Human Rights and Blasphemy in Pakistan

Today, Human Rights Day is being observed all around the world. Every year, on the 10th of December, this day is celebrated to acknowledge and honor, United Nations’ adoption of ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’, sixty two ago in 1948. The theme for commemoration is different every year. This year’s theme identifies the struggle and sacrifices of Human Rights activists around the world, who risk their lives to safeguard rights of the others, against violence, women abuse, child abuse, physical torture, religious and gender discrimination etc.

Perhaps there cannot be a more pertinent theme than this for our beloved country Pakistan. Violence, Torture, physical, social and mental, Woman abuse, Child abuse, Elderly abuse, Oppression of those without power. You name a right that can be abused and we have plentiful examples in the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Yet today the Governing class will cherish the photo opportunity and there will be lot of desk banging for the sake of Human Rights. Such is the scale of sheer hypocrisy in this country that even dogs have become nauseated.

Look at the news tonight and tomorrow and you will see scores of shows and seminars were organized for this purpose. New programs were announced. Different speeches and lectured were delivered by many influential people of the country. We are all talk but no walk at all. All we can do is pay lip service. Has anyone ever thought about their personal conduct? It makes me wonder how they get a peaceful night of sleep. Don’t they have an iota of conscience left in them?

Hunger, poverty, injustice, oppression, unfairness, obscurantism, and darkness engulf the life of the teeming millions in this country. And all we can do is talk, talk and talk. We talk so much about the rights of the people of our country, but when the time comes for action, all we see is abuse. Starting right from the top. The basic rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness seem to be the stuff of fairytale luxury that is out of reach for the common people.

Who are we waiting for? A Messiah? He will never come. When will we stand up for ourselves?

Along with many other issues of Human Rights, the rights of marginalized minorities are also not taken care of. Look at poor Aasia bibi’s case. We still do not know on what basis she has found guilty, and what are those issues on which blasphemy is charged? There is a vague understanding of Blasphemy law among the people.

If blasphemy is a simple matter of disrespect, then we Muslims are the biggest blasphemers. We, who do not pay any attention to the Sunnah of our Sadiq and Ameen Prophet. We, who ignore his teachings for Truth and Justice, at each and every single step of our live, and every moment of every day. We are the blasphemers, not some poor old Christian Woman who dare not even speak up.

Shame is upon us. All Muslim Pakistanis. For our blasphemous conduct in our everyday life.

So what is the point of celebrating this day when we cannot protect the rights of our people and minorities in our country. And there is also no need to make promises and speeches concerning Human Rights, when we have failed miserably to deliver on any previous promise.
If there is any one single term word that defines the teachings of Islam, what Quran says and what Sunnah of the Prophet is, more than any other term, that term is ‘Haqooq Ul Ibaad’. Will someone translate that into English please?

That is the sole and the single purpose and aim of ISLAM, which we Pakistanis cherish as our State, Public and Private Religion and Belief.

That is what we claim is our ‘Deen’. Our way of Life.

Haqooq ……….. Ul…………. Ibaad.

Human Rights.

That is the lesson taught to us 14 hundred years ago. Is this not the time that we learn it?

We either stand up and be counted. Or we shut up and perish in misery.



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57 responses to “Human Rights and Blasphemy in Pakistan”

  1. tension Avatar

    United Nations and Human Rights?? What a joke.

    Its a mirage that only shines whenever applicable to a third world (mostly Islamic countries).

    United Nations never wakes up when it comes to human rights violations in Kashmir or Palestine or when a third world country violates every human right in following the commandments of the Masters. NO SIR, rather they are awarded with AID, more AID and more AID.

    United Nation and the so called Moral Idols only play this card when it suits their own benefits.

    All the media in west cries river when Gays are persecuted in Iran, but when Husni Mubarak cracks down on Muslim opposition, the same United Nations turns its head the other way.

    When the same Saddam Hussain was riding with the daddies, no body cried foul on the crack down on oppositions and when he differed with the daddies he became the MONSTER of the world.

    So don't lecture us on the moral standards adopted by hypocrites.

    1. Brumby Avatar

      Tension, You did not mention a word regarding what Awaam has wrien above…. I guess either you did not read what is written or you did not understand.

