The Strange Islam Originating from Lahore

There is a ‘mass madness’ ranging from TV talk shows to headlines of News Papers and debate on internet. Charged workers of religious organizations are out in streets of Pakistan. As Malaysian are relatively more religious people as compared to Pakistani’s and share the same Prophet. I was thinking that today country would be choked like Pakistan from electronic blackout to burning shopping malls and McDonalds. Especially, the State of my work my worst as it is currently being ruled by a conservative religious party considered as ‘fanatic’ as Jamat e Islami of Pakistan.The conservative religious rulers of the State where I work have already declared Friday as a off day despite the fact the rest of the country have off days of Saturday and Sunday.

Since yesterday Pakistan Telecommunication authority has blocked Facebook, Youtube and Wikipidia along with interruption in Blackberry services on orders of a ‘Holly Lordship’ of Lahore High Court. The bearded Mullah are on the loose in streets chanting against western infidels burning tyre’s and destroying public property. There are 45 million Pakistani users of social media site Facebook, twice the entire population of another Islamic state, Malaysia. Many of them running businesses, charities and communicating with families and friends have been deprived of access to communication without being heard by a religiously charged self righteous judiciary. All being done in name of a ‘Holly Cause’ to defend the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) from conspiracies of Infidel west.

So, this is Friday today, my neighborhood mosque is packed, the Imam is shouting in loudspeaker at top of his voice, but it is ‘state approved’ weekly address. There is no mention of Facebook or waging war against infidel west for conspiracies against Prophet (PBUH). I am a bit disappointed. I decided to go to town as there might be ‘some fun’, i mean, chanting bearded men carrying sticks and guns, smashing cars and street lamps. To my disappointment traffic is as smooth as always, bazaars are busy and shopping malls are packed with young couples holding hands. There is no Kalashnikov wielding ‘warrior of Allah’ to flog the girls wearing mini skirts or to harass those wearing scarf. No body is even talking about the great conspiracy against Prophet of God – a page on Facebook website set up by some western kid.

Now I am rather frustrated. I miss Lahore, you can have lot of fun there. I decided to go to beach, fortunately just walking distance from my house. The ‘white’ tourists girls are taking ‘sun-bath’ wear just bras and panties. White men are drinking beer, some are enjoying water sports and others swimming Locals are busy selling spicy foods and expensive gift items to tourists. What is wrong with this country? I am totally mad at these people. They are totally unaware of the great conspiracy against there Prophet while their Muslim brothers in Pakistan have literally choked their country to defend their religion. Extremely disappointed I return home in hope of finding something in papers or Malaysian Blogs, unfortunately here too is no mention of Facebook, no statement from any politician or religious leader.

On my Facebook page which is working finely in this Islamic state, I ask my Iranian, Saudi and Indonesian friend, from three biggest Islamic nations, the business is as usual. No wonder Pakistan is ‘Fort of Islam’, no other Muslim nation is concerned about ‘infidel’ conspiracies against Islam. The worst thing about these nations is that ordinary people even doesn’t know the names of their Chief Justice’s or Army Chief’s. Off course their Chief Justices are not that ‘Media Savoy’ and their Judges as ‘righteous’ as Lordships of Lahore High Court. And on top of it the ‘Islamic Lawyer Forum’ here is not as active in defense of Islam. Their religious leaders are not as bold to smash cars and burn shop and their youth not as radical as our international fame ‘Taliban’. The life is totally boring.

Back in 70’s Pakistan too was a quite boring place and quite ‘Un-Islamic’ when General Zia hanged Bhutto with help of Lahori judges and establishment started the ‘Islamisation process’.With help of scholars of Jamat e Islami, right wing ‘handpicked’ judiciary and ‘inducted journalists in media he successfully transformed it as a ‘model Islamic state’. The real ‘fun’ started when CIA funded and organised the PNA movement bringing all right wing factions on one table. The ‘righteous men’ used to protest together against Bhutto and offered their prayers separately. That time we still had not reached the stage of suicide attacks on rival sects prayers. Thanks to ‘Madodisation’ of syllabus of government institutions, today even a ‘Normal’ Pakistani’ youth is as radical as a so called ‘fanatic’ in Malaysia.

With American sponsored ‘Holly War to Defend Islam’, the religious groups have become major players in power game. First time Army has dumped these groups on American pressure but once in the market, there is always another ‘buyer’. After decades of ‘power sharing’ every institution has became a state within state and always ready to hire the religious fanatics to forward their agenda. These groups can not survive if there a ‘long interval’ without activity for their members. They need to organised ‘Warm-Up’ events for their members in order to keep them in’combat ready’ mode.

By any standard of censorship or sensitivity, it was sufficient when PTA blocked the ‘controversial link’ of Facebook. Was there really a need for ‘Judicial Interference’ to block entire website or protests, rallies, blockage of internet and madness of this level to choke the entire nation? If this all was really necessary then why same is not happening in rest of Islamic world? This is something to really worry about. This is not incidental that every second terrorist is associated to Pakistan while those who ‘preach’ and nourish extremism are always under protection of some institution, either military or judiciary and mostly both. While Qazi Hussain Ahmad has much respect for courts and rule of law as Taliban do, as his ‘Brigade’ of Shahab e Milli and Islami Jamiat Talba use same tactics as Taliban do to teach morality in educational institutions.

