the U.S. "The United States was caught up in private agreements"-with the Saudi princes-"while this shit was spewing in the Saudi press," the former aide said. "That was a huge mistake." "The policy dilemma is this," a senior general told me. "How do we help the Saudis make a transition without throwing them over the side?" Referring to young fundamentalists who have been demonstrating in the Saudi streets, he said, "The kids are bigger than the Daddy."

  12. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    It is Da Bomb


    Dear Sir,

    Its not even a Fire Cracker, we would have to go more deep to learn.

    For your kind perusal,

    The Journalist below broke the story of Abu Gharib Prison, read him on Pakistani Nukes.

    Watching the Warheads The risks to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. by Seymour M. Hersh November 5, 2001

    According to Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker, a few days after 9/11 members of the elite Israeli counterterrorism unit Sayeret Matkal arrive in the US and begin training with US Special Forces in a secret location. The two groups are developing contingency plans to attack Pakistan’s military bases and remove its nuclear weapons if the Pakistani government or the nuclear weapons fall into the wrong hands. There may have been threats to enact this plan on September 13, 2001. The Japan Times later notes that this “threat to divest Pakistan of its ‘crown jewels’ was cleverly used by the US, first to force [Pakistani President] Musharraf to support its military campaign in Afghanistan, and then to warn would-be coup plotters against Musharraf.”


    On the Nuclear Edge by Seymour M. Hersh March 29, 1993

    The government’s ability to keep the Pakistani nuclear-arms purchases in America secret is the more remarkable because for the past four years the State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Defense Department have been struggling with an internal account of illegal Pakistani procurement activities, given by a former C.I.A. intelligence officer named Richard M. Barlow. Barlow, now thirty-eight years old, was hired by the C.I.A. in 1985 and quickly became one of the agency’s top experts on Pakistan’s nuclear program. In 1987, he was dismayed to learn, at first hand, that State Department and agency officials were engaged in what he concluded was a pattern of lying to and misleading Congress about Pakistan’s nuclear-purchasing activities. He resigned a year later, after senior agency officials attempted to bar him from working on Pakistan. In 1989, Barlow, then working as a proliferation analyst in the office of the Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy, was forced to resign, under threat of firing, in what he alleges was retaliation for his persistent investigations into nuclear smuggling and his heated objections to yet another misleading congressional briefing on Pakistan. His allegations, initially written off as the mutterings of a malcontent, lately have been taken with increased seriousness by government investigators. In a recent interview, Sherman Funk, the Inspector General of the State Department, described Barlow as “one of the most brilliant analysts I’ve ever seen,” and depicted his forced resignation as an injustice.

    Barlow, who is currently a consultant for the intelligence community, agreed early this year to discuss his allegations in an interview, after initially attempting, he said, to work within the system. His allegations of a State Department and C.I.A. conspiracy to shield Pakistani nuclear-related purchases from members of Congress have severely tested the government’s system of oversight by Inspectors General. As of today, there have been no fewer than five I.G. reports dealing with Barlow, two of them in the Defense Department, with only Sherman Funk confirming some of his essential allegations. But Funk has recently urged his Defense Department colleagues to reopen their inquiries.

    Barlow’s complaints of government wrongdoing got a boost when Paul C. Warnke, who served as an Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Lyndon Johnson and as director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in the Carter Administration, reviewed the case and agreed to represent Barlow on a pro-bono basis. “He was doing his job as best he could, and was penalized for doing his job,” said Warnke, who is now a partner in the law firm of Howrey & Simon. “I don’t think that’s the way the government should operate. It’s as simple as that.” Warnke and a law-firm partner, James C. Duff, have assembled evidence indicating that the Defense Department’s I.G. report included mischaracterized—and perhaps fabricated—testimony. Their information has been turned over to the Senate Armed Services Committee, and on March 17th Senator Jeff Bingaman, Democrat of New Mexico, a committee member, formally asked the Pentagon to reopen its investigation.

    In interviews for this article over a three-month period, many of Barlow’s former C.I.A. and State Department colleagues confirmed his essential allegation—that the full story of the Pakistani purchases was deliberately withheld from Congress, for fear of provoking a cutoff in military and economic aid that would adversely affect the prosecution of the war in Afghanistan. In addition, senior members of Congress, including Senator John Glenn, Democrat of Ohio, who is the chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee, and former Representative Solarz, who was the chairman of the Asian and Pacific Affairs Subcommittee of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, acknowledged that they had not been formally briefed, as required by law, about any significant Pakistani procurement except for one publicly known case, which in 1987 forced President Reagan to invoke—and then waive—foreign-aid sanctions against Pakistan.

    Furthermore, Senator Glenn, the former astronaut, who is widely respected inside the government for his discretion—he is a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence—said that he had been told nothing about the nuclear scare in 1990. “They should have told me,” he said, citing legislation that compels the executive branch of government to keep him and other ranking members of Congress “fully and currently informed” on all proliferation-related activities.

    It isn’t difficult to understand why Glenn had not been briefed, even in camera: he has been one of the most persistent public critics of Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions and of the failure of the Reagan and Bush Administrations to do something about them. Glenn told me he knew that many of his colleagues in the Senate and the House had viewed nonproliferation as a secondary issue, especially when they saw a chance to take on and defeat the Soviets on the battlefield, as in Afghanistan. “I always thought in terms of the bigger picture—the nonproliferation treaty,” Senator Glenn said, referring to the 1968 international agreement, signed and ratified by the United States, to halt the spread of nuclear weapons. “We made a commitment that we’d cut off aid to transgressors, and we had to keep faith with those Third World people who signed with us. I didn’t think I had any option but to press for enforcement of the law against Pakistan.” He was in the minority on that issue all through the Reagan and Bush years, he said. “The Administration would always come to me and say how important it is to keep the arms flowing through to Afghanistan. I’d take my case on nonproliferation to the floor and lose the vote.”

    Cheney Helped Cover-Up Nuclear Proliferation in 1989, So Pentagon Could Sell Pakistan Fighter Jets By JASON LEOPOLD

  13. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief “As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk,” he told The Washington Times.


    How nice the photo is!!!!

    Saud Al Faisal, Turki Al Faisal sons of King Faisal [May Allah have mercy on his soul] with guess who [Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney The real brain behind Neocons] and wearing what???? Where are the Mutwwas, Fatwas, and Turki Al Faisal's Great Great Great Maternal Grandfather , Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab must have been very distrubed in his grave [Shah Faisal's Mother was direct great great great grand daughter of the Spiritual Head of Wahabis i.e Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abd Al Wahab.. Enjoy the picture, By the way Nice Tuxedos,%20S

  14. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan


    amazing letter with excellent and balanced analysis.i read a very few think piece like that.great work buddy!