  2. Mr. Point Avatar
    Mr. Point

    @Mr. Tension: Agreed! The west frequently looks the other way when it comes to human rights violations (as you said when it doesn't suit the masters), but forget them, lets talk about ourselves. We claim to be the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan", last time I checked Islam is supposed to be the earliest deen to establish the concept of human rights. I bet you cannot imagine what Asia Bibi is going including her family, having to run around, having to always stay ahead of their violent detractors, imagine yourself her family having to fall asleep with unending fear of what the next day will bring them. Even if she is acquitted their lives will never be the same, for the very reason that we like to prove to the world that we are hypocrites No. 1.

    Its time that we removed the false veil we wear under the banner of being an Islamic Republic and keep religion separate from the affairs of the state, just like it was meant to be since the inception of this country!

  3. no Avatar

    what bs

    what about the human rights of the dozens of people who are every other day killed by drone attacks? why don't the NGO's talk about them ? can't bite the hand that feeds you? why all the attention to 'misuse' of blasphemy law .. name one law which is NOT being misued in Pakistan ?

    the western hyporcites themselves can make whatever law they want but have objections on our laws, what about the laws of banning minarets in Switzerland and burqa in france /belgium ?


    I agree with you, all this talk of 'human rights' is merely a tool in hand of the western powers to keep us in check

    .. just see that how they are at one side they have arrested the wkileaks guy and at the other side are handing out the nobel peace prize to a Chinese dissented .. just imagine if the wikileaks was leaking out the chinese offical documents instead of American than the same julian assange would have been receiving the nobel prize

    1. Brumby Avatar

      @ No. Please do not change the topic. Awaam is talking about Pakistan and not Switzerland (I am sure if you get the visa would happliy migrate to the west unless you are already living there and enjoying all that freedom has to offer yet willing to deny the same for the people of pakistan).

      Ok so could you please help us understand the meaning of Haqooq ……….. Ul…………. Ibaad.

      Nothing but Pathetic that’s what you and @tensions are.

  4. readinglord Avatar

    Which Islam are you talking about: Maki

    Islam, which was all for human rights, or

    the Madni one, in which political

    considerations became supreme. In the

    latter case even the Prophet of God

    being in control human rights were not

    lost sight of during 'Ghazwaas' (battles

    during which the prophet was present).

    But today Islam is being used only as a

    tyrannical bigotry against the vulnerable

    and the weak.

    1. qasim Avatar

      Qadianis and their brothers 'Orphaned-Communists' seem to be very active here.

    2. Brumby Avatar

      There are as many Islams as there are muslims.

  5. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Which Islam are you talking about


    In "every" kind of Islam blasphemy is a very serious crime..

    Want to see the opinions of "different kinds of Islam"

    follow the link

    1. Imaran Avatar

      So Islam is a religion of terror, hate, oppression and intolerance. This is settled. You have said so yourself.

      Any reason why everyone should not spit on Islam now?

    2. Imaran Avatar

      PS: I spit on your religion of hate. Now come and kill me.

    3. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      Call your shrink ….JACKASS

    4. Brumby Avatar

      @ Imran; I loved your response. You see, folks like Dr. Jawwad do not do the dirty work themselves becasue they have their beloved Talibans doing it for them. Dr. Jawwad's job is to provde them with moral support only.

  6. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar


    this is the most ridiculous thing i have ever read…

    She was investigated, trialed , witnessed ,convicted and finally plead for mercy….how could be she is a innocent poor woman?

    this is not a case a traditional vengeance as we see in Punjab where minor grudges may leads to serious crime allegations.

    You can't make the honor and dignity of a prophet as a child's play..

    Lets hang her and finish this chapter for once and all.

    1. no Avatar

      haha …

      Do you remember Mr Teeth on Dr Aaafia's verdict

      "After two days of deliberation if the jury has come out with a guilty verdict, we must simply accept the decision, pending a possible appeal, Dr. Aafia is guilty. Being a staunch believer in supremacy of judiciary we must accept this verdict"

      now, why can't we apply the same logic here ?

    2. Brumby Avatar

      There was no jury in this trial. Also, Do you remeber what happened to the Judge who acquitted an alleged accused of blasphmey in lahore. He was killed.

      You people are hidden talibans….

    3. Imaran Avatar

      "She was investigated, trialed , witnessed ,convicted "

      So was Afia Siddiqui. So stop moaning for her.

