Update on possible Quetta Karo Kari Incident

Ever since the first email at 10 am a lot has been achieved in an effort to provide security and protection to the couple in Quetta, all this mobilization has been done to prevent a possible disaster, there were no confirmed reports on this but the couple was threatened enough to alert Human rights activists in Pakistan. It is my belief that every effort must be done to prevent a disaster when a person is willing to reach out and ask for help.

If we succeed and this couple becomes a living example to have withstood these heinous traditions, it might possibly encourage other such people facing such similar threats to reach out and also ask for help. I share with you Tahira Abdullah’s email just receive moments ago

Update: 10 March midnight: Pakistani civil society’s/human rights activists’ strong apprehensions and demands for protection have been registered with the Govt. of Baluchistan: The executive administration (esp the police chiefs) + the judiciary + the legislators. In addition, we have mobilized the relevant quarters in the Federal Govt, e.g. M/O Interior (Police Chiefs), Parliamentarians, NCSW, MoWD, MoHR, etc. Civil society is bombarding the IG/Police Baluchistan + the DIG/Police with telephone calls!!!! The media, unfortunately, seems to be totally immersed in 24-hour coverage of the various Bye-elections held today.

Telephone numbers in Quetta: IG/P: (92-81) 920 12 62 or 920 13 66 or 920 18 34 (office numbers)

But since it’s now past midnight, I’d suggest letting them get a modicum of sleep! let’s start calling them at 7:30 a.m. (Pak time) – that’s 9:30 p.m. EST/USA. That is, if they have not put ALL cell+telephones off the hook already!!!! Here’s keeping our fingers crossed + dialling!!!

Best of luck to Haseena & Akhtar,

In solidarity,

I must acknowledge the efforts of Tahira for having alerted us all about this issue and quite possibly averting a disaster. Lets pray for the safety of the couple in Quetta not only tomorrow but hope they remain in protection until the dust settles beyond as well, quite possibly lending a new meaning to No News is Good News



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5 responses to “Update on possible Quetta Karo Kari Incident”

  1. guYsir Avatar


    There is no such concept in Islam that is called “honor killing”. Islam holds every soul in high esteem and does not allow any transgression upon it. It does not allow people to take the law in their own hands and administer justice, because doing so will be leading to chaos and lawlessness. Which is the case in our country chaos and lawlessness both are rampant.

    These all are horror killings instead of honor killings and remnicient of hindu/buddha culture.

    I would like to say that these all bumpkins have no real knowledge of their own religion who do honor killings. Saudi rulers are ‘bumpkins #1′ in all nothin but but materialistic creed.

    A man becomes a man when he finally believes in himself and doesn’t put any man or woman above him. And they can marry to anyone whom they like regardless of race/class but should be among Believers.

    We should ask ourselves 1st whether are we Believers instead of Patriotic as prescribe by Quran and Hadiths.

    Unfortunately, large part of not the Koranic text itself but itz interpretation has been infiltrated and on the other hand large part of Hadiths have also infiltrated.

    Regarding 4 witness, If a person makes an allegation of adultery against another person (male or female), only then he or she must produce four witnesses to support such an allegation: And those who accuse chaste women [of adultery] and then do not produce four witnesses…. otherwise, he or she is guilty of slandering, which is a grave offense in Islam.

    To insist that the raped victim must provide witnesses is akin to inflicting further pain on her. If anyone refutes her claim of innocence, the onus is on him to provide evidence, and she may simply deny the claim by making a solemn oath, thus clearing herself in public.

    Regarding Rape and Rapist. According to the majority opinion of Muslim scholars, rape is considered as hirabah (highway robbery or terrorism) and hence rapists are to be punished according to the hirabah laws, as highlighted in the Quran.

    But who read it, we do read our BBA, MBA, CA Books rather than our Holy Book ourselves rather read other work and other interpretations which sometimes can be misled.

    Allah knows well and wrath well the oppressors

    1. samir Avatar

      "These all are horror killings instead of honor killings and remnicient of hindu/buddha culture."

      Always passing the buck. Exactly where is the publication of honour killings supposedly prevalent in Hindu-Buddhist culture. Why is it then that Honour Killing as published by NGOs is more often involving Muslims. I come from the UK and there are Muslims Hindus and Sikhs, but nearly all actual honour killings come from Muslims, non ever from Hindus or Buddhists and only one ever suspected (not proved) from the sikh community. What is more these honur killings were found amongst Arabs, turks and Pakistanis.

  2. guYsir Avatar

    remnicient = "reminiscent" of hindu/buddha culture

  3. Nazia Avatar

    Teeth do you think that DIG is going to impress by our number of calls and would be alert and because vigilant because of our and yours response.

    No this situation has been lost in our society for last many many years.

    These officers only work on orders of seniors or for pleasing ministers and their secretaries.

    I am sure he would be also against that couple whose presence is like a time bomb in already charred situation in Quetta.

    I am personally not against of such marriage but what ever data I got from pure sindhi and balcohi culture is not on positive side for such couples.

    They have no place at least in Pakistan to run away from their ferocious heirs which might be backside due to efforts of tahira Abdullah like groups but they cant forget their revenge and its revival would need only little opportunity to trigger as per desired of killers.

    Any how best wishes as possibility of miracles are always bright behind good deeds of humans.

  4. sogul Avatar

    Cool that the blogs are trying their best to highlight this issue of honor crime – may the couple be safe. And big kudos to Tahira for raising awareness on this issue