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Save the Nukes

In the past few days I and perhaps many of you have felt exactly the same as we felt 40 years ago in December 1971, when Gen Niazi surrendered to the Indian Army. Some of you were not even born, so lucky you, but most of this group had to face such a humiliation for the second time. But this the beginning of the end. The way things are going, very soon we will face yet another humiliation when the Nucs are taken away by shadowy figures in a dark night.

People in the PAF Air Defence command claim that they had no coverage on the Western sector. My question to them; This Nation is not blaming you for not detecting the incoming attack, what we blame you for is WHY WERE THE SEALS PERMITTED TO LEAVE ? Why not a single bullet was fired? For which sufficient warning was available. Some people say that 2 PAF F-16s were airborne but they were not allowed to engage. If that is the case then come out and inform the Nation. What are you afraid of?

The next question is that why do they claim that our nuclear assets are well guarded. In fact they even have the tenacity to claim this today. If such corridors exist, then how are the Nukes safe? We all know that the enemy will never come from the route where you are well prepared. It is a very basic issue but perhaps the brains of the defenders are clouded with Estate & Plot managements.

I believe that if you and me let things be, it is a matter of time that we hear, a yet another bad news. It will say “The US commandos came quietly in the darkness and took away our Nukes”.

  • They came from a sector where we don’t have radar coverage.
  • They came in LOW flying helicopters which our radars cant pick.
  • They came at night, when we cannot fight or we don’t have full capability.
  • They jammed our communications due to which we could not coordinate our response in time.
  • They fired stun grenades due to which the sentries and terminal defenses could not fight back. & etc

The Foreign Office will say that what has happened has happened and that is history now, we should look forward. No body will resign or be sacked. The Army chief will say ‘ IB KE MAR, IB KE MAR, IB KE MAR ” and all the Corp Commanders will nod in unison saying Yae Yae.  The Air Chief will sit quitely as if nothing has happened. The Naval Chief will say I had nothing to do with it. The President will dare not comment. The PM would plan a visit to some country.

Whereas the beauty is that none of them will even feel disgraced or embarrassed. They will only say that how could we fight we did not have the capability!!!.

Mark my words in the preceding paragraphs.

Being an old retired military man I believe that high tech cannot defeat the resolve of a soldier who is willing to fight. Iran, Hisbollah, Vietnam are numerous examples who have fought USA. There is something known as “Poor mans solution “. Such solutions are very very effective, but they can be conceived by poor men and not by crore patty’s!

The last time we got humiliated in 71, I was too young to do anything, but this time although I am not young but not that old either. So I have decided to do something. I think that Izzat to chali gae, but the NUKEs are still with us. Lets save them.

So lets make an effort whereby we make the chiefs realize their responsibility. I believe that if we all can come together to help our IDPs, then why cant we do something for the whole Nation.

This time I don’t ask for donations, rather I ask for your time and effort on your internet. All I ask is to forward the emails and sms’s to as many as possible and keep forwarding. We shall maintain the barrage till some result is visible or we lose interest..
Remember twitter toppled Hosni.

Let us unite and try to send a message to the top brass to prepare to defend the Nucs and don’t dare to disappoint us again. Work day and night and design defences for every possibility/eventuality. Because we will not accept your excuses of technology etc etc. Tell us today that can you defend or not. If not then lets voluntarily surrender the Nucs. !!!!

As a start we start with clarifying one issue. There is an SMS circulating in the country which is now in the news papers also. It states that

Army radar is for sale which cannot pick helicopters but can catch starplus.

This clearly reflects our sentiments of the civil society. I am myself from the armed forces but I support these sentiments 100%. In fact I demand the resignation of the people responsible. However, I want to clarify one anomaly that it was NOT the Army radar rather Air Force radar which failed. The raid in Abbottabad was from air so it does not fall in the jurisdiction of army ALONE. It was more a failure of the Air Defence Command, which is PAF !!.


