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An Open Letter to CCPO Karachi, regarding Illegal License Plates

Dear CCPO Karachi,

Greatly appreciate your newspaper initiative of asking citizens to report crime and send pictures of suspicious looking persons and activities. (ccpo.khi@sindhpolice.gov.pk and mms 0333-222-8080). It would provide citizens a good opportunity and a good feeling to be a part of the crime fighting process of the Sindh Police.

You will appreciate that it is more difficult to detect a suspicious looking person as compared to a suspicious looking vehicle. While the former requires some understanding of psychology and human behaviour, the later is a comparatively simple affair, based on an individual’s ability to recognise if the moving object on the road is in fact a vehicle and if it is carrying or not, a registered number plate.

Just to give you an example, I find most politicians very suspicious looking. That is however not a good reason for me to report against them. However each time I leave my house, I easily recognise a large number of vehicles which have either no number plate or an illegal number plate such as “Zinda Hey BB“, ‘Laghari1‘, “Durrani 2“, ‘lashari 3“, “Bhutto 4“, “Junagarh 5“, “MNA“, “MPA“, “Chief of jhalayan tribe“, etc etc. In one interesting case some half a dozen vehicles owned by the same individual carry the same number plate “VII”. Most of these vehicles belong to ministers, parliamentarians and other powerful law breakers of the land. This blatant breach of law is visible to all those hundreds of policemen, who remain dutifully engaged in stopping the two wheelers for extracting their pound of flesh, but whose eyes are carefully trained not to recognise the violating vehicles of the powerful and unlawful urban militants.

I am enclosing some pictures taken at random in the past few weeks just to give you a feel of the size of the problem. You will also appreciate that most big crime is conducted by big people in big vehicles. So the trick is to go after the big.

[nggallery id=67]

I would suggest that you put repeated ‘ads’ in the newspapers, describing what are the key violations being made by the vehicles of the powerful elite. ( No number plate, unlawful number plate, any sign such as MPA, that hides the original number plate, armed guards, black tinted glasses etc). Intensive training should then be organised for police force in vehicular recognition, the design, types and need for number plates, what is an illegal number plate, and how to stop, challan and if required confiscate such vehicles. On a lighter note, a half decent title, and a suitable packaging such as “Access to Road Justice”, would easily qualify the project for a handsome ADB loan.

If only the police were to enforce this very basic and visible violation of law, its respect would go up many times in the eyes of the public, which may then develop some trust in reporting the events that are actually not visible to the police.

Kind Regards
Naeem Sadiq


  • Yawar Herekar |

    This is great. Stole the words right out of my mouth. Seeing these Yahoos in their Prados and other unlicensed plate vehicles really really bothers me. Hope they do something about this.

  • X --- |

    by the way, im intrigued to ask the kind CCPO karachi on how he intends to apprehend or take action against vehicles bearing illegal plates when there is no means of identifying the vehicle!

    I mean if the CCPO is genuinely interested in taking action, pictures sent by people wont help him. he should stand on the side of the road, and stop cars with such plates. And when he does that, im sure the person inside the car will flash the name of some mna/mpa/senator or some grade 20 officer, along with his political affiliation.

    Does he also not see that most of these vehicles carrying illegal plates are clearly identifiers of feudal clans from interior sind? Most of them also have a party flag attached to them. I guarantee you that even though I have no political affiliation, even if i put a ppp flag on my car and drive with my licence plates off, no cop will dare to catch me.

    This is a party that talks about democracy, and of roti, kapra and makaan for people. Its tragic that even after 62 years of independence, three items of basic human need are still our political slogan. and these parties claim to be champions of democracy.

  • Raza M.Qureshi |

    Does CCPO Karachi, has the courage to stop even any car of MPA,MNA,MINISTERS, GOVERNOR,CHIEF MINISTER, PM OR PRESIDENT, these are all law breaker rather they are all breaking the country. Arrest all of them and hanged them on Clifton. Start from the present president and then on and on.

  • Basharat Ali Durrani |


    With regards to the mention of the number plate Junagarh 5, I would like to bring to your attention the following information. The state of Junagarh in September 1947 despite pressure and intimdation by the Government of Hindustan choose to acced to Pakistan. The Royal family and other prominent Citizens at the behest of or founding father got on a plan with their personal belongings and came to Pakistan. Junagarh was subsequently lost to India. Amongst other privilages granted by the Government of Pakistan the Nawab of Junagarh is permited to issue vehicle redgistration numbers. there for the numbers you see on vehicles baring the name of Junagarh and in gold lettering on a red background are 100% legal.

  • Basharat Ali Durrani |

    I would also like to add that the same is allowed for all former princely states such as Kalat, Bhawalpur, Hunza, Chitral, Lasbella, etc.

    With regards to the round plates that are put on top of number plates, as per law these are allowed as long as the number on the original number plate is clearly visable.

    With regard to the comment of Mr. X this is not a feudal problem or a PPP problem it was the same when the MQM/PML-Q was in government and when the PMLN was in government. the problem is with the attitude of the people in general, it's very easy to sit and complain from behind a keyboard.

  • MB |

    Basharat has some sensible reply but i am wondering if a PERSON be allowed to issue number? , Junagarh being part of INDIA now?

    or i am mistaken on some understanding ?

  • Basharat Ali Durrani |


    The Dominion of Pakistan came into being with the lapse of British rule on the Indian sub-continent at midnight on the 14th of August 1947. Twelve princely states in western India acceded to the Dominion according to the formula devised by the British. There were no Muslim princely states in Eastern India.

