Terrorists are the American Agents: Shia Scholars

Guest Blog by Farhan Janjua

In the aftermath of today’s deadly twin bomb blasts at the Shia pilgrims, the scholars of Jafarria Alliance notably Allama Hasan Zafar Naqvi has blasted the United States of America in strong words stating that these terrorists pretend to be Anti-American and in fact are working on the very own agenda of the US and that very agenda is to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan.

Allama Naqvi said that there was no chance of sectarian crises because the examplary religious harmony can be seen in the Shia-Sunni community of Pakistan. He said that these attacks are rather an attempt from America to provoke sectarian crises amongst the masses in Pakistan that would ultimately lead to the disaster and bloodshed in every street. Allama further appealed to the Shia community to stay calm and united for the sake of the country’s stability.

The US relations with Pakistan have always been facing the criticism from the general citizens of Pakistan. The hatred and anti-American sentiments in Pakistan are at large once again. People always had the concern and had condemned the drone attacks within our territory, the political relations, and their demands of ‘do more’. Dr. Afia’s case decision added the fuel in the fire and again, today, the reaction of these attacks on Shia community.

In the concluding note, I being a citizen of Pakistan, can see a great .. GREAT.. anti-Americanism among people of Pakistan and I believe this to be a critical phase for Pak-American relations.



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71 responses to “Terrorists are the American Agents: Shia Scholars”

  1. Ammar Avatar

    Qoute: “Allama Naqvi said that there was no chance of sectarian crises because the exemplary religious harmony can be seen in the Shia-Sunni community of Pakistan. He said that these attacks are rather an attempt from America to provoke sectarian crises amongst the masses in Pakistan that would ultimately lead to the disaster and bloodshed in every stree”t”

    Secterian attacks are not something alien to Pakistan. I really do not buy the American bit for the fact that elements such as Lasker-e-Jhangvi,Sipah-e-Shuhaba are active since the 80’s and they have demonstrated such attacks in the past. What is more likely is that such sectarian groups have resurfaced with the blessing of Al-Qaeda as their goals are overlapping. It is important that we identify our real enemies first

    1. jahangir Avatar


      You mean Altaf Hussain? as I think he is the one who is responsible for this carnage…

      They have successfully taken the focus away from ethnic cleansing of Pathans from Karachi.

  2. Nazia Avatar


    Lal mosque's people were becoming out of control due to army actions in Swat and tribal areas at that time so they wanted to create tension here by different means.It was not only one massage center but nearby areas are very popular for nigh clubs and private guest houses ,same kind of elite class luxuries.

    Ijaz ul haq had full control on two brothers and here he played the role of double agent.One side wrongly supporting these clerics for escalating tension, and on the other side incited military to curb them.

    Musharraf wanted to show the world his power of handling terrorism through his strategy and he gave full time to media and miscreants of Lal mosque that are under govt funding to show their resistance to world.After that he attacked them to win game and presented through media power that he could do it through small military games.

    This was same strategy which was seen in swat where for handful of insurgents they destroyed all which comes in there way and generated 3.5 million IDPs and achieved other land mark of displacing largest migration due to movement and actions of Pakistan army in their own territory.

  3. Nazia Avatar


    you are not exactly clear that how can you justify acts Pakistani military as you are still living in obsession of its imaginary glamorous life .Our military never followed rules of defense for securing its boundaries but always kept its profile in offensive mode.

    In 1965 we had an edge on India as US equipped us with modern warfare so we attacked India without thinking that we couldnt occupy a biggest geographical country.

    Same mistake we did in 1971 by creating civil war in Bangladesh, considering Bengali a lower rated citizens of Paksitan and gave full opportunity to Indian army to intrude there for helping weak Bengali and whole world had seen embarrassing defeat.

    In 1980s our army and its intelligence agencies fully worked on offensive strategy through CIA funding and we developed fully trained but illiterate insurgency on religious theme for Kashmir and Afghan war.

    Kargil planning was done after having nuclear capability, and low IQ general thought that India might be afraid of their homemade nuclear capability.

    Now another failure of our intelligence net work is ignoring of strong network of jihads in our swat and northern side areas where now full military operation was going on for last 5 years along with US drone technology.

    Even having 5th largest army now your ideal ex COAS and present boss have permitted almost 3 running bases of US within Pakistan along with hundreds of highly aggressive missionaries moving all areas of Paksitan.

    So whom you are trying to impress through your offensive attitude by such an bitter assault history.

    People, your neighbors know you by your volatile history so working on self defense techniques so that your mischievous corrupt generals never dare to cross the limits.

  4. Nazia Avatar


    don't say thanks to us on saying such bitter truths.

    This is one of difficult reality to accept that our army has adopted the wrong track and for this, its highest management is responsible whom we are discussing bluntly under this topic.

    Soldiers, junior officers follow the trends of highest ranks so if cowardice, nonprofessional and adulterated attitude are observed, same would be followed and executed by junior officers.

    So such attitude of arms given up was badly felt in this war on terror

  5. Amna Zaman Avatar

    54. Army is doing the job that it is supposed to. We can not sit and watch the extremist take over parts of Pakistan for militancy activities. Thousands of people are suffering everyday due to the barbaric actions so it best we support army and finish this extremism at once from Pakistan soil.

  6. Sawaal Avatar

    The Taliban and the Americans and indeed any kind of "ghost" enemy are a great scapegoat. "Just blame it on the Taliban/ Americans/ secret foreign hand….!"

    Here is CCTV footage of who burnt down the markets after the Moharram blast:

    These are neither Americans, nor Taliban. The dear Allama must show moral courage and identify the perpetrators as clearly as the camera is identifying them.

  7. alpha Avatar


    This allama is a dhakkan, and the only way his shop is in business is because people are happy to be emotionally blackmailed.

    Now this *allama* and other dhakkan are asking govt to release the arsonists who were arrested after being caught in camera.

  8. ABDULLAH Avatar

    ASSLAMO ALAIKUM,I Support pak army,but pak army is now killing innocent people in northern areas of pakistan,this thing force people to do blost.our army destroyed home of that people.our general sit with america,there are a lot of drone attack on pakistan.we should discussion with taliban or others gropus to have a peace in country.miltry action is not sollution.they are killing pathan and getting dollar.our army should go to border.