Ufone ad ripping at Politicans, possibly taken off-air

Ufone has to its credit featured some funny advertisement spot for its TV commercials. More recently a certain Ufone ad was pulled off-the-air after a very brief run and is not even featured on its corporate website. As per the editors of Cafe Pyala this ad spot might have been too quickly pulled off-air “According to sources, the following Ufone ad was pulled off air (after a short run) because of grumblings from Those Who Matter over its portrayal of politicos”.

Regardless, I feel Ufone deserves a shout-out for having the balls to poke fun at our politicians and heres to hoping that they continue to entertain us with many more. For now enjoy the ad – Deja-vu [?] of the recent kunda-electricity powered jalsa of Mr. Nawaz Sharif? Which lead the sacking of an LESCO employee and a fine of Rs. 3000???



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31 responses to “Ufone ad ripping at Politicans, possibly taken off-air”

  1. S.A.R.A Avatar

    LOL… loosers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    hi sara!!! kaisi ho?

  3. S.A.R.A Avatar

    mai theek hoon janeman.. tum sunaoo?

  4. dr jawwad khan Avatar


    Abdi Sahab yeh shughal bhi farmatey hen……

  5. S.A.R.A Avatar

    hahahaha kabhi kabhi meray dil mai…

    Waisay abhi abhi patta chala hai.. Zaid Hamid ki chitrol hue hai Peshawar kay lecture mai… Awab… find out bro.

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      SARA – ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The grapevine is abuzz with the chitrol ๐Ÿ˜‰ sources are to upload the video today ๐Ÿ˜‰ we all await the entertainment

    2. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Wake up Peshawar just gave Zahid Hamid a wakeup call > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsZ-eAZTecA – I now believe gone are the days when Zaid Hamid ruled the audience by over powering the microphone – the public has realized the power to be louder then the rest – it seems that a heckling contest shall now be the hallmark of every Zaid Hamid rally – by golly now what shall he do

    3. Nazia Avatar

      It is not only one zahid hamid that is being inducted in our system for controlling the immature and weak minds but people with specific qualities are all time picked for such kind of specific job.

      So it might be alarming for these hidden forces behind such characters who tried to bring the change through such dandy maulvis and to swap typical Talibanic characters with such modern look.

      They might want to impress western people through this moves but what ever done is Peshawar is more alarming than anything else as such kind of hot conflicts can be reason for more target killings or riots on the bases of different religious ideology.

      We have armed our all religious groups and now these forces are dominating the system above than our national and social matters.

      So such incidents should need special concern by educated class as who sent hamid with such a suspicious background , must has some long term agenda .

  6. Nazia Avatar

    It is not only Ufone which is ripping off our politicians but different programs are on air in TV channels, all time discussion are going on radio and TV, Newspapers are filled with humour related to them.Now lets see to which extent govt and rehamn malik would go to erase public sentiments for such kind of cartoon of politics.

  7. jibran Avatar

    Khala Nazia,

    "….So it might be alarming for these hidden forces behind such characters who tried to bring the change through such dandy maulvis and to swap typical Talibanic characters with such modern look….."

    First of all, Zaid Hamid Kezzab is NOT A MOULVI. He is a production of our (NA)Pak-Army.

    "…We have armed our all religious groups and now these forces are dominating the system above than our national and social matters…."

    Khala Nazia, where do you live? do you live in Waziristan? I mean, if you move to a big city like Karachi, you would see that Moulvis are not the problem, its the secular-facists like MQM and PPP who are our problem. But since they are your brothers-in-idealogy, you don't get out of Moulvi-phobia…

    Honestly, what do you drink? Altaf Cola?

    Get some life, breath some fresh air.

  8. Nazia Avatar


    You are again out of control out of mind.

    I think my sister( your mom )have forgotten five mandatory shots for you at your early five years.

    you Say

    Zahid is not moulvi so what he is doing all this in the name of religion

    Is he some kind of social worker or health visitor going city to city and looking naughty and wrongly guided kids like you.????

    Armed groups are now controlling state matters and PPP and mqm are following the same route to show supremacy to their rivals.

    Still there is no proof that Military mafia is behind zahid hamid but his induction is very suspicious in this charred atmosphere.

    PPP mqm ideology is fate of those people who want to live in humiliation in the name of politics or democracy and God forbid me for taking such insult of humanity.

    Altaf cola is unlucky drink of Karachi people and they are forcibly drinking it.God has again saved me drinking this bacteria and fungus contaminated drink.

