Video – Israel Ambassador to Sweden – Shoe’d

This video appears to be taken just after the shoe went flying out of control, as the students are irate, but very soon later two books are hurled at the podium and some hot words exchanged. Seems a little satisfying considering how intensive the Israeli government has been in grazing the Gaza strip



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11 responses to “Video – Israel Ambassador to Sweden – Shoe’d”

  1. dr.jawwadkhan Avatar


    i hope for the time when these butchers come under knives.

  2. Robert Bates Avatar
    Robert Bates

    A wonderful protest against the representative of an oppressive state which recently committed war crimes aganist the Gazan people.

    I hope all and any Israeli who speaks in public is "shoed".

  3. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    sigh. How long will we fool ourselves? such tactics are not going to help at all. Placing badges on blogs, chanting slogans..I wonder how is it going to save future Palestinian children? any idea please?

  4. Syed Avatar

    Adnan! The naswer to your and every Muslims questions are available in Quran. Alas! we keep wondering here and there and do not go to the solution The Creator of the Universe provided mankind in general and M<uslims in particuler.

    We may study Astrology, Horoscope, fiction etc. etc but Quran sadly is never our PRIORTY. Thiose who do read Quran only recite it and never try to understand the meaning. Can anyone tell me if we do not understand the meaning, how can the book be usefull for us? Did Allah want us just to keep reciting it only? The visitors who keep visiting this Blog may answer this very honesly, irrespective of their political affiliation or back ground. How many of us have tried to read Quran by understanding? Allah Knows well.

    It is not bad that you study Astrology or for that matter any field of science. Rather Allah Commands you to seek knowledge. But if someone for his family and career's sake acquires knowledge, the reading of Quran by understanding, becomes an obligation upon that man. Those who are illiterate and know nothing at all, Allah SWT May forgive them but not us, the educated class. We go to market and we try to find out what is genuine product, Japanese, Taiwani or Chinese product and try our level best to purchase the best that we can afford.

    What about Guidance? What about the Sirate -e- Mustaqeem?

    I am in my 40s now and just about 4 years back Allah SWT Guided me to read Quran by understanding. Believe me it is the Most Interesting, Full of Knowledge and Guidance that I ever laid my hand upon. Naturally it is from Allah The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. And to Him is our rreturn. Allah SWT is going to question us as to why did we not think deeply in Quran? Messenger of Allah is going to complain about his Ummah by saying to Allah, " O my Lord, my ummah had anondoned the Quran".

    I have read my portion of fiction of the likes of Ludlum, Agatha Christy and Chase and many others at various stages oof my life. Now Alhamdulillah I Love Quran as my ultimate GGuide and companion. And what a good companion. This Quran never leaves me confused about any matter Alhamdulillah.


    So better read Quran all of you who have doubts about the affairs of the world that may be confusing them. Or any matter whatsoever of life of this world or hereafter.

    Jizak Allah Minalkhair

  5. Asad Ali Avatar
    Asad Ali

    @ Syed,

    indeed there is NO DOUBT IN QURAN AL-HAKEEM,

    to everyone !

    READ IF YOU CAN READ, or only listen if you can,

    THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE AYAT (verse, phrase)



  6. guYasir Avatar


    You're absolutely rite that contemporary Muslims have forgotten Koran and just recite it and keep it in the rack without understanding and seek solace in Alim Online or Maulvi Online/offline or pir-fakeers or Amil etc etc.

    We all are goin towards Secular Materialistic NWO which is cause of our present predicament.

    Our ruling class are subverting us by "Trading with the Enemy"

    Especially Saudi ruling class who are real responsible for our chaos and carnage. They are bunch of idiots who are nothing as military force neither as economical force.

    The economic war has been wage on Arab countries to debase them becuz they are getting too stronger and too wealthy and lots dependent on West Money and Honey.

    According to Pastor Lindsey Williams who said that;

    1. The reason why the "elite" dropped the world price of oil down below $50.00 a barrel was to wage economic warfare against the Arab/ OPEC countries. "They" seek to bankrupt OPEC countries., esp the Iranians by cutting their revenues more than 75%. Why would they do that? Becuz Iran and the other OPEC states are getting too strong and too wealthy. The Iranians are running an oil bourse that effectively sidesteps the oil markets of New York and London. (Even worse they are trading oil not for dollars but for other currencies such as the Euro. This is a direct threat to the western banking system.)

    2. Because of the tremendous cut in revenue to the Arab states (75%.) Dubai will become a "wasteland." Already they have suspended all construction on major buildings in Dubai. "There will be no change in the future.”

    3. All of the Arab states are sliding into a depression. Their budget planning is based upon $80.00 oil, so they are cutting their expenditures dramatically—-especially infrastructure and public works.

    My note: All happeneing becuz we don't trade according to Allah Laws, we damn care about them, we are doing the same what "manna" folks did b4 us. Usury and interest based business never prosper and we are deep into dis usury business which is father of all sins.

