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Update: Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Captain served with a Bottle of Acid in India

UPDATE: Hearing that Zeeshan Abbas has been discharged from the Hospital – so in all likelihood he swallowed some “diluted solution” Had it been Acid then god help us, and if it was some concentrated Phenyl then it would require 3-4 days of detoxification – and the hotel manager is saying it was a glass of diluted soap solution – So im guessing that it was Soap. Pakistan and India Go back to DefCon 1

INDIA: What an utterly despicable & inhumane act “placing a bottle of acid on table of a blind cricketer” The captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team was shifted to a hospital in critical condition after he mistakenly drank acid from a bottle which was supposed to contain water

I personally wont blame the entire Indian nation as I believe this was a despicable act by one lone person – SHAME HIM & OTHERS LIKE HIM
LINK: Pakistan blind cricket team captain critical after consuming acid
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