American forces Harass a Pakistani Citizen in Karachi

Mubashir Lucman in his show Point Blank on Express News which was aired yesterday on the evening of 29th December presents some sweeping evidences of the role of American forces in harassing Pakistani citizens, specifically intimidation and interrogation of Dr Mehvish Baig in Karachi – a naturalized Pakistani American who has been trying to give up her US citizenship.

Dr. Mehvish Baig shares her experience as a number of American forces enter into her house and harass her and her kids with dire circumstances. She resides in Naval Complex Karachi and her brother is a serving Naval officer. The first 12 minutes are relevant with the interview of Dr. Mehvish.

A quick investigation reveals that she is on Interpol’s list of wanted suspects, facing kidnapping charges allegedly to have skipped out of the US with her two kids. In a statement to the Lahore High Court where she moved the local Pakistani courts to stop this harassment, Dr Mehwish stated that she had gone to the United States in 1998 after getting married to Dr Faheem Nusrat and had both obtained US nationality. She returned to Pakistan this year with her daughters Ayasha Faheem, 9, and Fatima Faheem, 5, after her husband divorced her over domestic issues. She claimed in her statement to Lahore High Court that before returning to Pakistan, she obtained legal custody of the girls through a court after getting permission from their father.

It seems to be at best a domestic issue, with international police involved BUT that should not allow the FBI or any other international agency to waltz into her house and threaten her, if she has allegedly kidnapped (?) her kids, Interpol and the FBI must approach the local police to arrest her as I am sure International agreements with Pakistan must be very understanding to any/all arrest warrants issued by Interpol, once arrested then they must subsequently approach the local court system to extradite her to the US.

Until proper procedures are not followed I must vehemently object to the sweeping powers that have been given to American agencies to go about their business in Pakistan without accountability We simply cannot have another Aafia Siddiqui again, where my position is exactly the same, if she was guilty of terrorism she should have been arrested here in Pakistan and tried locally, not handed over without trail to the American agencies

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  1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Mubashir Lucman should have raised this matter when he shamelessly joined General Musharraf's Caretaker Cabinet.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Aamir Sb – Spot on it was Mubashir Lucman and the likes that remained quite when Aafia Siddiqui was handed over – but that is another issue – I chose to highlight the more direct problem where Americans continue to make minced meat out of self respecting Pakistanis – it has to come to a stop.

      Whosoever harassed Dr. Mehvish (regardless if she is guilty or not) must be held accountable by the local courts and if its an American, expelled from the country with immediate effect – [but it seems that looks like a distant dream]

    2. Talkhaba Avatar

      I agree with DrAwab. It’s high time to differentiate between anti American and Anti Americanism. Every Patriotic Pakistanis should be anti Americanism, which is no less than anti humanism

    3. Ayesha_fatima Avatar

      Please read my other two posts and then ask yourself if Dr Awab is right. Let's not pass any judgement before finding the truth. I am a key witness of this divorce case and Muslim Community member. I have witnessed all the proceedings in which she accused father taking both daughters to Sunday Mosque school. She said that only fanatics and Talibans are produced in Mosques. She has no respect of her religion when it came to exploit and squeez money from her ex innocent husband.

    4. Khurram Avatar

      Well the Doctor should not have been harassed. It’s sad that only high profile cases come before the public eye. What about thousands of other Pakistani nationals who hold a dual nationality, be it the US or with any another country in the world.

      How long will all this system of "Apni madaad ap" will work. Or is this the correct system?

      Some one argued about Dr Afia, "wo kis ki phupi hai?" To answer to that brother, guilty or not guilty the treatment meted out to her and her kids, even the barbaric will have mercy on them, noting that she is a WOMAN.

      I have seen many cases like these and the influences that are pulled on either side. It’s easy to laugh at them or their situation, but one only learns the truth when it falls on oneself.

      I say sister buy a gun, self defense is still acknowledged in this world.

    5. Observer Avatar

      You are absolutely right. The doctor needs help and som does millions of other people who gets harassed by foreigners and their own people!

    6. farrah shah Avatar
      farrah shah

      I think this case has no relevance to Dr.Afia apart from Dr.


