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PICTURES: Solidarity Day 1st Jan 2010 – Karachi

A very supportive rally was organized by the Aman Ittehad at the Karachi Press Club. A large number of civil society groups were in attendence and the rally made a strong statement for peace in Pakistan. Pictures are enclosed here, a video of the event shall be uploaded soon

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  • Rai Azlan |

    wow its been great event and pictures says all. i joined the rally in Lahore, its been great too. have clicked some pictures and made some video clips will send those pics and vids soon

  • Naeem Sarwar Khan |

    The BIG SHOW in PEHYA JAAM. Congratulations to all Karachi'ites especially the organizing committee for Karachi…

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Wrong. If Black Colour is the criteria to identify the Culprits then please tell who is in the white clothes pulling the door of the car and please also tell as to why a Boy Scout is trying to stop the person with a club.

  • farrah shah |

    They are trying hard to convince us we have lost civilhood but the more they disrupt and attack our life the more we persist on our common conscious as a Nation of Justice and Peace.

  • abrar |

    farrah shah

    Nation of Justice and Peace???? who are you talking about?

    Our President is Mr 100%.

    Our Commander and our Fauj are PIMPs

    99% of our Judges and lawyers are Haram Khours. Remember the case when two of the lawyers raped a girl who converted to Islam and sought their help???

    Our political thugs and their voters turn into vultures when they get a chance…did you forget 12th May, carnage in Sindh after the death of BB? or the recent carnage after the bomb blast in the procession?

    ….and they claim that corruption is their right.

    Who are you talking about?

    We worship every thing that is mighty, other than Allah.

    We punish the poors and the ones with no connections.

    Our farmers die because of hunger strike and the whole government sleeps until it makes a headline in the news.

    Our women are raped and the ones who dare to take it to the media are declared by our presidents that they(the victims) seek to be raped to get immigration to foreign countries.

    Nation of Justice and Peace???? sounds more a joke than even a distant hope.

  • farrah shah |

    Democracy in Pakistan:

    People didnot like Musharraf they preferred Mr.Zardari and they preferred to die in hundreds and evaporate in air but they couldnot forget 650 missing during Musharraf time.

    Pakistan army a pimp …think again ….pimp are the people who vote pimps.

    I do not see anything wrong in this picture ,were these journalists not aware of PPP policies.Did they not know US plans of genocide inside Muslim countries it was happening in Afghanistan,iraq.

    have we not tried PPP before …we lost half of the country in 1971 and now the same party is raising the slogans of Pakistan Na Khappay.

    Again prime minister in waiting Nawaz Shrief this time he can send Army Chief to India ,nobody would care??

    People of Pakistan have got the Chief Justice but unfortunately no law which can gaurantee them their life.


    My whole country is burning infront of me….people are dying helplessly just because we do not have able leadership ,because anchors say ,we are proud of martyrs .Nobody asks why are we dying ?


    now Mr.Ibrar

    You wish to snatch away even this right from me to think and consider myself and my society ,"our common conscious as a Nation of Justice and Peace."

    I would not allow you to do that.I am sorry if you have lost it.

    Where ever I see in Pakistan I see people trying desperately to live,to have peace I choose to satnd with these people.

  • abrar |

    farrah shah,

    just like the whole nation you are confused too…

    "Pakistan army a pimp …think again ….pimp are the people who vote pimps"

    who voted for Pakistan Army????

    Nation of Justice and Peace??? if we were a nation of Justice, our country wouldn't be burning infront of your eyes….





  • farrah shah |

    Hi Abrar

    My point was the politicians and the people who sell their votes are pimp.

    We are burning because of Geo political politics.

    Rest the corruption,the vote barter,the electricity problems etc are quite normal if we assess our situation realistically.

    Pakistanis should not be frustrated ,look around you andtell me the country in Asia which has progressed and came equal to first world or the one which has no ethnic problems.

    Army is doing its superb job and so is judiciary.jurnalism is alright .

    We only need able leadership.

    I am very optimistic future is our's.

    We have not lost it….we only need leader.

  • abrar |

    Farrah Shah:

    You are naive Pakistani, you can not see beyond the shallow slogans..

    Ok, now since (according to you) none of the other country from third world is out of mess then our situation is normal…then why cry? if your country is burning? just be happy that Pakistan is part of third world and its usual.

    I guess, when some one complains about a suicide bombing you would say that we are still better than Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Its problem with all the follower of Pervez Musharraf, the bastard who brought Pakistan to this stage and now living a life in exile just like gorbachev

    Read here:

    Let me know if you need more links…

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Mr Abrar,

      Lt. General [Retd] Shahid Aziz is lying [he is also responsible for the mess] and for your information he is a close relative of Musharraf [Musharraf’s Daughter-in-Law’s Maternal Uncle] – Why didn’t Shahid Aziz resigned before his term as Corps Commander or why he became he later Chief of National Accountability Bureau?

      Well here we go again, another general (shorn of his uniform) has suddenly found ‘ghairat (Honour)’ and now is ‘feeling’ the waters in the media so that he also can be considered as a defence analyst like many others before him but this ‘johnny’ has gone a step further by claiming that the corps commanders of the army were not ‘consulted’ by Gen. Musharraf (who was CoAS and Chief Executive at the time of 911) and he [Lt. General (Retd). Shahid Aziz] did not agree with the decision of the COAS and Chief Executive to throw Pakistan’s support behind the US war on terror (ref; DAWN-TV program In Focus dated 9-12-2009). When in the army you are allowed to ‘disagree’ or ‘agree’. After serving 38 years in the army and ending as CGS at his last posting, he still doesn’t understand the fact that in the army the culture is ‘Top Down’ and you obey the orders or you are shown the bloody door. Person who opposed his chief in some high profile decision then why didn’t he resigned before his term as Corps Commander or how could he later became the head of his accountable institution?

  • abrar |

    Amir Mughal Lusee,

    When did I say that Shahid Aziz is not responsible. I'm just proving to Ms Farrah that not only politicans but our fauj of *ameer-ul-momineens* are corrupts as well…

    But why do you care? You support the corruptions of the PPLaz, is Musharraf a PPla too? or you just support corruption in general, no matter who does it???

    BTW, how do you like your new nick? LUSEE??

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Mr Abrar,

      I have no objection if you use an abusive word/nickname for me, the word/abuse/slang you use for me is in Sindhi Language and it is a abusive word. I hope Dr Awab should aimed his "Lecture of Morality" towards you.

  • Saba Kamran |

    Who says we shouldn’t have such rallies, of course we need more such rallies… But the question is, how many of us actually attend these rallies?? Not even 0.00018 percent of the total population! And then these rallies are usually asked to disperse by the police.

    Another such rally was taken out by students against terrorism http://yello.pk/blog/tuba-khalid/students-unite-a… but hardly anyone showed up..

  • K.Shahzad |

    Images in this post are arranged in great way, I loved that, R you using any specific wordpress plugin for that?

    Any response back on this will be highly appreciated, I am bookmarking this page.