What is his Qazi’s interest in siding with judiciary. The model of Islamic state of Syed Qutab and Madodi is based on taking over of a state by power and turn it in to a religious authoritarian state. There is no place for judiciary or democracy or freedom of expression. It is not long time when Ansar Abbasi, a JI planted journalist defended the flogging in a live TV show and JI Chief was defending Taliban. When these hate mongers support judiciary or military or defends the freedom of media, there is always some deal as these institutions are actually a hurdle for Madodi’s model of takeover by power. At the same times the state institutions which ally with these groups knowingly that their model even doesn’t recognize these institution have their own needs.

Whenever there is an elected government in Pakistan these groups feel threatened and need allies in state institutions for protection. The institutions after sixty years of power sharing have become too rouge that they also welcome these groups to form alliance. In past establishment, army and agencies used these groups to capture power and nourished them for their agendas. Once dumped by Army same groups have allied them with present judiciary which was restored through a popular movement. In return several JI activists and right wing political workers were appointed judges in superior courts in recent elevations. Some of them even lack a single reported case on their profile.

A part of corrupt media corporates has also joined the alliance to avoid state taxes. This new alliance is based on ‘you scratch my back I scratch your’s’ principal. As result Qazi Hussain and some Anchorpersons are out to implement the ‘judicial order’ of Supreme Court. The judiciary is ‘generously’ passing restraint order against recovery of taxes from these media giants and interfering in religious issues ‘as prayed’ by religious fanatics. Some mainstream media outlets benefiting from ‘judicial activism’ are out to create hype out of non issue like a page on Facebook which was already blocked. This is providing religious fanatics an opportunity to keep their ‘brigades’ warm and combat ready and also to defy and weaken the state, democratic process and unwanted ‘infidel liberal’ government.

This all originates from Lahore and ends there, even other parts of Pakistan are not that active in ‘defense of Islam’ just like rest of the world. Karachi is burning and dozens have been killed in racial violence, Baluchistan is victim of violence, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa is under war and South Punjab is demanding a separate Provence. Judiciary, media and Mullah’s from Lahore are silent on all these issues but would not leave any opportunity to defend Islam. Malaysia with 25 million population, every year attracts 25 million tourists with US$ 20 Billion revenue – almost equal to Pakistan’s exports. No tourist can imagine to travel to Pakistan because of the mess created in name of ‘defense of religion’.

Does it really need Einstein to understand that we are in present ‘mass madness’ not in defense of Prophet of Allah (PBUH) against threat from Facebook page but in a power game being played by corrupt and greedy Judges, Mullah’s and some media outlets. If Islam was really under threat the Malaysian Muslim would not have been as comfortable with ‘infidel western’ tourists. Jakarta, Tehran and Riyadh would have also been burning and Facebook, Google, Twitter and Blackberry would have been also blocked in rest of Muslim world. This is not the Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) which is under threat, its interests of Lahori establishment, Mullah’s and Judges who feel threated by power getting in to hands of leaders elected by people. Their interests are under threat and we are happy defending Lahori Islam – of which both Facebook and Pakistan are the victims.



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  1. Moz Avatar

    Why don't we see these kinds of articles in Urdu Newspapers?

    1. Hassan Avatar

      And why do we see most of these Ghulaam Mufakkirs in English News and blogs???

      I wonder, should I call them Ghulaam Mufakkir or Gan@doo Mufakkir….

  2. Hakeem Avatar

    I use the phrase 'Punjabi Islam' which does not apply to oneself but its OK to cut others' throats for it.

    1. ali hamdani Avatar

      @hakeem. This would not happen if rehabilitation was taking place in Punjab. Just if we could manipulate the arrested terrorist and use them against there on leaders to kill this extremist ideology from Pakistan.

  3. ijqureshi Avatar

    Mr Nadeem > for your reality check! and your afghan war knowledge is very weak 😛

    In pakistan ppl celebrate eid millad ul nabi – 12 rabi ul awal public holiday/KSA and Malaysia -NO WAY

    Pakistani population is divided on sect lines -Majority of sunni population belong to Bralvi sect and i hope you don't

    require any knowledge who are those people.

    In a country where you hear durood before and after prayers as compulsory you cant imagine blasphemy backlash

  4. rozer indian Avatar
    rozer indian

    Fantastic article. Nadeem you had great serviceto your country. My view is that innocent in Pakistan hasbecome vitim of designs of ruler(say corrupt politicians, army, & & ISI, landlord & bussiness class). They fall fall for it either due to ignorance or due to state of hopelessness comming out of their inablity to change things. Democracy in Pakistan is sham.

    Only years of public empoweredment will be required to change the mindset of the country. This can only happen if –

    1. There is elobrate land-reforms which will weaken the hold of landlords.

    2. Adequate protection to the rights of the people is quaarentied.

    3. Armed forces is tamed. Direct effects of their interference is obvious, but behind the scene they are the guys who subvert the democracy by – inciting assasinations, training extrimists, creating public opinion against the west and India. This they do to secure their positoon in the politics of the country.