      If any comparison has to be drawn it should be of Adnan Sami and Zeba Bukhtiar of child custody.


      It would have been far better if instead of going to her brother's house compound and dragging him and Pakistan Navy

      into difficult situation she would have contacted her lawyers.


      Why no lawyer is representing her.Ansar Burni or Asma Jahangir would have taken the case.


      Last year a person murdered his English wife (in UK)and ran to India (he was Indian).

      He was caught by a media campaign and brought back.


  2. RK Yusuf Avatar
    RK Yusuf

    your tagline is not quite accurate, she obtained US nationality, so whats the big deal if people from 'her' embassy visit her about the children. She cant run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. Something not quite transparent here..

    1. Observer Avatar

      Is that allowed according to PAK law? I doubt it very much. Apart from that we are told that it was FBI people.

    2. Ayesha_fatima Avatar

      You only listened one side of the story. Dr Mehvish Baig obeyed all the USA court laws when she filed for divorce and splitt millions of dollars. But she ignored the court ruling of joint physical custody and father rights and took the children to Pakistan against court orders to exploit father and to squeez money

  3. Observer Avatar


    Exactly the type answer one could expect from you. Instead of admitting the grave violation of Pakistani law, you are solely pointing towards Lucman and Express News. A decent reply could have been to admit/address the above issue and also make remarks about the dubious character of Lucman, but as usual you FAILED to address a fault within the current government i.e. PPP allowed the Americans to operate in Pakistan! Army cannot escape responsibility either for this mess. It's a crime against Pakistan!

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar


      These Journalists/Analysts e.g. Kamran Khan, Mubashir Lucman, Zahid Hussain [Newsline], Najam Sethi [The Friday Times/Sama]and all such Sanctimonious Hypocrites have no right to lecture Pakistanis over Sovereignty. I have read their analysis when Musharraf Military Junta imposed Martial Law and they are the very people who whip up this "Concocted Fear of Islamic Militancy" through their newspapers and TV Channels. An example is as under of Kamran Khan's [also a contribute for Washington Post – a pro Zionist US newspaper] Interview to PBS Frontline.


      The ISI is in the Binori Madrassa?

      Yes, yes, yes. They know what's going on there. But at the same time, you must understand that some of the key people are already with the ISI. I mean, they report back to the ISI. Maybe they are in the forefront of the anti-U.S. campaign or whatever–

      So some of the Islamists are inside the ISI? And the ISI is looking–

      And they report back to the ISI, yes, yes.

      How does that work?

      It works quite good, yes. I think that they have a very reliable penetration source of information. The bottom line here is that, "Look. Whatever you are doing, whatever you do, we understand. But mind you, we cannot afford to harbor Arabs here. We cannot afford to harbor non-Pakistanis here. So please, please cooperate with us on that count." There is a very deep connections between the religious madrassas, and the key religious scholars, and the establishment. …

      Doesn't President Musharraf need the Islamists in order to prosecute the Indians? Doesn't he need them to keep pressure on the Indians in Kashmir?


      REFERENCE: In search of Al-Qaeda Interview Kamran Khan This interview was conducted on Sept. 13, 2002.


    2. Observer Avatar

      I do not deny the nature of these journalists (though I don't know Zahid Hussain), but why do you avoid adressing the issue highlighted above?

      Did you work for IB? If yes, then please tell me whether that job required an analytical sense?

      Or do you think that only you can ask the questions?

      Btw: Does PPP have lifafa journalists in their stable too?

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      All is written about myself on my blog profile and on my blog too.

      Name the journalists with proof.

    4. Ahmed Avatar

      Is is good that people like Amir Mughal *do not* have a short memory like the so-called alleged "experts" and journalist who have assumed the task of informing the public, with their selective interpretation of history.

  4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Did you work for IB? If yes, then please tell me whether that job required an analytical sense? [Observer]



    Analysis is done on available information and it could be wrong and it could be right on mark. I am wondering [if you are living abroad] as to why such a visionary like you is not coming back to Pakistan to lead the nation and steer out it from the present mess. You are more than welcome in Pakistan, please come and lead us.

    1. Observer Avatar


      "You are more than welcome in Pakistan, please come and lead us."

      You wouldn't want that…..

