PTI and the Establishment Ghost

Imran Khan PTIIm getting tired of hearing people accusing PTI of being supported by the “Establishment”.

In my opinion the word Establishment supported party is a word used to stigmatize any rising popular party, for lack of a better explanation as to why it has suddenly become popular, like PTI. People also can’t be blamed since in our past, history has repeatedly shown that popular leaders have had an establishment shadow overlooking their rise to power. But today here, we must understand that there is a genuine wave of frustration that has expressed itself into across the country support for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Imran Khan

In our unfortunate country, which is inherently run by crooks from the likes of Asif Zardari Peoples Party and the “waiting-for-his-turn-to-loot-the-country” Nawaz Sharif, people are not stupid to let this country continue into their hands again

You dont have to look far in search of proof where the pulse of the nation can be palpated, look at the thousands of people that attended the 30th October Minar-e-Pakistan Lahore Jalsa, it was pure passion, no amount of money could have bought that fervor and excitement

Please also note that the Establishment believes in bogus voting, with extensive rigging of elections in cahoots of the ECP, fudged or confusing voter registration drives and underprepared electoral lists ensure minimal people are able to cast genuine votes and the establishment is then able to propel their own sponsored crooks into power.

PTI on the other hand has been aggressively lobbying for maximum voter registration, it has petitioned the SC for automatically registering all 18+ citizens to be eligible for voting. It is important to highlight that PTI is doing everything to defy the Establishment’s self assumed birth right to select their compliant party into power, it is now time that the people of Pakistan choose their own leaders for a change

So please GET OVER THE ESTABLISHMENT GHOST, believe in the POWER OF YOUR VOTE, cast it on election day and make sure others are not coerced to supporting and electing the tired, tested and failed leaders. Then watch how the establishment then dances to the tune of the people, versus our nincompoop leaders [Zardari and Sharif etc] doing a Mujra for them on a daily basis.



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5 responses to “PTI and the Establishment Ghost”

  1. itelam Avatar

    Congrats Imran Khan Sahab

    PTI Just Rocked Now A Days It Will Be So Much Better Political Party for the Pakistanies

    My Vote Will Be Always With Your Party

  2. rehan Avatar

    Backed by establishment or not my vote and support is for PTI

  3. DrAmjadAliKhan Avatar

    Why only Shamsi Airbase, Why no one is Talking About Jacob abad Airbase. The Govt and Army is still tricking the nation.

    Please talk about this.

  4. abdullah61 Avatar

    I dislike the establishment tag so clearly visible on each and evry move of IK. I disown it and I pledge to work all the way to ensure that this bloody conspiracy does not work in Pakistan. This is designed to check Nawaz Sharif by attacking his power base Punjab. Establishment never wants to see Nawaz ruling because he is the actual enemy of establishment and USA.

  5. Munaeem Jamal Mallic Avatar
    Munaeem Jamal Mallic

    🙂 Ismein koi shakh