Crisis Guide: Pakistan

Beset by devastating floods, increased terror attacks, and political instability, Pakistan’s precarious state is a matter of global concern. “Crisis Guide: Pakistan,” the Council on Foreign Relations‘ (CFR) new interactive multimedia feature, examines the roots of the country’s challenges. The interactive presentation includes video interviews with more than twenty-five leading analysts, government officials, and journalists from Pakistan, India, and the United States.

Crisis Guide: Pakistan

The guide has six broad chapters of which one really interests me is the expert review of the five most-discussed scenarios for Pakistan’s future — state collapse, the rise of radical Islamist ideologies, a return to authoritarian rule, a moderate state, or a scenario in which Pakistan muddles along without major institutional reforms.



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  1. Syed Nadir El Edroos Avatar

    Quite a sophisticated study. The resources section and the list of references under the chapters section is quite intensive.

  2. dr jawad khan Avatar

    CFR: Quite a creepy name for me.

    I believe that the report should be analysed in details.It will surely give us the lines on which world masters may be thinking about possible future of Pakistan.

    1. dr jawad khan Avatar

      Atlast some word of sense from the "other" side.

      Its a good study with lots of hard work and research but i have two questions:

      1) why do we see interviews with a black background in almost every documentary related with Pakistan?

      2) Why they consider Pervez hoodbhoy a top mind?

  3. Daanish Avatar

    lets hope for the best.

  4. Sajid Yaqub Avatar
    Sajid Yaqub

    The site claims to be part of Independent media, and like wise should be maintained by civil libertarian activists. I thought the guys running this must be literally poor, spending a life in squalor and giving energies to enlightening world. The site is also asking for donations.

    A review of its directors shows all heavyweights in corporate world, (poor? oh yes who else needs donations…), politicians and ex heads of states and foreign policy office holders of G8, generals and ambassadors…who else can be non partisan and independent media except these guys?

    Indirectly dr jawad has nailed it when he notes the black background.

    More so all interviewees are alSO in-dependent thinkers.

    gen Hood bhai is a security analyst with US gov. as a part timer he heads physics deptt of QAU (physics prof and security analyst????? anybody's guess (his CV is avail at Z net where he has contributed an odd article.)

    Ispahani and coterie are or have been with carniegie foundation, rand,etc.

    Its an overt psy ops presentation. unlike Afghan media which has US gov psy ops units deployed to write articles ad news, here we have people openly coming fwd.

    Webster Tarpley interview says it all about pakistan in "The men behind Barack Obama" a two part interview.

  5. Haneed Avatar

    Hardliners call for deaths of Surrey Muslims

  6. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Easy Solution!

    declare that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed qadiyani is a prophet of Christianity not Islam and every problem will be solved automatically.

    1. Haneed Avatar

      No the correct solution is you leave your backward religion of terror behind and start with some sensible religion. The whole world has problem with you terrorists, not everyone can be wrong.

      Nice going begging yahood and hanood for aid. What a true religion yours is. Not a good thing comes out of it. Its only good for killing murdering hating. Carry on, no one is expecting anything good from this hatful religion of yours and neither from its followers.

    2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      Honey you don't have to leave,you are already out…

      and kindly do not tell me about prophecies because i know many prophecies of your unholy prophet which proved false in his own life.

      Would you mind if i share?

  7. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    For those who believe that Qadiyaniat is just another sect in Muslim Ummah, kindly visit the following sites

    1. Hameed Avatar

      You're religion is based on two things; lies and terrorism. That's the only way you terrorists and lairs can hope to survive for a bit. Both of these have failed, world is now waking to truth and condemning you terrorists and liars with full force.

    2. Hameed Avatar

      For anyone who wants truth, here it is;

      Watch MTA live:

  8. Sajid Yaqub Avatar
    Sajid Yaqub

    Dr Allama Iqbal..almost a century ago wrote a letter to British Commissioner to declare Qadianis as non-Muslims and a different sect. He had warned of great bloodshed and fitna in future. He was prophetic and prescient when all Islamic Scholars were sleeping.