  5. Observer Avatar


    I rest my case.

  6. Observer Avatar


    This is not about having a short memory. If you read my comments then you will see that I agree with Aamir that many of the journalist/experts are corrupt. Where we have a difference is when Aamir refuses to accept wrong doings of PPP. Until now he has not been able to accept that PPP is CORRUPT! The answers is always that either the other parties are corrupt or even more corrupt.

    Btw: I think most other parties are corrupt too….and not to forget the army corruption.

  7. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Until now he has not been able to accept that PPP is CORRUPT! [Observer]


    Judiciary is free, come to Pakistan and file a constitutional petition against them because you have been talking about Soft and even Hard Revolution in Pakistan on another forum.

  8. Observer Avatar


    It is the job of the government to stop corruption, and not the job of a common man. An ordinary man cannot afford to file cases against governments with all the state apparatus available. Stop this BS. Jatoi has ADMITTED on TV that it is PPP's right to do corruption. Has PPPP removed him or filed a case against him? Justice must start within first!

    Apart from that the above issue is about American harassment of Dr. Mehvish. Can you ensure that PPP look into the matter and provide security for Dr. Mehvish?

    Why is FBI roaming around freely in Pakistan?

    Is FBI doing it with the acceptance of PPP, MQM and/or the army?

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Read as to what General Mahmood has accepted after 911. By the way US Administration may change after a term into a democrat or republican but their policy is revolves around their Interests. Read the terms of US and acceptance by Pakistan:

      9 -11 & Said Bahaji: Right under the Nose of Bush, Musharraf and Mahmud.

      Of course it is a government duty to nip corruption in the bud but how would you define role of the members of civil society [Dr Awab and his blog included] doing excellent job despite being common citizens by running a campaign for good governance and that too taking risk and doing it by spending their own money. So why don't you file a petition against Gross Irregularities in the International Court of Justice [since you live abroad] against the USA and Pakistani Govt. as well.

    2. Observer Avatar


      I praise all those who raise their voice against injustice – be it journalists, bloggers and other critics of injustice, and in whatever capacity they work. I also praise Mr. Awab for raising several important issues on his blog. Many of which goes against the ruling elite. What is also good about Mr. Awab is that he has the courage to call a spade a spade – unlike you… hide behind a lot of smokescreen, but it's not hard to figure out where you stand.

      It is ridiculous to ask common man to file cases against the government! A common simply doesn't have the resources to go after these crooks.

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      unlike you… hide behind a lot of smokescreen, but it’s not hard to figure out where you stand. [Observer]



      Time will tell and you are not the Judge or Criteria, I have seen mess from too closer a distance. What I have written on Bhutto, Benazir, Zia, Zardari, Musharraf, MQM .etc.etc. is usually not written [by any Typical PPP Supporter] and that too by using real name and picture and providing complete personal details [mine].

    4. Observer Avatar

      I also know Fauzia Wahab and other corrupt PPP politicians. She comes on TV and lies and twists as much as she can. I wouldn't call her brave, but rather stupid. I wouldn't call her just but rather corrupt.

      In other words; just because you have your true ID (Which I don't know and don't care about) that does not make you brave, just or truth speaker. What you stand for – both in theory and practical life – makes you brave and just.

  9. Ehsan Avatar

    Dr afia kis ki phuppi ki beti hay ? the fact is she was a terrorist and she wasn't taken or handed from Pakistan you are all speaking like you all are from her family and jsut you and just you know all the facts while her husband and her real family are fake ?

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dr Aafia Siddiqui’s husband breaks his silence after six years – Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Claims most reports in the local media are false, suspects his two ‘missing’ children are in Karachi – By Aroosa Masroor

      KARACHI: After six years of silence, Dr Muhammad Amjad Khan, ex-husband of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, has finally spoken up and says that most of the press reports that relate to his former wife as well as his children are false. In an exclusive talk with The News, he said that most claims are being propagated to garner public support and sympathy for Dr Aafia but are one-sided and in most instances untrue.

  10. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dr Aafia’s children: father’s plea December 12, 2008


    ’عافیہ نے جہاد کرنے پر زور ڈالا‘

    احمد رضا

    بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، کراچی

    1. Khurram Avatar

      Dr Afia's ex Husband can say whatever he likes now. There is no one to correct the story, while she remains incarcerated.