    4. Extremist are handled with iron-glove. Madrasaa education is modernised so they don't become breading ground for terrorists.

    I can't see anyone who could do any of these. Hope people of Pakistan will realise this, and find a truye leader. Otherwise fate of the country doesnt appear to be very good.

  5. Hassan Avatar

    Yet another Ga@doo Mufakkir!!!!

    1. Moz Avatar

      I don't know about a Mufakkir, but there is definitely a Ga@doo commentator who doesn't know how to write in civil manner. I guess this is the reason why people mock Islam.

  6. Ehsun Avatar

    Lahori Judges, Lahori Islam, Lahori this, Lahori that – Punjabis etc. Zar-Dari and all Paki Politicians(P is not for Punjab – You can use KAKI if you like) is been trying to block his idiotic speeches viraling around youtube-so think for a second,who is behind this). How can you even compare Pakistan with Malaysia? For your kind information in Kakistan(aparantly most educated part of Pakistan) is being ruled by video conferencing- Interesting use of technology or ignorance at its highest point? Comeon dude, Be Pakistani and think with an open mind. Stop spreading provincial venome.

  7. Hassan Avatar

    Deen Bech-Kay

    Ghurbaat main hoey ghulaam aisey,

    bhook mareee deen bech-key

    nang-e-watan, nang-e-millat,

    jinhain hai mayassar araam,

    deen bech-key

    samjhaatey hain yai, qaum ko,

    taraa-qqee issee main hai,

    kah jiyain deen bech-kay

    Musaal-maan ko samjhatey hain,

    koee khrabee nahee Islaaam main,

    muslmaan rahain, deen bech-key

    kabhee mullah sai hain naraz,

    to kabheee adliaa sai naraz,

    chahtey hain inkee tarhaaa,

    sabb jiyaain Deeen Bech-kay,

  8. ejaz Avatar

    45million facebook users from Pakistan is sheer exaggeration. I hope the author rectify the error which is almost double of what the no. is in reality.

  9. Saad Avatar

    The 45 million facebook users from Pakistan – Unbelievable. I doubt there are 45 million internet users in the country (correct me if I am wrong). From what I know we have about 2.5 million users on facebook.

    Also, I believe, that we can compare our country with Malaysia. For one, Malaysia has a chinese and indian minority which is about 40% of their total population and even in Malaysia muslims are not allowed to indulge into non-islamic activities like gambling, exposing on beach, drinking etc.

  10. klasson Avatar

    It was a good effort in terms of inspiring the readers with words but it was full of exaggerations and possibly can cause hatred towards opposing groups

    If these so called religious leader JI, Monawar Hussain or Qazi or not preaching the right Islam then I couldn't even a hint of right Islamic teachings in this article

    Moreover, the facebook's double standerds would be revealed with the passage of time and there was no point comparing Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan because as a Nation, as a Muslim country we are responsible for Pakistan at first then we should talk about others. Moreover someone has to take initiative why not PAKISTAN??

    And I wont wonder someone will name this comment, extremism in the next comment 🙂

    1. Muhammad Awais Avatar
      Muhammad Awais

      Tou are absolutely right. They all are fb freaks who cant live without fb may be..They disgraced and abused those who are trying to protect the pride Of Hazrat Muhammad PUBH….There is no place for such pathetic losers in pakistan..they should think of going to sum non muslim country in future…

  11. readinglord Avatar

    You are great Nadeem! Leaving aside any ulterior motives, which are inherent in any move made by the Mullah,what an idiotic decision it seems to be on the face of it, as to its technical efficacy, to ban the facebook. Surprisingly,the very next day of the imposition of the ban I saw some school boys visiting the site. A student of primary class told me that there are many ways of opening of any blocked site. The PTA is doing this mad banning of the blasphemous sites perhaps knowingly to malign the judiciary with which some high-ups are at loggerhead these days, otherwise they must be knowing the inefficacy of their attempts to this effect.

    It is a dirty game of nefarious ulterior motives all going on in the sacred name of Islam and love of the prophet.

    1. awara Avatar

      "Leaving aside any ulterior motives"….

      wow, there are no ulterior motives in his writing!!!!

      He must be your qadiani brother thats why you don't see hate in his preachings….

      Only muslims are hate mongers but any one else who cooks up conspiracies and stirs hate against muslims has NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE….

  12. Ali Avatar

    Dead persons do not respond, therefore there is no response in any other muslim country

    Plus in many countries like, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Iran, internet traffic is filtered.

  13. xant Avatar

    I guess the ban on facebook and specially on youtube from this secular government is to stop the virality of anti-goverment content, and to all my extremist brothers and sisters, I think we should also ban google(and other search engines) because google's crawler is keep indexing all those pages which have blasphemous content, so until they change their 'page rank' algo we should also boycott google.

  14. Zainab Ali Avatar
    Zainab Ali

    It is important for us to understand that these conspiracies are targeted to make the Muslims react, so that they don’t concentrate on other important things; we need not to react to these issues, because no other Muslim country has reacted the way we are doing.

    1. readinglord Avatar

      @Zainab Ali

      There is nothing surprising in the reaction of Pakistan to the facebook blog 'DMD'. They are unique in many respects. It is the only Islamic country wherein only the faith of Muslims has been made questionable and they are required to submit an humiliating affidavit about their faith every time they have to deal with the state, negating the very faith of Islam according to which it is only the God who knows what we believe (See verse 1, Sura Hujraat 49).