    Once I got samples of all black drinks(colas) of major companies of Pakistan and surprised to see the results that all possessed harmful bacteria.So since that day I never bought black drink.

    Altaf cola as his name looks more harmful than ordinary drink so you can take it from my side if you look sincerely worry about my life lacking fresh air.

    My life is passing well in fresh air by the grace of God.

  9. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    Honestly, what do you drink? Altaf Cola?



    ji naheen!!! nazia teethmaestro par logon ka lahoo peeti hen.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Dr khan

      here you go again.First you consider me a sickness then placing me in group of vampires.

      I think teeth maestro is a social forum and it has no link with House Quinotau where vampires usually prefer to live.

      And don't worry vampires are always in search of pure blood and I am sure , adulterated blood is not in their taste.Even then you are afraid of them

      Tableeghi jammat congregation has started to protect you from all kinds of wordly and heavenly evils.

  10. jibran Avatar

    Khala Nazia,

    "…Zahid is not moulvi so what he is doing all this in the name of religion


    Zaid Hamid Kezzab is not doing this in the name of religion, he is doing this as a service to Pakistan Army.

    Does every one who goes around the country to raise votes for future election is a Maoulvi? What kind of logic is that?

    "…Armed groups are now controlling state matters and PPP and mqm are following the same route to show supremacy to their rivals."

    Which armed groups are controlling state matters???? Maulvis are controlling state matters???? Are you contesting for election from Chuniaan or mandee bahauddin?

    "…Still there is no proof that Military mafia is behind zaid hamid but his induction is very suspicious in this charred atmosphere…"

    Honestly I don't have a proof, my judgment is based on his statements-worshipping Pakistan Army and declaring every-one who opposes Pakistan Army as Kafirs.

    At the same time do you have proof that you are not retarded, because your writings say something else.

    Pls, you don't have to write all the time. Why don't you do this exercise only when you are in your senses?

    1. Nazia Avatar


      Zahid is being projected as latest religious breed by his hidden senders.Might be ISI or some other invisible controllers of our state.

      He is popular for his religious speech and in between if he uses sizzling remarks for army then he is doing as per per orders or payment.

      Maulvisim is a important key factor in our politics since the time of creation and now military has given them shape of monsters to harass the masses who are illiterate or creating political torques in urban areas.

      You have clear proof that I am fully normal and very reactive person as I am reading, writing , sensing and responding you as per your immature response.

      Minors are always considered chouttos in our Asian culture, how much they grow up so don't try to dictate elders through you rhetoric sayings as other have also their way of judging and assuming the situation and handling problem childlike you.

      You know cat is declared Khala of lion and she never teach her nephew how to climb up the tree so that he cant approach her for his revenge and verbal abuse.

      so never be fooled by docile attitude of cats.They might be wild as per requirement often in way of self defense.

      I am all time fully utilizing my 6 senses all the time no need to mention more.

  11. guYasir Avatar

    Hello all

    There's nothin gonna change if we sit on our bums and do nonsense talks, nothin will be happened if u won't get up and fight for your rite to live free under one God.

    Do you know that Freedom is lies to obey laws of God? but many will not understand as they follow their impulses and being astray and led other astray.

    Moulvi name is mock

    I personally feel that UK when it came to sub-continent is the root cause of our plight. They entrapped us in Hegelian trap which aimed was Divide and Rule. They toppled each and every positive Muslim institution and put their corrupted and subverted institutions whether be it in Judiciary or Political.

    UK is divided us on 2 front 1st on Religion 2nd on Political many who are accomplice to their system so interested in its profits/pounds, that there will be no opposition from that class i.e PPP/PML-N/Q

    The great body of the common people, mentally incapable of comprehending, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.

    All wOrld govts are illegitimates and incapable to solve our issues. They are Satanists, pretending to be Jews, Christians, Hindu and Muslims, hell-bent to destroy the humanity. Ultimately battle is for the soul of humanity. Why not begin by defending your own soul.

    How to begin? Shut the TV down, Internet also, Be monogamous, remain debt free of banks, seek salvation, sanctified the LOrd name not lords of England. They are lucifer-lords. I'm talking about to sanctified the Lord name who is the Lord of the World's i.e Allah

    This is you can survive else no one will be able to get salvation and get ready for torment. The bigger in your post the bigger torment you get i.e Zardari.

