Peoples Resistance: Protest against Army Brutality

Location: Karachi Press Club
Date: Tuesday 7th October, 2009
Time: 5:00 PM

Peoples' ResistanceThe People’s Resistance strongly condemns the Army brutality captured on video recently as illegal and despicable behaviour on the basis of violation of the understanding of our human rights and our laws.

In no sense can this strong condemnation be understood as support of the Taliban. Lets not fail to remind ourselves what else the fight was about besides army action. The fight was against violent intolerance and deluded religious bigotry. It was also long overdue. We are glad it happened. This behaviour, and that not shown in the video, is intolerable and will undoubtedly help in making a Taliban comeback.

Our cause is the extension of civil society, not brutal behaviour, the extension of civil methods, not illegal indefensible torture through indiscipline inside Pakistan Army.

As Citizens of Pakistan, we want our soldiers, big and small, to set the record straight.


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  1. suhaib Avatar

    @awaam: stop listening to nur jahaan and wake up. the days of the "mard-e-mujahid" are long over.

    sick of this deluded mentality. just wish i had a switch to turn off this factory of lies, the so-called "free" press and news channels ("geo jhoot kay saath" and the rest). they are as unprofessional and pathetic as it can get.

    the present crisis is as serious as it can get, and its leading pakistan to nowhere. we don't have sufficient resources of our own to fight multiple insurgencies (balochistan, nwfp) at the same time. The result will be ever-increasing dependance on foreign aid. The more we are indebted to our foreign masters, the deeper we will be sucked in this quagmire. common sense says that if the US can't afford it in Afghanistan, how can we afford an endless war with a fragile economy. the US can pull out, pack its luggage and leave whenever it deems appropriate, we don't have that option. Its better late than never. Its wiser to distance ourself from the american-led war now than turn this beloved country of ours in to a south-asian rwanda. By the time the Americans pack off from this region, they won't be interested in providing us any Marshall plan, their own coffers are running dry. Put Pakistan first and to hell with a declining super-power.

  2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Guys, kind of busy lately. will catch in few days meanwhile amir and crew can pretty much handle the TRUTH side :)[MB]


    Aqeel alias Dr Usman, the GHQ attack mastermind previously arrested and released

  3. aflatoon Avatar

    Aamir Mughal,

    Probably it was Nazir Naji Group who informed Musharraf that Nawaz party was going to charge him…this is the same journalist who enjoyed the warm lap of Army and their kronies.

    and it was Nazir Naji who was caught cashing his loyalties by aquiring plot through Govt.

    BTW, Amir Mughal, when are you getting a plot from Zardari? or they don't find you published-enough?

  4. skeptic Avatar

    From the long war journal

    The note below was written by Agha H. Amin, a retired cavalry officer in the Pakistani Army currently working for a power transmission company in Afghanistan. Mr. Amin provides a scathing look at the Pakistani military and its inability to quickly and effectively respond. The military’s authority has eroded and is no longer feared by enemies within the state, Mr. Amin argues, and the effectiveness of the terrorist assault and the poor response of the unit guarding the headquarters and the officers within make the military look weak. Here goes:

    The attack on Pakistani GHQ [General Headquarters] raises more serious questions about Pakistan Army’s military effectiveness and potency than answers.

    The most crucial and grave question is that the Pakistani military seems to have lost in a great degree its coercive value and moral deterrence. Something which is the foundation of any political system and on which all agree starting from Freud, Aristotle, Plato down to Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Khomeni.

    Once General Musharraf decided to make a U turn under coercion by USA the army lost its moral credibility in the eyes of a large section of Pakistani populace, not the majority but a sizeable minority far more effective in tangible potency than a far larger minority.

    The first most serious question is not from where the threat originated but how did a small minority of a few handpicked young men developed the resolution to attack the citadel of Pakistani military, the GHQ ? Its an intangible question but far more serious than whether these men had their organisational centre in Waziristan or Afghanistan.

    The second serious question is the response to the attack.Or one may say the lack of response !

    If ten or so armed men can terrorise and paralyse a half a million plus army’s headquarter for 22 plus hours the issue is strategic rather than tactical ! If ten civilians trained by irrational mullahs can penetrate a citadel hitherto considered impregnable and impenetrable and 1600 officers inside it are like chicken in a barbed wired coup at mercy of ten armed and highly motivated men then the situation is grave, not routine. A witness states that the attackers held some 4 to 6 officers from major to colonel rank hostages and also offered them their dry rations.This shows that the attackers wanted to deliver a message and did not want to inflict fatalities on the Pakistan Army.

    In a nutshell the serious aspects of the issue are :–

    1. The most serious threat to Pakistan is internal and not external.

    2. The military has lost its strategic and coercive deterrent value.

    3. That ten armed civilians penetrated a military headquarters guarded by an infantry battalion and a similar number of DSG soldiers [Defense Security Guards] is a serious strategic imbalance.

    4. That 6 plus armed men were roaming the GHQ for many hours and had the opportunity to kill many generals, an opportunity that they for some mysterious reasons chose not to exercise is a cause of grave strategic concern.

    5. The fact that the perimeter guarding battalion 10 Punjab although it killed some four intruders failed to hold the few attackers from penetrating the GHQ is a grave matter.

    6. The fact that the battalion plus DSG soldiers although armed with G 3 and SMG rifles just bolted away is a grave matter.

    7. The fact that it took more than 18 hours and the fact that SSG troops had to be brought from some 70 miles away to redeem the situation is ironic par excellence.