    2. readinglord Avatar

      @Zainab Ali

      There is nothing surprising in the reaction of Pakistan to the facebook blog 'DMD'. They are unique in many respects. It is the only Islamic country wherein only the faith of Muslims has been made questionable and they are required to submit an humiliating affidavit about their faith every time they have to deal with the state, negating the very faith of Islam according to which it is only the God who knows what we believe (See verse 14, Sura Hujraat 49).

  15. Nadeem Avatar

    Thanks Ijaz and Saad for pointing out:

    Number of Pakistani users is between 2-2.5 Million, got messed somehow in typing.

  16. Nadeem Avatar


    For your surprise, yes 12th Rabi ul Awal is a public holdiday in Malaysia too, I am not sure about KSA.

    1. ijqureshi Avatar

      yes its a holiday in malay but did u see any rallies procession and millads answer is no bcoz this happen only in islamic republic of pakistan

  17. Nazia Avatar

    Hey mr nadeem

    Such kind of Islam was originated from ISI Laboratories based in Isb and northern areas.

    Lahoris have more liberal culture then any modern world.

    You are putting wrong charges on one of liberal cities of lahore.

    Zia ulhaq who started this fake movement of islamisation belong to jalahander India and his father served the British army as senior cleric.

    Qazi and his Jammt who laid down the foundation stone of this strange religion in lahore belongs to Peshawar and these germs of extremism is hybrid in CIA offices.

    Your modern army belong to all Pakistan has fully protected and groomed this idea.

    So they are all responsible of killing the spirit of liberalism in our urban areas.

  18. Nadeem Avatar

    @Ali, the dead persons do not respond (Malaysia)…right?

    They are most developed nation of Islamic world with highest per capita income, 100% literacy rate and infrastructure comparable to Europe. They have set the goal to become a 'developed nation' in next ten years.

    Now you 'alive people', at any air port, your green Passport is a SOS call for police, you will be seperated and questioned. Every Fasial Shehzad and Ajmal Kasab is from there, 50% people live under poverty line, 50% illetrate, more kids die because of malnourished and more adults without treatment then in entire Europe.

    Should not be ashamed to be an 'alive nation'?

    Ayaz Amir wrote long time back that biggest Blasphemy is when a child dies without food, a man dies without treatment, a youth commits suicide because of unemployment and a girl becomes prostitute to run her kitchen….a nation which can not protect its own pride and citizens can never protect its Prophet. Living on American aid and waging war against same infidels makes little sense!

    1. Kashifiat Avatar

      Dear Nadeem,

      You are a psychological ill & biased person.

      Blasphemy is Blasphemy , we don't need any definition by Ayaz Mir.

  19. Tayyab Mahmood Avatar

    MB and Nadeem are huge supports of Musharraf’s so called Enlightend Moderations which was in reality Nurish the Taliban & at the same time Nourish Pro Imperial Liberals whom once are big supporter of Russina aggresion in Afghanistan in 80’s… these pro imperial liberls are then become supporter of American ageression in Afghanistan in 2001 then again supported American assult in Iraq in 2003….so they know only one language which is war & murder which I can’t support & endorse as liberal….

    1. MB Avatar

      "MB and Nadeem are huge supports of Musharraf’s so called Enlightend Moderations . . . "


      haahahah lol

      you look so funny, getting person with people you dont know lol

      this is my blog : kindly quote one PRO MUSH line from it .

  20. imran Avatar

    I would call much of the author's stuff as Idiotic. Why you blame islam, if the followers are wrong?

    and one other thing, does girls roaming on beach in bikini is all u want? you should come straight n say that is wat u want, well ur not getting that in pakistan, so u did best to leave.

    I wonder why ppl calling themselves educated are so illiterate in religion. and also majority of pakistanies are religious ppl, n seculars like u r hardly 2 to 3%. but u cant absorb the reality of religious ppl being in majority. you are similar to the anti govt ppl of iran. lolz.

  21. Nadeem Avatar


    From where you got these statics? These religious parties who smash cars and bully Dr. Awab never get more than 2% votes in history of Pakistan. People vote for 'liberal infidel's' like PPP, MQM and ANP.

    If majority, win elections, form your government and change constitution, make it 'Khilafat' and impose ban on all basic rights and internet.

    1. Kashifiat Avatar


      Your knowledge & wisdom is incredible weak. PPP, MQM & ANP,never raised the slogan of liberalism in their election campaign.

      Who was running the Al-Zulfiqar – PPP, who has hold in Lyari,where drugs & kidnapping is common- PPP, who has torture cells, who is responsible of May 12 incident in Karachi – MQM, Who feel that he belongs to Raja Dahir , who is responsible for land mafia qabza groups in Karachi- ANP, these all are liberal faces of Pakistan, JSQM is also liberal, May I take some more names.

