Why Quit Facebook

Guest Post by Muhammad Adil Mulki and assisted by Khurram Ali Shafique

1) How Important is Love for Prophet Muhammad – صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم (S.A.W)

Our faith can not be complete till such time that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is dearer to us than our own selves, our parents, our forefathers, our children and all our businesses and possessions. (Please refer to the Appendix at the end of this document if further elaboration of this statement is required.)

2) What has facebook done which is so unacceptable?

In this world there are people having all kinds of views / opinions and beliefs. Freedom of Expression of opinions is a right that should be enjoyed by all. Freedom of Expression however does not equate to Freedom to Insult. Facebook has crossed this line as it gave freedom to insult Islam and Muslims. Ironically, Facebook claims to have a set of “regulations” which should have stopped the “Everybody Draw …” page. However, Facebook, showing no respect towards Islam and Muslims refrained from banning the page. They even had the audacity to express disappointment upon being banned in Pakistan!

(Please read Section 6 for a more detailed list of Facebook’s offensive actions.)

3) What does it mean?

To us as Muslims, the enormity of Facebook’s crime is incapable of being expressed in words. This is the biggest incident of slander against the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in the entire history of Islam. As compared to this, the most heinous incidents of the past appear to be dwarfed. Do we remember any other occasion when the whole world was given an open invitation to slander the Prophet, and such deplorable pictures of his, spread out to cover the remotest corners of the world – including our own homes (yes, this time these pictures entered our own homes through the computer screens)?

If, inline with the Quran and Hadiths, our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is indeed dearer to us than our mothers and fathers, and our children, then, our pain and hurt should be enough to make us focus all our energies, resources and devote our time towards the single goal of countering this Insult.

However, as followers of the Rehmat-ul-lil-Aalameen (SAW), we must adhere to ethics and logic and refrain from any and all kinds of violence.

It should be very clear that:

  1. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has been installed on the exalted rank by none other than Almighty himself and nobody’s cheap efforts could ever even come close to lessen the brightness of that which has been sparkled by the One who has lit up the stars and the entire universe Himself.
  2. Anybody  attempting to insult Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will ultimately face the wrath of the Almighty and will end up in insult, the likes of which we probably can not even imagine.

4) Opportunity for All Muslims

For us all, this is a great opportunity to join with Allah’s messenger (SAW) and thus ensure that we are part of the side that will prevail. Who knows if this will ensure that on the Day of Judgment when the eternal fates of each and every soul will be declared, we would have some positive action to base our hopes on.

5) Life in the Cyber zone and the  E-Era

Our lives have been transformed over the years from the physical world to the virtual or “E” World. This is part of the on-going evolution of human lifestyle and there is nothing wrong with it by itself.

Many words and phrases used by us in our daily lives have come to represent their E-Era meanings rather than their old-world physical meanings, where they originated from, unless otherwise specified.

Lets look at a few examples:

  • When we use the word “mail” today, there is hardly anybody who would visualize a postman delivering letters by going door to door.
  • The use of the word “Bug” used in everyday conversation would mean a computer error, unless used in a zoological context.
  • The use of the words “files”, “folders” and “desktop” have come to represent computer concepts in general use, rather than
  • the physical objects they used to generally represent a decade and a half ago.
  • Even “making friends” has come to mean something unheard of as near as five years ago.

In this E-Era, forms of protest and expression of choices should also be in a manner that is abreast with the times. Our joys and smiles have also come to originate from events taking place on the cyber world, and so have our worst pain and grief. Hence, our response to this pain will also be most effective, if registered in a befitting manner.

6) Action Required

When the threat to the Ideology of Islam, the properties of Muslims and even their lives crossed a threshold, a Hijrat (Migration) was carried out from Makkah to Madina. A similar migration was also carried out by people of the Indian Sub-continent towards a homeland where their Ideologies and Faith could be preserved and practiced with ease. The time has come for a Cyber Migration.

For three reasons, this “cyber migration” is required only from Facebook and not from every other website that uploaded offensive material.

Firstly, Facebook played a deliberate, dishonest and hypocritical role in defying its OWN policies in order to support this contest even when the ORIGINATOR of the event had quitted.