      Ask yourself, if they were your children would you not try to do anything to get them out; especially after he points out that the whole Siddiqui family is Jihadi mentality?

      Again, Pakistani reporters (wannabe journalists), Media, Judiciary, and President are all up for sale. When you have lawyers like Khawaja Naveed, Illyas Khan who eat of the hands of the Americans and serve on the American agenda while sitting in Pakistan, & make millions off the Pakistan expatriates who come and seek their counsel and in return these vultures sell them off to the Americans or anyone willing to bid higher.

      However, common man can not be taken for granted anymore; they have started to mobilize in Pakistan. A lot has been written without given a care if they are talking of a sitting president or a Minister. Hla bol

  11. Observer Avatar

    @Aamir & Ehsan

    If she is a terrorist, then why she (Aafia) has not been convicted after so many years. What proof do you have against her?


    And one does not have to be a "phuphi ke beti" for us to raise our voices against unjust treatment. Insanyat bhi koi cheez hai!

    Let's see the proofs.

    Btw: Did Musharraf sell Pakistani citizens to the Americans and did he also sell Aafia? Anyone who knows?

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      You live in the West so you tell us about their Justice System. Selling Pakistanis to the USA was one of the Thread of this blog check older posts.

  12. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    just because you have your true ID (Which I don’t know and don’t care about) that does not make you brave, just or truth speaker. What you stand for – both in theory and practical life – makes you brave and just. [Observer]



    I never claimed bravery or being just. At least I can easily be traced and taken care off.

    Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! and Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

  13. Observer Avatar


    "Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! and Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone"

    Is that a license to "lagey raho loot maar meiN". Nobody is perfect and nobody should ask questions. Is that what you stand for.

    Nobody will catch you – at least not now.

    Your writing is far from revolutionary…rather status quo-like 🙂

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Publishing Juicy Corruption Cases Details in Newspapers and showing it on TV Shows is one thing and proving is quite another and those Journalists [Read Sehbai, Kamran, and others ] who are itching for Trial have themselves condemned the Process of Accountability 10 Years ago [that's why Dear Mr Observer I am saying you to read the same journalists and their 10 year old stories]. It was you who was talking about Revolution not me.

    2. Observer Avatar


      "It was you who was talking about Revolution not me."

      That's exactly why you will get along with the current government…….lagey raho…..Sab kharab haiN. Ham bhi aur tum ham se bhi ziayda.

      Jatoi accepted corruption on tv, so there is no "juicy" about it.

  14. farrahshah Avatar

    read my comic piece :(of course I am going crazy)


    Act I

    So Mr.Teeth gets a story ,he publishes it ,so the public will read and comment …….and reach to a conclusion or form a reaction.

    Act II

    Man A comes and likes it

    Man B comes and dislikes it

    than X,Y,Z come and they want to write too but they cannot

    Act III

    Man B always raises his foot sometimes right sometimes left

    and man A keeps falling

    Act IIII

    When Mr.XYZ ask Mr.B why you do not let Mr.A write and finish so that we can continue

    Mr.B says I do not want anyone to write and think after I have written or thought something.

    ——-All Rights reserved ,it is all fictious and if it seems even remotely linked to you in anyway kindly think it was written for you …..if you read it only once you are saved

    …..if you have read it twice you will have five years of bad luck

    …..if you read it thrice than you are blessed and if you read it yet again

    you must agree I am foolish.

  15. Observer Avatar

    How can we expect protection frpom the Pakistani leadership, when the leadership is busy elsewhere:

    And, yes….Lucman himself is a crook too!

  16. farrahshah Avatar

    She is naturalised in USA.Who is her husband?

    Where is he?

    Is it a case of a divorce and child custody?

    Are the children US citizen?

    Is their father US citizen?

    It seems embassy personal escorted her to her brother's house and were not stopped at check post because they were accompanied by her.

    Not that I trust USA or I deny existance of Blackwater .

    Also I do support her even if it is child custody case but to be honest could not get the real issue or why she is being harrased?