  7. azhar aslam Avatar
    azhar aslam

    At the end of this article we asked

    '' That is the lesson taught to us 14 hundred years ago. Is this not the time that we learn it?''

    from the comments made it is clear we are unfortunately not ready to learn yet. (

    1. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      Yes the lesson was crystal clear. Kill the bastard…

      Blasphemy law is practiced in dozens of countries but it is only spineless worm like Pakistani Muslims who feel sorry to protect the honor and dignity of their holy prophet(pbuh)

  8. Alphast Avatar

    Well, I read eight comments and I can not see one decent human being. It saddens me that, indeed, the author of this post is proven right. Pakistani, if the sample of these comments is in any way representative, seem more interested in blaming others for their own problems than trying to understand what is wrong in their own country. It would only be sad for themselves and their fellow citizens, if, unfortunately, their country was not constantly exporting its moral and political misery to its neighboors.

    1. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      "Well, I read eight comments and I can not see one decent human being…."


      We know your level of decency…you feel offended when some one try argue against Holocaust. That is why Holocaust denial is a crime in many European countries…why?

      It is okay to offend billions of people but it is a felony to offend few Jews…

      Strange time has come a lowlife drunkard abuser has more rights than a most exalted and most revered prophet..

    2. Brumby Avatar

      @ Alphast you so right. I am Pakistani and ashamed to be one but it was not by chioce.

    3. MojoMan Avatar


      Tum aik aur Pakistani ho, dosrey to tumhain decent insaan lagtey hee nahee hain, sirf aik tumh hee inssaan rah gaey.

      Bhi, yai bhee bataado, nashtey main sirf ghans khatey ho yaa niswaar bheee?

    4. Alphast Avatar

      @Jawwad: For your information (and I know that you read my blog, so you should know it), I am just as opposed to the laws in some EU countries that ban negating the Holocaust. While I know Holocaust deniers are ignorant morons, I think that Freedom of Speach is sacred and should be defended, even for morons. Unlike you, I defend the rights of everyone, not just my own community. By the way, for your information too, offending Jews is just as ok in Europe than offending Muslims. Europeans have the right to mock religion if they so chose, which is a sound and good thing. It keeps minds sharp and critical and forces religious people into paying attention to what they say. The only thing which is forbidden in some EU countries is to negate the Holocaust. I understand the reasoning, even if I disagree: we European were so traumatised about killing millions of people for no reason, that we want to avoid it to ever happen again, which is why even negating it is an offense. Yet, unlike in Pakistan, you can at worst get a big fine for it. Nobody will kill you if you negate the Holocaust. Can you see the difference with your horrible blasphemy laws?

    5. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      @ Alphast!

      I can't help it….it is a knee jerk reaction of any muslim who have slightest faction of faith.I can't give you or transfer you the emotional affiliation we have with our Prophet Mohammed(saw) until then keep amazing that how some people demand a death sentence for blasphemer. Till then keep your nose poked in your own shit…

    6. Alphast Avatar

      @Jawwad: speaking about shit, how can you fail to understand that to be blaspheming against a religion, one needs to be of the same religion, per definition of blasphemy. Words have a meaning. That's a first point. The second point, I would like to make is that you call it yourself a knee-jerk reaction. Knee-jerk is not rational, nor justice, it is an animal response to an external stimulus. I would hope (although reading your comments I begin to wonder) that Muslims are more Human than Animals and can go further than the knee-jerk reaction. Maybe they can wonder why this woman has been accused, discover that the charges were trumped, realize that the accusation is based on hearsay and people interested in revenge about water rights. Then they could realize that maybe this woman was not stupid enough to utter anything even remotely offensive in a country as fanatical as Pakistan. Maybe then they would realize that her donfession was most probably under duress. And then they would finally discover that the asinine cleric who is calling for her murder and willing to pay for it is actually interested either economically or politically. Of course, it would require some critical thinking and reasoning as well as an ounce of intelligence…

    7. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      What kind of logic is that? from outside is okay from inside is not okay? .May be you are right according to your dictionary but for us blasphemy is blasphemy.

      You can dislike me,you can hate me and you can even call me names in your house….but if you come inside my house and start abusing my beloved father then there will be some consequences.Is it so hard to understand?

      Knee Jerk reaction is the sign of aliveness and integrity.Ask your doctor.

      She was convicted by the court of law. she was investigated properly, given a chance of fair trial,She confessed and convicted and later on pleaded for mercy. Isn't that enough?

