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Draw Muhammad Day – The Muslim Response

I fully support the suggestion of this response to the Draw Muhammed Facebook page controversy, makes a compelling argument to strive for peace and tolerance. This issue was previously discussed previously on this blog

Join the Facebook Group page to Honour the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and also the Fan Page here, not in reaction, but more as a proactive step trying to show the world religious tolerance and the the fact that how Islam preaches peace, tolerance and respect



  • Aamir Mughal |

    Excellent Approach. Exactly that was the approach of Late. Shaikh Ahmed Deedat when he had exposed Salman Rushdie and Satanic Verses through Debate and Arguments. That was the approach through which Late. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan replied through Khutbat-e-Ahmediya to the blasphemous Orientalist Sir William Muir. Off and On Campaign against Islam is basically rooted in the books written by Orientalists.

    • aimymalik |

      If Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) present in this era.What He would ask us.. How to behave with ..Patience or Aggression..?

      Why we for get Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)'s reaction to that old lady who use to throw garbage on Him…?

      Why don't we stand against all the things which are against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)…?

      Why don't we protest to ban Porn websites..?

      We do we as Muslim remember our love for the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) on such occasions and yet ignore the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in our daily lives..?

      Why not we say on internet to all no-Muslims: I am Muslim and i think you have some misconceptions about the personality and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) please let me guide you.. why don't we spread Khutbaa-Hajja-tul-widaa…and other authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)… ?

      It is as painful for me as it is for any Aashiq-e-Rasoll (S.A.W) but we should protest with peace and pray that ALLAH give us the ability to study Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H)'s life and and implement His teachings completely..

      Reflection of it in our Character will clear the darkness from the minds of those who want to outrage us with such acts..

      Hopefully we will understand…


    • Gulshan Rasool |

      assalam o alikum yes

      aimymalik, u r right, we must do something to ban porn and porn cam sites, our youngsters using that sites so much. it is alos a very good idea.

      and our character must reflect islam. cose we are the main cause to make bad face of islam, mouthing ppl just look muslims and then they work on it they search weaknesses of muslims and hey ask islam is not peaceful.

      we also watch that mouthing ppl have right freedom of expressions and speech, but muslims hv not.

      so we tells to ppl whats wrong with mouthing group. r we not human???

      hope we will win Inshallah,

      we Love you Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)

  • Nazia |

    Why we feel so insecure in our faith and relations?

    If we purposely trigger such movements it would show that we are trying to counter the present fake drama doing around us on the name of Islamic terrorism .

    The so called literary objections of educated Muslim class on non muslims and their criticism for Islamic principles/teaching usually appear as origin of violence in lower class communities and sometime end on wide spread human massacres.

    At the end they all look crying on human and material losses in their surroundings and literates are having hot discussions on forums to further ignite the issues.

    We are clueless nation, get the data behind cartoon controversy that how much Muslims are physically hurt, faced financial losses and got unpredictable status in outer world where they had opted to stay due to financial reasons which are absent in Muslim countries.

    This is true that two wrong don't make a right but two wrong can go for explosive violence and that is happening in Muslim world for last century due to their corrupt leadership, emotional weaknesses and weak belief on their natural and in-birth faith.

    • Shoaib Bin Abdullah |


  • HeartofAries |

    That's the best policy. These things are done to 'tease' us into retaliation, its just like the story we've heard about Satan when he met a saint. The saint said to him why do you bring trouble in the world and Satan replied that I do nothing, I just put a bit of sugar syrup on the wall. Surprised the saint asked him what did he mean and Satan walked to a nearby shop selling sweets and put a bit of sugar syrup on the wall nearby and stood aside and watched. A fly landed on the sugar, soon a lizard grabbed the fly, seeing the lizard a kitten tried to jump and grab it, a passerby's dog leapt on the kitten and crashed on the front case of the sweet shop bringing down a lot of stuff. The shopkeeper started to fight the dog's owner, the argument turned into a brawl then people joined in both sides, some were killed, some injured, shops set on fire etc etc….

    Satan smilingly said to the saint – I did nothing, I just put a little sugar syrup on the wall…..

    I think we all will understand the motive behind this 'event' on FB.

  • ali hamdani |

    good approach. Cant we all just leave hatred on a side and be moderate and good Muslims. Who other people look up as a role model. Let them do what ever the hell any1 wants to do. Just try to be good humans by urself. I like the no insulting part. Islam teaches tolerance so shall we do 

  • Nazia |

    Here I would add you little bit that saint's job is not to ask that why Satan do such kind of acts but saint should be ready to wipe off this naughty turned explosive acts of Satan at the right time before any fly stick to it.

