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Candle Light Vigil in Memory of Saad Khan

A group of Concerned Citizens of Pakistan and Friends of Saad Khan are holding a Candle Light Vigil

Date: Friday, September 11, 2009
Location: Shahi Chowk, Karachi (opposite Park Towers) – Google Map
RSVP on Facebook Event: 1st Vigil / protest in memory of Saad Khan
What to Bring: Please bring along a candle, a lighter or a diya and light it in Saad Khan’s memory

We invite everyone to join hands in protesting against the gross show of corporate irresponsibility that claimed the life of Saad Khan. The vigil is being held to resist Unilever, MindShare & Seemi Productions’s callous discriminatory attitude towards the citizens of Pakistan by neglecting mandatory safety and security measures to the contestants of the Clear Men Reality Show which was being shot in Bangkok.
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Discussion with one of the UniLever’s Reality Show particpants, an eye witness to Saad Khan’s tragic death

This report was posted by Fahad Siddiqui the admin from the Facebook Group Say NO to Reality Shows

Saad Khan with friendsAs promised, we are now publishing a conversation with one of the contestants / eyewitness of the Clear Man show. For confidentiality purpose we can not disclose the names of the people who were involved in this conversation; however, we can assure you that the content of the entire discussion has not been exaggerated nor over-hyped while we are sharing it with all of you.

Read, digest & share your thoughts on this tragic incident which could surely have been avoided if basic precautionary measures could have have been taken while organizing the deadly stunt which took Saad Khan away from us.

Q: How was your relation with Saad Khan during the time you were together?

Participant: We were good friends since the time we met each other. Saad bhai was a great person; we got close in a very short time. He even told me his life story from his struggle to the upward trajectory of his career. We used to hang out together and have fun and play pranks with other fellows. In short it was a very joyful experience spending time with him.
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Important questions regarding the death of Saad Khan during Unilever’s Clear Men reality show

Saad Khan Tragically dies in a Unilever reality show recording in ThailandFarrukh Ahmed, a fellow blogger and a close friend of Saad Khan has drafted a more detailed report on the the tragic death of Saad Khan during the recording of a Unilever Reality Show in Thailand – he asks some pertinent questions which need to be answered

Unchained / Farrukh’s Blog: As a representative of the grieved family & friends, I would like the following questions to be answered:
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Saad Khan looses life in Unilever / Mindshare Reality Show accident

Saad Khan Unilever mindshareIn a very shocking development a young 32 year old person, father of four kids looses his life during the filming of a reality show sponsored by Unilever and being produced by their advertising agency Mindshare. Saad Khan was a game show contestant and the host/model Amina Sheikh, who also is the model of Clear Shampoo, gave an underwater challenge to Saad and during the execution of the stunt he apparently lost control, struggled and pleading for help could not recover, the inadequate safety personal and the equipment could not react in time and eventually he drowned

Saad Khan, 32 year old young man from Karachi and a father of four kids is sadly the victim, his body was returned to Karachi for burial two days back and the infuriated family has been running from pillar to post but it seems for some awkward reason it fails to catch the media attention and apparently no media house is ready to ‘run the story‘. It is a known fact that the media in Pakistan is usually head over heals on every other lame ass political slander, but surprisingly in Saad’s case this case of gross neglect is not worthy of even a short news item. Might this have anything to do with the influence of Unilever and Mindshare who are giant spenders armed with enormous advertisement budgets.
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