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Nawaz Sharif’s Clueless Economic Plan for Pakistan

So utterly clueless is PML’s Economic plan, that it must be embarrassingly exposed. Nawaz Sharif in his interview to Hamid Mir said that he wants to REDUCE TAXES for the existing Tax payers in Pakistan from 35% to a minimum of 10%, with the “hope that it would inspire people” to pay more taxes,

Ironic is such a suggestion specially coming from an experienced politician like Nawaz Sharif whose party has effectively ruled Pakistan for approximately 18 years, is that, it positively shows that he has no clue what he might actually be suggesting, to suggest a reduction of taxes from an elite class of society that already eludes taxes means that the rich continue to get richer and the poor driven further into poverty

His vision would produce a country which would be a very harsh place to live for the poor and the middle classes which are easily around 90% of the country. It will also not work for those who are well off because with the social fabric frayed like it is, the ability of islands of prosperity to survive in a sea of desperation is very low indeed.

Its not just a casual remark about low tax rates, it is a totally different view of the world that leads to a country with a massive fiscal deficit, to easily say good bye to any hopes for rebuilding this nation

So clueless is Nawaz Sharif, that even after his party has intermittently ruled Pakistan for about 18 years, since 1981 when Nawaz Sharif first became the Finance Minister in Zia-ul-Haq era, he has still no idea of how to solve this economic crisis in Pakistan. This is just one example as to how ill prepared PML-N is even to this day.

Its truly your choice to distinguish what is good for Pakistan and what may actually be damaging if people select to vote for a clueless bunch of failed politicians from Raiwind ruin all over again, alternatively Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, to its credit, has presented FOUR visionary policies [Governance, Energy, Economy & Health] which shows the vision and a definite PLAN FOR A BETTER PAKISTAN.


  • DarthLahori |

    @DrAwab sir, as a non PMLN person, when has e premier NS ruled Pakistan for 18 years? plz justify that crap #FromANonNwawzoosupporter

    • DrAwab |

      @DarthLahori Sharif PML Bhai Bhai: 81-85 Finance Minster, 85-90 CM, 90-93 PM, 97-99 PM, Shahbaz CM 97-99 & 2008-2012 = ample PK exprmnt time

    • DarthLahori |

      @DrAwab well, if U look at it like that, as an amalgamative regime of two people, then yes but thats really stretching the definition of PM.

  • Anas_Younus |

    @DrAwab He talked about reviving PIA, 91 was the first year PIA declared Loss, In 97 & 99 again PIA's accounts turned to loss from profit