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  • The Honeytrap for Julian Assange

    The Daily Mail studies the sexual assault charges in Sweden which have landed Julian Assange in a worldwide hunt after his startling revelations against the American hegemony. The story is of two women who met up with Julian in August had mutual sex and two days later turn on him charging him with sexual assault.…

  • Video – Israel Ambassador to Sweden – Shoe’d

    This video appears to be taken just after the shoe went flying out of control, as the students are irate, but very soon later two books are hurled at the podium and some hot words exchanged. Seems a little satisfying considering how intensive the Israeli government has been in grazing the Gaza strip

  • Shoe hurled at Israeli ambassador in Sweden

    A woman in Sweden has thrown a shoe at the Israeli ambassador Benny Degan and it him in the chest as he was giving a lecture on Israel’s forthcoming elections. While another person hurled two books but unfortunately missed the dignitary. Ylva Kornheffer, a board member of the Stockholm Association of Foreign Affairs, the student…