  • Jaleel |

    Dear Sir

    In last para, you have attempted to clarify that it was air force radar which failed. That is perhaps part of recent attempts in media to save face value of our esteemed army or precisely the ground forces and their intelligence apparatus. As much as we know, it was an attack by para troopers ( of Navy seals), our army has special units of para troopers specialized both in attack and counter attack tactics; it is really difficult to term this attack as an air attack, in air attacks we do not drop men, these are air to air strikes or air to land strikes which come under air attack precisely. Secondly, radar and border security and such information are shared by all wings of armed forces.

  • Saleem Khan |

    SAVE THE NUKES…Regardless you loose country due to internal terrorism and extremism.

    Our Pakistan's huge tax payer population is having WHITE ELEPHANT to feed Billions of dollars, real estate, Housing Societies, Huge compensations…but result is PLAYING DOUBLE GAME and letting civilians of Pakistan…feel shame.

    Why don't we shake hands of friendship with India, remove burden of White Elephant and huge taxes? In the end…why we can't live like Turkish or Malaysian nations…

  • SaraKhan |

    I want to raise only some points from my politicians and establishment.

    1-Why 3.5 million afghans are still here in our country?

    They have purchased properties, they have pakistani passport, id cards and thousand of homes just like usama resident in Abbottabad.


  • jawad |

    Lets declare poor man's war on the US, and then send the poor people to die. Sounds like a great plan.

  • Manto |

    How about ridding the country of these scumbag terrorists so they stop focussing on us? Surely that has to be part of any strategy

  • moz |

    I would like to ask one more question, which this bias article didn't bothered to raise.

    Why are we protecting international terrorist?

  • readinglord |

    What for?

    Are these nukes, costing billions,

    of any use against our real


    I narrate here a news-report to make my

    point clear:

    "Dacoits entered the house of a jeweler

    in my home town. After completion of

    their operation when they were leaving

    the house they inquired from the jeweler

    whether as reported to them he possesses

    a pistol and a gun. He said,

    "Yes, I have." "So let us have these

    also as these weapons are evidently of

    no use to you."

    He complied promptly

    with the demand of the dacoits and got rid

    of an unnecessary liability.

  • Dr.Jawwad Khan |

    yes..the question is why do we need nukes?

    Obviously we don't deserve to have such weapons.

    Its like giving claws and fangs to chickens…chicken are chickens they don't need these things.

  • Furhan |

    Save the nukes. Yes. Who knows when we might need to use them.

  • awara |

    Save the nukes from who? Pak Army?

    I think its not something that Kiyani or Pasha can decide

    When they decide that Nukes are not safe in Pakistan, they would come in the choppers and take them to *safe* place

    How about we start a fund-rasier to collect money to buy choriaan and mahndee for our jawaans

  • sadid Quraishi |

    RADAR is NOT on all the time during paece time. When there is Alert we are ready. It is NOT possible to be on standby all the time. When there is alert there are aircrafts in the air loaded with armament. We failed so did the US on 9/11, in spite of the fact we american have the might power of technology, air , sea , intellegece , . . Why was Kennedy killed where was the security. What happened on 7/7 in the UK. Spo, let us not say we pakistanis are any worst than many others.

    Please click to reach my blog -Sadid Quraishi


  • farrah shah |

    Nukes or no nukes we have to stand up for our sovereignty .

    Nations do not need Nukes to defend themselves.ARe Afghanis or Palestenians ,Kashmiris ,Tamils fighting their wars with Nukes.

    During Zia time did we have Nukes to fight with Russia ?

    quite a few Pakistani people have protested against the murder of OSAMA but people have not come out to say DOWN to USA ,people have not recorded their protest for USA violating their boundary .

    Shame on Pakistanis I think Alqaeda people are far better than Pakistanis they have protested all over the world even in UK infront of US embassy ?How many Pakistanis have protested against the voilation of our border.

    USA has closed the embassies in Pakistan I think all future meetings of the officials should take place on a Neutral ground .They should not be allowed to come to Pakistan.All Americans who are on mission to kill innocent Pakistanis should be deported.

    Pakistanis are always so ready to fight India why we are not so avid in getting our space back from USA basis in Pakistan.Pakistani Nation is a confused nation .We are so angry but not at USA instead we are mad against our own army and government .Even if we dislike Zardari and Gillani time is not to protest against them.There should be only one protest in Pakistan and that is against raid and military operation inside Pakistan by USA.

