Bilawal Zardari bumps a seat in the Pakistani Delegation to the White House


A casual glance at this picture above taken a few weeks back one would generally not have seen the anomaly but a careful look reveals the problem, a high level meeting in Washington between the respective Presidents of The United States of American, Afghanistan and Pakistan, seems ordinary enough. Generally such a meeting is attended by the official representatives of each country, Afghanistan being represented by President Hamid Karzai, the American delegation by President Obama and you can even see Vice-President Joe Biden, but the problem lies when you take a look at the Pakistani side of the delegation President Zardari, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Hussain Haqqani and Rehman Malik, but what-the-heck is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari doing sitting right next to Mr. Asif Zardari.

There is no rational reason why Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should be sitting in on an extremely important meeting with extremely important leaders. Could this be the “Divine Right Of The Kings” doctrine being implemented? You don’t see Hamid Karzai bringing his kids to such meetings, you don’t see Obama bringing his two girls for a round of official meetings, but ironically you DO SEE our President tagging along his 20-year old son for an adrenaline rushing tour of the White House. Lets also not forget the fact that during this official visit to Washington with a begging bowl for the IDP’s in Pakistan our President Zardari stayed in a $4200 Presidential Suite at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington while Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was given a $2200 suite all covered and sponsored by the Government of Pakistan. All this lavish spending continued while a national disaster brewed up in the Frontier Province due to the displacement of 2.5 Million people

Though I must also admit that looking at this picture does bring another priceless moment for the critics. With Bilawal Zardari in attendance, squeezing a last-minute jump seat between his father and the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi it does seem that Rehman Malik was quite literally been pushed onto a ‘stool‘ at the end of the table. The expression with which he strains to hear the sermon of his [Mai Bap] President Obama is priceless. We know these Pakistani clowns care little about international customs and traditions and our screaming here will make no difference, but on hindsight I think we must thank Bilawal Zardari for squeezing into this meeting and have served us with an image of a constipated Rehman Malik getting the boot leg position ‘ova there

Addendum – It seems that a sentence in this post appears exactly the same as in a blog post called the Five Rupees Blog, it was entirely unintentional and I have not copied the specific text but in good faith I provide this addendum just to set the facts straight



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117 responses to “Bilawal Zardari bumps a seat in the Pakistani Delegation to the White House”

  1. shihabsakib Avatar

    Chairman of ruling political party why deny oppertunity to interactr and oversee all action of his paty. Delegation was led by cohiar of the party.

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    excellent! now the chairman started leading the nation at least at the delegation level.

    pakistani nation is the luckiest nation in the world.

    we have two great leaders….father and the son.

    we are blessed by a father then the daughter then the son in law and in future the grandson…..haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  3. temporal Avatar

    the co chairmen of the hand-written will


  4. abrar Avatar

    Hamareee Qaum hee (G)..doo hai. Jo inn haram-zado ko vote detay hain woh inkey har kaam ko bhee jaiz sabit karney ko tayyar ho jaingey…..

    Sab chaltaa hai, sab jaiz hai. Sirf Islam kee baat naa karo, warnaa jo nuqs tumharey andar nahee hain woh bhee nikal aingey.

    Khaaoo zardari, bilawal khaoo….Jahan koee aiteraz karey to Mohtarma kaa naam laido, sab jaiz ho jaey gaa

  5. Skeptic Avatar

    iittle bastard should be given a gun and told to fight on the front line witht the poor faujis in swat and waziristan. So should hamza shahbaz, bill mush and all the politicos and generals sons. Altaf hussain should get his butt there too.

  6. Ahmed Avatar

    a classic case of on the job training

  7. Sarfraz Avatar

    President Asif Ali Zardari stayed at a suite the special rates for which were US $2800 and not US $4200.

    2nd. Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the Chairperson of PPP. What is wrong if he is the part of the delegation.How can one equate Mr. Bilawal with Karzai's son or Obama'a daughters.

    PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari stayed in the suite the rates of which were US $1500 and not US $2200. Moreover his stay was not at the State’s expense but being paid by President Asif Ali Zardari from his own pocket.