    It is primary job of saint or religious scholars to counter the situation before it would burnt our houses

    Contrary to this in Muslim world our corrupt rulers and violent scholars keep the people in low profile of knowledge and approaches of religious matters and actually they have removed lot of saints like scholars from the scene by creating many blasphemous laws so that their dictatorial or monarchical rule survive as long as possible.

    So left overs are fanatics or paid scholars who do political moves when seeing acts of satan.

    The groups who are playing such dirty games to already hurt and targeted nation know well that people have been used to of such kind of abnormal social gathering in net world.if I say that people have been addicted of this face book culture then I wouldn't be wrong.

    So they are teasing people through their weakness and that is what should be pointed at right time and in right way to immature and emotional mind.

    Boycotting is a temporary act of protest but if people who are actually doing such thing is exposed in proper way and revert back in civilized way then it would suit to Muslims who are living in west and working in western companies.

    Dont blame west and Jews for all this we have exposed our misguided people more badly then any other nation.

    Take a time and read this.
    Now such acts are part of our routine job to get rid of our real responsibility.

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      In continuation of your above posted column: Former president of the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists Mazhar Abbas said that on the whole media’s role in the entire episode left a lot to be desired. “We go by the official version and don’t even use words like ‘alleged’. We (the media) must be very careful when an allegation is being levelled against someone,” said Mr Abbas. He said that the electronic media totally ignored these guidelines and did not even express regret if someone had been cleared by court or law-enforcers through an inquiry. “Throughout his ordeal, Faiz remained quite confident but we were devastated. We spent sleepless nights since Sunday when it all began,” his family members said. ‘Therapy shoes’ passenger mulls action against ASF By S. Raza Hassan Saturday, 15 May, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-

  • Nazia |


    We are in state of war and terrorism for last 8 years but get the facts we never interested to counter this state through modern way of investigations the crime scenes.Actually this part of scientific and intelligence probe is intentionally ignored by our top management.

    Karachi highest rate of target killings,unnoticed suicidal bombing on specific people and area and Bhutto murder are few examples of this backwardness.

    On the other side our rulers and top management have got all kind of bullet proof vehicles on govt expenses, High security protocol and cordoned off areas, barbed wire areas spread all over in Pakistan.

    So we as per desire of masters, have demoralized our human instincts of self defense and become dependent on imported technology for creating fake secure scenes in our insecure system.

    Same theme is being created in army network where use of forceful technologies bought form west is being tried on on poor civilians and at the end peanuts are send to effective areas as part of compensation.

    All are often planned on the basis of poor and weak intelligence.

    In this race of finding terrorists and insurgents, I think media is doing much better than govt and army setup at least after sometime or through another sources they condemn or reveal other stories too .It is also seen that they show some courage to at least negate their wrong reports in updates.

  • Dheera Sujan |

    What is a peace loving, almost-but-not-quite-total non-believer supposed to make of this whole ruckus about the Everyone Draw Mohammed Day debate?

    US cartoonist Molly Norris wanted to counter Comedy Central’s decision to censor the episode of South Park that pictured the Prophet Mohammed as a teddy bear. So her brilliant idea was to start a campaign called Everyone Draw Mohammed Day scheduled for May 20. The plan is to solicit pictures from the general public of the Prophet Mohammed, with the idea that if lots of people do it, they can’t all be threatened, and a fundamental Islamic taboo has been breached.

    The campaign was launched on Facebook and at the time of writing there were 41,000 followers and counting – but there are precious few drawings on the Facebook site. Instead, it’s become an instant magnet for vitriol coming from people who want to insult Islam and from Muslims taking umbrage.

    Most of the insults to Islam, sometimes accompanied by logos of western flags or outright disgraceful photoshopped images demonstrate nothing but the lack of education of their uncouth authors. I could take about ten minutes of reading those comments before I just had to stop, and the experience has left me feeling bilious and sad. The responses of people calling themselves friends of Islam have been little better, with a liberal sprinkling of swear words and threats.

    I mean really folks, is this the way to carry on an intelligent debate? Not believing in a religion doesn’t mean you have to debase it. What started as a kind of rationalizable if not rational idea from Molly – to show there should be no line drawn as far as freedom of expression is concerned – has morphed into exactly the same kind of thinking that produced the images of Guantanamo and Abu Graib that shocked any decent person around the world.

    So what happens with such a campaign Molly? What were you expecting?