    I am sure though USA does not need to chase people in this manner for that they have Pakistan Police first they arrest them and than export them like in the case of missiing people.

    Unfortunately parents however nasty and twisted they are children have the right to know them.

    1. dr jawwad khan Avatar
      dr jawwad khan

      this could also be the possibility….thanks for sharing your perspective….

    2. Observer Avatar

      You have raised valid points, but the fact of the matter is that NO foreigner should be allowed to operate on PAK soil!

      If they have an issue with the doctor, then they should handle it through the local authorities!

    3. dr jawwad khan Avatar
      dr jawwad khan

      that is right…there should be no compromise on sovereignty and national interests. the fact is our submission and loyality for americans is touching new skies.

      we set so many "enlightened" examples of submissions and loyality,that even extremely poor contry of africa can't

      think of it.

      the fact is that this issue is the serious one and no one can ignore any news of presence of americans but what distrubs me most is watching the guys like mubashir lucman on television screen….i strongly believe that the right place of mubashir lucman is some cheap red light area not the television screen…do not mind if i say that he is literaly a son of bitch.

    4. Observer Avatar

      Here is a reminder of what happens, when security matters are taken "care" of by foreigners. Blackwater has murdered people and still they "escape" from US "justice".

      ""Inquiries carried out by the Iraqi government clearly confirm that the Blackwater guards committed a crime and used weapons when there was no threat necessitating the use of force," he said. "


  17. MB Avatar





    Kindly enlighten me but ML didnt ask the MOST IMPORTANT question from the lady i.e WHAT THE FBI people actually were asking her about? What they wanted from her? What questions they asked?

    You never know, PAK nation has a habit of acting "innocent" always. ML has given only one side of story. Asking questions like DID YOU DO anything wrong is quite silly as obviously she will deny any wrong doing on a LIVE tv.

    She never told what they wanted from her.

    1. Observer Avatar


      I do not deny that there might be something fishy about Dr. Mehwish. I simply don't know, BUT that does NOT allow FBI to act like law enforcement authorities in Pakistan. It is the job of Pakistani authorities to investigate the matter on Pakistani soil and subsequently handle the case under PAK law!!!

      Mubashar Lucman is a low class former military henchman, but remember he was NOT the only (also MQM and PML-Q did it) one who collaborated with the army. We need to have the same yardstick for all!

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear MB,

      This is real Mubashir Lucman: Mubashir Lucman abusing Ch Iftikhar and Lawyers on 12 May Incident

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      If I am not wrong [and no pun and disrespect intended towards to genuine concern of the family]


      BAIG, Mehvish Salim

    4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Sorry for the duplication, pardon for the repetition.

  18. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    How come Mr Mubashir Lucman succeeded in getting the Video of Killing Through Drone?

  19. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Musharraf's Policies were "Good" for Pakistan???

    Mubashir Lucman speaks the truth about Pervez Musharraf

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      First Program of ML on ExpressNews after he quit NEWSONE and do feel the difference between a Cordial Interview and Grilling and Sermons of present day ML

      Gen Pervaiz musharraf interview -point black mubashir lucman Part 1

  20. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    First Program of ML on ExpressNews after he quit NEWSONE and do feel the difference between a Cordial Interview and Grilling and Sermons of present day ML

    Gen Pervaiz musharraf interview -point black mubashir lucman Part 1

    Gen Pervaiz musharraf interview -point black mubashir lucman Part 2

    Gen Pervaiz musharraf interview -point black mubashir lucman Part 3

    Gen Pervaiz musharraf interview -point black mubashir lucman Part 4

  21. Observer Avatar


    It's not a surprise that you can make an opinion on low life ML since he is from a camp, who has started a full fledged media war against Zardari/PPP. Do you also have the guts to say that PPP is corrupt, without any if's and but's?

    Please don't paste an irrelveant link to make an evasive manoevre.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      I was replying to Mr MB!

      For you please follow your judgment on me:


      Observer December 30, 2009 at 12:58 pm – Sorry….I just gave him the prize for winning this “contest” – – Yaah,,,yaahh I know he is modest and refuse to accept his victory

      Observer says: December 30, 2009 at 3:09 pm Did you work for IB? If yes, then please tell me whether that job required an analytical sense? Or do you think that only you can ask the questions?