      You have problem with beard, slogan of Tabeers, its all ur narrow vision. You belongs to 2% elite class of Pakistan. You are a "selective madness" which has also reflect at Pak Tea House

  22. Tayyab Mahmood Avatar


    don't distort facts with fiction….Lahore never supported religious parties….Karachi always have a softer corner for these religious parties…like Shah Ahmed Noorani, leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan & Jamat-e-Islami they are in control of Karachi till the mid 80s…Jamia Binoria (Deoband) Karachi was / is the sanctuary of Jihidais…. Sunni Tehreek (Braveli)is force in Karachi not in Lahore…..DR Sarfraz Naeemi (dies in suicide attack) was true face of Lahore, i have always difference of opinion with him, but he used to travel on old-fashioned motorbike without any security and speaking against these religious fanatics since early 80s & never took any financial help from Inside & outside forces …………. & as a True Pakistani you are blaming CIA for PNA, forgetting that if you are vulnerable your enemies will & its their right to beat the hell out of you ….

  23. Tayyab Mahmood Avatar

    Liberals in Pakistan are pro-imperial liberals…there Makkah is, and always will be, so called world powers….till late 80s Russia, which has noting to do with Liberalism, was there Makkah…then paradigm shifted towards USA & they took there face towards USA & whatever USA say or do its duty of "Pro Imperial Liberals" to endorse them with going into the details & depth of USA Policy…..A true Liberal, i am proud to be one, will never support wars & killing of any person regardless of race, ethnicity….

  24. Sam OWO Avatar
    Sam OWO

    On Wednesday 19th May 2010, the Lahore High Court ordered the banning of Facebook across Pakistan. Facebook is the world's most popular social media network and is used by over 400 million globally. In Pakistan, over 2 million people use Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and family, conduct business, manage events, and share photos, news, and other content. A few days ago, a page called "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" was created on Facebook asking users to submit drawings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on 20th May 2010. This page, interpreted as blasphemous, has triggered a nationwide ban on the entire Facebook domain.

    While we recognize that sites on the Internet are used to spew hatred and incite violence, we steadfastly believe that governments have no right to control access to information. We believe that every citizen has an inalienable right to freely access information and by censoring Facebook, the Government of Pakistan has taken away that right. This action will have a very negative impact on Pakistan, especially considering that countless small businesses, nonprofit organizations, restaurants, art galleries, magazines, and media outlets use Facebook to conduct day-to-day business and share information with their stakeholders.

    In 2006, the Supreme Court of Pakistan banned the entire domain for over 18 months over a similar incident where only one blog carried blasphemous cartoons. Thousands of Pakistani bloggers were deprived of the freedom to express themselves and interact with others. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority now has the ability to block specific pages on the Internet and could have banned just the single blasphemous page. As members of civil society and professionals who depend on social media networks for our daily communications, we demand the immediate restoration of Facebook and an end to Internet censorship by the Government of Pakistan.

  25. MB Avatar

    Excellent post again i must say.

    I would like to add that PAKISTAN has been cleverly hijacked by some fanatics with the aid of establishment and the elite. These people stage the drama of elections once a while to SHUT YOU UP, so not to allow any "REVOLUTIONARY" idea come up. Anyone who tries to question the MULLAH or MILITARY or THE BUREUCRACY or the 2% is "taken care of" by killings or abductions or bomb blasts etc. Iftikhar chaudhry and imran khan seem to be the only one who have escaped uptill now.

    JAVED CHAUDHRY has written a good article on ESTABLISHMENT and its 2% in which he has said ( i will post the link if i can get it) that anyone who tries to become the VOICE of the PEOPLE will be removed by hook or crook.

    It is very important for establishment to keep people divided on the SECTARIAN and ETHNIC lines so nonsense issues (like the one we are facing now regarding facebook) crop up every 6 month, so people dont start thinking about CORE issues ( education health etc.).

    An important part of this game is NATIONAL SECURITY. The establishment over the years ( using school college and university cirriculum) has expertly devised a mechanism of brainwashing young PAK minds to grow up with hate against JUST ABOUT ANYONE IN THE WORLD, mainly INDIA ISRAEL WEST etc. This hate is then channalized through political and ethnic sources like JI-JUI funded talibanz or LET,JM,HM etc groups in KASHMIR. These groups create confrontation with outside world, and this confrontation MANUFACTUREs the ENVIROMENT which requires us to INVEST in DEFENCE and SECURITY.

    Beautiful twists and turns have been given to hide this game time to time, best one being staging this election drama time to time, with pre-decided results. I dont need to provide any proof on this, go search yourself and you will see EVERY ELECTION in PAK was pre-decided by the ESTABLISHMENT with input from WEST to suit their needs.

    Is it not an open secret that USA SAUDIA and UK along with GENERAL AZIZ, GENERAL MUSH, GENERAL KIYANI etc. had already decided to get PPP in power along with their ENLIGHTENED ANP AND MQM ? and didnt they get the setup they had planned?

    Dont we know ( read ehtisham zameer's interview ) what happened in 2002 elections? Dont we know the game behing IJI ?