Secondly, Facebook is one of the biggest Internet empires today and the mass “migration” of millions of Muslim users at this time can have visible effect on the revenues of this website and thus send a non-violent but stern message to the entire world – maybe what we have failed to do in the real world can be achieved through the virtual corridor!

Thirdly, the problems with Facebook are not only being faced by Muslims alone. It has been declared a hazard to the future of the virtual world even by non-Muslim analysts for entirely scientific reasons that have got nothing to do with Muslim religious feelings. Maybe this can give us opportunities to join hands with those in the West who care for the future of this world.

Facebook has become the “virtual life” of some people who are so addicted to it that leaving it will not be without consequence. Some people are conducting their businesses online through Facebook. Some use it to stay in touch with their loved ones, and many use it to waste time. It is these people for whom quitting Facebook will be most testing… and it is these people for whom Iqbal has written at the end of Jawab-e-Shikwa:

If you are loyal to Muhammad We are yours
This universe is nothing, the Tablet and the Pen[*] are yours

*Lauh-O-Qalam is a combination of  “Lauh” (denotes Lauh-i Mahfuz and means preserved tablet) and Qalam means pen.  Lauh-o-Qalam exists in the metaphysical world and they are the implements with which the decrees of God are recorded and in which they are preserved.    (G. Sabir – Copenhagen)

Similarities between Hijrat-e-Madina, Migration to Pakistan and Quitting Facebook Hijrat-e-Madina Migration to Pakistan Quit Facebook
Why Required
Injustice based on religious discrimination towards the masses
Humiliating attitude of people in power towards Islam and Muslims
Popular Hesitations for Hijrat
We have so much of property / resources here (Makkah / India / Facebook)
What will the new land be like? We do not know anything about it.
We will have to start over from scratch.
We will have to leave our loved ones here

In the words of Iqbal:

We must not be violent or act uncivilized. We will only use our right of choice and convince others to do the same. It will be our choice to quit and convince others to quit. Let us starve the Facebook by not giving it anymore of our time and private information to feed on and hopefully the giant will come down on its own.

I do not know if we will be able to bring down Facebook by quitting it. But frankly, despite the fact that I would love to see that end being achieved, I do not care much if it is achieved or not. What I do care about is, if in the end, I am asked if I tried to do something or just remained a silent spectator, I could raise my arm with pride and say – I TRIED.

Is Quitting Facebook for us a bigger deal than Migration from Makkah was to the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ?

By Muhammad Adil Mulki, with contributions from Mr. Khurram Ali Shafique


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  1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Adil bhai

    I think your article was well written, I may not agree with you on quitting facebook but you do have a very valid point and I feel its important to discuss

    I thank you for sharing this article

    Allah jaza-e-khair aap ko dey – Ameen


  2. Mohammad Yusha Avatar

    Mr. Alvi has said it very well.

  3. Mohammad Yusha Avatar

    There is a problem with the guest post policy

    – ensure that it does not require further editing, as we simply hate sitting and re-editing your crap..

    What is being said is that all guest posts are crap. Quite a contradiction in the professionalism that was displayed in the first comment by Mr. Alvi.

    1. Pak Avatar

      Looks like your tired of editing the articles 😉

      Himmat-e-mardan madad-e-khuda!

    2. Nazia Avatar

      Actually for you it shouldn't be part of professionalism but all evils of black magic do this ups and downs on dr alvi' stance .This black magic would have been induced to him through jewish lobby via face book???

      Your expert comment should like that.

  4. Haroon Mazhar Muhamm Avatar
    Haroon Mazhar Muhamm

    I agree with the Awab Alvi/Mr. Point of View.

  5. MoON Avatar

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    A very well written and well rehearsed post. Thank you Dr. Awab for letting it be a part of your Blog/Site.

    May Allah SWT bless us all and help us all to choose the right path and make the right decisions for the benefit and propagation of our religion Islam. (Aameen)


  6. Rohan Avatar

    Oh, God! This article is not a satire?

  7. Mohammad Nawaz Avatar

    I must say well written. We should realize that at times there must be alternative solutions readily available, a backup plan which can definitely be relied on. So assuming Facebook or the likes of it fail to understand or respect our opinions, we should be ready to move away, toward something where our opinions are actually heard and understood, and justifiably acted on.