    The Islamabad courts have banned Facebook from Pakistan – so suddenly 45 million users have lost their favourite social networking site. Maybe more countries will follow suit. Eventually Facebook will intervene, there will be official apologies of sort and when the dust settles down, both sides will go away from this whole affair even more firmly convinced of their own prejudices.

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. A cliche perhaps, but an incomparable image.

    All the great figures of history – from Jesus to Gandhi to Nelson Mandela showed us the code to follow against injustice, taunting, repression. It’s another cliche but again, its a cliche that’s lived through history because it teaches a memorable lesson: – the best response to insults should be to turn the other cheek, not to descend to the lowest level.

  • Khurram Ali Shafique |

    Hey Awab, please don't mind my comments here (and my views ARE subject to modification, as usual). I also found it very interesting when I first watched this this video (ironically on the home page of Molly Norris – yes, it's posted there too). Since then I have also posted it on my blog page along with some reservations that I have about it. Please allow me to share those reservations in more detail here.

    In my humble opinion, highlighting positive things about the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is a very good idea at any time but this can hardly qualify as a proper response to the May 20 Thing. There are several problems with that.

    Firstly, a small glitch: the claim of this video (and several other videos like this) to be "THE Muslim Response" is dubious: it is "A MUSLIM'S" response only. The epithet of "THE MUSLIM RESPONSE" can only be applied to that which has been accepted by a very large number of Muslims so that it becomes mainstream – whether you decide "mainstream" in the old-fashioned way, i.e. by the verdict of widely acceptable mullahs, or in the manner becoming popular nowadays, i.e. one person one vote (I personally prefer the second). 🙂

    Secondly, this video is not only evading the main issue but even supporting it indirectly. The people behind the cartoon campaign are not against Prophet Muhammad personally. They are simply claiming that it is their right to mock the Prophet and that Muslims must concede this. The gentleman in the video is tacitly conceding.

    Suppose you convince some non-Muslims that the Holy Prophet was a great role model. The question will still remain: why cannot he be mocked like all other great role models? THAT is the issue Muslims need to resolve but unfortunately too much exposure to Western values along with a complete alienation from our own masses has left many of us – the educated ones – without even the ability to grasp the issue, let alone find a way of addressing it.

    Thirdly, posting only those things about the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) which could easily make him popular among non-Muslims would obviously mean brushing certain other facts under the carpet, no? Should I start believing in a selective Islam or hypocritically pose that I believe in a selective Islam? I mean, if I want to post certain verses of the Quran that are not so "politically correct", obviously that would be inappropriate for the page started by this gentleman. So, either I become a hypocrite or I myself start censoring the life and teachings of the Prophet. Moral of the story: you cannot discuss religion as if you were selling hamburgers 😀

    P.S. I am temporarily dedicating my "Khurram's Desk" blog (linked with my name above) to an in-depth discussion of the issues connected with this May 20 thing.

  • Khurram Ali Shafique |

    یہاں ہر ایک شخص کا بلند تر مقام ہو

    مٹیں دلوں سے نفرتیں، سبھی کا احترام ہو

    اس احترام کے لیے ہماری جنگ ایک ہے

    • Aamir Mughal |

      Agreed with Khurram Sahab,

      Why didn't Muslim raise any objection when the The Last Temptation of Christ was released??? Above all not very long ago that pervert M F Hussain mocked the Hindu God in his paintings [it is against Islam to mock anybodys religion]

      اتَّبِعْ مَا أُوحِيَ إِلَيْكَ مِن رَّبِّكَ لا إِلَـهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ وَأَعْرِضْ عَنِ الْمُشْرِكِينَ

      وَلَوْ شَاء اللّهُ مَا أَشْرَكُواْ وَمَا جَعَلْنَاكَ عَلَيْهِمْ حَفِيظًا وَمَا أَنتَ عَلَيْهِم بِوَكِيلٍ

      Had Allah willed, they had not been idolatrous. We have not set thee as a keeper over them, nor art thou responsible for them. Revile not those unto whom they they pray beside Allah lest they wrongfully revile Allah through ignorance. Thus unto every nation have We made their deed seem fair. Then unto their Lord is their return, and He will tell them what they used to do (Cattle – VI (Soora Al Anam) Verse 107, 108).

  • Khurram Ali Shafique |

    @Aamir Mughal: Precisely, that's the point.

    I remember personally boycotting The Last Temptation of Christ even on VHS for the same reason. Also, I felt disgusted when I read the news about M F Husain's paintings disrespecting the Hindu goddesses – disgust came from the fact that I read the news on a website which was mocking those Hindu protestors who asked for a ban on the exhibition in London.

    Let's start a new future now, and start it in Pakistan. Can we take some effective steps for building consensus with non-Muslims in Pakistan at least? Any suggestions?