  12. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    this is the problem with schizophrenics.the lack of positivity and sense of humor.

    what make you think that our blood is not pure?

    every one is invited in congregation of tablighi jamaat. come and clear your mind from liberalism and "naziated hyperposting syndrome"

    and don't bother about your feminity i am sure no one will notice that….lolzzz??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Uconnect Avatar

    Ufone UConnect is a first of its kind service in Pakistan which allows you to perform a host of activities such as PUSH EMAIL from 5 simultaneous email accounts, have remote access to multiple Computers, share folders, search files & emails along with taking Control of your PC remotely via your handset.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Due to excessive advertisement of UFONE with complete nonsense themes I never use my UFONE sim and only prefer to use when others dont work in any area of Pakistan.

      Such kind of abnormal advertisement is giving more immature and irrational trends to our out of control youth.

  14. Nazia Avatar

    Dr khan

    You are badly in need of refresher course of schizophrenics patient.

    The main features of these are

    -They may see or hear things that don’t exist

    I am directly talking to humans like you.So your existence and my response are parallel real forces existing with full magnetic power of individuals.

    -They speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them.

    I am always firm what I say even in non serious way too

    if you have courage then try to deny this reality.

    -They feel like they’re being constantly watched,even frightening in negotiation with others.

    Have you ever felt any fear in my clear stance and full response as negotiation which can be incorrect in your terms but all based on my personal experience handling people in real life.

    Another negative symptoms are like that

    – lack of emotion – the inability to enjoy regular activities (visiting with friends, etc.) as much as before

    – Low energy – the person tends to sit around and sleep much more than normal

    – lack of interest in life, low motivation

    – Affective flattening – a blank, blunted facial expression or less lively facial movements, flat voice (lack of normal intonations and variance) or physical movements.

    -Alogia (difficulty or inability to speak)

    -Inappropriate social skills or lack of interest or ability to socialize with other people

    Inability to make friends or keep friends, or not caring to have friends

    -Social isolation.

    trust me I am highly opposite to basic symptoms of your poor diagnosis in all ways.

    Now under this discussion see who actually fits in this frame .

    Dont try wrong diagnosis on healthy person.

    You might be back fired .

    No body is bothering about my femininity except you and for you I have offered you niaz din like tags to keep stable your hyper nature that can just be excited by reading feminine names only.

    1. dr jawwad khan Avatar


      oooohh! googling….

      never mind it always happens when you try to learn about disease through wikipedia.

      i can't give you the lecture on schizphrenia.however i shall say that scezophrinia is not a some thing between two straight lines.it ranges from disorganized schizphrenia to catatonic to paranoid,undifferentiated to residual schizophrenia.

      you need 6 god damn years to understand these things and a whole life to learn more about it.

      Its nothing wrong to be sick.Every body get sick. Sickness makes you a better and humble person.

      schizophrenia is not a shamefull illness. Don't ignore it and consult your nearer phsychiatrist.

      (tamam dawaen bachon ki pohanch say door rakhen. Aaram na aanay ki soorat men internet par barhi barhi phenkna band karen)

    2. guYasir Avatar


      Please concentrate on your newly develop blog, write some astute articles, show some skills as I tried and almost succeed and got international praised thats why my blog link was up on the Henry Makow Ph.D, Eric Margolis, John Kaminski, Truthforever, these are few top sites where my blog link was running since July 2009 and I got thousands of hit from these sites. Can you do it?

      One more thing I wanna say that when I got praised of my comments way back in 2005 at Mr.Margolis page as I told you about it so whatever I wrote there, I written from my own hands and my own mind as many think that I can't write and do copy and paste other words which is their hallucinatory. Regarding on my blog except few articles rest i wrote it from my own mind and hands.

      In conclusion, messing with a woman isn't a way for any man. Nazia overall giving very sane and good comments. I've found nothing wrong in her comments but you're deliberately pinging her which is a sign that Khan is like a Aamir Khan aka 3+ idiots. Sorry I know you joined my blog and you're my buddy but stop talkin like nonsense and show some respect and courage.

    3. guYasir Avatar

      If anyone think that I'm lying about my comments at Mr.Margolis page then he/she should visit this article of Margolis and read 2nd last comment of mine bottom of this article where my nick is "hoTmaLe" and I'm giving speech to entire EU = Egregore Union. Read it now and click on my below link which will take you on my blog where JK you can see your picture in my follower list.

      Here you can find my comments on same nick hoTmaLe. Read esp which starts Hello halluci-Nations and one below it.