    The point is, JINNAH's PAKISTAN has been hijacked by THE MULLAH and MILITARY completely. PAKISTAN which was A PROGRESSIVE AND SECULAR SOCIETY under equally SECULAR VISIONS of QUAID AND IQBAL (whose writings are well known on such issues) till 50's and to 60's to some extent has been beautifully customized in the name of religion. And to fool the nation they keep on bringing this "QARARDAD E MAQASDI" every now and then which ironically never states PAK will be hostage to mullaz or some fanatics whose only JOB in life is to convert each human on earth to a muslim etc. All it says is PAK will be "based upon" the principles of ISLAM , which is quite a normal statement. There is nothing "EXTRA ORDINARY" about it which the MULLAH celebrate about.

    What is more interesting is, this fanatic group is the which was against the QUAID and his PAK. Now that history proved them wrong, they are trying to hijack the nation as if QUAID WAS DYING TO CONVERT PAK INTO A MULLA HEAVEN or SOME SAUDI PROVINCE.

    This faceboook issue goes back to 1956 which the establishment did first public and open attempt to HIJACK JINNAH's vision.

  26. MB Avatar

    Faisal Shehzad has humiliated PAK and ISLAM . . .

    Why no fanatic groups or their advocates are calling his actions as "shaan e rasool mei gustaaqkhi" ?

    No they wont, else they will kill their own POWER . . the power of inciting HATE. . . barking on streets, charging people emotionally in the name of religion and to make it LOOK-COOL they call it protest against "INFIDELS" and "GUSTAAKH E RASOOL". Pray tell me, would PROPHET do such tactics in his time or would show tolerance?

    Fauzia wahab made a stupid statement few days back and bravo, all the mullah were like . . . us ko tobah kerni chaiye bla bla . . well she should but why these people dont criticize the suivide bombers ? why they didnt criticize people like FAISAL SHEHZAD who have tarnished the image of his (directly or indirectly) country and islam.

    No they wont do any such thing, because they know , it is their madrasaz and "learning institutes" which are injecting poison in fresh minds and charging them on JIHAD, that also a self inflicted JIHAD.

    The bottom line is, for a long time these religious fanatics didnt get any "bahana" to take on streets, or ab en ki eid hogai hy. Koi toh issue chaiye DUKAAN chalaney ke liye.

    1. Hassan Avatar

      MB and Nadeem and other Gand@@ Mufakkirs,

      The reason why you guys have sleepless nights is not the actual ban of FB, but the solidarity which people of Pakistan have shown with Islam and Muhammad S.A.W.W.

      Insha Allah people of Pakistan would continue to show their love of Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and Islam and if that becomes a sight of displeasure for your sore eyes, SO BE IT.

  27. Muhammad Abdullah Avatar

    Please do confirm the statistics for the amount of facebook users from Pakistan. Pakistan has an internet population of nearly 20 million, so 45 million user of facebook from Pakistan is out of question.

  28. JKL Avatar

    "Since yesterday Pakistan Telecommunication authority has blocked Facebook, Youtube and Wikipidia along with interruption in Blackberry services on orders of a ‘Holly Lordship’ of Lahore High Court. The bearded Mullah are on the loose in streets chanting against western infidels burning tyre’s and destroying public property."

    What property has been destroyed? at what place? can you please elaborate a bit ? provide a link? some source?

    Why did you specifically mention 'bearded'? is it bad to have a beard ?

    "There are 45 million Pakistani users of social media site Facebook,"

    From where did you get these stats? any source?

    is this article based on the dream that you had last night?

    If Muslims of Pakistan Love their Prophet SAW than why are you so annoyed over it ? it seems that you are really irritated that why people honor Islam so much.

    And remember, Malaysia (or anyone else) isn't the standard that we are bound to follow, we are answerable for our own deeds before Allah, so don't give us their examples

    1. hjangda Avatar


      Excellent response…

      These *surkhaz* were orphaned when communisim succumbed to its death, now they have found new god in the west.

      They would worship any thing but Allah and it was a shock n awe for them to see such protests in Pakistan against the blasphemy.

  29. Hakeem Avatar

    Let's see how many terrorist and terrorist supporting groups are Punjab based;

    Muslim League N

    Jamaat Islami





    1. Hakeem Avatar

      Jammiat Ahl-e-Hadith

    2. Hakeem Avatar

      Punjabis are idiots and Mullahs lead them by their noses

    3. Tayyab Mahmood Avatar

      Then please ask parliament to ban these parties / groups…

      my response to you terrorist and terrorist supporting groups is as under….

      Muslim League N – hmmm…….

      Jamaat Islami – Lahore based, huge following in Karachi & KP

      Sipah-e-Sahaba – Brain child of Jamia Banoria, karachi

      Jaish-e-Muhammd – Brain child of Jamia Banoria, karachi

      Wafaq-ul-Madarass – Brain child of Jamia Banoria, karachi

      Lashkar-e-Tayyaba/Jamaat-ud-Dawa – Lahore Based following in Punjab.

      friend eliminate the route cause not the branches….

      so what you think of American liberals whom are opposing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq & asking America to call back troops ? Are they supporting Terrorists ?

  30. rozer Avatar

    Their are about a dozen websites sponsered by establishment ie.ISI to propogate hate, religious fevor, and misplaced sense of pride to further its agenda. Some of them are-


    Ones now falls on moderate Pakistani to counter these screwed view and inform the world what an average pakistani stand for.

