Bilawal Zardari bumps a seat in the Pakistani Delegation to the White House


A casual glance at this picture above taken a few weeks back one would generally not have seen the anomaly but a careful look reveals the problem, a high level meeting in Washington between the respective Presidents of The United States of American, Afghanistan and Pakistan, seems ordinary enough. Generally such a meeting is attended by the official representatives of each country, Afghanistan being represented by President Hamid Karzai, the American delegation by President Obama and you can even see Vice-President Joe Biden, but the problem lies when you take a look at the Pakistani side of the delegation President Zardari, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Hussain Haqqani and Rehman Malik, but what-the-heck is Bilawal Bhutto Zardari doing sitting right next to Mr. Asif Zardari.

There is no rational reason why Bilawal Bhutto Zardari should be sitting in on an extremely important meeting with extremely important leaders. Could this be the “Divine Right Of The Kings” doctrine being implemented? You don’t see Hamid Karzai bringing his kids to such meetings, you don’t see Obama bringing his two girls for a round of official meetings, but ironically you DO SEE our President tagging along his 20-year old son for an adrenaline rushing tour of the White House. Lets also not forget the fact that during this official visit to Washington with a begging bowl for the IDP’s in Pakistan our President Zardari stayed in a $4200 Presidential Suite at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington while Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was given a $2200 suite all covered and sponsored by the Government of Pakistan. All this lavish spending continued while a national disaster brewed up in the Frontier Province due to the displacement of 2.5 Million people

Though I must also admit that looking at this picture does bring another priceless moment for the critics. With Bilawal Zardari in attendance, squeezing a last-minute jump seat between his father and the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi it does seem that Rehman Malik was quite literally been pushed onto a ‘stool‘ at the end of the table. The expression with which he strains to hear the sermon of his [Mai Bap] President Obama is priceless. We know these Pakistani clowns care little about international customs and traditions and our screaming here will make no difference, but on hindsight I think we must thank Bilawal Zardari for squeezing into this meeting and have served us with an image of a constipated Rehman Malik getting the boot leg position ‘ova there

Addendum – It seems that a sentence in this post appears exactly the same as in a blog post called the Five Rupees Blog, it was entirely unintentional and I have not copied the specific text but in good faith I provide this addendum just to set the facts straight



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  1. ram Avatar

    this is photo is not something new ,the old beggar is teaching the feature beggar who to satisfy his boss by killing is own brothers for money,sick dogs

  2. Sikander Avatar

    @dr jawwad khan doctor saheb app ki history to bohat achhi hai.. i have never been too much involved in it.. keep it up.

  3. Sikander Avatar

    @ram you always reply to everyone.. and anticipates logical answers.. but what's your logic worshiping a dummy and think that dummy has created all of you.. but instead you create your God's yourself.. do u think an idol can protect you which can't even protect himself.. and now come to the beggars.. as far as poverty concerns our country is far better than yours.. your people pay to buy footpaths.. and sleep on roads.. most of you people live in slums.. you are really swine.. coz you smell like swine.. saalo 20 20 din nahaate nahin ho.. Gundo..

  4. Mehdi Raza Avatar
    Mehdi Raza

    What if Manmohan Singh went on a visit and was accompanied by Sonia Gandhi? Any issues then?

  5. Farhan Arooj Avatar
    Farhan Arooj


    The video that you want me to see is consisted of speech from "Indian approved Mulla". Now you will be wondering, who is "Indian approved Mulla". Indian approved Mulla is the one who is certified by the government of India to preach India first and religion second. They are more like disco Mullas. "Indian Non approved Mullas" are either behind the bars on the fake charges of spreading racism or threatened enough not to express their views. This is how freedom of speech has been controlled in so called the "largest democracy in the world".

    Without any doubt, your country tried her level best to deprive muslims of their rights in order to evolve them according to her design. Majority of the muslims in your country still doesn't follow disco Mullas.

    @dr. Jawad,


  6. Sohaib Avatar

    You do realize that just before Castro took over in Cuba, a government as corrupt as this was there.

    Just before Napoleon the same kind of incompetent rulers were there in France.