      Can you explain why western countries show hyperactivity when it comes to blasphemy issue? why they feel cramps of humanity on blasphemy? why not they have it before going to war against poor Muslim countries? Why not when your soldiers kills unarmed civilian men,women and children. When your bombs tear the bodies of innocent people apart?

      Why European newspapers repeatedly publish the blasphemous cartoons?

      why facebook announces draw Mohammed(saw) competition? while it can not stand a page of Hitler for few hours?

      Let me guess! i know the are anti-war and you demonstrated against it. you are not the part of government blah blah ….but you all have one thing is common that is Islamophobia.

    8. Alphast Avatar

      I am certainly against the use and abuse of religion (any religion) in politics. Islam or Christianity, I could not care less. Religion should stay in the private sphere where it belongs. As for your "outside and inside" comment, it shows that you have no understanding of the word "blasphemy". It can not be a crime to make a negative comment about a religious figure belonging to a religion that you do not believe in. You should not be punished for rules that apply to another religion than yours. Actually, I even believe that you should not be punished at all for anything relating to religion, as it should have nothing to do with State affairs. Christians should have the same rights than Muslims in Pakistan. They were there before Pakistan even existed as a State. They are a minority, so they should be protected, not oppressed.

      As for the Mohamed caricatures in some Western newspaper, why not? They are mocking religion? So what? It is freedom of expression. They do the same for Christianity or Judaism all the time and nobody cares (or very few actually bother to complain). And yes, you can have a page mocking Hitler too. Yet, you can not have a page defending him, which I find unfortunate. I believe in total Freedom of Expression, with the only exception of calls for murder or physical harm. Some cold even argue that defending Hitler is a call for murder, because Hitler was responsible for the murder of so many people. Although I think that is correct, I believe even this discussion should be allowed. So as you can see, unlike you, I refuse to have doube standards.

    9. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      As for the Mohamed caricatures in some Western newspaper, why not? They are mocking religion? So what? It is freedom of expression.


      that is extremely disgusting and highly offensive in my part of the world.

      I wish you could understand that.

      Tell me why i am supposed to see the definition of blasphemy in your dictionary while Islam defines and describes it in details?

      any thing to the religion? the problem is this "any thing" is considered as a crime in Islam.


      "So as you can see, unlike you, I refuse to have doube standards"

      I think you made a mistake by giving this judgment … 🙂

      Instead of respecting my law of land which reflects the emotional affiliations of 96% of its population you are teaching us your own standards without realizing that these standards are extremely disgusting and highly offensive.You are constantly giving us a lecture on tolerance.

      Is it your daily practice?

      we already have code of conduct and we firmly believe in it and you are demanding us to throw it away, stop believing in it and start believing on shameless and disgusting derogation with the prophets on the name of freedom of expression.

      Is that a decent practice? a man is telling you that i am offended by this thing and you are persistently trying to convince him that this is not offending and disgusting….is that you do in your personal life.


      Got that?

  9. farrahshah Avatar

    I think we must keep the law .But it is extremely disturbing to see mob and common people using Blasphemy as an excuse to murder people.

    Remove Blasphemy there are plenty more excuses like the property fued,political rivalry ,Ghairat and biggest of all to be Ghareeb………..

    It is not the law which is killing people it is the mob and the witch hunting .

    Do we expect Christians to respect our religion?

    1. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      @ Farrah Shah!

      Welcome back…you are quite right.In the absence of the law people will do the justice according to their own discretion.

      This law is necessary to protect those who are innocent.

      But we should not forget the case of Asia bibi was quite different from traditional common cases we see mostly in Punjab.She was convicted and pleaded for mercy.

      Yes we can't expect from a christian to respect our religion and our prophet but we do expect them to follow the law.

      You have a right to dislike some one but you have no right to abuse some or targeting some one of your derogatory and offensive remarks. Things getting worse if the target is some one who is loved and revered and worst when such disgusting crime committed against Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh)……

    2. Brumby Avatar


      If Asia Bibi get the punsihment given, her blood will be on all of us. Do you undertand the difference? An indvidual act is an act of his or her own but if Asia is punished usder the law it will be on all of us.

  10. farrahshah Avatar

    Benazir removed hang till death for woman they just used the bullet for her ??????

    It is not a question of Blasphemy law?

    We have to look deeper into increasing cases of voilence in our country ,black mailing ,harrasment and murder has become a part and parcel of daily life.

