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200+ members of the Pakistani delegation go begging to Saudi Arabia

In a very interesting discovery it is been reported that a massive delegation of 200+ people proceeded to Saudi Arabia this week to ask the Saudi kings for an economic bail out package. One executive jet carried the 12 top members of the presidential delegation including Mr. Asif Zardari whilst the remaining boarded a chartered PIA jet to Saudi Arabia to pay homage to the King. The entire delegation also detoured the later on Wednesday to perform Umrah and also went to Madinah

It is ironic that while our country scrapes bread crumbs off the streets, our leaders remain busy pampering themselves with executive ministerial appointments and official tours around the world.

The News reports that the expenditure of the delegation to visit Saudi Arabia was borne by President Zardari from his own pocket, in all honesty that would most definitely be a first to see ‘peeplas‘ paying their way to an official tour but somehow this casual comment seems more like just another coverup, afterall how long will a nation trust this professional liar as he has an uncanny habit of lying through his pearly white teeth. But all said I must still give him the benefit of doubt and hope to take his word.

That said, Shaukat Tarin reports that Saudi Arabia ‘might’ offer Pakistan a bailout package but the vague terms used by Mr. Tarin do indicate a lot still remains to be ironed out before the oily deal finally comes through.


  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ My GOD,

    An appeal to Khaddim Al Haramian Sharifain,

    In the Name Allah SWT it is hereby requested to
    Al-Mallik Abdallah S/O……………………

    to graciously hold all the 200 plus the head in
    His gracious cutody until further notice, it will
    be an eternal Sawab-ud-darain put in Saudio Jail
    for a period of 25 years for the crimes these thugs
    and criminals have comitted on Pak soil.

    Thanking you in anticipation
    The poor and ruined Pakistani Nation

  • readinglord |

    What difference does it make if the wasteful expenditure is incurred via the ‘pocket’ of Zardari or any one else? It actually is a wasteful drain of Paky money including hard earned foreign exchange, not necessarily earned by the persons concerned.

  • readinglord |


    I love you Rafay for the prayer you made despite differences with you on other points.

  • Nadcracker |

    @ReallyVirtual: Priceless!

    @Rafay: Amen! I wish, pray and hope justice is served on this very trip of his. I hope his plane crashes on the way back so that Pakistan’s economy and people get some rest for a few weeks till new thugs take over.

    Pakistan se ZINDA Bhag!

  • Nadcracker |

    LOL! sorry, that’s what I meant as well.

    By the way, why did he take with him 200 ppl only? Did the plane not have more seats? It’s still beyond me. I wonder if on their way to Saudi Arabia they played ‘Dilan Teer bijan’ in the plane.

  • nota |

    Here’s the spin:
    Delegation’s expenses were borne by Asif
    Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has denied reports that expenses on the delegation which accompanied President Asif Ali Zardari to Saudi Arabia were borne by the government.

    Talking to reporters here on Thursday, he said he wanted to clarify that the expenses of the “large” delegation were borne by the president.Mr Zardari went to Saudi Arabia on a two-day visit on Tuesday with a delegation of up to 200 people to seek financial assistance package from the kingdom.

    Sources told Dawn that the president’s visit to Saudi Arabia involved three chartered flights. An advance party had gone on Monday. Most members of the delegation were Mr Zardari’s friends and close aides who were taken to perform Umrah.

    The president had only 15 people with him in his plane — his personal staff and some friends. No federal minister or senior bureaucrat was in that flight.

    The other chartered flight carried 175 people, mostly friends and close aides of the president. Ministers and government officials who were in the plane included National Assembly Deputy Speaker Faisal Kundi, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Finance Adviser Shaukat Tarin, Minister for Labour and Manpower Khursheed Shah, Law Minister Farooq H. Naek, Interior Adviser Rehman Malik and Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan.

    And if you believe that one, here’s one better:

    PM defends cabinet expansion
    Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has defended the induction of a fresh batch of ministers into the federal cabinet, saying that they will not be a burden on the national exchequer because they will be paid less than what they were getting as parliamentarians.

