The Honeytrap for Julian Assange

The Daily Mail studies the sexual assault charges in Sweden which have landed Julian Assange in a worldwide hunt after his startling revelations against the American hegemony. The story is of two women who met up with Julian in August had mutual sex and two days later turn on him charging him with sexual assault. The story is shrouded in a mystery, quite possibly a sex trap laid out to nab Julian as at that time, the Americans were already feeling the heat of his upcoming release on WikiLeaks. He was arrested without bail in UK with a possibility of being extradited to Sweden (US and Sweden have some extraordinary extradition treaties so there is a definite possibility that American government might seek extradition beyond Sweden). READ THE ENTIRE STORY ON DAILY MAIL



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4 responses to “The Honeytrap for Julian Assange”

  1. Rai Muhammad Saleh A Avatar
    Rai Muhammad Saleh A

    So much for Swedish justice. Surprising how a court can issue arrest warrants on such flimsy and dubious charges.

  2. Ahsan Jabbar Avatar
    Ahsan Jabbar

    Do you think one of the reasons why wiki leaked at this particular time, was to cover-up or should i say deviate from such news (below) which is hardly being covered by our local media:

  3. Sular Avatar

    Truth fears no fall. We are expecting the leaks in corrupted money transfered in foreign banks, investment in agricultural land, real estate, investment in industry, shopping malls and gas stations in USA UK Canada Duabi, EU etc. It has been high lighted by various TV talk show that political leaders are blaming each others.

    Whenever you are at large MR Julian Assange please highlight this burrning issues.God bless you Julian Assange.

  4. farrahshah Avatar

    Real life James Bond episode……….Interesting …..full marks to his brilliance ,looks ,and dareness

    it is just too obvious the women want fame.