    1. awara Avatar

      Farrah Shah,

      Good point, but the problem is no body would give us peace or nobel award if we only cry of the deteriorating law and order situation in Pakistan.

      We need fame, atlast some day some one from BBC, CNN or TIMES would call us to take our comments and then we would be able to brag about it among our *low class* ham-watans.

  11. no Avatar


    learn to respect the law, as I said earlier if all others US/EU can have their own draconian laws than why can't we have our own ?

    If there is a referendum than majority of people will vote to keep the blasphemy law, so learn to respect the will of people and democracy

    1. Brumby Avatar


      Thanks, at least you admit that the blasphemy law is draconian. A democratic parliament did not enact this law? A dictator did with handpicked shura.

      You say, Learn to respect the Law? Even if it lacks simple common sense? Maybe you can live with evil amongst you but decent people can not. They object to cruelty and inhuman treatment done to anybody. Banning minarets and Burqa in Switzerland, france, and belgium is not the same a killing someone for hurting a persons feelings and that’s what Asia Bibi did. She allowed her anger to take control when she was told that she was less of a human because she was not a muslim.

      Do you agree with that? Is Asia bib less of a human? Didn’t’ Asia’s accusers hurt her feelings? What punishment do you suggest for? If you think you are a decent person then you must agree that Asia is not less of a human, do you?

    2. Imaran Avatar

      Which Muslim has been killed in UK/US for blasphemy or even tried for it?

      Idiot, this sis your own fascist religion that is so despicable.

  12. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    "learn to respect the law"


    He can't …he is a brumby

    1. Brumby Avatar

      @ Dr. Jawaad Khan,

      If you are a real doctor and not a quack then you must have taken the Hippocratic Oath (and no it was not invented by a muslim). Please read it again.

    2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar


      I don't know who you are but all like all Muslim we are in covenant with Allah(swt). As mentioned in Quran e Kareem:

      "And (remember) when thy Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their reins, their seed, and made them testify of themselves, (saying): Am I not your Lord? They said: Yea, verily. We testify. (That was) lest ye should say at the Day of Resurrection: Lo! of this we were unaware"

      If you are Muslim then honor this covenant,if not then at least have some respect the law of the land which represents the emotional affiliations of millions of Muslims of Pakistan…

      Your problem is that you are blinded by your own perverted will that made you unable to believe on any other thing….

      My Hippocratic Oath??? what kind of logic is that? should i also treat injured and sick Taliban of TTP?

  13. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    sorry! I forgot to give the reference of the above verse of Quran…..Its Sura Al Araf (7:172)

    1. Brumby Avatar


      To bad this blog doesn't allow Arabic script, otherwise you would have liked to copy paste in Arabic rather than English, jut to sound more authentic. Isn't that what your types do.?First they recite in Arabic and then they translate in English just to showoff even if the other person doesn't understand Arabic.

      Anyway, what about forgiveness? Is it not in the Quran? Or do you pick and choose what you want to practice.

      “Hold to forgiveness, command what is right, and turn away from the ignorant.” [Qur’an, 7:199]

      In another verse: “… They should rather pardon and overlook. Would you not love Allah to forgive you? Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Qur’an, 24:22]

      “The repayment of a bad action is one equivalent to it. But if someone pardons and puts things right, his reward is with Allah…” [Qur’an, 42:40]

      “…. But if you pardon and exonerate and forgive, Allah is Ever-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” [Qur’an, 64: 14]

      Also, according to Quran, forgiveness is a superior moral trait: “But if someone is steadfast and forgives, that is the most resolute course to follow.” [Qur’an, 42:43]

      You see, anyone can quote from the book the real challenge is to understand it.

  14. jibran Avatar


    If you can understand, blasphemy is not a personal issue. It is advisable to forgive your personal issues, not blasphemy.

    When you can not come up with a sound reason, you copy paste Quran to twist the teachings according to your own desires.

    Why are you so adamant to protect the criminals committing blasphemy?

    According to your rules, if a majority wants a law then why do you see it a problem? You pick and choose what type of *damn-ocracy* you want? You are confused yourself.

    Humanity is not about insulting the prophet of Muslims, rather humanity is to stop the criminals from committing the crime that tortures and humiliates Muslims by insulting their beloved prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him).

    Recall Ghazi Alam Deen Shaheed and read history about what Qaid-e-Azam tried to save him.