  8. Imran Avatar

    Learn pakistanies learn from your bull's shit leader please how to cash death of your wife at the fullest balke kill your wife and enjoy the party and rule ..apni her burayoon ko chupane ke leiy biwi biwi suru kerdo …ye shaks kisi qahoodi mumliqat ka President bane laiq nahi kisi school ka principal banne laiq nahi isko president bana dia or khush hugaye look at his ministers top corrupt personals rehman malik,salman taseer,salman farooqi ..etc IDps or Pakistan ke naam per bheek mang ker loot ker lejana hai in logon ne Pakistan ko …wow democracy is the best revenge under the umbrella of democracy sab jaiz hai srif label chipka do .. gattdi naseeni chalrahi hai ppp main jab party democratic nahi tou who democracy kiese lasakti hai srif civil marshal law hai Pakistan main ager main ek acha engineer / doctor ya leader skills mujhey main achi husakta hain how is that possible ke mere baap ya ulaad main bhi hun …if mohterma is a good leader as her father was(co-incidence) then why not bilawal and his father too rabish hunbtw whteva we wrote here yeah woh loog nahi parhtey and neither the heard of these news ju in logon ko seats per latey hain woh humare 70% uneducated awam hai …….

  9. MQM Cyber wing at wo Avatar

    @Sarfaraz don't know where you are getting your 'clarifications' from but

    Do have a look at the Presidential Washington Suite which is officially charged at $4200

    I also doubt your claim that Bilawal's room was paid as an out-of-the-pocket

  10. Samer Avatar

    abrar has used quite harsh words but I have to agree with him.
    I doubt about the mental health of the people who are saying what is the harm of Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in attending being Chairperson of PPP.
    The person is so worthless that he has to add his grand father’s (nana) name.
    I agree PPP is the largest political party of Pakistan, President Zardari is a big shame for both Pakistan and PPP.

    Even till today I can not understand how major parties has endorsed such a corrupt person for the office of the President.

    One Indian colleague was saying in a funny way “We had our top Scientist for the Office of President” and “You have your Top Corrupt person as President”.

    Don’t know when people shall get educated and get rid of the thugs. God save Pakistan, these bloody thugs are eating it.

  11. Shahzad Avatar

    Bilawal is CO -chairman of PPP, so it makes sence to take him with, but i think this is training going on as he is the future leader for Pakistan (Khuda na khasta)

  12. guYasir Avatar

    Pakistan has a Parliamentary system like in UK instead of Presidential system like in USA. which select president directly as they did to chose Osama oh Obama. didn’t choose Zardari as president rather public gave votes to parliamentarians and then they elected
    I remember that Altaf Hussien (bhagora) was one who gave 1st call to elect zardari as president. I guess British Parliament mite told him to gave call to elect him afterall Altaf is eating british-pork for over a decade.
    As I said above that democracy choose most corrupted and dissolute people as a PS,PM,FM, etc
    Society is being led like lemmings over a cliff. We only believe what the UK/US/EU/UN and its minions tell us.
    Democracy rather this system is our enemy Thus, our problem is systemic and can’t be solved while our political and cultural leaders are creatures of the system. Our focus must be on changing the system i.e. seeking Theo-Democracy and seeking financial system clean from usury.
    Any mass organization we set up for it will be infiltrated and subverted. Thus, we must form myriad informal groups to spread the message and resist in many different ways. We should support each other and eschew internecine feuds by focusing on what we have in common.

  13. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    He IS going to be the president/premier of Pakistan whether you/we like it or not. There is nothing we can really do much about it, as long as we have “democracy” to demonise out nation. So isn’t it better that he start getting “exposure” of meetings than not? He will still take that seat in years to come.

  14. guYasir Avatar

    I've said b4 now I'm saying again that BB murdered was orchestrated by US-CIA as CIA is notorious in foreign assassinations. Zardari knew that and he let it happen so he'll get a seat and would get impunity from his corruption cases and the blame has gone to Talibans that they did BB murder and US will continue her dirty job.