    So all in all neglecting Koranic Laws let drag yourselves into abyss…

  7. guYasir Avatar

    This is very wonderful verse from Bible for all of us

    Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6.19-21

  8. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar

    @Syed: Waiyak.

    I do second you what you mentioned above and it's 100% true. I was not asking "the solution".Alhamdolillah I do know that Quran and Sunnah are the only way to save us. My question was from those who get happy on such things. they are fooling themselves. Setting facebook avators, placing badges might help to show off but in reality it's not going to make any difference.

    Masha Allah that Allah guided you. Offcourse guidance is in Allah's hands but He guides only to those who actually wish for that otherwise same Allah says in Sural Ale-Imran,"Deaf,Dumb and blind and they understand not"

    @yasir: jazakAllah for sharing this beautiful verse.

  9. farrah, k.raja Avatar
    farrah, k.raja

    Muslims :

    Some Muslims are extremely caotic when they do not see things in prospective and scenarios.

    Quran is a book but what about the people who do not believe in the book?

    Now we cannot go on killing 60% of World because they do not want Quran.

    We cannot apply Quran on non-muslims.In the same context

    Palestine problem is a problem right but how much can we practically do ?This is the question.

    Pakistan has its own problems,the uniformity followers of Prophet Muhammad seek today is not possible not when Ialam is not confined to Pakistan.

    Arabs,Europeans,Indians,Africans,Muslims of USA have claim on Islam.

    A person who wears jeans,Shalwar Qameez is the follower of same book.

    The core values are same,the principals are same but Islam is a freedom,it does not ask for race,colour ,geography or past of a person.

    Islam is rising and is spreading fast.Iran,Iraq,Somalia,Egypt,Jordan ,Palestine,Kashmir,PakistanIndonesia all these countries are Islamic countries but they have their own foreign policey they have their own political and geographical questions,they have to answer.

    also countries like India,Malaysia,Srilanka,Ghana,European countries and USA everywhere there are Muslims living in mixed communities.

    Islam cannot be black and white it has all different shades of the World.Everyone has special relationship with Allah.

    Pious is not the one who puts the show of Namaz and Hajj,pious is the one who stops himself from temptation,who

    is afraid of Allah in his heart and does not judge people.

    Judgement is for God.

    I do not feel comfertable when people speak negatively about Saudia.

    People have to be extremely careful.Saudi Arabia is centre of Islamic world.When people talk of change in Saudi Arabia they seek big upheavel which can divide muslim world.

    Saudi Arabia is a country it should have its ties with Christian,Muslim and Jewish and non-Islamic countries as well.

    It should stay impartial and above of politics,so should be Pakistanis.We have to be very careful seeing the voilence from afghanistan,previously sectarian voilence with Iran…… only teaches us one lesson………….Islam is a religion which unites people but it doesnot provide political unity.

    Political unity cannot be achieved because everyone is responsible for people under their flag .

    Islam is in Asia ,in Europe in Africa,three continents,people of Pkaistan cannot fight for three continents neither we should expect other to fight for us,it simple means one thing drawing the world into war.

    Which Muslims should not try.

    At the height of Islamic might we have seen Muslims killing Muslims.

    Power and evil goes hand in hand.

    Muslims of Pakistan have to rise politically,morally and religiously to understand we have differences within Muslims.We must not not think of killing each other or forcing change.

    Islam would not deteriate any further.If we didnot stop here Muslims will stop declaring themselves Muslims because of fear of prosecution.

    acceptance is the way,not fear .

  10. Syed Avatar

    Yasir! Though we Muslims believe in Jesus as a Messanger of Allah, yet we do not believe in bible (old testamint and new both) as the same has not been preserved by Allah SWT. Final testimon is Al Quran that Allah Has Promised to preerve till eternity or Final Hour.

    Messenger of ALlah May Peace Be Upon Him said tohis companions, "Save yourself from Fire even by giving half a date in charity".

    This means that charity in the way of Allah, to please Him alone, will Allah Willing be able to save us from Hell Fire. Half a date means that it is being advised to those poor Muslims who have limited means that even they can benefit by giving however small worth it may be and save themselves from Hell Fire.People however, shouild give charity according to their means. And Allah SWT very well Knows what we do.

  11. a muslimah Avatar
    a muslimah

    congratulations on your embracing islam….may Allah be our saviour and his blessings be upon us…aameen.

    Im not a religious person but i try to be ..although its hard.

    I usually read the news and watch it. It seems the world is falling apart. It depresses me hard its hard to get along and do the normal chores as i ve got two daughters and im a house wife, but i find myself helpkless, i cant do anythning to protect innocents and specially when they are muslims and its my job to do so as im one too or do something against all these freemasons and attrocities.

    i wish and i pray that hazrat mehdi may Alahs blessings be upon him comes soon and stop all these anti islamists and innocent kids from the daily slaughtering. It just breaks my heart when i see those children,as im a mother myself.