    8. The fact that Pakistan’s enemies both state and non state are so ineffective still is the only consoling part of the issue.

    Here is a case of a military machine :–

    1. Fighting a civil war with serious internal fractures.

    2. A military machine which has lost a great degree of its coercive value.

    3. Lack of initiative in the officer rank and lack of forethought in not allowing the some 1600 officers in GHQ not to carry weapons.

    4. The primacy of non state actors in Pakistan.

    Sad is the story. Hilarious are the praises being heaped on the military’s response. Where is the honour and dignity of danger in overcoming six well motivated irregulars by a commando force outnumbering them by 100 to 1. This is not a criticism. I am not a paid journalist. This is a call for reflection .Serious reflection and serious inner thinking that may be the spur to serious reorganisation in the Pakistani military. The enemy is not in Waziristan or Afghanistan. The enemy is our own damn inefficiency and complacency. It merits serious thinking at all plains, tactical, operational and strategic.

  5. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    BTW, Amir Mughal, when are you getting a plot from Zardari? or they don’t find you published-enough? [aflatoon]


    Dear Sir,

    Dont you know that Oil and Gas Fields in Badin – Sindh have already been allotted to me. My next traget to get the lease of Lahore's Fort because Zardari has also said that Lahore Fort should go back to its rightful owner.

    Try to write like me you may get some contract for the new GHQ being built in Islamabad.

  6. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

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  7. albert Avatar

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  8. dr jawwad khan Avatar
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  9. albert Avatar

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  10. dr jawwad khan Avatar
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  11. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

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  12. aflatoon Avatar


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  13. Salman Asghar Avatar
    Salman Asghar

    Pakistan Army is the only institution in country which is a sign of integrity and unity among the fellow men…

    Its the only institution which is the representative of every part of country!

    Pakistan Army Good job and keep killing the bastards!

    The people of Pakistan dont deserve a seperate country with a strong gov nd army! its due to Pakistan Army that u njoy sleep and the army protects ur borders when india try to threatens….

    but there are some shamless Pakistanis who dont deserve it!

    as far as the video is concerned….. here it goes….

  14. aflatoon Avatar


    kash dukan per aqal biktee hotee to tumharey liey main khareed-lata…..

    Pakistani Fauj main sarey kai sarey Haram-zadey nahee hain, 5% mulk kai wafadar bhee hain. Magar unkee wafaa kaa kiaa achar dalaingey jab baqeee kai 95% poorey mulk kee bajaa rahey hain?

    Iss video main yai jin logon kee durgat bana rahey haain woh bhee tumhareee tarhaa Pakistani Fauj, Pakistani Fauj hee kartey they……Abb sarkar nai inkey sir mang liey aur Pakistani Fauj ko paisey bhee theek thaak miley to Pakistani Fauj nai inheee ko bechdiaaa.

    Baat sirf Paisey kee hai, kal tumharey khalee-sar kaey bhee kuch paisey milengay to Na-Pak fauj tumhain bhee bech degee.

    Pakistani Fauj ko sirf paisey bana-ney kee dhunn hai. Martey hain to chotey motey sipaheee. Haram Khour Generals to apney qilon main aur apnee mercedez-benz main hifazat kai sath ghoomtey phirtey hain….Aur jab aag barhey gee to yai apney bachey laiker gher mumalik main apnee properties ko sambhalaingey…aur achey golf courses per practice karengay….

    Tumharey jaisey chotie-ey phir bhee Pakistani Fauj, Pakistani Fauj hee kartey rahengay….

  15. dr jawwad khan Avatar
    dr jawwad khan

    "Tumharey jaisey chotie-ey phir bhee Pakistani Fauj, Pakistani Fauj hee kartey rahengay…."

    laugh out loud…

  16. Khadim Husain Avatar
    Khadim Husain

    Pakistan is breeding sands (Stallions) with free ration, living, medical, education to childrens and on retirement jobs and houses. What army has done for Pakistan except enjoying facilities. Army has dark history of rapes and murders in East Pakistan, cases are pending in International Court of Justice. Kiyani, Shuja Pasha and other chore commanders are on pay role of CIA. Nobody is war of terror except Kiyani and company. Yesterday he again issued statemnt that if army would not win Wairistan than War on terror would be lost. Same words he used at the day when CJ was restored.

    This army has squeezed Pakistan, nick names of its generals are Zarar Zameen, Tariq Majid butcher, Tikka Khan butcher of East Pakistan, Niazi as liar Ghai and there is long list of generals, read Hamood ur Rahman Commission report. Yahya Khan, Niazi and Mush were sex predators.

    It is worst army on entire globe which rushed on civilians of Pakistan which is against constitution of Pakistan.

    At least three generals are retiring with in next a few months including Kiyani, and whole game is for extension or deposits at overseas banks. Who is behind financing Mush at London.

    Entire army must be disbanded consists of descendents of slavish army employees and new persons must be recruited. All present generals are bunch of thugs, liars and dacoits who told public that we can not stop drone attacks, then what for those are taking big salaries, go home and sleep.

    Now we are told that Black Water is operating drones from Shamsi base and GHQ is behind providing targets.

    On the name of millitants those are trying to conquerer Pakistan. There are one million hill tops in FATA, everyday photo shows that those have conquered a country. Shame on army and shame on generals.

    At Bahawalpur those harrased villagers to occupy lands, Baluchistan, NWFP, FATA and Kashmir is burning in fire due to immoral generals. It is time to ask that where 80% budget of Defence is going, on salaries, cars, planes and foreign visits. Pakistan army is Pakistan Criminal gang.