Important questions regarding the death of Saad Khan during Unilever’s Clear Men reality show

Saad Khan Tragically dies in a Unilever reality show recording in ThailandFarrukh Ahmed, a fellow blogger and a close friend of Saad Khan has drafted a more detailed report on the the tragic death of Saad Khan during the recording of a Unilever Reality Show in Thailand – he asks some pertinent questions which need to be answered

Unchained / Farrukh’s Blog: As a representative of the grieved family & friends, I would like the following questions to be answered:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility of Unilever & Mindshare in the making of this reality show? Was there ever a document regarding the planning of the event?
  2. Were the safety precautions adequate at the time of shooting any stunt?
  3. Were the participants given any safety trainings / briefing for the stunt?
  4. What are the credentials of Unilever & Mindshare to host and manage a reality show? Any corporation while undertaking any project develops a project plan / manual. We would like to see the project manual for the show.
  5. Were the contestants insured?
  6. On what criteria were the candidates selected? Did the organizers inform the participants of potential danger involved?
  7. If the stunt involved danger of drowning, why was the life jacket optional especially when there was a 7kg bag affixed with every participant?
  8. How may lifeguards were present? In other reality shows like Fear Factor, there is usually 1 guard for each participant who is responsible to look after that individual. Why did it take around 15 minutes to search and take out the body when there were cameras watching the precise spot where Saad went down?
  9. The pond in question is located in Chatuchak park in Bangkok. The pond is reported to be muddy with precise depth unknown. Why was the pond selected without measuring the depth and being tested by professional safety officials before the stunt?
  10. Was this place randomly selected or through a series of approvals?
  11. Why is Unilever / Mindshare avoiding the media on the subject if they took the necessary precautions?
  12. Has any staff from Unilever (the main organizer) actually scene the place before / after the incident?






7 responses to “Important questions regarding the death of Saad Khan during Unilever’s Clear Men reality show”

  1. shobz Avatar

    it's sad that our ppl have no proper concept of reality shows. They should have a proper medical team on standby if they continue to make such shows. A precious life would not have been lost.

  2. Nikki Avatar

    I would love to see the answers given to these questions by the representatives of Unilever and Mindshare both. They cant just be roaming around freely ignoring media and any questions related to a participant of a reality show being organized under their noses.

  3. Touseef Ikram Avatar

    I would add 2 more questions to it.

    13 – regardless of whose mistake was it, why both of the companies are not trying to win hearts here showing a little support to the family?

    14- Can you guys give a nice consumer blow by not using their products?

    I for one will never be able to use any of their products regardless of the fact they are guilty or not but their response so far is enough for me to stop using their stuff.

  4. Salman Asghar Avatar

    Where is the video of of the show???

    that should be publicized!

  5. Salman Asghar Avatar

    i mean that should given to investigators….if there are any!

  6. Dr. sidra fayyaz Avatar
    Dr. sidra fayyaz

    7 yes a life jacket shud hv been essential

    8 oh! em horrified they found him after 15 mins, lyk they hardly cared!

    Ahh! Unilever sucks!!!

  7. ProudPaki Avatar

    with all due respect, why don't you tell young Pakistani generation how NOT to follow Saad footsetps.. and that these reality shows are rubbish… what happened to him was sad.. but naming and shaming the organizations won't do any good for people who fascinated by $$$ and fame.. these reality shows are not for Pakistanis..

    but unfortunately good or bad we follow West like poodles!