    1. MB Avatar

      while i dont know about others , i have personal experience with PAKISTAN KA KHUDA HAFIZ and PAK ALERT

      They will not allow any anti establishment views in their comments. You have to post like twenty million times to get them let your comment appear. Else usually they remove it.

  31. Yasir Qadeer Avatar
    Yasir Qadeer

    I think it’s the way too emotional attitude towards religion which makes us go to these limits. For almost a decade we have seen blood on our streets in the name of religion and ironically that religion was based on the simple principle of peace for all. Whatever happened to that philosophy?

  32. Zafar Iqbal Avatar


    I think the campaign against apathy of Facebook admn towards blasphemous pages has been wrogly tracked towards "ban frenzy" as called by someone.

    the more mature solutions at PTA level could have been taken.

    The "more sensitive" issue of essential freedom of speech than blasphemy has enraged the people who are addicted to Fcebook. A few days deprivation is more important in their eyes than to send a strong message( though it may not be so strong).

    can you suggest the ways to make Fcebook admn realise that this act of apathy is too much hurting for "some Muslims".I think Facebook has a policy to remove pages which are hurting…can you convince them as they are very much sensitive to listen all sides being a "civilised" group.I think responsibility now lies on the shoulders of proponents of Facebook rehablitation that to make sure that Facebook will cosider the sentiments of Muslims atleast half as they consider the sentiments of JEWS.,as demanding equal rights for Muslims will be too much…

    zafar iqbal

    فیس بک کے صارفین،شائقین،بلکہ بعض ایک نشہ کی حد تک عادی افراد نے فیس بک انتظامیہ کی پیغمبر اسلام صلعم کی توہین پر مبنی صفحات کو ہٹانے کے حوالہ سے بے حسی کے بعد فیس بک کا استعمال ترک کیا اور پابندی کو بخوشی قبول کیا ہے۔

    فیس بک پر مکمل پابندی مناسب ہے یا نہیں یہ ایک اختلافی مسئلہ ہے اور یقیناُُ ہر مسئلہ کی طرح کئی آراء ہو سکتی ہیں۔ کسی رائے کا مطلب یہ نہیں کہ وہ شخص توہین رسالت پر مبنی صفحات کی بحالی کا بھی حامی ہے۔

    مگر بحالی کے لئے کوشاں افراد کی اب اخلاقی ذمہ داری بھی بنتی ہے کہ وہ فیس بک کی انتظامیہ کو عقلی دلائل سے قائل کریں اور آزادئی اظہار اور آزادئی آزار کا فرق سمجھائیں اور وہ یقیناُُ اس پوزیشن میں ہیں کہ اپنی بات سمجھا سکیں۔کیونکہ فیس بک انتظمیہ کوئی جنونی اور جاہل تو نہیں ۔وہ دل آزار مواد کو خارج کرنے کو اپنے قواعد کا حصہ بتاتی ہے اور اس سہولت سے صرف مسلمانوں کے مذہبی معاملات کو استثنٰی دیا گیاہے۔آخر کیوں ۔اس کا جواب یقیناُُ ہمارے مسلمان بھائی جو فیس بک کی بحالی کے لئے بغیر کسی تنخواہ

    کے کام کر رہے ہیں ،حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔بغیر تنخواہ آج کل کوئی کام نہیں کرتا ۔آپ اپنا وقت لگا رہے ہیں۔اتنی فیس تو وصول کریں۔اپنے لئے احترام کی فیس۔اسلام اور پیغمر اسلام کے لئے ذلت آمیز مواد سے مستقبل میں بچاؤ کی فیس۔آخر اتنا تو حق بنتا ہے ?۔۔ کیا خیال ہے۔۔۔?

    اب گیند آپ کے کورٹ میں ہے۔ اگر یہ حضرات یہ منوانے میں کامیاب ہو گئے تو اس سے مغربی میڈیا کے مسلمانوں کے ساتھ جانبدارانہ رویہ کی تبدیلی کا آغاز ہو سکتا ہے۔۔۔ورنہ بائیکاٹ گروہ تو کام کر ہی رہاہے۔

  33. Zafar Iqbal Avatar

    quote"The bearded Mullah are on the loose in streets chanting against western infidels burning tyre’s and destroying public property." unquote:

    may I know the details of destruction of property during these "fanatic" demos. contrary to that the same day Karachi was enjoying complete deprivation of such fanaticism and was fully provided the gift of dead bodies of34 pathans and non pathans by the stakeholders and "state-holders".

    to my knowledge all thee demos in the name of Muhammad (peace be upon him) were fully peacefull and not a single glass was broken by these "bearded fanatic jahil wahshee mullas"

    The language against general Muslim sentiment is not according to your education my dear.

    Youtube khul jay ga bhai…wiki is already open..facebook kee support main apna aap to na bhooolooo

    God Bless you

  34. Ammar Zafarullah Avatar
    Ammar Zafarullah

    The religious extremists have taken the nation hostage as they claim to be the custodians of Islam as they hold us captive on the notions of honor and morality. These elements can create an issue out of a non-issue but they will not condemn the actions of extremist forces.

    Kudos to Dr.Alvi for stepping up and speaking against this insanity !

  35. Zainab Ali Avatar
    Zainab Ali

    Rehabilitation is certainly the need of present times, because only then we will be able to identify the grievances of this unhappy lot and would be able to make better decisions about their future.