  22. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    British citizens who were detained while 9/11 from Pak/Afghan listen to the stories of those people when freed from Guantanamo bay.

    British did not want to advocate their case.It is the individual efforts of their family and private lawyers who got them freed.

    The lack of irresponsibility of Government is US Embassy people went alone they had no one from Pakistan ,US ambassy must have a lawyer representing them and a Pakistani liaison officer with them when they went to see Dr.Mahwish.

    1. Ayesha_fatima Avatar

      US embassy is working through local authorities and went for a welfare visit once kids were located. The father has contacted her parents in Pakistan when he was trying to find the both daughters and they said that they have no idea about Mehvish as if she came to Pakistan. It was only after she try to denounce her citizenship and US embassy found her address and went for welfare visit of the children. She knows that she can not drop her citizenship and is listed on the interpol as wanted (first ever interpol arrest warrants for children abduction). This is because Georgia Court passed an order that she can't take the children out of USA without fathers's written consent and she obviously disregard that. She however followed all the court orders to splitt millions of dollars of her ex husbands income but when it came to share the children visit for father, she ran away to torture him and exploit him.

      Follow the link.

      Send me your email and I can share the court orders long before she kidnapped the kids.

  23. Observer Avatar


    Abbas Athar is a known lifafa journalist. His masters are the same as yours…..PPP.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      For you please follow your judgment on me:


      Observer December 30, 2009 at 12:58 pm – Sorry….I just gave him the prize for winning this “contest” – – Yaah,,,yaahh I know he is modest and refuse to accept his victory
      Observer says: December 30, 2009 at 3:09 pm Did you work for IB? If yes, then please tell me whether that job required an analytical sense? Or do you think that only you can ask the questions?


  24. Ayesha_fatima Avatar

    Dr Mehvish Baig followed all the court orders while in USA when she filed for divorce to splitt millions of dollars. However the court also ordered to not to take the both children out of USA without writtent consent of father due to legal joint physical custody…..obviously she disregard that and became a felon (Wanted) for abduction. have respect for father's emotions towards his children. Send me your email and I will send you the chain of her lies since she filed for divorce. US embassy personnels went for a routine welfare visit to her house as per the protocol by involving local law authorities. I am a community member and key witness of this case. Being a Muslim, and impartial person, I can tell you that she is not innocent. Let's stop exploiting our crimes by blamming Americans.

  25. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Taking the liberty of copying the email I sent to Dr. Faheem after he emailed me earlier today

    Dr. Faheem / Ayesha_Fatima_Abduction

    I must firstly thank you for contacting me directly – The issue under question is highly sensitive and naturally very emotional for you yourself and my deep rooted sympathies for the emotional trauma you may be facing being so far away from your two lovely children.

    Firstly let me clarify my own position in this issue, I have no inclination to embroil myself in the legitimacy of your divorce settlement with Dr. Mehvish &/or the custody issue of your two innocent children or even for the matter for me to question the legitimacy of the Interpol warrant – ALL stand as legal as expected.

    I for one moment do not take Dr. Mehvish's word – as the gold standard for her expression of explicit truth and did carry a short research before I made that blog post

    If you carefully read my blog post my categoric position on the issue is not supporting the legality / illegality of the problems faced by Dr. Mehvish regarding her custody of her two kids – but I am questioning the way American forces "as stated in her own words" harassed her in her home in Karachi. The harassment statement was also produced in the Lahore High Court on 23rd December which in turn questioned the federal secretaries of the Foreign Office / Ministry of Interior as to why she was harassed by a foreign diplomatic official in her home in Karachi.

    My position is that I vehemently object to the sweeping powers that have been given to American agencies in Pakistan to go about their business without even so much as our local police / or court system be aware of their movements

    You may notice that my blog posts is not to question her abduction of her children (thats a separate issue entirely) but is geared up towards questioning the way American Agencies are roaming around in our country as with sweeping powers to do as they please

    I do remain open to any clarifications that you would like to share in this regard

  26. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Thank you Ayesha

    For taking time out to write on the issue and shedding some light on it.

