UK Border Agency deports a Pakistani National to Afghanistan

Passport of Pakistani Irfan Faisal - deported from UK to AfghanistanA young Pakistani born and bred in village Dhok Gangaal, Post Office Adiala, Tehsil & District Rawalpindi, Irfan Faisal son of Multan Khan who was born on 5 December 1978 holding a machine readable Pakistani passport number AC8911731 which was issued by Rawalpindi office on 12 September 2005 and is valid until 11 September 2010 holding a Pak identity card number 37405-6422173-1 was wrongfully deported to Afghanistan by UK Border Agency. He was deported on mistaken identity by UK Border Agency without making enquiries about his identity whilst at all times his record was available at British Embassy Islamabad.

31 years old Pakistani national came to UK lawfully as a visitor after obtaining a visa which was valid from 25/11/2005 to 25/05/2006. He overstayed his visa and made several claims wrongly or rightly and exhausted all avenues to stay in UK. He may have been an overstayer but not an Afghan national. Afghanistan Govt quietly accepted his deportation and entry to Afghanistan whilst British Embassy in Islamabad at all timers had his record, picture, finger prints and whereabouts.

He was deported to Afghanistan early hours of 11 February 2009 via private charter Flight No PVT0085 under Port ref: LBE/2564334 & CID Ref: 7251979. He is missing since that day and is in either detention or possibly dead and his whereabouts are no known and his brother kamran Faisal, and sister Shazia Naz has appealed to Human Rights lawyer Amjad Malik to intervene and secure his earliest possible release and repatriation to Pakistan from Kabul. The family said that for last 3 months their family is crying for Irfan.

Amjad Malik, the lawyer representing Irfan, has confirmed that he has today written to British & Pak Prime Minister and chief Minister Punjab to take notice of this disappearance and whilst at all times his identity was in the remit of Foreign and interior Ministry of UK it was tragedy and departmental negligence to send Irfan Faisal to Afghanistan whilst he was not a national of that country. Amjad Malik criticized Afghan Govt for accepting Faisal without any Afghan credentials.

Amjad Malik criticized both UK & Afghan Govt who bears the blame as one negligently sent him to Afghanistan knowing fully well that he obtained a visitor’s visa from British Embassy in Islamabad and the other Govt to accept him as Afghan national when the evidence is to the contrary . Amjad appealed to UK, PAK, and Afghan Governments to intervene for the earliest release of Irfan Faisal. He confirmed that family may sue British Govt for compensation in UK courts for wrongful deporting Irfan to Afghanistan where he may have been tortured or even dead whilst his identity was in the remit of UKBA & FCO at all times. He said we hope we can get him back to Pakistan alive as situation of human rights in that part of the world where gang masters operate on whole sale basis is not promising.



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    that's the height of incompetence. btards..

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    Isn't it only a matter of time before these aggressive, violent cultures destroy the world? This keeps getting closer and closer to a climax, but just keeps getting worse.

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    Muhammad Ashar

    Dear sir,

    I want to come in uk to meet my child what is the criteria to get uk visa.

    please tell me in details

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    Muhammad Ashar

  4. Domain Names Avatar

    Do they know if the free private air charter landed safely?