  8. Sadia Hussain Avatar
    Sadia Hussain

    The comparison of hijrat-e-Mecca with Pakistan migration and the face book ban is highly ridiculous! Why not ban internet altogether and bury our heads in the sand? That shall be comforting indeed!

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Not only ridiculous but against Islam as well because Hijrat from Makkah to Medina was for Islam and ordered by Allah through Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and when Makkah was conquered, Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] had miself abolished Hijrat. [Read for Reference Tafsir Ibn Kathir and Bukhari].

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      What about Fall of Dhaka? Is there any Comparison from Islamic History. Dirty habit in Pakistanis that they often quote the Events from the Age of Best of Generation [Thummal Lazeena Yaloonahum Thummal Lazeena Yaloonahum – Bukhari – Muslim] and try to compare it with the events of 1947 and afterwards.

    3. pathtan khan Avatar
      pathtan khan

      please dont bury your head in the sand but in the gutters because you do not deserve to be a muslim.

    4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      pathtan khan says: – June 8, 2010 at 1:17 pm – please dont bury your head in the sand but in the gutters because you do not deserve to be a muslim.


      Dear Khan Sahab,

      You or anybody else have no authority to decide as to who deserve to be Muslims or in Gutter or wherever!

      Provide Evidence of my Kufr [Disbelief] as to which Commandment of Allah I denied [Kafir means he/she who denies Islam] or read before Issuing a Fatwa of Takfir against any Kalima Reciting Muslim that such Fatwa Issuance against Muslims often turn the Mufti in Kafir itself.

      Whoever offers prayers as we do and turns his face to our Qiblah and eats the animal slaughtered by us, he is a Muslim for whom is the covenant of Allah and the covenant of the Messenger of Allah; so do not violate Allah's covenant." [Sahih Bukhari]

      “Ibn Umar related that the Holy Prophet said: If a Muslim calls another kafir, then if he is a kafir let it be so; otherwise, he [the caller] is himself a kafir.''(Sunnan Abu Dawood)

      “Abu Zarr reported that the Holy Prophet said: No man accuses another man of being a sinner, or of being a kafir, but it reflects back on him if the other is not as he called him.''(Bukhari)

      If the above Hadiths do not satisfy then read this!

      Usaamah bin Zaid reported,

      “Allaah’s Messenger sent us towards Al-Huruqa, and in the morning we attacked them and defeated them. I and an Ansari man followed a man from among them and when we overwhelmed him, he said, “La ilaha illal-Lah.” On hearing that, the Ansari man stopped, but I killed him by stabbing him with my spear. When we returned, the Prophet (sal-Allaahu `alayhe wa sallam) came to know about that and he said:

      "O Usaamah! Did you kill him after he had said “La ilaha ilal-Lah?” I said, “But he said so only to save himself.” He kept on repeating that so often that I wished I had not embraced Islaam before that day. [Agreed upon, and this is the wording of Bukhari]

      and in another version in Sahih Muslim about the same incident:

      “Did you tear open his heart to see what was in it?'' [Muslim]

  9. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Hijrat from Where and for What. Great Scholar of Deoband Mawlana Hussain Ahmed Madani had declared the Hindu and Muslims of India are one "UMMAH" – The 'United Nationalism' of Maulana Madni – i By Yoginder Sikand Dated Published in the 1-15 Aug 2004 print edition of MG http://www.milligazette.com/Archives/2004/01-15Au

  10. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Great Salaf-Wahabi-Ahl-e-Hadith Scholar Mawlana Abul Kalam Azad was a Central Leader in All India Congress [if the Hijrat was for Islam then what about the Faith of those Muslims including Great Muslim Scholars, and Muslim Madressahs of India after Partition???? Aren't they Muslims: The ‘United Nationalism’ of Maulana Madni-ii By Yoginder Sikand Dated Published in the 16-31 Aug 2004 print edition of MG

    Blood of Innocent Human Beings who perished during partition is on the necks on the leaders of Muslim League and Congress.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      You know why innocent people die more under such political and religious moves because people who called themselves literate and intellectuals of disturb society entice these low IQ people.Actually their dead bodies are cashed by elite of society,more the dead bodies more importance would be given to leadership.This trend is very common in Asian culture

      In recent activity of projecting the blasphemy issue , I strongly feel that you also behave like that .Your latest article on blasphemy issue is just and example of that trend .Is it not like that adding more fuel into this abnormal religious fire which is engulfing working class of Muslims more than any other community.