    Bilawal is a son of idiot who can't wait to kick his father and take president seat as soon as possible.

    Our political life is a grotesque carnival designed to convince the Rubes they live in a democracy. This is so they will pay taxes and lay down their lives for their betters.

    Our true rulers have determined that we shall have no real say in our collective future. Like livestock, we will chew our collective cud on sex, drugs, toys, sports and trivia, which they will supply in abundance.

    Democracy naturally prefer the candidates who are most corrupt and dissolute and therefore most blackmail-able and obedient like Zardari

    This is why so many of our "leaders" are drunks. They have sold their souls to the devil and they know it.

  15. Faheem Mumtaz Avatar

    We dont select our leaders. People were born to lead us.

  16. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    @unaiza baji!

    but the question is that why altaf supported the corrupt person like zardari?

    why "baji log" like you do not protest against this kind of support?

  17. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan


    well come back again.why we do not see you more often?….busy nowadays?

    did you establish your site?

  18. guYasir Avatar

    nahi abi nahi july k end may complete hogi. kuch arsay se mera liknay ka dil nahi cha raha tha is liye nahi likh raha tha waise i was reading articles of teeth and also reading comments now i saw all stupids in one pic so i thought i should put sum light on these stupid stooge who are hell-bent to destroy humanity.

  19. ram Avatar

    ts good to see bilawal he is taking training form his dad on how to beg .its a very easy job to beg ,you beg and once you are given money stab them in the back,pakis hate US because they are non-believers ,then why do they take money from a non-believer .I read a comment sating that CIA is behind BB killing ,why not RAW and why not isreal ,you guys know only to blame others

  20. guYasir Avatar


    Mossad, RAW FBI and CIA are all 'corrupt interlink asses' i said just bcoz CIA influence in our country is 2 much due to war on terror and cia holds repu of assassinations if u know its history do ye know Anton Lavey who was a trainer of cia rather Mind War controller of the CIA was a close friend of George H. Bush and they planned together the satanic future of his son George W.Bush and the coming of the age of Satan after 9/11 a long time ago when LaVey was still alive."

    didn't u read my previous comment where i said that we should avoid IMF Aid which is Aids for our society.

    didn't u read my above comment where i said we need to change system. u seem an indian who are ass-kisser of west and to their demented dreams.

  21. Shahzeb Avatar

    Well its a shame to see our governmental officials behave in such a manner…for debate sake even if we accept the bizzare notion of Bilawal being the chiarperson of the PPP he still does not deserve a seat at this occasion. A private meeting with the US president on the request of his father might have been arranged to satisfy the urge for self-promotion.

    But an imp point i owuld like to make is that some of my frineds here are blaming democracy for this…well that is unfair and uncalled for…u dont have to go far back in the past to see a military dictator who abused his seat to become the president, army chief and the PM (Even tried to be the CJP by bring in a pliant judiciary)…and please dont give me the logic that democracy can't work in paksiatn because of the illiteracy and poverty. India has ten times more poor and illiterate people then us yet there democracy flourishes with the recent election defeat of BJP being proof of the rejection of communal politics by a masses who are politically aware. Democracy is a evolutionary process.

  22. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima


    So if he or his party is chosen by the majority of people casting their votes, what are you crying about? Shouldn't you "respect" the wishes of the "people"? This is what democracy is all about…to accept and respect the opinion of the majority, no matter how insane or foolish the opinion might seem to be…this is our new church, this is our new dogma. Long live democracy! Long live judiciary!! long live Chaudhury!!!

    (Will Chaudhury take suo-moto action over this open corruption? He wouldn't even dare!!)

  23. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    @unaiza baji!

    this is what we call a controlled democracy.

    a democracy with out accountability,with out institution. a democracy which have one rule "might is right". this is the reason why MQM is against CJP iftikhar chohadry because he talks about rule of law.

    " popularity should not be above the law"

    that is why we demand the trial of kala doubt he is a popular leader but he is also a criminal politician.

    this is the reason,his guilty conscience made him escape from pakistan.