    1. Brumby Avatar


      It is hard to argue with some one who thinks he/she is speaking for god. Sad you have such a nice name. Have you read Khalil Jibran…. Maybe you should.

      So when I quote Quran it is for my convenience and when Dr. Jawwad quotes it he is on the gods side.

      And obviously you did not read my earlier comments “A democratic parliament did not enact this law? A dictator did with handpicked shura. But why I am telling you this you do not believe in rule by the people. You are waiting for a Kahlifa who will save you.

  15. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    Its ridiculously insane to ask a license of blasphemy in Pakistan.

    Are you guys so naive and ignorant that you have no idea what Quran and Ahadith say about blasphemy neither you know the level of reverence and emotional affiliation of 96% of population? …..i don't think so.

    I believe you guys have a dirty agenda.

    1. Brumby Avatar

      @Dr. Jawwad….

      Oh that conspiracy theory argument….Brumby is not agreeing with me so he must have an agenda, a hidden motive. While your reasoning has no ulterior motive.

      By the way the 96% that you quote includes millions of quaideenins, Ismailis, Shia’s, zikris, and many others like me that you do not think are real Muslims….

      Dr. Jawwad, you can not have it both ways. You can not be a supporter of pakistans blasphemy law and be a decent human being at the same time. Take your pick and be honest about it. It is the educated people like you who are the real problem. They mingle with the civilized and sympathize with the zealots.

  16. jibran Avatar


    You can not have it both ways either, you want democracy, rule of majority and then when it favors Muslims and Islam, you want a twist.

    If a dictator enforced this law by force, then all our prayers for that dictator, May Allah bring peace to him, Ameen. He was better than the *elected* bastards currently ruling Pakistan, who only live to have photo-shoots and money-bags.

    We can not abolish a law because its misused. If we go that way, we would have no law even in the books. Because 100% of our laws are abused.

    What Pakistan needs is the enforcement of law and order, what we need to do is get rid of these scums, who have hijacked Pakistan in the name of *damn-ocracy*.

    1. Brumby Avatar

      @ Jibran,

      Thank you for coming out of the closet and identifying yourself. Your praise for the dictator proves me correct that you are nothing but a hidden taliban.

    2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

      I think that the best way is not argument because the "other side" is not ready to listen the logical argument.

      The best way is to condemn this attitude and show our disgustingness against this liberal attitude…

    3. Brumby Avatar

      @ Jawwad:

      I really loved your response “the "other side” is not ready to listen the logical argument”.

      There is not logic in religion. It is purely a matter of belief. I you believe that you speak for god, then how can any logical person argue with you?

      And I wonder what methods of condemnation are you will to apply. Would you be willing to go as far as your beloved talibans?

  17. no Avatar


    You must be feeling relieved, your masters managed to donr 60 more Pakistanis in Khyber agency yesterday

    1. no Avatar


  18. readinglord Avatar

    I am a lay man knowing little of the legal intricacies of jurisprudence but I wonder whereas there is much stress on intention, called mens rae in legal jargon, there is no provision in the law to require the establishment of the bona fide of the accuser. My point is why any dick and harry with ulterior motives, having no genuine cause of action, is given the right to accuse somebody of blasphemy. Perhaps, as it is, even a person like Abulehb can accuse any body of blasphemy to get all genuine Muslims exterminated or at least make them go through the tyranny of police and judiciary, which seem to be hand in glove with the theocracy for obvious reasons.

  19. AlphaDog Avatar

    @Brumby ,

    I'm out of the closet too. Praise to the dictator(s) who were far better than the current "democratic" bastards ruling this country..

    Count me in too 🙂

    Shove up your democracy up yours.

    I am sick and tired of these bastards from PPP, I'm waiting when the boots come knocking the parlimant house. I hope they don't let the crooks escape.

  20. Brumby Avatar

    @ Alpha Dog,

    I see! you have come out of closet and enjoy getting bamboozled by the dictators. This tells us that you are one of those who like to take …….Do you know that you number is not far behind after the taliban types get done Asia Bibi.

    1. AlphaDog Avatar


      I don't think taliban types would come after me when they are done with Asia Bibi, I think they would come after *orphaned-communists* like you :), Lol

      Did you already apply for the visa? or are you going to claim refugee status in CONGO?

  21. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    " Do you know that you number is not far behind after the taliban types get done Asia Bibi".


    World is full of idiots is not right nowadays rather we should say that world is full of @$$ #%&*$