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      In recent activity of projecting the blasphemy issue , I strongly feel that you also behave like that .Your latest article on blasphemy issue is just and example of that trend .Is it not like that adding more fuel into this abnormal religious fire which is engulfing working class of Muslims more than any other community.


      I just show the Mirror to a TV Channel [GEO] who at the same time act like Mullah, Liberal, Secular and Pakistani [and that channel is not either one of them]

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      abnormal religious fire which is engulfing working class of Muslims more than any other community. [Nazia]


      And what is this?

      امریکہ: بنیاد پرست سوچ کی مقبولیت

      جاوید سومرو

      بی بی سی اردو ڈاٹ کام، واشنگٹن

      آخری وقت اشاعت: جمعرات 27 مئ 2010 , 20:58 GMT 01:58 PST

      پہلے ایریزونا اب ٹیکساس اور دیکھا دیکھی بیس مزید ریاستیں۔ امریکہ کو کیا ہوگیا ہے، کہاں جا رہا ہے اور کیوں؟

      گو ملک میں ڈیموکریٹ براک اوباما کی حکومت ہے لیکن ملک کی ریاستیں جس تیزی سے انتہائی دائیں بازو کی سوچ کی جانب بڑھ رہی ہیں اس سے ملک کے آزاد اور لبرل سوچ رکھنے والے لوگ مخمصے میں پڑ گئے ہیں۔

      امریکہ کے انتہائی دائیں بازو کے لوگوں نے چوری چھپے مذہب کو نصاب میں ڈالنے کی کوششیں ایک بار پھر شروع کر دی ہیں۔

      بعض کنزرویٹو تو صدر براک اوباما سے متعلق سبق میں یہ بھی ڈلوانا چاہتے تھے کہ ان کا پورا نام یعنی براک حسین اوباما استعمال کیا جائے لیکن ڈیموکریٹس نے اس کی مخالفت کی کہ جب باقی صدور میں سے کسی کا درمیانی (مڈل) نام نہیں استعمال کیا جاتا تو براک اوباما کا کیوں؟ آخر لمبی بحث کے بعد فیصلہ درمیانی نام استعمال نہ کرنے کے حق میں ہوا۔

    4. Nazia Avatar

      If you showed mirror on some other time I didnt put blame of provoking the masses but real problem is your timing of bringing such stingy observations.

      This was not a right time to put more fuel in this hatred issues.

      All media groups are run by pure business men.Business community of even developed countries have no concern with national interests, neither any typical religious associations nor any moral values.Their all interest are surrounded by financial gains and expansions of their ventures.

      This quality is universally seen and whenever any crisis come on their birth place and country, they are the first breed who flee unfavorable lands with all movable assets to other safe heavens.

      This behaviour is universally observed in business class community.

      Oh surely serious setbacks coming from their sibling, kids,spouse might force them to revise their materialistic way of living but what I feel about such class that they are quite senseless community of any system.

      Geo never claim to belong to any particular class as you have mentioned so there is no reason to create fuss on their diversions in this field.

    5. Nazia Avatar

      The reason of tending toward fundamentalism is not hidden behind what Muslim clerics are doing in their domain but too much liberty of human minds and values in US culture is badly affecting the family life styles of Americans.

      Abnormal crimes and moral free lifestyle is now bringing extremism in their culture too which they are trying to control through their strong laws but good souls also lives there and not coping with this situation.So here relgious movement is taking their positions and adjusting people in their ways.

      So extremism of ethic free culture is trying to counter with other conservative way of living which have been diminished in US culture long time ago.

  11. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    What about those Muslim Member of Indian Parliament who are from Deoband??? If Muslims who sacrificed their ancestral homes [great sacrifice], lives, honour and whole life [great tragedy] to migrate to Pakistan then what about those Muslims who are still living in India and doing offering Excellent Service to Islam [better than so-called Pakistani Islamic Scholars] for example Dr Zakir Naik.

  12. Imran Ali Avatar

    Wow, you're actually seriously equating partition/migration and Hijrat-e-Madina, to quitting Facebook?

    What a dis-service to the memory of those who were at the forefront of those historic events.