    Over time, the princely states were amalgamated into larger federations and provinces. This process culminated in the establishment of two large provinces, East and West Pakistan. Most of the princely states in the western part of the country merged into the Province of West Pakistan on the 14th of October 1955. The country was declared a republic within a year. The following is a list of States that acceded to Pakistan and the salute they are accorded by the Government of Pakistan.

    1. Hereditary salute of 21-guns:

    H.H. the Amir of Bahawalpur.

    2. Hereditary salute of 19-guns:

    H.H. the Khan of Kalat.

    3. Hereditary salute of 17-guns:

    H.H. the Mir of Khairpur.

    4. Hereditary salute of 15-guns:

    H.H. the Nawab of Junagadh

    H.H. the Mir of Hunza.

    H.H. the Mir of Nagar.

    H.H. the Wali of Swat.

    5. Hereditary salute of 11-guns:

    H.H. the Mehtar of Chitral.

    6. States without gun-salutes:

    The Nawab of Amb.

    The Nawab of Dir.

    The Jam of Las Bela.

    The Nawab of Kharan.

    The Nawab of Mekran.

    Although the physical possession of Junagarh is with Hindustan it was, is and will remain a rightful part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    In rulers and subjects of those princely states that acceded to and then amalgamated into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in exchange for their sacrifices, loyalty and devotion to the cause of Pakistan were accorded certain rights and privileges, such as the right to a salute, the right to fly their standard on their residence, and the right to issue number plates for those vehicles that are owned by the ruler or subject of said state.

    It is my humble opinion that there is nothing wrong with this (but that is my personal opinion and I'm sure you will not agree to this opinion), however this discussion is regarding the Law and the Law allows for the rulers of these states to issue number plates for vehicles owned by the rulers and subjects of these states. therefor my point is that legally the objection to the number plate is with out base and therefor the allegations made against the owners of vehicles bearing these number plates are wrong and should be withdrawn.

  • Residents Ahsan City |

    Open letter to CCPO Karachi regarding the Crime Scene Drugs selling at Sector 11-C/1 Near Nagan Flyover North Karachi.

    The CCPO

    Karachi Police


    Subject: Request to take action against the crime of drugs, heroine, hasheesh, charas sales & its open use in the residential area illegally

    Dear Sir,

    With due respect we, the residents of Ahsan city Home apartments a project of flats and commercial shops, situated at Nagan chorangi sector 11-C/1 near nagan flyover ramp towards anda-morr opposite Maria apartments block – 6 North Karachi, Karachi humbly requested that we are compelled to approach you as before we already have submitted dozens of applications/ requests to the UC Nazim, Town Nazim, SHO & concerned police station, HQ Karachi Police, and now it supposes that now the situation, condition & circumstances are going out of control due to the open free-handed sale of heroine and its by-products like charas, afune, afeem, hasheesh, etc in the area to the people specially the youth & minors. It is being observed that a shop located in our project Ahsan city home apartments shop namely City Electronics whose owner was previously engaged with the business of providing the different electronics item & motorcycles etc on the installments, but now the said shop clearly seems vacated & youth & other addicted persons are keep lying outside the ground using the drugs openly & offering it to the minors crossing the scene. The quantity of the drug users & buyers are gradually increasing day by day. The shop remains open till late night while the drug sale are continued both at day and night. The smoke of the drugs are reaching to the residents of the apartment through the windows of the flat & humanly its not possible specially for the flat owners to keep their flat window tightly closed in such conditions of the hot weather and heavily load shedding.

    Further this is very strange and amazing that it is also observed that a police vehicle is daily came may be to collect the bribe or purchasing drugs from the said shop which also given shelter to the drug users & its seller.

    Therefore, here we are strongly praised that kindly arrange a special secret investigation & raid the spot with comprehensive action against the culprits at the earliest most to sabotage the crime and clean clear the scene from drugs.

    We shall be pleased & very thankful to you for your kind co-operation especially in the great interest of the residents of the apartment & youth as well as minors for the ejaculation of the culprits from the residential area.

    Sincerely yours

    The residents

    Ahsan City Home Apartments

    Sector 11-C/1, Nagan Flyover, North Karachi

    Opposite Maria Apartments Block – 6


    Fwcs to: The City Nazim

    Geo TV Network

    Daily Jang Karachi

    Daily Dawn & Dawn News TV

    Daily Express & Express TV

    Daily Ummat News

  • Adil Mirza |


  • naeem |

    Dear Adil

    Suggest you send this as a letter to Editor to Dawn and the News – so that it comes to the knowledge of the concerned officials.


  • Abdul Wahab |

    Respected CCPO Karachi,
    Please let us know why and for how long double riding will restricted in Karachi? Why you people making us so trouble to make band in double bike riding since few years even no benefit has been found so far? Please afraid with Allah and don’t do trouble to poor people and who have bike. Allah’s torment will not so far for any person who disturb/trouble to poor without any reason and you people doing so. Be afraid to Allah.
    We know you people and few haramkhor politician making poor so disturb and banding in double riding due to having bribes by transporters. Please afraid to Allah and save your family and children from haramkhori.
    You are kindly requested to. lift out the band from double riding from Karachi as early as possible before it’s too late to die. Other wise what would u have liable in front of Allah? Think about it and save us from this kind of punishment without any reason.
    May Allah gives u people Hadayh… Aamin.
    The citizens of Karachi