  24. Sikander Avatar

    @Shahzad i completely disagree with you.. how many childrens of his age are blessed to even sit in a luxurious way as he sitting beside Obama. he doesn't even speak a single word of urdu.. and not even knows that what is the ground reality in Pakistan. what is the standard of Education?? does he know.. ahh never think about it..

    @Sarfraz as you said the rent was only $28000.. i presumed it's true.. but who is gonna pay?? poor Pakistanis.. who can't even earn this one day rent in their whole life.. and Bilawal is really the luckiest guy in the world.. in his age i wasn't aware with US president.. and he is sitting beside him.. wow.. hilarious.. he has spent whole life in UK.. i don't think he will be aware of a single ice cream shop in Pakistan.. then how can he even rule here..

    @Unaiza Fatima

    as you said to shahzeb people chose PPP to rule then what he is crying about.. so let me tell you.. the people who chose PPP are also crying on their deed.. so shahzeb isn't the only one. and do u believe in elections.. i don't?.. you know why? because despite of being less than 18 years old i have also casted my and all my relatives vote (to tell u the truth even all my dead relatives votes) were also included.. Elections is Pakistan are just valuable for those who are looking for a seat..

  25. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima


    "…this is the reason why MQM is against CJP iftikhar chohadry"

    CJP himself is above the law, that is why he is glued back to the chair. A morally and ethically corrupt puppet of Shareef and co, who had been involved in political activities and street agitations and has no respect for his rank.


    "…the people who chose PPP are also crying on their deed…"

    Yes they are, and always will. Yet they will vote these corrupt parties again in next election. This is democracy, and it will always remain like that.

  26. Sikander Avatar

    @Unaiza Fatima this time i agree with you.. but who is gonna change it? no one.. neither the judiciary nor the media.. all of them are selfish.. if any one slaps a media personnel they tie black ribbons on their arms.. but now our country is being slapped.. did they do anything??.. nothing… for CJP they started long march including all the parties PML N, imran khan and rest of them.. so why don't they come out again on roads to get rid of loadshedding, bomb blasts.. etc. every body is selfish.. no one is sincere whether media, lawyers, opposition parties. etc.

  27. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    CJP has a huge respect and his respect is proven by the participation of general public in the restoration of judiciary.

    he is a honorable man.a man of courage who saw in the eyes of a wild pig and said ….NO.

    he said "to hell with you,your power and your commondo mentality"

    he is a man of is unjust to call that giant a puppet of characterless and coward leaders like nawaz shareef or altaf hussain.

    no matter what he did.

    no matter what you say against him.

    when i remember him i saw him sitting in front of a wild pig in uniform and saying "to hell with you"

  28. dr.jawwad khan Avatar
    dr.jawwad khan

    unaiza baji!

    kursi kay liyey pervez musharraf jaisay logon kay boot polish kiyey jatey hen.un say panga naheen liya jata.

  29. aflatoon Avatar

    What a shame, How come Zardari take his son to represent Pakistan any where in the world?

    Even if Zardari paid for his room (Bullshit). He may be co-hairperson of PPP, but that does not entitle him to represent Pakistan. If Zardari-Baba-And-Chalees-CHor are so willing to train 'the future' PPP chairperson, then Zardari-baba should tell one of the 40 accomplices to withdraw from his seat and let Bilwal go through the election. Once he is elected then only can Zardari give him the post of any ministry he wants.

    But shame on Nawaz Sahri, Altaf Hussain, Asfandyar Wali, Imran Khan and other who didn't protest this NEPOTISM

  30. Sind Ka Beta Avatar
    Sind Ka Beta

    Indeed, Zardari is corrupt but than who is not? What difference will Nawaz Sharif will bring?

    BTW, the hate for Zardari is manufactured by Punjab, thanks to the propaganda machine of Punjabis the PTV. We Sindhis will fight and get ourselves from Punjab .