    Islamic societies and cultures across the world are ruled by despots and thieves, often in poverty and oppression – and *FACEBOOK* is an issue?

    Get a grip and get perspective – we have much bigger challenges than this.

  13. xant Avatar

    First of all it is completely nonsense to compare facebook ban to the great Hijrat to Madina, and secondly the purpose of hijrat was to strengthen islam rather then closing the eyes in front of reality.

    And according to your theory if someone do something disrespectful to our beloved Prophet in some country then instead of fighting for it and finding solution, we should leave that country.

  14. tahir Avatar

    It all depends upon the priorities.If the priority is to show love and respect to prophet,then we had better quit facebook.But some people have other priorities despite being Muslim.

  15. quli Avatar

    How about leaving the internet, go back to old times? Do what the Taliban did, "hang" the TV's. Think with your brains and not your heart. It is hurtful that someone will want to put such a despicable page up, but the world is filled with people who have do not have the ability to think straight.

    The question is, how were such issues handled in the past. When the prophet (PBUH) was asked to remove the words "prophethood" in the treaty of Hudaibiya, he did so. Do you think there are lessons in his actions, there must be since it cannot be disregarded as a random event in history. One lesson that I take away from it is that we need to be rational and focus on long term goals. Knee jerk reactions, which mullah's have phd's in, is not something that we would expect from our own Prophet (PBUH). Do you not think by being on FB and youtube and wikipedia, we could be more vocal and organized in our concerns.

    Hiding our heads in the sand will not make the dangers go away. For a change, stop being a vulnerable ostrich and try to think and use the thing between your two ears.

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Banning Internet

      What about several Excellent Islamic Websites which are based in USA http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/ , Saudi Arabia http://www.fatwa-online.com/ http://www.islam-qa.com/ [in several languages] Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Da‘wah and Guidance and http://www.al-islam.com/eng/ and India http://www.irf.net/ [Dr Zakir Naik]

  16. Nazia Avatar

    It is common practice here when something is banned in Islamic republic of Pakistan on the name of religion and now after expansion of electronic media , on political basis, it is more spread all around and easily accessible to all people.So such acts become actually very popular.

    Satanic verses got full welcome under zia islamic regime.Those who couldnt understand it were thoroughly briefed by our mullahs who I am sure couldnt read even one chapter of his writing.

    We should get the factual data about users of face book and as per my observation, 80% its users belong to teen ages and minors and only 20% join this forum for some business propagation .The generation who love to chat or cheat through such networks have no interest on so called Jewish activity like that.

    So people should leave this topic unattended and unimportant before lives and careers of innocent humans might started targeting on the basis of this issue.Face book group is ethically and financially gaining more hits after arising of such nuisance in Muslim circles .

  17. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Govt to restore YouTube, block certain videos Wednesday, 26 May, 2010 http://www.dawn.com/wps/wcm/connect/dawn-content-

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Nazia says: – June 4, 2010 at 9:51 am do guide me exact venue where I can go and watch your real 10% mystic activity going on in our system.


      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      I am not a sorcerer or Aamil [May Allah forbid], I just shared the experience with all of you.

  18. Mohammad Yusha Avatar

    @Nazia: I'm sure someone has done black magic on you.

    1. Nazia Avatar

      You know very well that I am non believer of black magic.

      If I would have time to think and practice such energies I would prefer the mystic art of white magic.

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      In another Thread you were lecturing me through Quranic Verses. Magic is discussed in Quran and Hadith as well and It does effect and work very swiftly and lethally.

    3. Nazia Avatar


      you are actually unaware of my previous discussion with this character Yusha on black magic issue.

      No way I can think of lecturing you of Quarnic Verses as I know my limited knowledge in this field.

      I am just declaring the simple philosophy that if Allah goes for peace and forgiving options then why we humans cant.

      Here is the popular saying of Hazrat Essa that first stone should be thrown to convicted by whom , who didnt do any kind of crime and sin in his life.

      You can also take those verses of Quran in this black magic context too.i.e

      That believers of God's absolute power in all matters should nt be afraid of any evil and negative energy of human minds.

      Problems and crisis which usually come in our life and we label it due to black magics from our enemies can be taken as test of our credbility on our faith to Allah and his all time existence around us.

    4. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      My point was only this that "Black Magic" do exist and it works effectively.

