Child Beggars: The Future of Pakistan?

Karachi is a city of fun, entertainment and success. Many government officials have done a remarkable job in making the city a better place by investing in its infrastructure. However, what is the future of this city or if talking on the macro perspective, what is the future of this nation? Well, the future is the girl who knocks on your window convincing you to buy flowers that can buy money for a meal. The future is the little boy who walks around frantically looking for car windows that he can clean in order to save himself from getting abused by the his “bosses” running the beggary business. Instead of having these children focus on their future by providing them with education, love, motivation and support to excel in their lives, they’re given flowers and wipers to make a living at the age of 9 or 13. Yes, the future of Pakistan is on the streets.

The number of children on the streets has nearly tripled since last year. Many of these children don’t focus on how to excel in their education and make a successful career. They’re more focused on earning enough money to fill their stomachs. Instead of being a doctor, lawyer, teacher or businessman, the children have made their professional careers in begging.

The Punjab Government is taking the initiative of helping these children by providing them with incentives in order for them to reach the same level as other children. However, this initiative was taken in May 2010. Nearly, six months have passed and the kids are still on the street.

We, as Karachiites, need to come to the forefront and fight for the innocent on the streets. Their voices are unheard, their prayers unanswered. Let’s fight for the future of the children, the future of Pakistan. Let’s stop giving rs. 10 or rs. 15 to the children, rather let’s invest in their future by telling them that beggary is not the solution or step to success. Let’s invest in their future by giving them the right directions and a means to live a better life.

As Kamran Manzoor has said “hate begging, not the beggars”. Their hands that are out for begging are in the hope of a better day, a better life and a better future. Let’s make it happen! And create a better Pakistan!

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22 responses to “Child Beggars: The Future of Pakistan?”

  1. Salma Avatar

    Child beggars? lols.. when are politians and army are beggars, why are you highlighting children?? their elders teach them to beg…

    and see what they do after they get there 'alms' from the goras, torture their own people!!!


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  2. Honorliving Avatar

    saima wrote

    "Let’s stop giving rs. 10 or rs. 15 to the children, rather let’s invest in their future by telling them that beggary is not the solution or step to success"

    …. Are you serious? Basically you are saying that instead of giving them food we should give them a lecture. Yeah, that should put them straight.

  3. Saima Avatar

    I dont quite understand what youre trying to ask Salma. And Honor Living, when i say that we should invest in their future, I'm not talking about standing on the street giving them a lecture. After that sentence i also wrote "by giving them the right directions and means for a better life". That means we'll be collaboring with foundations and raising donations for these children so they get educated. If people think they're being very noble by providing rs. 10-15, that will not give them food. maybe a meal for a day? If we give them the right direction and raise our voices for these children who dont have one, we might be able to provide them with a better life. It's either one meal for a day or a better life. Which one sounds better? I think we all know the answer.

  4. K. Shahzad Avatar

    @Saima: Point very well raised. And this the problem of every major city of Pakistan. When I see these people, I have same feeling for them, yes they are the future of our country and its our duty to do much more in this regard than just giving few Rs as you said.

    Need here is that few people step up in this regard and arrange logistics and lots more will be joining em in terms of providing finance etc. Like many people incl dr. awab himself were active flood campaign, similarly if some individuals come forward and those who are well known over the media and web and well trusted people will surely help at least I will be fist to join and I am sure there will be many many more.

    People have to think of change as we all know we can't expect any better form our governments (Which in other case manage things much better).

    @Salma: Your comment is like spreading the hatred, these people just don't have many choice but to beg to survive, if we will provide them more choices they could be better citizens and believe me these are things of reality.

    @Honorliving: Food/education and accommodation as well in some cases.

  5. NMC Avatar

    When our government is beggar then our kids will too become beggars. How govt can rectify these beggars once they haven't broken their own Kashkol having being said that by few top many years before that we will break Kashkol and won't beg to IMF or W/B but they are liars who sold their souls to the devil and they know it but many of us do not know that. You must know that

    Our leaders are traitor, impostors, dupes, debauched, beggars, who sold their motherland in the hands of kuffār, they are too kafirs, whoever voted them was/is/will be kafir. I can proudly say I ain't a kafir because I never voted these "bacchanal-beggars"

  6. K. Shahzad Avatar

    @NMC: Unfortunately we have to agree the our governments including the current one believe on begging other than finding a solution themselves. These things may be difficult but nothing is impossible.

    Where is the khoodi of Iqbal he taught us, but how these people are gonna know.. Makes me sad 🙁 But hope for change is always there, specially if we learn to use our right to vote correctly.

  7. Zoya Avatar

    @ Saima: Its a very good initiative. We really need to think what we are doing to our own kids. Imagine can we see our own kids begging like this? Will we ever encourage our own kids doing something wrong? Definetely No!! Then why encourage these child beggars by giving them money in the name of doing something good for them. That also when this money is not even going to do any good to them as the Mafia will snatch it away. You cannot eradicate beggary completely but on an individual basis you can for sure make an effort to stop beggary.