    A compilation of Iqbal's writings, speeches and statements can be downloaded from website of Iqbal Academy.

    1. Haneed Avatar

      Dr Iqbal knew how violent and backward his religion is. What is prophetic about that? Just a statement of fact. Every one in the world calls your religion, religions of terror and hate and you guys terrorists (in addition to beggars). Nice reputation you have earned for yourself and nice going with following your religion of terror. Keep doing it until the whole world is out to get you. You guys are idiots; the hole you think you are digging for others you yourself are going inside it except you don't realise it yet.

    2. Hameed Avatar

      Read this, especially section on Iqbal;

      Like I said to Jawwad, you guys live on two things; lies and terrorism.

    3. Hameed Avatar

      Iqbal praises British

      1. Dr. Sir Muhammad Iqbal wrote poems in praise and adulation of the British rulers of India. Given below are some extracts from his writings and statements, all of which we have translated from the original Urdu.

      Upon the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, Dr. Iqbal penned an epicedium of ten pages, entitled ‘Tears of Blood’, from which we give a few verses below. The Queen died on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr, and Iqbal wrote:

      “Happiness came, but grief came along with it,Yesterday was Eid, but today muharram (Month of the year associated with the deepest mourning for Muslims) came.

      “Easier than the grief and mourning of this day, Would be the coming of the morn of the day of judgment.

      “Ah! the Queen of the realm of the heart has passed away, My scarred heart has become a house of mourning.

      “O India, thy lover has passed away, She who sighed at thy troubles has passed away.

      “O India, the protective shadow of God has been lifted from above you, She who sympathised with your inhabitants has gone.

      “Victoria is not dead as her good name remains, this is the life to whomever God gives it.

      “May the deceased receive abundant heavenly reward, and may we show goodly patience.”

      (Baqiyyat-i Iqbal, Poem runs over pages 71– 90.)

      2. In December 1911, on the occasion of the coronation of King George V, Iqbal wrote and read out a poem entitled ‘Our King’:

      “It is the height of our good fortune, That our King is crowned today.

      “By his life our peoples have honour, By his name our respect is established.

      “With him have the Indians made a bond of loyalty, On the dust of his footsteps are our hearts sacrifced.”

      (ibid., p. 206.)

      3. During the First World War, Iqbal wrote a poem at the request of Sir Michael O’Dwyer, governor of the Punjab, in response to an appeal from the King. This was read out in 1918. In it, addressing the King of England, Iqbal says:

      “If there is freedom of speech and writing here, if there is peace between the Temple and the Mosque here,

      “If there is an organised system of business of the various peoples here, if there is strength in the dagger and life in the sword here,

      “Whatever there is, it has been granted by you, O honoured one, this land is alive only because of your existence.

      “I am the tree of loyalty, love is my fruit, a just witness to this statement are my actions.

      “Sincerity is selfless, so is truth selfless, so is service, and so is devotion selfless,

      “Pledge, loyalty and love are also selfless, and devotion to the royal throne is also selfless,

      “But being human the thought which arises naturally is, that your favours are manifest upon India.”

      This was published in the paper Akhbar-i Haq, the magazine Zamana of Kanpur, and the book Hindustan aur Jang 'Alamgir (‘India and the World War’) by L. Ralya Ram. It was then published in Baqiyyat-i Iqbal, on pages 216 to 219. It was first read out by Dr. Iqbal himself at the Punjab University Hall, Lahore.

    4. Hameed Avatar

      I bet they don't have it at Iqbal Academy;


      Iqbal expresses support for British rule over Muslims of India during his London visits in 1931–32

      Allama Dr Sir Muhammad Iqbal’s speech to the conference of the Muslim League in December 1930 at Allahabad is regarded as a great landmark in Muslim history of the Indian subcontinent because it is considered to be the first time that the creation of a Muslim state from Muslim-majority provinces in India was proposed, which later took the form of Pakistan.