    5. Nazia Avatar


      I grew up in environment where people are very much influenced by this black magic and that is why confidently speaking against its impact on our society.

      These all if some how exists around us, I must say that it cant be compared with deceitfulness and imposture nature of human minds living around us.

      I am more afraid of evil nature of humans then such kind of virtual concepts of black magic which I just consider as outcome of our wrong doings and guilt of sins coming in front of us in more brutal and irreversible way.

    6. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Nazia says: June 3, 2010 at 11:28 pm Mughal I grew up in environment where people are very much influenced by this black magic and that is why confidently speaking against its impact on our society.


      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      I have a firm belief on Magic and its Evil effects [Belief means I accept it because it is mentioned in Quran and Hadith not that belief where people use it against human being etc.etc] but I have also done a detailed research [book is available in the market] and reached to the conclusion that in 90% Cases there is no Magic at all but Neurological/Psychiatric Ailment or Illness [and people should consult Psychiatric Doctors or use medicine because it is Ordered in Sunnah/Hadith that when you are ill go to the doctor] and 10% cases are really the Black Magic which can be cured by "Good Deeds" and reciting Quran and some verses/chapters of Quran [Reference: Hadiths in Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Majah and others] on those who are jinxed.

      Note: There is a book which is easily available in Market which is called "Ayat-e-Hirz" or "Manzil" [As prescribed by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) Ref: Ibn Majah, Mustadrak Al Hakim] which is like a "Life Saving Medicine" for any such case of Magic and these verse can also be recited for any other illness [with Medicine and Doctor also] and one can see the result within very short period of time. Insha Allah.

      Best Regards.

    7. Nazia Avatar


      before hearing your experience in black magic , I thought that mostly married men are influenced by this popular curse of our society as idle women of our culture are expert of brain washing their husbands and sons that behind all failures, it is black magic.

      If I simply say to you that I am living in black magic culture you can judge that I know all kinds of techniques to cure it too as it is in front of me since my child hood.

      In my few ancestors home few are still declared as haunted house.

      So actually I made personal research on such black acts of our society.You say it is

      in 90% Cases there is no Magic at all but Neurological/Psychiatric Ailment or Illness [and people should consult Psychiatric Doctors or use medicine because it is Ordered in Sunnah/Hadith that when you are ill go to the doctor] and 10% cases are really the Black Magic.

      My 100% experience is based on your 90% observation.

      Here only few have inherited genetically mental disorders and majority take the shield of black magic covering their serious sins related mostly to illegal sexual activities .

      Oh yes extreme jealousy on others success , having good fortune or failure of getting your lover are other reasons but sinful attitude of people who strongly pose that they are modest, are strong believers and preachers of this black magic phenomena in our system.

      I have already told you that lazy, idle and jealous ladies provide strong platform to men to stick to such mystic terrorism through full time brain washing techniques so that men overlook their weakness and curse others for mishaps and tragedies of life that usually are outcome of their negative acts.

      So thanks for your sincere advice and do guide me exact venue where I can go and watch your real 10% mystic activity going on in our system.

  19. Junaid Avatar

    Very well written…. I am with you guys. I'll quit facebook the second access is restored…

  20. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    your article is very well written and I appreciate your spirit agree on many things but quitting facebook is not a solution.

    It was a voice of condemnation of a cyber society which provided check and balance.

    I think Muslim absence is bad from such forums it must be present and loud and clear.

  21. Aamir Mughal Avatar

    Dear Awab Sahab,

    You were Excellent on DawnNews Live with Wusatullah Khan [BBC] and Idrees Bakhtiar [BBC/Herald/Dawn]. You have Excellently put up the case of Freedom of Expression on Foolish Ban by PTA [on the orders of LHC] on those sites which have nothing to do with the Blasphemic Caricature.

    Best Regards

    1. Nazia Avatar

      Your this love bond with dr alvis is possible as he has taken stance against court orders.

      Once upon a time(not long past) you said in your any comment that such laws should be implemented through state laws and machinery.

      You are also in favour of blasphemy laws

      In the end of story

      you say that you are against this ban.

      Sorry mughal I couldnt find any sequence in your story .

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Nazia says: May 26, 2010 at 11:35 pm – Your this love bond with dr alvis is possible as he has taken stance against court orders.