    I am sorry to know that it is a case of divorce and as I understood she took the children out of country against the court order.

    Divorce is a difficult and emotional thing

    it often blinds people to override sanity.

    I hope Dr.Mehwish would try to sort out things amicably which will suit to the needs of her children, their father herself and will respect the court order or would write to them to re-negotiate her children custody.

    Best Regards

  27. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    World is a Global Village :

    Embassy's do great work as well.Last year a Bangladeshi young Doctor was called to Bangladesh by her parents from Britain and was forced to marry an illiterate when she refused she was drugged and put into mental hospital from where she managed to text her friends in Britain and she was saved through courts and Embassy.

    However more and more people when get to foreign countries they get radicalized and they come back to Pakistan or other countries….we have to be very careful who we are advocating and why?

    Pakistan Government must make crystal clear laws regarding the way embassies operate in Pakistan.

    Every case is different and varies from person to person.

    We must watch and monitor all these cases closely.

  28. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Tell Amna Masood Janua that her Husband Masood Janjua is no more alive – Hamid Mir – Daily Jang Dated 7 Jan 2010.

    Thursday, January 07, 2010, Muharram 20, 1431 A.H

    Monday, December 28, 2009, Muharram 10, 1431 A.H

  29. Observer Avatar


    I do not deny of your information. What I am saying is that NO foreigners should be allowed to operate inside Pakistan. This is the job of Pakistan authorities.

    1. Mubasher Luckman Avatar
      Mubasher Luckman

      Yes, no foreigners shall be allowed to operate in a country where there is a law. But no offence, Pakistan is a law less country with history of 60 years of corruption and favourism, then what you expect. If there was a law ansd accountability, Mehvish Baig would not have gone there. She knows that she can bribe the media, police, lawyers, judges and even Mr president who became 100% after being a 10% for long time.

      Sorry to tell you guys truth, but I am one of Pakistani fed up from this corruption.

  30. pakistani Avatar

    pakistan's first 5 kalima are America

    pahla kalma America ney dil turaa

    dusraa kalma America ney saath chorha

    tesraa kalma America ney ghum diya

    chuhta kalma America ney …….

    panchwan kalma America ney…..

    people get a life… and get some self confidence

    pakistan and pakistanis have stoop so low in their self confidence not only as a muslim but as a human also

    even our slaves, "Indians" are threatening us every day…

    now thats i call pitty….

    stop praying to America

    Remember Allah is greatest of All…..

  31. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    ‘MI handed Dr Aafia over to US’ By Faraz Khan Friday, August 08, 2008

    KARACHI: The Sindh Home Department has alleged Military Intelligence (MI) detained Dr Aafia Siddiqui in 2003 and then handed her over to United States-based agencies, Daily Times learnt on Thursday. Dr Siddiqui is under trial in New York, accused of Al Qaeda involvement and attempting to kill FBI agents while detained in Afghanistan.

    Sources close to the matter claimed the Interior Ministry asked the provincial home departments for detailed reports on missing persons a couple of weeks ago, and that the list prepared by the Sindh Home Department included Dr Siddiqui and her three children, Maryam, Ahmed and Suleman. The report confirmed MI detained Dr Siddiqui and her three children in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on March 30, 2003, later handing her over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

    The FBI declared the arrests of Siddiqui and her teenage son Muhammad Ahmed, while her other two children, Maryam and Suleman, remain missing. Dr Fauzia, Siddiqui’s younger sister, declined to comment when asked about the missing children. Dr Siddiqui’s mother, Ismat, told Daily Times that she did not know who detained her daughter but said she was told an officer from the law enforcement or intelligence agency admitted he arrested Dr Siddiqui. After Dr Siddiqui’s arrest, FBI officials apologised and promised to release her, but this promise has yet to be honoured. “If Aafia was genuinely a criminal, our lawyer would not have taken the case as he did a thorough investigation into our family and found no evidence of any wrongdoing,” she said. When contacted for comment, no senior official in the Sindh Home Department was available.

  32. aisha Avatar

    I'm divorced women….my nikaah was held in pak and my husband was a citizen of america….an i got citizenship due to my husband….nw he divorced me with fraud…and i want to know can he block my citizenship after divorce???