    Where are the NGO people who publish and protest very graphically against Pakistan army but are silent on this unjudicial killing of several people by USA.

    People must get over the shock of this death of Osama .We must reject this supremacy of USA and stand up against this propoganda war which is stripping us little by little of our independence.

    Death of Osama is not so important he was neither our army chief nor a commander in chief of civil and millitary SO the war for Pakistanis is quite straight forward ?

    USA has delibrately tried to meliegn and play dirty with Pakistan civil and military administration.

  • farrah shah |

    if Pakistan army cannot respond ( it is not necessary for army to respond at all occassions)

    if Zardari and Gillani are too dumbest person on earth does it mean that rest of 16-18 million people in Pakistan are deaf and dumb as well.

    Stop mourning Osama we must have the inquiry into it .

    We must push USA for evidence for DNA proof and photographes .

    And every person in Abbotabad should have one regret why they didnot use their personal gun to shot at USA helicopters .Please be ready for FUTURE

  • Sakib Ahmad |

    Your post sounds dated following the revelations of Declan Walsh in the Guardian. The hypocritical protests that Pakistan's government and military are making are designed to hide the shameful fact that they had entered into a secret deal with the USA, giving the Americans a free hand to violate Pakistan's airspace and to assassinate Al-Qaeda leadership in defiance of international laws.

    You can read about it in my blog – click on my name.

  • zozo |

    we need only 5 nukes – one in each assembly during full house sessions. It'll be easier to build up the political system than to fix what we have. Arrogant, duffer, selfish 'leaders'

  • Jeech |

    The "official killing" of Bin Laden doesn't approve the merit of stealing our nukes. We in many ways have been sharing the killing with the coalitoin. Nukes can't be stealth the way.

  • K. Shahzad |

    Radar Failing etc may have been the political coverup, even if they came inside without being detected by our defense (Which I don't believe) they would have been easily turned into the flames, matter of few hits of our those F16 much higher above in the skies. So it was more of a political drama and a smart coverup. Political leadership just not wanted to make there American Friends ( :-p ) angry.

    I feel our Nukes are safe, coz an operation in Abbotabad to take Osama And picking the nukes are two very different scenarios. I still believe that personals in our forces are very much able to safeguard those weapons, so by force it seems impossible. We though have history of traitors, so will take care of that aspect.

    Finally @too many SMS and emails, unfortunately the revolutions never come with SMS and emails, no one listens to SMS and emails, so some on ground activity is must.

    And as i always say , we need to learn how to use our right of vote correctly. 🙂

  • Sakib Ahmad |

    It seems what happened in Abbottabad was a joint operation between the Pakistani traitors in our armed forces and their US masters. Read the comments, especially, comment no. 13, to this blogpost:


    Until this month I had believed that Osama had died long ago. After a brief period of confusion I have gone back to my earlier view.

    Rotten eggs like Zardari, Gilani, Malik (Interior Minister), Haqqani (ambassador), etc, in the government, and unknown faces in the armed forces, have made Pakistan a colony of the USA.

    • irfan |


      Why did you miss Kiyani in the list? affraid to name them in the list of beneficiaries? or you still have some *respect* for P!MP$ in uniforms?

      Zardari, Gilani, Malik (Interior Minister), Haqqani (ambassador) are the gifts of our PERSONNEL IN UNIFORM.

      MUSH was the one who cleared ways for BB to comeback and reOccupy the SALTANAT.

    • Sakib Ahmad |

      Click on the link below and read the section headed "The Pakistani Puppets".


      Under the traitor Musharraf, Pakistan's armed forces had been infiltrated with domestic traitors and "embedded" US military trainers. A power struggle seems to be going on at the moment. Give Kayani more time. Though I have criticised him heavily, I am only just beginning to understand the difficult position he may find himself in. Do show a little restraint, Irfan. Our irresponsible statements and actions would play into the hands of Pakistan's enemies.

  • farrahshah |

    Agree with you Shahid now we have to save the nukes or we would e no more

  • Jalal Hameed Bhatti |

    I agree with the writer and some of the comments. We are in a very precarious situation, deliberately led into by the US, to finally come for our strategic assets. I have been airing such concerns in my blog for long. We need to be prepared for days to come, which are going to be very tough for us. I hope our government and armed forces will rise to the occasion.