      Dear Ms. Nazia,

      Have you even watched the Program of Dawn News. Dr Awab defended the Honour of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] and also defended the right of Freedom of Expression and Freedom to the access to Information. Court wasn't even discussed. If you ask my personal opinion on Ifti and Gang [read my lips "I hate them from the core of my heart"]

      Once upon a time(not long past) you said in your any comment that such laws should be implemented through state laws and machinery. [Nazia]

      MAM: I said that about Blasphemy Law and its punishment not banning the whole Internet instead of banning two Blasphemous links.

      You are also in favour of blasphemy laws In the end of story

      you say that you are against this ban. Sorry mughal I couldnt find any sequence in your story . [Nazia]

      MAM: Yes I wholeheartedly support Blasphemy Law and extremely against the misuse of it by the Lynch Mob.

    3. Nazia Avatar


      I didn't hear this program but I read his point of view.

      On individual basis I fully agree with him but as part of illiterate nation I prefer to abide court order as I know my soil is very fertile for religious confrontation and that usually tend to bloody riots creating disturbance for all peace loving people.

      You know very well that sick minded characters strongly and secretly exist in our social, political and govt circles who always wait for such kind of baits to trigger the religious riots and few killings in our setup.

      At this moment we as nation are rapidly loosing our credibility as moderate being of this global world.Incompetent leadership and corrupt religious clerics are taking control of our matters and getting monetary benefits through such deadly issues.

      I am still unable to understand that by banning a simple website or page how it could affect our freedom of expressions.

      This ban is limited for some time period.You people are ignoring that it is actually PTA which is overstepping this order of blockage.They might have some political reason due to recent political failures of present govt and our rehman malik and kaira like minister miss no opportunity to avail it for pleasing presidency.

      Your hate for ifti and group should be respected as sentiment of an experienced individual but all time cursing in one style decreases credibility of speaker and writer.

      So enjoy this love and hate triangle and nobody is stopping you .Now I can judge your double standard that even claiming your self as strong supporter of Blasphemous law , you are against act of LHC in this regard.

    4. anon Avatar

      What a Waste of time!

      Ms Nazia and her crappy views…thinking with the elitist mindset that "people of LOWER IQ" will follow what so ever people like her have to offer.

      Its high time that people like you start respecting people without judging their IQ level!

      Stop being complacent about anything and everything…the comparability of hijrat wasnt right, people are fool…courts are clueless… STOP COMPLAINING MS.GENIUS, its easy for a fool to sit at sea shore and shout at others who try to help a drowning man, but one need guts to get into the water and face the real issues of life!

  22. Irfan Ansari Avatar

    SubhanALLAH, Glad to see this post, and 100% agreed @ "Freedom of Expression of opinions is a right that should be enjoyed by all. Freedom of Expression however does not equate to Freedom to Insult. Facebook has crossed this line as it gave freedom to insult Islam and Muslims."

  23. Hussain Avatar

    What should I comment upon? There are multiple issues with this post, as well as the whole Facebook episode.

    This blog reflects the sentiments and actions of many of my fellow countrymen. I disagree with it on three specific counts:

    Firstly, Facebook, the company, did not make the offending page. No, I haven't seen it even though I have access to FB; I have better things to do with my time. Condemning another person, group or company for the action of an individual – in this case the person who made the page – is wrong in so many ways that one loses count. It smacks of utter hate-mongering and stupidity. By the exact same (il)logic would you support closing down PTCL because some people make crank calls?

    Secondly, why are we so intent on imposing our will on others? As I said, I have not seen the page but the self-imposed guardians of public morality have gone on a fanatic spree and have closed websites by the hundred. As someone said: "A little bit of censorship is like being a little bit pregnant.". Where does it end? Should we ban sites that mention Jews, Hindus, Qadianis? If so, why not Shias, Sunnis, Wahabis and Hanafis? If we start with banning Nestle and Coke, why don't we go on to Student Biryani and Tic Tic Paan Masala? Paan is a hazard for the teeth so let's ban their website.

    We live in a police state already. (Yeah, yeah, argue all you want on it.) I can be put in jail without any case or hearing for years (read the papers, this happens every day). So can you. What they are taking away is my right to speak, to agree or disagree, my right to read, my right to decide. Do not forget, these are your rights too.