  • Aamir Mughal |

    Lets assume that there is nothing wrong in Caricature as far as Freedom of Expression is concerned but why this Freedom of Expression takes a Hike in the case of David Irving???

    Irving's opinions are vile, and his arguments about the Holocaust are ludicrous. But he doesn't belong in prison.

  • maaz bin noor |

    Let us give our response in a civilised way. Let us write, critisize and counter them with logic and argumentation. Let us not cross the limits as we are bound not to do so by our religion. No one can de-grade or humiliate the one whome Allah has praised. Let them do what they can. God willing there might bepeople from with in their generations who come closer to Islam, To Allah. May Allah guide us all

  • Hammad Ali Zaidy |

    Thanks Almighty Allah that he always proves his believers that he is alive and with us on our every step…

    This day is a Proof to every Non Muslim to reconsider his belief…. Why there is still fight for a Person if He has gone from this world??? No way He is Alive.. and the world is observing that how thousands of Muslims are still ready to sacrifice their lives for Him….

    The Jewish Lobby was the foolish ever group of persons since the day first..still they are insulting them selves, because they are very much habitual of it… they try to fight Allah and His Messenger, how funny they are in this very thought !!! LOL! …they are always insulted by a very disrespecting defeat and still they are sucking their wounds by doing such acts which reflects their internal desperateness..

    They don't know that we Muslims always wait for their such childish acts and then, as per our expectations, when they do this, we enjoy it by insulting them through our Powerful reactions…. Ha Ha Ha :))

  • Muhammad Farhan Ahma |

    It's a big blunder from Jewish peoples. Hitler did well with them. Now muslims should have to do same with them. Get ready for the big war. And shame for Saudis and other golf Investors, who still have business with west and America,America is the mother of Jews.

  • ANZER |

    this is for the jewis lobby they have been doing such these things but they never succed and INSHAALLAH they wont get we all MUSLIMS r together

  • ajmal toru |

    Dear All,

    Hope u all r fine and sad in respect of Drawn Muhammad Day by everyone. We have to think that why these events occur.

  • ajmal toru |

    on this issue we all muslims are united, everyone is sad and feeling guilty. everyone want to responce harshly. but—————

  • Salman |


    First of all I wanna start my speech with the name of Allah almighty. My opinion on "Everybody Draw Mohammad day" is this that we should boycott from this day by logging off from all those sites which are supporting this site. For instance Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Orkut etc. By logging off from these sites, The owners of these sites would face heavy financial loses. And Alhamdullelah, many of the muslim countries have boycotted this event already like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia , Dubai and in India those cities have boycotted where there is majority of muslims. All over the world approximately giving 50 percent earning to the Facebook, Twitter and so on. But still these non muslims are not going to thank us.

    In the world there is a wrong image of Islam everywhere. Everyone think wrong about it. Islam is the solution for humanity. If we look over the history, we would find that Islam have sorted out many humanitarian problems in the world. So my non muslim brother, by doing such kind of filthy things you can't mislead the muslims or you can't prove to the world that Islam is wrong.

  • Gulshan Rasool |

    wahh , Mashallah , KIA BAT HAY AAP KI, i think every one make her/his home page with display name in different types, every one sending peace on Muhammad (PBUH) , every body loves Mohammed (PBUH), every one sending Salam on Muhammad, (PBUH)

    means we make so many profiles and we can also change display of our personal profiles above thingy display name.

    and i also want to code that we must publish the story of like that "old woman and the Muhammad (S.A.W.W.W.W)by "aimymalik says:

    May 20, 2010 at 10:23 pm"

    anyway look forward and react like Muhammad. we also make our life honest , Pak, true, and humble , like Muhammad (S.A.W.W.W.W) The Great, Omer (R.A) the Great, Usman the Pak (R.A), Ali (R.A)and the Abubakker the best Friend (R.A)

    we must read and do like that Bazurgan.

    and it is clear and it is realty that from Hazrat Aadam (A.S) to Till date there are no kingdoms and no states peacfull lkie Muslims states and kingdoms, like Zulqarnain, Omer, Jihangir etc,

    dont care of mouthing people, just look forward , hope we will the participants of the Peace-full world builders.

  • Derick Cruise |

    I was a Cristian before but now i have realized that Islam is the right faith and that all the other faiths are just copying Islam and they are saying that Islam is not real but in fact the Jews and Christians should be killed and told that They are the MISBELIVERS. If people diguse people as Muslims and tell them to throw bombs and make them terrorists then Muslims should throw bombs on them