  • Arshad Khan |

    Spineless bastard telling the world he would have used bin laden card to gain advantage (to stay in power in pakistan). My opinon this is a clear admission that it not the Pakistani leadership controlling pakistan but U.S. leadership that is the leadership in pakistan.


    • Sakib Ahmad |

      Your link did not work for me. In any case,it has been obvious for the last few years that the USA is ruling Pakistan through its proxies. I made the following comment at another website but, so far, it is held in "moderation":

      History seems to be repeating itself again. There was Mir Sadiq who stabbed Tipu Sultan in the back and there was Mir Jafar who did the same to Nawab Siraj-ud-Dolah. The pity is that in Pakistan today it is the Mir Sadiqs and Mir Jafars who occupy the throne. That, in a nutshell, is the problem of Pakistan. You can read more here:


      [also, do read the immediately preceding two posts and the comments thereon]

      جعفر از بنگال ، صادق از دکن

      ننگ آدم، ننگ دیں، ننگ وطن

      In case you think of leaving a comment at my blog, just bear in mind that I have had to disallow anonymous comments and I have introduced moderation. Since 2 May, I have been receiving filthy e-mails full of obscenities. So much for the tolerance of westerners (including an Israeli) when faced with the ugly truth!

    • Arshad Khan |


      I did briefly read you link. Though I agree with alot there. I don't think you are correct when you say Osama died long ago. Taliban, Alqaeda, Pakistan with his family being in pakistan's custody and last not least U.S. claiming to have killed Osama, really do weigh heavy on the side of the thruth. Thouhg I am still not conviced that 911 was orchestrated by Osama.

      Search on youtube musharraf and piers and you should see the interview.


  • Sakib Ahmad |


    The USA is a serial liar. Why would anyone want to believe it if it failed to provide any evidence to back up its claims? There has been a lot of hot air but not a single piece of concrete evidence to prove that the USA murdered Osama earlier this month. The fact that it claims the body was given a "Muslim burial" at sea shows the worthlessness of its claims.

    The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are tools in the hands of the CIA with which it moulds world opinion. The Pakistani Taliban are an American creation and Al-Qaeda has been splintered into small groups. It is a fallacy to think of Al-Qaeda as a cohesive organisation with effective central control. Osama and his deputy Al-Zawahiri had split up years ago as they did not get on with each other.

  • Sakib Ahmad |

    ….in continuation of my comment:

    The TTP and Al-Qaeda routinely take responsibility for terrorist acts in Pakistan. This is utterly unbelievable when you consider a meticulously planned and executed operation such as the attack on the Mehran naval base. There are strong suspicions that all those bogus claims originate from the CIA? The whole thing smacks of an elaborate Psychological Operation conducted by the CIA.

    As for Osama’s “wives and children”, they have only been seen and interviewed by the ISI and the CIA, both inveterate liars. If they are telling the truth, they should have no hesitation in letting members of the independent media to talk to the family direct.

  • Arshad Khan |


    I dont have any evidence to counter your allegations. But I would say this. Pakistani ISI which is supposed to be the brains of military in my opinion. If the raid was all a false plot then I think ISI would have been smart enough to have caused a raid far away kakul military academy or far away from any military academy. Isn't ISI slapping its own face plotting in such a way. Though it got more then a good slap on its face from the Americans and looks like a fool to the world. I believe its anytime now we are gonna hear about Pakistani nukes getting out of its hands.

    Anyway hopefully we do get to see his family on tv giving us some of their accounts sooner rather then later.

    • Sakib Ahmad |

      کچھ سمجھ کر ہی ہوا ہوں موج دریا کا حریف

      ورنہ میں بھی جانتا ہوں عافیت ساحل میں ہے

      Consider this:

      The lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) led to the invasion of Iraq

      The farce of 9/11 resulted in the occupation of Afghanistan

      The drama of Osama Bin Laden's second death and the wanton destruction of Pakistani lives will lead to ?



  • Windber Johnstown |

    OMG OMG OMG UR SOOOOOOO RIGHT. US is after Pak nukes !!!!!!!!