  31. Farhan Arooj Avatar
    Farhan Arooj

    To me, Imran Khan is the leader with guts. However, I believe, he won't come to the top due to the dilemma of ignorance of true selection criteria by our people. The acting definition of selection in our country is "reference name", "relationship with the reference" and "reference history". It is just like, you need a senior engineer for the post and you hire a guy who is an accountant by profession but his father had been a great engineer. What would be your expectation? And in case, if the guy's attitude is negative, so what would be the output and response from his subordinates. He would definitely create a mess.

  32. Farhan Arooj Avatar
    Farhan Arooj

    Dear Sind ka Beta,

    I cannot change your thinking. May be you have reach to the conclusion after some events. However, the facts are that PPP has received a lot of votes from Punjab. It won't be wrong to say, that it received the most no. of votes from all over Pakistan than any other party.

    Now the majority of the people in this blog and in Pakistan are disapproving of this blood sucking Dracula from Pakistan's body. The word "Pakistan' means all provinces. To me, Sharif is only a blood sucking mosquito as compared to Zardari.

    If you have a mandatory option to be bitten by Dracula or a mosquito, I think, you will certainly prefer mosquito bit.

  33. hibijibi Avatar

    Sind Ka Beta,

    You sound like Altaf Hussain. I'm sure you are hiding in the disguise of Sind ka beta, your are just a sick MQM tard.

  34. bakatron Avatar

    everytime i see some ppp-drone claiming that bilawal is the 'so and so' and 'this and that heir apparent ruler of pakistan' i want to slap that punk in the face with the back of my hand. good grief.

  35. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    Hi Everyone

    Missed all of you and the politics…….definitely the blog.

    Good to see Bilawal,downside is he comes from Feudal background and has feudal heirarchy and Feudal trends but he is favourite of people to win in future ,blood of Bhuttos I hope he can bring in something fresh and new although it will be hard to cutt off from Feudal trends.

  36. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    welcome back farrah!we missed you.

    there was a consensus against the political dynasty till you came.

    my question is the same and old.

    why not a genuine,honest and true leadership?

  37. ram Avatar

    sorry guys i am talking out of the topic but i have to answer guYasir ,he said that India is a ass kisser of west.

    guYasir the whole world knows which country is a ass kisser ,a@@ licker .now tell me a country which can allow the so called non-belivers to use their land and allow them to kill its own people is a ass kisser or not?you guys cry that your muslim brothers are killed in Palestine or in afghanistan or anywhere in the world .what have you guys done to help them have you given them some financial aid ?

    when people were killed in hurricane katrina how much fund you gave to US? and do you know how much we the so called ass kisser give?have you helped your once friend afghanistan to rebuild we the so called ass kisser have helped them build a highway,what have you done to your muslim bro in afghan? as your government helped your muslim bros in Palestine?if some country are given money they will kiss or lick anyones a@@ the whole world knows how is a a@# kisser. don't you agree?

  38. Rizwan Sayed Avatar
    Rizwan Sayed

    Superb..bare miyan to mare miyan chote miyan subhaan Allah..these haramees are having fun at the expense of the ordinary simple Pakistanis….disgusting but who is going to stop these devils?.

    Peoples Party balle balle: saarey chor tey saare dhalley 🙂

  39. Ghazala Khan Avatar

    Dynastic political got more nasty.

  40. ram Avatar

    @ guYasir I hope you will answer my comment .who is an ass kisser????????? is it India or……. i think you know whom i am talking about.

  41. Sikander Avatar

    @ram yasir will answer you definitely but i would also like to comment.. as the posts are extremely unethical so behave yourself first.. we all are pakistanis and this is also true that we are dispersed and scattered.. but against India we all are united.. We are being targeted by Mossad, RAW, KGB as well.. no doubt our rulers are coward and corrupt.. but you don't even know the Ruler of Universe. (Allah) always helps muslims.. don't you hindus read the history.. Admittedly we are going into a wrong direction. but we all have firm believe on our soul owner (Allah).. Muslims have only 1 deficiency and that is lack of trust in them.. and they get divided with each other.. on provincial or linguistic roots..Indians are always flatterer to other pathetic powers.. and why the Indian Government is interfering in our matters.. ahh..

