Imran stands out – Adiah Afraz

An article in The News “Imran stands out” by Adiah Afraz this particular section is worth appreciating

I’m afraid, from a junior Bhutto to a senior Sharif we wouldn’t be left with a lot of choices if this is how we chose our leaders.

And speaking of leaders, I support Imran Khan because the leaders that my votes have put in power don’t inspire me. My life is difficult as it is, and I don’t have patience for a detached world where corrupt billionaires play victims and democracy serves the purpose of revenge. I have had enough.

Imran Khan speaks of my realities. His aspirations for my country are similar to mine. So what should I do? Should I stubbornly tell myself that no, good things can never happen to me, and painstakingly find arguments that feed my scepticism? Or should I get up and say: Ok, it seems very difficult, I don’t know how this man is going to do it, but then look at his track record. He is not an angel from the heavens, but he is credible. Credible, but human nevertheless, who like all humans is bound to make mistakes.

So let’s not attack him before he has even starts. Let’s help him out. He probably needs it.



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2 responses to “Imran stands out – Adiah Afraz”

  1. aatayyab Avatar

    In a 99% Muslim country, whenever addressing a large gathering of Muslims, at the time of prayer, he should ask everyone to pray with him, NOT pray alone. There's no such precedent of such a leader in Islamic world.

  2. Connecticut Avatar

    I agree with you