Imran Khan takes the game of Asset declaration to Raiwind & beyond

With Imran Khan declaring his assets today, the challenge moves onto Raiwind & other political mafias

Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf [Offical page] has indeed started to change the political ground rules in Pakistan, the status quo parties have a lot to hide and they will run for cover and deflect attention from their own financial issues or produce fake returns to share with the public – they have looted and plundered and when caught the best form of defense is ignore and deflect the questions.

Notice how Ch Nisar focused on the minute details of IK’s assets, but refused to comment on the bank vaults of Raiwind. You will ALSO notice the Sharif’s will not come publicly themselves because if they are caught then its embarrassing, if someone else falters they can send other cronies to clean up the mess, Hanif Abbasi is leading the pack, what an amazing line of defense they have in Raiwind.

It is now public pressure that can differentiate the crooks from credible Pakistanis. Keep asking them the hard questions and dont let them off the hook, let the onus to ask the hard questions NOT be on PTI, but instead the PUBLIC must take these crooks to task



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One response to “Imran Khan takes the game of Asset declaration to Raiwind & beyond”

  1. tariqhaider Avatar

    All the politicians in and out of government have amassed illegal wealth to hide. Some clever one have learned the money laundering, like NS and AAZ and their employees. All of the Politicians have sugar mills, the minting machines. Churning out millions of black money

    every crushing season.