  36. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    Just like ant-ban people blames that *religious* people made the issue of facebook, the anti-ban group has been chanting with similar intensity to remove the ban..

    In case if one can't make the difference, the ban was imposed by Pakistan's High court rather than Pakistani Government. PTA obeyed LHC orders rather Zardari's or Gillani's.

    I would also add that this is same judiciary which Awab and several were supporting religious few years back.

    I think it's foolish to abuse Zardari that he wants to manipulate Adliya while "Adliya K ThekayDar" themselves want to manipulate the Adlia for their own interests. No wonder the Prophet(saw) was quite right that our leaders are our true reflection and the hypocrisy I see among Pakistanis just make me feel that we deserve people like Zardari and Musharraf.

  37. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    BTW, can we move on?

  38. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    the poll conducted by Awab

    it seems majority is in favor of banning

  39. rozer Avatar

    Though these types of blogs should be condemned, that's it. That is all they deserve. Frenzy radicle creates serve them well. Its more about power then religion.

    Above all we are all humans first -so humanity should come first. As far as I know all religion preach that. Religion seeks love not blood of innocents.

  40. Batool Avatar

    Well to the author of this article I'd just say, this banning was the way of our telecommunication authority telling those internet jerks that we are not happy about it. You want to use fb or all those who agree with your article go ahead its your perogative. But this was done to curb the angry mob thing we Pakistani's are prone to doing. Something happens and there comes a mob rushing to burn and break. From what I hear it'll be allowed after 31st of this month. But to think of fb as the only resort for online life is kind of pathetic if you ask me.

    And about the three big muslim countries you mentioned……….

    KSA or Saudi has all kinds of internet restrictions on its users for their political reasons but this ban wouldn't have happened there coz the sect they belong to have a different view of Our Holy Prophet (SAWW)

    Iran they also blocked the site called facebook for political reasons last year. And Apparently they belong to another Sect to whom Ahl E Bait E karam are the most respectful of All. I don't know about their concept of Nabi E Akram (SAWW)

    I don't know much about malysia but from my limited knowledge I think they are not a religious majority country its Kinda like Lebonan 49/51% divide of muslim and non muslim population……… Even Indian Muslims were petition for the blockage of this social networking website. But You know what ban or no ban those people. who truely believe in it, will quit the place for their religious reasons. Those who don't, won't be shot dead or tortured by Mullahs and please before you throw around the word, do elaborate your defintion of Mullah. Is it anybody who living their life religiously or those fanatics who want to control the world according to their version of Islam. If its the former I'm sorry I don't agree with you and if its the later definition then I agree with you that they'll do anything to gain power even shake hands with the 'infedals' like the beloved mullah Fazul ur Rehman………… But do try to differentiate among them not everybody whose blood boils with this kind of hate speech from non muslims is a fantic trying to impose jihad on you………….. And in case you are wondering……… YEAH I'm Religious………….

    1. readinglord Avatar

      Very interesting indeed.

      In my view; 'Deen' (May be called collective consciousness or social norm or even culture) degenerates to 'mazhab' (religion), then to sectarianism (firqa-bandi) and then to cults like TTP,LT,LJ,SS,SM, etc. etc..

      In Iran how they treat Ahle Bait is depicted in a neon display in an important chowk in Mash'had. The Neon displays Allah at the top, underneath it are Ali and Mohammad (PBUH). The Allah of neon is shown connecting with the prophet and Ali direct alternately. Besides you can see pictures of all of them which may be considered blasphemy in Pakistan.

  41. readinglord Avatar

    My post at 14.1 may please be treated as canceled as it contained a wrong reference to a Quranic verse which has been corrected by my next post 14.2.

    Here I cannot help mention Facebook which had the facility of removing or editing one's post, by the blogger himself, of course.

  42. Hira Mir Avatar

    islam preaches purity and affection. It is time we try to follow the religion in a moderate manner and stop being so negative and extreme on every point. While doing this we have failed to potray the true picture on global level as well and due to cults such as TTP we face hatred from the outer world which will only affect us more on National level.a

  43. Jamshed Avatar

    Dear Brothers, we are accountable for our own acts and should not so much bother about how other muslim contries like Malaysia react when our Prophet MPBUH is ridiculed by Jews and Christians. Just try to find out what was the punishment in Prophet's own time for kafirs who were disrespectful to Prophet MPBUH. Even on Conquest of Mecca when almost all Kafirs were forgiven and a general amnesty was announced, the ones who ridiculed Prophet were killed.

    So, kindly do not curse our brothers in Pakistan who protest on this, they may be ignorant in most respects but they love their Prophet MPBUH even if no other muslim country reacts, we should protest.

  44. Uzair Avatar

    Love the title, Islam nowehere permits such an act.

    I have written a blog on this topic (intolerance)

  45. syed imran Avatar
    syed imran

    so sorry to say thatwe are fools and we will finish islam by our own hands. there is no beach in Lahore so all above story is false . in this way you people make the important issues of islamic threats to become weak . be realistic and be truth oriented so nonmuslims are impressed and get a deep true impact on their hearts .False stories are not allowed in islam even if they are for islam.