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Addressing Pakistan’s Sovereignty Deficit

Christine Fair writes a fairly good assessment of the Pakistan-US love-hate relationship at the German Marshall Fund of the United States to say -> The Pakistan government’s inability to provide for the security and prosperity of its own people has led to questions about its sovereignty, whether in terms of its monopoly of violence, fiscal solvency, or human security. Admittedly, the United States has often compromised long-term goals for short-term access.

Pakistan can certainly do better by following India’s example of self-sufficient economic growth. Pakistanis should also question Chinese and Saudi intentions as vigorously as they do those of the United States. Both countries have used Pakistan for their own interests, without attempting to invest in the country’s people. Pakistan can only escape the leash of donors and manipulative outsiders by raising revenue, securing its territory, providing for its citizens, and becoming a responsible international actor. [Read the full text in PDF]

HUMOR: Pakistani Ambassador rejected because his name is NSFW in Arabic

UPDATE 13th Feb: Foreign Policy Magazine which was first to break the story on 3rd February has issued a clarification that this story is might be untrue “The story turns out to be false: Mr. Zeb has responded, saying that the press reports are nothing more than a practical joke someone played on the Internet.” He goes on to clarify that his name, originally spelled Zaib but was changed by his family to Zeb, means “someone with good countenance,” Ambassador Zeb denies that he was ever considered for an ambassadorial position in Saudi Arabia”

This news story is just too hilarious too pass up. I have just read this on Cafe Pyala where Ambassador Miangul Akbar Zeb reportedly cannot receive accreditation as Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia. The reason, apparently, has nothing to do with his credentials, and everything to do with his name — which, in Arabic, translates to “biggest dick” reportedly Pakistan had previously floated Zeb’s name as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, only to have him rejected for the same reason

Akbar Zib is no newcomer to politics, this long-ranging high level diplomat has worked with some of the largest members of world governments, he most recently served as High Commissioner Designate of Pakistan to Canada, and prior to that he was the ambassador of Pakistan to South Africa,. He also served in that capacity in Washington from 1983-87, and New Delhi from 1994-2000. Seriously I have no disrespect for the honorable diplomat, but he sure has his prospects limited to serving Pakistan at a non-Arabic mission

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The Genius Figures it Out: It is Da Bomb

Prince Turki al-Faisal, the former Saudi intelligence chief “As long as the armed forces are intact, the state is not going to be at risk,” he told The Washington Times.


The Saudi Prince genius has figured it all out – by himself! So now that it is out, no harm in sharing the insight with the unwashed millions.

It is not Islam, nationalism, pride, identity, brotherhood and other fringe intangibles that keeps this half of Pakistan intact. It is Da Bomb!

The successors to the Raj, and her satellite cohorts would like to get their hands on the Da Bomb. You must be familiar with the arguments floated: we need to keep it from falling in the hands of the big beards. This killer machine, dubbed the Muslim Bomb would wreak havoc as indiscriminately as the Christian, Communist, Jewish or Hindu bombs. Bu that is a digression.

The Army that has a country – yeah a stale joke – but valid to make the point – knows an insurance policy when it sees it.

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200+ members of the Pakistani delegation go begging to Saudi Arabia

In a very interesting discovery it is been reported that a massive delegation of 200+ people proceeded to Saudi Arabia this week to ask the Saudi kings for an economic bail out package. One executive jet carried the 12 top members of the presidential delegation including Mr. Asif Zardari whilst the remaining boarded a chartered PIA jet to Saudi Arabia to pay homage to the King. The entire delegation also detoured the later on Wednesday to perform Umrah and also went to Madinah

It is ironic that while our country scrapes bread crumbs off the streets, our leaders remain busy pampering themselves with executive ministerial appointments and official tours around the world.
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