  8. shaista Avatar

    good initiative.. what is the Plan?

    1. Hassan Avatar

      the plan is simple, in order to stop child beggary or to inititate this we want people to give us their opinions of the ways of stopping child beggary. we will take these opinions and raise your say in different charity, non-profit organization who want us to work for the cause and atleast take a step ahead to eradicate the menace that is eating our country….for this you can easily join hands of hope group on szabist. there you will be updated with all the content and interactions that is currently taking place from about 600 members actively.

      To know more about this inititive join the Facebook group Hands of Hope

  9. Gloria Avatar

    The children are the future, and I agree it is our responsibility to pressure the authorities to promote foundations that will provide an education.

  10. Saima Avatar

    @ Shehzad: I appreaciate you supporting the cause. I also believe that people need to step up. If they can provide so much for the flood camapaign, then they can provide this to the children on the streets as well. They weren't given a choice to go into beggary. We need to focus on educating them about how they're lives can get better. The thing is a lot of people don't know much about the foundations that are supporting this cause. We need those foundations to create their own visibility.

    @ NMC: Our government is not begging for money. They have trillions of ruppees which can be seen through their extravagant lifestyle and international trips. Also, they donated billions of rupees to the flood victims and also to the earthquake victims. This shows that they're not short of money. There were many campaigns done in various areas of Karachi and people donated a lot of money. Our nation has the money and the tactics to educate these children and provide accomodations. We just have to open our eyes!

  11. Hassan Avatar

    child beggary is a real concern. instead of blaming the government weh should blame ourselves becasue we are the one who are seeing these children beg, we give them money without even realizing that we are increasing the chances of beggary in our country. if we stop giving money to the beggars than only we can stop it. it is for the better of our country's future afterall.

  12. shaista Avatar

    @Hassan & Saima: i hope you are already aware of this attitude of people that whenever you stand up for some good cause, they respond in a negative way to discourage you. So please pay no attention to what they say. no doubt that its a good cause and you should go ahead in that.

    "commentators ko sirf masalay daar comments dene ka oar baat ko bewajha lamba khenchne ka chasqa para hua hai."

  13. Saima Avatar

    That's true. However, it's always been that in order to achieve something and do good for our country, it takes a long way to go. That's how slavery was diminished in U.S. When we take a stand for people, it's hard because no one is willing to accept it. It will take time. And I hope it works out.

  14. Emad Avatar

    Agree with most of what Saima says. This system has to be eradicated and measures need to be taken to educate these kids some how. Isn't education the solution for most of the world's problems after all?

    1. Nasir Jafri Avatar
      Nasir Jafri

      Education is what makes a man … these children must be educated any how, the government and the firms that are involved in stopping such happenings must pace up …

  15. Marium Avatar

    I also agree with what's being said. These kids are the future and if we dont help them out and tell them what's good for them then itll be a loss not just for themselves but also for the country! We also need to focus on the mafias that are responsible for all this. It's a whole system that we will have to break.

  16. Ramla Avatar

    The issue here is that there are a lot of people who are playing a part in this process. The system is so strong that it will take time to remove it. However, in order to curtail the problem someone will have to take a stand and it's good to see that people are caring for the society instead of caring about filling up their own pockets! Keep it up guys!

  17. Hasan Avatar

    It's difficult to see these children on the streets. The thing is that there's a whole process involved. The government and mafias are all in on it. We have to track them first and then work our way of getting these children out of this business.

  18. Johanna Avatar

    The focus of education for these children is important they are the future. And i think the governments should make it a greater priority to get these children out off the street.

  19. Zulkarnain Avatar

    I dont think its the government and the authorities. We have been blaming our government since inception. i am sorry to say but we all are character disordered people who have a habit of blaming others. We have always been blaming others but have never seen our own mistakes. We have never rectified our own selves before rectification of others. We, cumulatively, are part of that government as people of the country we live in. So, in order to stop this menace; we need to first rectify ourselves by putting a halt on the activity of giving to these beggars and then expect the government to do something. The government will take actions once they think that the situation is out of control. One more solution is to give those beggars a job or something so that they can work and earn, many of us are wealthy and have contacts. We can help these people with out blaming the government and in a more constructive way.

  20. Zahid Islam Butt Avatar
    Zahid Islam Butt

    Dear all i read the views but unfortunitally the child beggary is not so simple problem which we can solved by talking on forum or by providing them education. If we see at gross root that is basically "HUNGAR" fIRST is to ractify the NAZAAM. There are many people I interviewd who are bagger but well educated, when i asked why are you doing so the answer is so simple but pinching HUNGAR.

    Our GOVT. is sleeping for the GOD sack just do one thing all who are reading this BE CAREFULL WHEN YOU CAST YOUR VOTE if you select right person will give you the right solution. You can not stop begging if you are unable to stop the unplasant law and order, discrimination, expolitation, source in one hand and no accountability. Regards for all