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PTI Leaders condole the family of Shahzeb Khan who was murdered by Feudal – Shahrukh Jatoi

Shahzeb Khan ProtestA large delegation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf & ISF visited Shahzeb Khan’s family for condolences – His father shared a very heart touching narration of the tragic incident which truly moved us all.  It truly was a very simple argument, started by one of the servants of Shahrukh Jatoi who harassed Shahzeb’s sister, it unfortunately which resulted in the brutal murder of Shahzeb Khan by a Feudal’s son Shahrukh Jatoi (lived in the apartment across their Shahzeb’s flat)

Express Tribune – Murdered in cold blood: For Sindh’s feudals, Karachi lives come cheap  Shahzeb Khan didn’t even get time to change the clothes he wore to his sister’s valima. He was in his dark grey dress shirt and trousers when four 9mm bullets pierced through his car – a gleaming blue Swift which was an early birthday gift from his parents, and entered his body, eventually killing this popular 20 year old.

The car which had somersaulted after the shooting near Mubarak Masjid in Karachi’s upmarket Defence area on Tuesday morning, now stands silent opposite the Darakhshan Police Station, a sad reminder of what the spoilt young sons of feudal landlords can do if they or their friends are challenged.

After the condolences the delegation proceeded to Greenwich University to participate in a candle light vigil by the students and friends of In memory of Shahzeb Khan

The media seems to be playing down this incident, make your voice heard, make Shahzeb the beacon of light for justice for the hundred of thousands nameless people killed by Urban and Rural feudals of Karachi & Pakistan – today it was the son of a DSP Aurangzeb Khan – tomorrow it could easily be one of us, leaving behind a father and mother mourning the loss of a gun totting feudal on rampage killing over a mere dispute

Join the Protest on Sunday at the Karachi Press Club at 3pm – Peaceful protest ‘Justice for Shahzeb Khan’

Seeking Justice for Aradeen’s murder by Feudal Lords in Sanghar

For the past few months a family of about 10 individuals have camped outside of Karachi Press Club with the hope of seeking enough attention to help provide them justice, as their sole-bread earner Dur Mohd Aradeen was murdered by the local feudal lord in Khairpur, Khalifa Pir Bux Ghao and his hired accomplices.

A group of concerned Pakistanis, from the I Own Pakistan group have descended on Karachi Press Club and have resolved to help this family out, the effort has grown to providing them food and shelter while at the same time serious attempts are being made to provide them justice. At the same time Deneb Sumbul of Shirkath Gah, who was influential in the Kashkehli tribe case also helped gather the facts and her detailed summary of the case is as follows

The murder victim, Dur Muhammad, a driver was travelling from Sanghar to Dharki for his employer who was a small wadera, carrying over a lac in cash to make payment for a jeep purchased by his employer Ali Ghulam Nizamani. Dur Muhammad’s brother was travelling with him and they were both kidnapped and taken in another vehicle to the Otaq of Fakir Pir Bux Gaho. According to the investigative report of the Anti-Terrorist Court, the kidnappers demanded that the brothers arrange 10 lacs for their release. They then let one brother go with the warning that if the money was not paid, the other would be killed. The police were informed of the kidnapping.
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Khashkelis Feudalism Issue at a standstill

Have been silent about the many developments that have been taking place with regard to the regularization and restoration of the village to the Khaskelis as they were so confident of “winning” this final round — because one of their own representatives whom they trust implicitly (and who has since become a minister without portfolio) had promised it would happen, and we were not supposed to ‘rock the boat’. We have repeatedly warned them not to bank on promises too much because even if their rep was trustworthy, it didn’t automatically follow that others whose agreement and help he needed would be the same, and we would ultimately have to resort to legal means again. As it turned out, he failed; not for lack of trying.

It has been over a month and half since Vali Dad died after a heart attack in front of the press club, and the same day several Sindh ministers including the Chief Minister promised in writing they would get their village back. It hasn’t happened and it won’t because a series of delay tactics and dirty tricks were used all this time — which details I’ll give in my next e-mail as it’s a long story; also because I’m supposed to wait until a final report (explained below) come out. The new minister recently had a thundering row with the CM’s secretary who finally blurted out the same story Varyam Faqir claimed when the issue first came up — that the village never existed and was created unauthroisedly only recently.This after having submitted all the verified inquiries and reports starting from decades ago ! He also stated that the Khaskelis would have to legally prove that they and their descendants were the original inhabitants !
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Varyaam Faqeer on the Run – A victory for Essa Mohd Khaskheli

Another report on the Feudal LandGrabbing issue in the village of Essa Mohd Khaskheli – written by Deneb Sadeque

essa-mohd-khaskheli-villagersThere was certainly a lot of excitement Thursday in the City Court specially for the Khaskhelis. Some of what I’m narrating was joyously described by them when I went to see them this evening. Despite the escape of Varyam Fakir twice over, they were ecstatic that the Wadera who had harassed them for decades was brought to this point. As usual he came with his entourage of goons and they were spread around the court in groups. When he arrived at around 11:00 they converged around him. As soon as his bail-before-arrest was refused, he came out of the court room with his goons surrounding him to prevent the police from arresting him. There was a fierce struggle between the goons and the police who did a lot of clubbing as well. The police managed to snap handcuffs on three of the others named in the FIR.

Waryam Fakir was grabbed and escorted by around 5 policemen and taken down the stairs, yet strangely enough, let go amidst all the (staged?) confusion and “hatta-pai”. Waryam Fakir fled the scene and managed to squeeze into a rickshaw to escape (God Almighty knows how with his enormous girth). He couldn’t reach his car. However more police arrived and tried to pry him out when more of his goons arrived and another clash ensued. This time his henchmen didn’t hesitate to injure three ASIs and a couple of policemen, tearing their uniforms and drawing blood as well. Miraculously, he escaped yet again. Now he’s a bonafide fugitive.
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Protest for the villagers from Muhammad Essa Khaskeli | Pictures

Shared via the Peoples Resistance Mailing List

Agreement with the villagers from Muhammad Essa KhaskeliAs some of you likely know already, today proved a very dramatic day in the case of the farmers from Muhammad Essa Khaskeli, who had been protesting for three long weeks in front of the Karachi Press Club.

Labor Party Pakistan, in conjunction with the villagers, had announced a protest for today at 3pm, the announcement for which had run on this list and others. Many others had helped, politically and otherwise–most notably activists from Shirkat Gah, who had been providing food and water to the villagers for the past several days. In this sense, at least, the struggle seemed to be escalating in a steady, planned manner.

Last evening, however, the protesters received three or four people outside the Press Club, who spoke to them about how unwise their cause was. From what I understand, these men told the villagers that they had deeply offended Varyaam Faqeer, “who is a very big man,”–they added that the writ of feudals ought not to be challenged in Sindh, etc., etc. The protesters, of course, interpreted this as a warning straight from the mouth of Varyaam. Then, last night, one of their elders, Wali Dad, received a phone call that scared him terribly, according to those around him at the time. After the phone call, he was telling others that he feared for all of their lives–that Varyaam Faqeer would “kill them all” in Karachi. As a result of all this, he wasn’t able to sleep, and was reportedly pacing up and down the pavement that surrounds the Press Club, for much of the night. This morning, during Fajr, he had a heart attack while praying. Despite being rushed to the Cardio Center at Jinnah Hospital, he tragically passed away a few hours later.
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