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Varyaam Faqeer on the Run – A victory for Essa Mohd Khaskheli

Another report on the Feudal LandGrabbing issue in the village of Essa Mohd Khaskheli – written by Deneb Sadeque

essa-mohd-khaskheli-villagersThere was certainly a lot of excitement Thursday in the City Court specially for the Khaskhelis. Some of what I’m narrating was joyously described by them when I went to see them this evening. Despite the escape of Varyam Fakir twice over, they were ecstatic that the Wadera who had harassed them for decades was brought to this point. As usual he came with his entourage of goons and they were spread around the court in groups. When he arrived at around 11:00 they converged around him. As soon as his bail-before-arrest was refused, he came out of the court room with his goons surrounding him to prevent the police from arresting him. There was a fierce struggle between the goons and the police who did a lot of clubbing as well. The police managed to snap handcuffs on three of the others named in the FIR.

Waryam Fakir was grabbed and escorted by around 5 policemen and taken down the stairs, yet strangely enough, let go amidst all the (staged?) confusion and “hatta-pai”. Waryam Fakir fled the scene and managed to squeeze into a rickshaw to escape (God Almighty knows how with his enormous girth). He couldn’t reach his car. However more police arrived and tried to pry him out when more of his goons arrived and another clash ensued. This time his henchmen didn’t hesitate to injure three ASIs and a couple of policemen, tearing their uniforms and drawing blood as well. Miraculously, he escaped yet again. Now he’s a bonafide fugitive.

The 3 culprits caught and named in the FIR were brought and locked up in Ferare Police Station and they are still there. One of them is Waryam Fakir’s nephew. Madad Ali and Ahsan Qadir were called to identify them. Two of the arrested are UC Council Nazims and the other is a well-known goonda of Sanghar. That’s the kind of administration that exists all over Pagara territory. The 4th culprit named in the FIR escaped too and he is a Taluka Nazim. All of them, including Varyam Faqir, have a long history of FIRs and cases against them of thefts, violence and murder.

By late afternoon, Khaskhelis received news that the entrance-exit of their village had been blocked by about 60 goondas just waiting there. They called up Sharmila Farooqi and Karamat Ali has also been informed. Despite this danger, they couldn’t help saying over and over again “Our first victory.” It was a treat to watch them. Even Laung Khan, who was under orders for bed-rest in PILER travelled to press club to hear it all first hand.

They are still uncertain what decision government plans to take with regard to their Goth but they plan to stay planted in front of the press club until they do.



  • hibi-jibi |

    A victory for Essa Mohd Khaskheli???

    What is victory? the poor farmer was on hunger strike for 20 some days and no one paid attentions. The President, the Prime Minister, the Governor and the Chief Minister and the whole government was sleeping (or waiting for his death).

    This is not victory, this is just a media-cover-up.

    It would have been victory if the poor farmer had got justice and hadn't died because of hunger strike.