  15. dr jawwad khan Avatar

    Dear yasir,

    never mind that….

    right and wrong don't repel the people.its the behaviour of the one which causes the problem.

    my problem is that i am a spontaneous. Every thing belongs to me is spontaneous.I don't care much about my blog. It is just for express and improve myself…. nothing more.

    but atleast you are right in one thing.i am messing with a poor woman……gosh…. am i messing with a woman?

    its good to have a friend which could infom you about your mistakes.

    best regards

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Dr khan

      I ahve tried to help you but as usual failed! so sorry

      when situation is simple or clear then don't make it complicated for others without any proper reason.

      If you cant find proper reply then don't create high beam like situation while driving on risky roads.

      Right and wrong is not reason of creating repulsive force but one's attitude naturally recoils in disgusting environment.

      Spoken without preparation just for insulting particular person comes in circle of revenge and no way can be placed in level of presenting humour.

      Oh you are so simple that yasir gives you some deep rooted clue of mannerism and you swallowed it without giving it second thought.

      I am sure that you are not messing with any POOR woman as you have no solid reason for this behaviour and why people behave so unreasonable is still mystery for me.

  16. dr jawwad khan Avatar


    Why don't you make your own blog? you have so much to say.

    you have a logic, you are articulate and your IQ level is much higher than others.you can chose your own topics and write freely rather wasting energies in counter arguments.

    Beside your right of commenting in teethmaestro or any where else will remain preserved.Also i found that bloging is the best way of doing catharsis.

    give a try…

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Hain it is ok dr shaib!

      it is fine all in your side.

      Shocking surprise or normal taunt.

      Any how thanks for sincere advice but I am not so capable of doing catharsis with word powers as practically I can do it much better way and I enjoy it more than anything else.

      On retiring age I might loose my enegry and think like that.

      I am really not very possessive about my comments or anything in my life so there is no botheration about who preserves my comment.

      I like TM little social acts and that is why landed here.

      I would surly try as you say but present situation is quite different as per your assumption.

  17. jibran Avatar

    Khala Nazia,

    Angrez chaley gaey, kaley angrez chor gaey.

    As I said, problem Moulvi nahee hain, balkey woh kaley angrez hain jo ham par mussallat hain… kabheee Musharraf kee shakal main aur kabhee Salman Taseer kee shakal main aur kabhee Kiyani kee shakal main aur kabhee zardari kee shakal main…

    Kuch to in main aisey bhee hain, jo jaaker apney aqaa-on kai qadmon main gir gaey hain.

    If you don't live in Waziristan than tell me where is life disturbed? In Karachi, the whole population celebrated *biddat parade* and the whole city was lit with stolen power….So where was the fear factor? which you had been crying out loud?

  18. new kid on the BLOG Avatar
    new kid on the BLOG

    i reply here only and solely to confront the ONE and ONLY

    MISS/KHAALA/MR..agent ??


    I think your posts are just a waste of words every now and then. If you think ZAID HAMID has problems u really need to get yourself checked. If the crappiest of ppl like us pakistans get some1 like ZAID HAMID to show up on TV, visit varsities and talk some sense into the dumb and empty minds of our people what we do is … say that he's the main culprit.. Atleast the guy is making an effort, going place to place city to city tryng to give us some effn food for thought but hey Nazia if u don't buy, lemme tell ya I wont buy ur crap Anyway chz ur posting for the sake of posting and some ppl are SICK like that..yes i called u SICKO..

    if u need help u can ask for it ill let u know what u shud be doin in my next post, but as ur self proclaiming to be the KHAALAA and whatnot i assume your mature enough to realize all of that..(hope im not making an ass outa me here)

  19. Nazia Avatar

    Another kid landed on TPS.

    if you dont like my comments dont read it after reading my name.

    I have no problem with ZH and he can carry on his mission until he get response from audience, if not vanished from the scene.

    My problem is that we have protected our all weaknesses, sins, crimes and shortages under golden guild of religion.

    Whether it is brown angrez bhutto or zardari or chitta desi angraiz salman they create the pseudo shield of religion to promote their personalies which are quite different than their actual lives

    .Even Musharf like anti religious person had taken support of MMA like fanatics for ruling more than legal period.

    Benziar a typical feudal and foreign copied lady misused the power of head covering and all time tasbeeh in her hands to show her fake religious trends to masses.

    So I am again standing firm on my point that since the time of creation of Pakistan this religious wild card by creating many characters like ZH has been playing with us and our weak leaders are still in mood of cashing it to create further turmoil in our state.

    Dont worry about my physical and mental health I am fully under care of right medical personals and no way dependent on any kind of free aide coming from invisible world of deception.

  20. uconnect_user Avatar

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