  42. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    hello Dr Jawwad

    It is the human nature they feel comfertable with what they are familiar with.

    What Bilawal has to offer we have to see yet apart from Bhutto name.

    Bhutto is a name which like a brand sells itself and sells very well in Pakistan.He would win landslide victory whenever he contested elections for the first time……

    second…..nobody knows

  43. farrah k raja Avatar
    farrah k raja

    @Dr Jawwad

    why not a genuine,honest and true leadership?

    It takes certain level of corruption to be in politics and to be powerful.Asking politicians to be honest and true is like asking the wolf to behave among the lambs.

    Leader is not a politician.Or politicians cannot be leaders.

    Isnt it strange,from Hitler to Ceaser ,from Jinnah to Gandhi

    to Mendella

    they were leaders not politicians.

  44. ram Avatar

    is it ethical when you call india a ass kisser and when I showed you the mirror and asked who is the ass kisser you got offended

    thumar khun khun hamara khun pani.

    even if you all unite against India you can not do anything you can only send terrorist and disturb india thats all you guys can do.I am not sure that allah always help muslim but I am very sure that muslim dont help there own brothers.

    u have asked why Indian government is interfering in u r matters ,I just want to ask you who apart from u and muslim countries are saying stop dreaming of hurting India ,some dreams u can not afford to full fill.what is the use of having unity against another country ,first help u r brothers.this comment might be deleted but the fact remains that u r not helping anyone ,u hate US but want the money form them.

    now this topic is about u r biggest elected beggar and his son talk about it and stop dreaming.

  45. Sikander Avatar

    @ram oh yeah.. why don't you ask your Govt to start war.. why don't they attack here.. i promise that your misconception about our Unity will be turn into a nightmare.. you have forgotten 1965 war.. how your Govt bend knees in front of our army.. oh what a joke it is???.. we do have beggars same as your country.. but the only difference is that our beggars can be shown on TV but your beggars are using back door channels.. so what's the difference between your beggars and ours??.. i said unethical to both of you not only u. specially yasir bcoz he belongs to a muslim nation.. there is no surprise about you.. coz you belong to a prejudiced nation who always have biased opinion about their natives..

  46. shihabsakib Avatar

    @ Sinkandar……Well articulted, Bravo

  47. Andrew Marshall Avatar

    @ram i know that Indian don't like muslims.. and your leaders like Bajrang (***) said that i always enjoy and feel comfortable killing muslims.. but may i know why don't they shoot Shah Rukh, AAmir, Salman khan and a bulk of other muslims who are just in Film Industry which has a significant role in Indian economy.. you know this is really discriminating.. they know if they kill anyone of them, the other Hindus will kill them.. what a splendid discrimination is this??.. do u have any answer.. i wish i could kill Bajrang and Modi

  48. Anonymous Avatar

    While the discussion's gotten totally out of hand, bringing it back to the picture – Bilawal is co-chairman of the PPP, he has every right to be seated there! I don't know why one picture creates such a hullabaloo, especially when it's a simple, clear-cut case of his position. In addition, why can't it just be seen as training a future politician? You don't want his leadership, fine, don't vote him in when he stands for elections. But I, for one, feel more comfortable and secure knowing that our future politicians have had early training; Benazir was part of international meetings in exactly the same way during her father's time, which is why she was so good at her job and popular with the masses! If we could stop picking our own government and elected President apart, maybe we could deal with other, more important and pressing issues than the SEATING arrangement at a meeting OR his personal expenditure!

  49. Faheem Mumtaz Avatar

    We dont need any "Sind ka beta" or "Punjab ka beta". We need someone who is "Pakistan ka beta". Is there Anyone ?

  50. Sikander Avatar

    like the other stupid things which exist in Pakistan… this is just an addition in them. On the other hand, rulers are crying we don't have money and conversely they are wasting it.. why don't they take the situation seriously?? and who is gonna ask them? no one.. Regrettably no chief justice or any opposition leader is gonna raise voice against this prodigality.