    Before the USSR, Russia suffered from incompetent rulers too.

    So my point is, before a nation attains greatness, they must suffer from these kind of people.

  7. shihabsakib Avatar

    Pakistanis historically, tend to give less time for elected governments to show thier national devolomental accuman, viz a viz likes of CMLAs. Unfortunate but true, Let leaders elected by Pakistanis be at helm of affairs, for constitutional period. We shall pass judgment not by blog or any scribed note but surely by Vote. Populace of democracies does have elections everyday.

  8. shihabsakib Avatar

    not every day, and than who ever wins elections, rules

  9. shihabsakib Avatar

    @ram, Do RAM RAM! if you are not of the level to yet speak on subject. Listen, learn and Read for forty day coming Kurwa Chouth,,, and may be you beget addhikar to enjoin Chinta of this blog, Mahah DEV.

  10. Bangash Avatar

    hahahahah! Well Bilawal is a Bhutto so for many people the PM job is his birthright.

  11. sabir Avatar

    Guys be clear, these feudals are making fool of our nation just to rule them!

    Have you ever heard son is given mothers family name?! this is just to make fool of you, believe me!

    These Zardaris' Gillani's, Sharifs, Qureshis, Makhdooms, will continue fucking you and collecting money scratching your skin untill you wake up and understand your rights.

    $4200 or $2800, whatever it went from your pocket in the shape of tax, electricity bill, gas bill, petroleum tax etc.

    If British tax payers can ask their rulers to tell them why they spent their tax money so carelessly even in minor cases, why can't we pakistanis ask the same question from our rulers?!

    Stop defending Zardari or Sfarifs, start thinking about your own rights! please, for god sake wake up now! otherwise these feudals will continue fucking you like thier slaves!

  12. khan Avatar

    ha ha ha, zardari…..ha ha ha, a sick man, who over night became healthy like young man of thirties, just after assassination of our un disputed leader.A tragedy for this nation to accept Mr A alongwith M/S R.M, H.H,etc,[ a long list of corrupted incapable, plunders ,persons with dual nationality but un patriotic].What you expect frm this bunch of opportunists & plunders.

  13. khan Avatar

    ha ha ha, zardari…..ha ha ha, a sick man, who over night became healthy like young man of thirties, just after assassination of our un disputed leader.A tragedy for this nation to accept Mr A along with M/S R.M, H.H,etc,[ a long list of corrupted incapable, plunders ,persons with dual nationality but UN patriotic].What you expect from this bunch of opportunists & plunders.

  14. Halepoto Avatar

    Ha Ha HA HHAA… Pakistan elected her parialiament, Senate and Leader of the House. President is elected by Prvincial Assemblies and Parliment. Let democracy take roots in Pakistan, Do not Ha.. HA… HA…. it away,please!

  15. MB Avatar

    I will just copy paste what a friend of mine said:


    Iss chor ne …… Hukumat mei aa k……………. apni Aulaad ko Commercial banaya huwa hai………. unki training ker waa raha hai………… k ….jab meri A** pe ARMY KICK lagai tu Tum logon ne kahaan kahaan BHAAG DOR kerni hai….. kis ke agey hath phailana hai ……………… Bilawal or Beti ko le k ghoomta phirta hai..



  16. Saleem Durrani Avatar
    Saleem Durrani

    Firstly! Pakistan does not belong to the Bhutto's it belongs to the people. Mr.Asif Ali Zardari is not "The Bhutto's" he is not running a country but a circus. Bilawal should get one thing clear he does not own Pakistan, he might be the son of a Great Leader but he cannot be "THAT" leader in a million years… that goes to Mr.Zardari too. I feel sorry for both of them, but "The Zardari's" have always been a complete disappointment and disgrace to the Bhutto's legacy, they were never Politician and should have never been a representative of the "Pakistan People's Party" personally speaking. Let the right people of PPP be the true inspiration of this Legacy.

    Saleem Durrani


  17. Shaikh Fakhr-ul-Isla Avatar

    Hasbe sabiq yeh sab kutchh awaam k mafaad meiN hai.