  • readinglord |


    Don’t pray for the crash, please, as the compensation their successors are likely to be given by the new thugs may empty the public exchequer.

  • KarimG |

    Why? Why should Zardari pay for official Pakistani delegation. This is precisely the problem with our country, on one hand there should be no f#$%^&*g NRO so that AZ can launder all the looted money, and just as such no real and legitimate president who really lives on the presidential salary should have the kind of money to pay for these trips! Zardari should not be allowed to look like a saint here because he has PAID for the delegation’s trip, why should he pay? He should be held accountable for what he has stolen and he should also be held accountable for the logic of why does he need 200 beggars! Why he alone with his PM and sweet Sherry could not do the begging?
    It’s true that even Badshah Salamat’s royal fart can save us here, but this is just a new threshold in Banana Republic process!

    • ailia |

      saudi arabia will not help us after seeing the face of our devil and cheap P.M. so i thing sherry alone is enough for begging.

  • Heena P |

    I think it has begun to sound almost human, what these leaders do to us. We’ve become desensitized to them and their indulgent ways. Let the poor scramble over petty issues like food and shelter so that no one can question the big shots’ absolute authority. Is there nothing that can be done to salvage our collective self esteem?

  • KarimG |

    We passed stations named self esteem, decency, civility, accountability, pride, rule of law and many other a very very long time ago. The only way to take control of this train is to throw the drivers over the bridge…most of them on a regular day could be found in a certain building in Islamabad and their leader is not far away in an opulent tax payer provided residence…

  • Heena P |

    You think an uprising akin to French revolution can bring a change? Is that our final option?

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ Heena P,

    Yes, of course, there is lot could be done to salvage
    our honour and esteem, as KarimG said throw the *****
    drivers over the bridge….. its not difficult to find
    them out, the best time is during the night when they
    are drunk and in their bed, get them out with their
    pyjamas, collect them in a stadium in the darkness,
    bring along some five Chief Justices, old & new
    and judge them “sur place” and Firing squade ready,
    if you want to make a public lesson do it in the morning
    at the same place, just hang them, and fecilitate, free
    bus service for people to visit the stadium,

    If they can do it to Saddam, then we can do the same to
    his likes, and the ***** Americans with.

  • Somi |

    Well said jiggar, but i think we shld be more precise praying to our Allah,,,,,we shld pray to Allah (SWT) that saudi king take all those 200+ thags along there (sardari)heads off there gunahgar bodies so the pakistani nation take a relief and try to become alive once again. AAMEEN

  • Nasir Jamal |

    It is said that Zardari paid for the trip out of his own pocket. This means that Zardari has so much money that he can take more than 200 men on a useless foreign trip. He should also declare his assets and sources of income.

    If he had to send this hoard on a foreign trip, he could have sent them on some other occasion. Was it necessary to take so many people on a begging spree?

  • jieybhutto |

    obviously zardari saved $$$$ by not making these 200+ men part of the cabinet.

    Don’t cry because he inserted his 4 inches just be thankful that he didn’t insert the rest of the 8 inches.

    Jeay Bhutto

  • KarimG |

    A million man march on the parliament and aiwan-e-sadr, get each and every single one of them (besides give or take a few good ones)and HANG EM HIGH!

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ KarimG,

    I bet, the day a million men march will take place,

    the Govt. W I L L F A L L and the process

    of trial will begin, its not so difficult, you

    have a constitution, penal, jurisprudence, the

    public opinion, thats it, hang them all. No one

    can save any of them.

  • ailia |

    i hate all the politicians. everyone is busy in filling his own pocket. and at the same time, our awam is also not ideal. they vote 4 these leaders and elect them without knowing what they are. why do we have a chepostar P.M? how many of us know the true reality about him?? harrasing his own collegue infront of camera. all this happens on camera. i wonder wot he does off the camera??