      However, even after this speech (to say nothing of before it) Iqbal expressed support for continuing British rule over Muslims of India.

      Below is reproduced a letter Iqbal wrote to The Times newspaper of London when he was in London in 1931, which was published in The Times in its issue of October 12, 1931, on page 8. The text of this letter is also given in the book Letters and Writings of Iqbal published by the Iqbal Academy Pakistan from Lahore in 1967, reprinted in 1981 (pages 119–120). It is as follows:

      Text of Iqbal’s letter to The Times

      Sir,— Writing in your issue of October 3 last, Dr. E. Thompson has torn the following passage from its context in my presidential address to the All-India Moslem League of last December, in order to serve as evidence of “Pan-Islamic plotting”:

      I would like to see the Punjab, North-West Frontier Province, Sind, and Baluchistan amalgamated into a single State. Self-government within the British Empire or without the British Empire, the formation of a consolidated North-West Indian Moslem State appears to me to be the final destiny of the Moslems, at least of North-West India.

      May I tell Dr. Thompson that in this passage I do not put forward a “demand” for a Moslem state outside the British Empire, but only a guess at the possible outcome in the dim future of the mighty forces now shaping the destiny of the Indian sub-continent. No Indian Moslem with any pretence to sanity contemplates a Moslem state or series of States in North-West India outside the British commonwealth of Nations as a plan of practical politics.

      Although I would oppose the creation of another cockpit of communal strife in the Central Punjab, as suggested by some enthusiasts, I am all for a redistribution of India into provinces with effective majorities of one community or another on lines advocated both by the Nehru and the Simon Reports. Indeed, my suggestion regarding Moslem provinces merely carries forward this idea. A series of contented and well-organized Moslem provinces on the North-West Frontier of India would be the bulwark of India and of the British Empire against the hungry generations of the Asiatic highlands.

      Yours faithfully,

      Muhammed Iqbal

      St. James’s court, S.W.1, Oct. 10.


      As can be seen, Iqbal is replying to what he regards as a misrepresentation of his speech by Dr. Edward Thompson. Iqbal says that he never demanded a separate Muslim state independent of British rule and that the State or States envisaged by him would be the bulwark of the British Empire against invasion from central Asia.

  9. Hameed Avatar

    See the correct Islamic attitude here;

    1. jeman Avatar


      You sound exactly like the followers of the imposter aka Ghulam Kafir Qadiani, sorry I don't call him Ghulam Ahmed, because he is not a ghulam of Ahmed, rather a ghulam of Kufr.

  10. Manish Avatar

    @Dr jawwad

    Please see your religion of peace killing,butchuring,bombarding,lootin,raping of fellow muslims n non muslims…..sees ISLAM N MUSLIMS need blood thats all …it may b animals or is link…

    1. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      fortunately i can't see that site because it is banned in Saudi Arabia …this site must be filled with human's shit and all sort of disgusting crap…

      show it to some one else …..a$$ 80le

  11. Sajid Yaqub Avatar
    Sajid Yaqub

    @ Hameed or Haneed whatever,

    All quotes given by you are not by Allama. Needless to state they are TALBEES i.e quotes attributed to him which were never written or ever published by him in his life time. Like Abdullah bin Saba…these are coming from your books, sites, mags only. NOT A SINGLE REFERENCE TO ARCHIVES OF ANY NEWSPAPER or BOOK PUBLISHED????? Not read in any Mushaira???

    Doesnt it speak itself>?????

    Allama is too small a personality for such people. We know people have written and interpreted Holy Quran also in their way.


  12. Manish Avatar

    Dr Jawwad Khan

    It is fact of brutal kilings,deaths,human bombs etc n what eported r facts with dates,where happened etc n r in the news…see it first n then comment.