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CPLC in the midst of a Political Turf Battle

Two days back the Governor Ishrat ul-Ibad had issued a Press Release recommending the appointing of businessman Mr Ahmed Chinoy, as the new head of Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) replacing the outgoing Sharfuddin Memon whose appointment has come to an end. The Governors request was forwarded to the Home Ministry so that the request can be drafted into an official notification but it seems that the Home Ministry has shelved this request and consequentially no official notification got issued appointing Mr. Chinoy as the head of CPLC. It must be remembered that CPLC according to its charter is a non-political statutory institution, operationally independent and managed by dedicated and concerned citizens offering their honorary services.

The appointment of Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, a staunch MQM supporter, is definitely against the Charter of CPLC of having a non-political figure head running this organization, and hence it might as well be the reason why the Home Ministry refused to issue a notification of his appointment

The sad part is that a number of sources are now reporting that today Mr Ahmed Chinoy has bulldozed and barraged himself into the CPLC offices located within the Governor House and has effectively (without any appointment) thrown out Sharfuddin Memon, the still legal head of this organization.

It seems that the new turf battle between PPP and MQM in Karachi is now going to be fought over the appointment of the CPLC head.


  • Syed Ali Raza Abidi |

    Take example of the City Government and its efficient services for the people of Karachi. CPLC could have done the same under MQM's support, but hey…. who cares?

  • Qadir Buksh |

    For the correction of records, The outgoing CPLC Chief Mr. Memon was also appointed by Governor Ebad and at time Home Minister was from MQM, so does that mean that Mr. Memon was ASLO STAUNCH SUPPORTER OF MQM?

    • Aamir Mughal |

      CPLC chief’s exit April 2, 2003 http://www.dawn.com/2003/04/02/ed.htm#2

      As matters stand today, Yusuf's lieutenant, Sharfuddin Memon is temporarily running the CPLC ship, but its future remains uncertain. For the citizens of Karachi, this is no good news. As one woman who owes her daughter's life to the CPLC put it, "Can you imagine the Edhi Foundation without Edhi? For us the CPLC without Jameel Yusuf means nothing." Good Guys Finish Last? CPLC Chief Jameel Yusuf's unceremonious dismissal does not bode well either for the organisation or for Karachi..By Sairah Irshad Khan [NEWLINE APRIL 2003] http://www.newsline.com.pk/newsApr2003/newsbeat4a

    • Aamir Mughal |

      These Committees are catering to the needs of a larger section of the citizens without any funding from the government. CRC office was expanded and inaugurated with the blessings of Governor (Late) Hakim Mohammed Said on 4th Sept. ’93. Governor, Kamal Uddin Azfar appointed Mr.Jameel Yusuf as Chief of CPLC on 14th February 1996. In March 2003, Mr.Sharfuddin Memon (Tamgha-i-Imtiaz) was appointed as new Chief of CPLC by Governor, Dr.Ishrat-Ul-Ibad Khan. The CPLC Charter was approved on 24th October 2003 during his tenure.

      The Honorable Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat-Ul-Ibad Khan, chaired the first meeting of the Advisory Board of CPLC under the Charter on 15th February 2005.

      After the approval of its Charter, CPLC has been further strengthened with the CRC (Central Reporting Cell) being headed by a Chief (Mr. Sharfuddin Memon), assisted by two Deputy Chiefs (Mr. Mohammad Yousuf and Mr. Shaukat Suleman) and three Assistant Chiefs (Mr. Ahmed Chinoy, Mr. Hanif Moosa and Mr. Shamim Junejo), with the powers of 1st Class Executive Magistrate (Hon.) for the entire Province of Sindh.

      On March 7th 2007, the Honourable Governor Dr. Ishrat-Ul-Ibad Khan reappointed Mr. Sharfuddin Memon TI as Chief CPLC, Mr. Shaukat Ali Suleman TI and Mr. Hanif Moosa as Deputy Chiefs; Mr. Ahmed Chinoy TI, Mr. Tanveer Mohammed and Mr. Ali Haji as Assistant Chiefs of the CPLC with powers of 1st Class Executive Magistrate (Hon.) for the entire province of Sindh. About Us http://www.cplc.org.pk/content.php?page=2

  • Wasim Z. Quadri |

    I have gone through all this and as a reponsible CPLC Zonal Cheif , I catagorical deny this statement.

    Our Former Cheif Mr. Memon himself handed over the office to New Cheif Mr. Chinoy in the presence of promiment members of CPLC and on the same day we most of the responsible CPLC members had a get together in evening, where both of these persons were present and greeting each other.

    We all at CPLC are together serving the Citizen of Karachi and working for this orginization with unity.

  • alpha |

    ohhh how can the Governor appoint the head of CPLC?????

    I guess Zulfiqar mirza and PPP(filled with ethnic hate against Muhuajirs) can't bear the Governor being a Muhajir and also coming for another ethnic based political party….

    These pathetic scums would think of Sindh and Pakistan as their personal property and thus cause contineous turf battle against each other…

  • Nazia |

    Mr Ahmed Chinoy belongs to memon community which has turned highly against mqm in last 5 years.Recent burning of Bolton market has put petrol into this fire where memoon community who were always considered as harassed community due to their docile nature in Karachi.

    So I think mqm major interests are upcoming local elections which is actually source of bread and butter for UK residents of mqm that is why they are all time busy in Nihari dinners with PPP or such kind of moves like bringing Chinoy on projection.

  • Tamaaz Khan |

    Mr Alvi,

    Maybe before jumping head-first into an thinly veiled anti-MQM rant, you should've done some research. It speaks volumes for your credibility when members of the CPLC log in to counter your rumor mongering.

    First Mr. Memon is a MQM setup, now it is Mr. Chinoy's turn.

    Do some research, hero, the fact the governer happens to be from the MQM, shouldn't be your only point of reference.

    Just becuase the Governer happens to name the head doesn't mean something sisnter is afoot, it is in the CPLC constitution, maybe you should've given it a read yourself. Ishrat was fulfiling his nominal duties as did the Guv's before him.

    CPLC is a non-political setup, that doesn't mean the organisation doesn't have big egos. Just ask Mr. Yousuf and Mr. Haji.

    The questions that arise from the fact that Mr. Chinoy's appointment has not been ratified should be directed at Dr. Mirza.



    BOOO! Run the MQM is behind you…BOOO! and behind them is mossad/raw/cia/blackwater/illuminati…BOOO!

  • Anonymous |

    (Tuesday, 12 April, 2011) Page#14 (Editor's Mail) — The Pakistan Today

    (Monday, April 11, 2011) Page#5 (Opinion) — The Pakistan Observer