PakSatire rips on Unilever & Mindshare on Saad Khan’s Death


PakSatire takes a jab at UniLever and Mindshare to say

This is our humble effort to build some more pressure for the poor guys family. We only want unilever and mindshare take full responsibility of the event and compensate the family not in any legal way but in a social way. If they have to stay here in Pakistan they should learn to be a socially responsible company and stop acting like corporate jerks….. If “Lays” can get a swear blow by the halal-harraam issue by its consumers then why not Unilever.






18 responses to “PakSatire rips on Unilever & Mindshare on Saad Khan’s Death”

  1. shobz Avatar

    they should be sued for millions. it's about time these corporate bullies get what they deserve.

  2. Salman Asghar Avatar

    Thats something awesome!!!

    i hope it will have some effect on unilever!!!

    Let me clarify one thing as some people are of the view that Unilever was just sponsoring it, it has nothing to do with the incident!

    well if that is so, i will start sponsoring ( Funding) the terrorists from tomorwo and lets see who blames me?!?!?

  3. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    this is just a glimpse of what we are thinking of.

    We will wait for a while and see how unilever responds to it. If they did go the legal way and did not bear their social responsibility we will start a boycott their products campagin against them by making comics on each of their products and making… spoof ads of each of their products to help build the awareness and give aid to the boycott.

  4. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    in short we will not let go and will not let them move on without acting in a socially responsible company. I repeat "social" and not "legal" here. After all there is an even greater law which no one can escape.

    That's a promise Insha Allah.

  5. Saman Avatar

    I agree with Touseef regarding boycotting of their products at least that's what all of us can do.

  6. abrar Avatar


    Gilgit is now another province. I wonder what was the motive behind this secret process and urgent declaration…..

    In Pakistan, any thing is possible as long as the Powerful are behind it and in this case Prince Kareem Agha Khan seems to be the beneficiary.

  7. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    nice effort.

  8. Salman Asghar Avatar

    Why was the site not opening yesterday???

  9. OJ Avatar

    This incident reflects the mind set of the company's top management, if they prefer there status over their social responsibility then would if be wise to trust them for there products and related claims? I don't know, but i am now a bit skeptic about the unilever products i use, they have lost there credibility and i would definitly don't want to put there products in my basket next time i go for shopping.

  10. ticktock Avatar

    your blog is loading content from has your blog been tampered with? please check as is showing as a malicious IP on malwarebytes. also your rsss feed frequently does not work.

  11. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    Can we start using this poster in our display pictures. We might just be able to build enough pressure this way. show the strength of new media that if main stream media is looking at their arse over this issue we stood up and can and get the ball rolling.

  12. nickle Avatar

    now .26 is also loading malicious content – where are you hosted?

  13. Times of London Avatar
    Times of London

    Story now in the international media.

  14. khurram Avatar

    As last comment says even the story hit the international media, why our TV channels not covering this whole thing.

    In normal circumstances they reach on places in minutes with cameras and stuff but as here its all money game no one ready to respond.

  15. Faisal.K Avatar

    Who needs our tv channels? Why are we relying on them? we are the alternative media, lets kick corporate ass!! Spread the poster to all Dps everywhere!!!

  16. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    Our take on Pakistan's traditional media on this issue.

  17. Allama Iqbal Avatar

    Boycott Genocidal Unilever

    Boycott Unilever Killers in Germany & Pakistan


    We have commenced our professional and an energetic campaign of Boycott Unilever all over Europe and we urge all Pakistanis to boycott the products of Unilever Killers in Pakistan. This is the only way to teach an economic lesson to these European terrorists, who have no regard for human life in any part of the world.

    Those, who wish to send a letter of protest to Unilever Killers, should send it here :

    Allama Iqbal


  18. Hassan Avatar

    Its more astonishing that not even a single tv channel broadcast this story. The reason is that all these channels earn millions of Rupees from Unilever in the form sponsorships. The media which claims to be very fair and neutral has got its own interests in killing people. Geo news which even gives a small traffic block as Breaking News could also highlight this issue. But they will never. Not even their website will accept your protest. Amazing… isnt it