A Step towards Decency, If not Peace

Much before the two Prime Ministers can agree on a solution to Kashmir problem, converting Siachen into a peace park or concluding a no war pact, they could begin by taking a few small steps that can bring the two neighbors closer to decency if not peace. Each day as the flags are lowered at the Wagah border, Indian and Pakistani guards high-kick and stamp their feet in a vulgar display of aggression, anger and animosity. The spectators on both sides line up in large numbers to passionately applaud this officially choreographed drama of make-believe power and masculinity.

Why do the two neighbors need to enact hatred as a symbol of their national pride. Why can they not lower their flags with peace and dignity – like it is done the world over. Is it too much to ask that as the fever subsides at Mohali, the two Prime Ministers will come to a small and simple agreement – the two sides will henceforth put an end to the disgusting daily display of belligerent posturing at the Wagah border.

The ceremony that provides a daily dose of hatred to the people of both sides continues despite an earlier indication that it would be stopped. Wonder which party shall exhibit greater wisdom, friendship and good sense by announcing a unilateral end to this insane practice



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13 responses to “A Step towards Decency, If not Peace”

  1. readinglord Avatar

    To hell with this bloody CAPTCHA

    code. I lost my comment.

  2. Dr.Jawwad Khan Avatar

    the two sides will henceforth put an end to the disgusting daily display of belligerent posturing at the Wagah border.


    Who the F%&k are you guys!!!!

  3. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Visited Awab's blog after a long time only to stumble upon this heap of rubbish post. How come is it a vulgar display of animosity? I always took it as a gesture to acknowledge the neighborhood and a political signature of peace for the historical nuclear rivals. Imagine the tension at 38th parallel north between North and South Korea.

  4. M Avatar

    Take it as a "healthy drill competition" between the 2 countries.

  5. M Avatar

    and btw, the submit button should be BELOW the captcha

    1. Teeth Maestro Avatar

      Good point -have made the changes – thanks

  6. behzad Avatar

    i think, this hatred cant ever be decreased…. mark my words……

  7. farrah shah Avatar
    farrah shah

    Decency,peace ,border,India ,Pakistan………how incoherrent are all the words.

  8. Whats In a Name Avatar
    Whats In a Name

    The hatred does not stem from this meager flag changing ceremony. It is certainly deeper rooted. This is rather a show of patriotism.

    Hatred comes from 1947, of the atrocities of the people from the other side of Wagah. It comes from their government illegally stomping on the resources allocated to Pakistan. It comes from the illegal occupation of Kashmir, hundreds of thousands civilians killed, our sisters disrespected.

    Their aggression in 1965, their brutal invasion in 1971. Their misadventures in Siachin, their massacre in Gujraat and much more..

    You ignore all this and come up with an idea to change the flag ceremony.

  9. Adil Mulki Avatar
    Adil Mulki

    To me the ceremony means a lot of things…

    It has been a reminder of our hard-fought freedom / independence.

    It has been a reminder of the similarities between Indian and Pakistani people and a kind of invitation to compete towards excellence, much like the Olympics!!!

    If nothing else, I'd go again and again to see the sparkle in the eyes of the fragile old chacha who, dressed in green dances to national songs every day, and on any given day shouts louder than the youth "PAKISTAAAAAN ZINDABAAAAAD"…and in that instance with the feverish ambiance, the expressions on the wrinkled face of the chacha and the sparkle in his damp eyes is enough to bring moisture to my own.

    You might feel that my comment is emotional rather than logical and you're probably right. But for some, emotions do carry a value.

  10. yaseen ch Avatar

    I think this show of hatred should be stopped as it diminishes the true identity of ours.

  11. umer Avatar

    hindustanis are speaking altaf hussain's language….shame on you traitors