    Thirdly, Facebook is a big corporation. So what? Are any of the Muslim companies that big? If so, do we start a movement against them also? If not, is this our response: We don't have something as big so let's drag them down to our level?

    Quoting passages and scriptures and shouting slogans and generally clouding the issues are what we are good at. Say "gobbledygook" loud enough and a few hundred people would gather on the streets and start a riot for the fun of it.

    We have done, and are doing, a lot of things to raise emotions of anger and hate.

    Can anyone give me a count of things that we are doing that we can be proud of?

    Can anyone here be truthful enough and answer how many times he/she raised curses about his/her countrymen in the last 24 hours alone and how many times he/she stopped on the road in the last month to speak softly to a poor beggar and give him some food?

    Hate mongering is easy. How many raise themselves above the beast?

    1. Al Avatar

      @Hussain: You argument does not make any sense. Facebook did not make the offending page but it provides the forum where these things are shared – it does have a censorship policy where material spreading hatred based on religion, race etc. is not allowed. Pages on holocaust are deleted based on this same principle.

      Facebook has total control as well as a responsibility to ensure its forums are not misused. You are arguing senselessly that if a television channel starts showing porn, it is not the fault of the television channel but the person who made the porno.

  24. Saadia Avatar

    I will not go in the debate of arguing whether one factor is comparable to another or not – I will quit facebook, only for one reason for which i do not need to give any justification related to past or future – I love Muhammad SAW, because he used to stay up all night and cry for his Ummat's (that is ours) forgiveness from Allah. When somebody is making fun of HIM, I dont like it and i never will – so I will disassociate my self from that source.Quitting facebook is not robbing me off of anything – just a social activity, i can carry that on through emails as well – im not losing any access to knowledge by any mean. If somebody was denouncing any of my family member, I would have had the same reaction – so for the Prophet its all the more.

  25. MB Avatar

    I must say this post is A REAL HARD WORK, to dodge the innocent young minds of the internet.

    The 3 comparisons are ridiculous and over-far-fetching to say the least.

    AMIR MUGHAL is quite right and may i add with a question to the author of the post?

    If i start comparing the "knowledge" aspect of QURAN with the "knowledge" aspect of FACEBOOK and then put ten check marks (like you have done in the chart up there) and try to conclude that facebook has the following xyz aspects which match QURAN in terms of "people coming close to share knowledge and create social groups of awareness" , will you write one more post and say hey! sorry i was wrong, FB has other aspects too which i forgot to PONDER upon and gave a narrowed vision of comparison of FB-Hijrat-1947, will you?

    PLUS, since PROPHET was also involved in "Tijarat" what if i ask you to compare Prophet's success tips for a GOOD BUSINESS with points in this link and then CONCLUDE that PROPHET would be quite happy to use FB himself since these ten points are look "ISLAMIC" in nature and are "Shariah-compliant" as apparently there is no "UN ISLAMIC" aspect of them:

    I will only summarize by saying, this post is a good effort but gives you the wrong CONCLUSION.

  26. yaseen ch Avatar


  27. Rehan Muhammad Rafiq Avatar

    We don't want 'FACEBOOK' as we have our community websites:'MILLATFACEBOOK' & 'PEACEBOOK'.

    We love our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) more than anything.

    Kindly join:

    MillatFacebook: http://millatfacebook.com


    Peacebook: http://peacebook.spruz.com

  28. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    I might not agree with Hijrat part but the article just exposed that how anti-religion clan is getting fits after reading the article since it basically preaches about a religion rather provoking others to join a lame movement about anti-Facebook. Good work Mr.Mulki

  29. Asad Avatar

    aaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahahahaha i don't know why anyone takes stupid facebook seriously enough to get this worked up over it, for or against something on facebook!! GOD HELP US!

    1. Maria Avatar

      stfu you idiot. Facebook is the most significant medium we have to MAKE A CHANGE IN THE WORLD!! We can do protests on the street and even better, protest online!! I LOVE TO PROTEST WHATEVER OFFENDS ME AND MY FRIENDS! If I had my way asad you jerk I would have you arrested.

  30. usman Avatar

    thanks for adding this page i am going to quit facebook in these day i love our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) more then facebook

    anyways thanks again for showing this page ALLAH HAFIZ