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Petrol Prices > Tabdeeli Aagaye Hai

تبدیلیی آ نہی رہی – تبدیلی آ گئی ہے
پٹرول کی قیمت میں بہی تبدیلی آگئ ہے

Tabdeeli Aa-nahi Rahi – Tabdeeli Aa-gaye Hai
Petrol prices mein bhee Tabdeeli Aa-gaye Hai

Mubarak to all Pakistani – let it be on record that it is definitely because of Imran Khan sb’s pressure & the popularity of the Dharna’s and the Virality of the Go Nawaz Go chant that has made the Noora’s scramble to provide some relief to themselves even if its mere moral survivability from the #GoNawazGo slogan

I leave you with a thought as the Nooras are high fiving each other on Rs. 9.4 of price reduction – the fact is that globally the crude oil prices have fallen by ~34% which if translated from Rs. 103/ltr should have been close to a fall of Rs 35+ tax – someone is still pocketing the ~25% difference – shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi [link]

Aeisha Gulalai: First Female MNA from FATA – PTI

Aeisha Gulalai

A young woman belonged to South Waziristan Agency Aeisha Gulalai vice president of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf become youngest Member of National Assembly on special women seat belonged to tribal area

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has proved the slogans of changed and for the first time he selected a tribal women on special seat belonged to South Waziristan agency which is real changed in the history of country” Aeisha said

Murderers, Looters & Thugs – Outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic : RIP – Parveen Rehman

I Parveen RehmanToday marks another sad day for Pakistan – Parveen Rehman the director of Orangi Pilot Project was assassinated in Karachi – I express my anger & frustration to literally say that Murderers, Looters & Thugs sadly outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic – I curse our so called “elected” leaders

Orangi Pilot Project was a people’s financed and managed Low-Cost Sanitation Program; a Housing Program; a Basic Health and Family Planning Program; a Program of Supervised Credit for Small Family Enterprise Units; an education Program; and a Rural development Program in the nearby villages

Today Pakistan has lost a Philanthropic Legend !! My heart bleeds, Your heart bleeds, beneficiaries of the Orangi Pilot Project will also Mourn today – But do our so called elected leaders AT ALL CARE — NO —

Best they can do, is continue protecting the murderers who murdered this legend today … tomorrow morning we all will see papers full of condemnations from our President, Prime Minister, Governor, Chief Minister and even the Chief Justice to all chime in unison “Notice Lay Liya” – “We will launch and investigation” – “We will find the culprits” – each and every Pakistani knows these standardized ritualistic statements, and they also know NOTHING will ever happen, all of these fanfare politicians will come to attend her Namaz-e-Janazah, pose in front of the camera, give those glorious touching statement – but will do NOTHING – these shameless elected politicians will ensure that the crooks are NEVER found, the story will disappear, 180 millions Pakistanis will forget Parveen Rehman – who killed her? or Why did they kill her? is a mystery which will never be answered – Shame on each and every elected leader – you were elected to protect the rights of the people, not to protect your own lives and pockets.

Murderers, Looters & Thugs sadly will continue to outlive the Innocent, Law-abiding & Philanthropic.

Rent-a-Survey declares PPP as Leading party

PPPA final nail in the coffin into all these RENT-A-SURVEY’s cropping up Right-Left-&-Center – After a disastrous 5-yr rule based on the slogan Democracy is the Best Revenge the latest Rent-a-Survey Says > PPP

Survey by Heinrich Boll Stiftung  showed that 29 per cent of the people surveyed would support the PPP, the highest number for any political party surveyed by the company.

Go Figure – LINK: Next government to face strong opposition: Survey

How PTI Social Media Helped Imran Khan Dominate Asia Society’s 2012 Year-End Poll

2012 Asia Society Person of the YearWhen Asia Society launched their 2012 Asia’s Person of the Year reader poll this last December, they were inundated with votes — so much so that they thought something was amiss. In 2011, when their year-end poll ended they received 881 votes, total. In 2012, they we were getting that many votes every couple hours. And more than 90 percent of them were for Imran Khan to have finally received 11,000 votes (87%)

At first they thought the poll was being hijacked but it slowly dawned on them that it might actually be passionate Imran Khan supporters who voted for their hero. Dan Washburn asks me a few questions

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PML-N’s financial wizardry – Sayem Ali

PML-N's WizardrySayem Ali digs into PML-N’s chest thumping rant “most experienced economics team” Sayem has obliged us with a good a holistic factual comparison of the economic performance of PML in the two stints they have been in power – to show that it is dismal even racked against the economic tenures of Zia, Musharraf, BB’s two tenures

“The SBP Handbook of Statistics 2010 shows that the Nawaz Sharif government’s economic performance was the worst amongst all civilian or military government in Pakistan’s.

Average growth during Nawaz Sharifs two stints in power was only 4.1%, which is significantly lower than Ziaul Haq (5.9%), Musharraf (5.1%) and even lower than Benazir Bhutto’s two stints in power (5%)

PMLN performance was not only bad but it also deteriorated during Nawaz Sharifs second stint in power during February 1997 to October 1999. The economy expanded at only 3.1 percent during this time, which is the lowest pace of growth for any government on record.

To give you perspective it is exactly as bad as the performance of the current PPP led government, with average growth of 3.1 percent between FY09 to FY13. So while the PML-N rightly criticises the dismal performance of President Zardari’s five years in power, it compares its own equally woeful performance with the Asian Tigers?

.. With by far the worst performance of any civilian or military government, the ‘experience’ of the PML-N’s financial wizards is exactly the reason why Nawaz Sharif should replace them immediately”

LINK: PML-N’s financial wizardry – Sayem Z Ali
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

PTI Leaders condole the family of Shahzeb Khan who was murdered by Feudal – Shahrukh Jatoi

Shahzeb Khan ProtestA large delegation of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf & ISF visited Shahzeb Khan’s family for condolences – His father shared a very heart touching narration of the tragic incident which truly moved us all.  It truly was a very simple argument, started by one of the servants of Shahrukh Jatoi who harassed Shahzeb’s sister, it unfortunately which resulted in the brutal murder of Shahzeb Khan by a Feudal’s son Shahrukh Jatoi (lived in the apartment across their Shahzeb’s flat)

Express Tribune – Murdered in cold blood: For Sindh’s feudals, Karachi lives come cheap  Shahzeb Khan didn’t even get time to change the clothes he wore to his sister’s valima. He was in his dark grey dress shirt and trousers when four 9mm bullets pierced through his car – a gleaming blue Swift which was an early birthday gift from his parents, and entered his body, eventually killing this popular 20 year old.

The car which had somersaulted after the shooting near Mubarak Masjid in Karachi’s upmarket Defence area on Tuesday morning, now stands silent opposite the Darakhshan Police Station, a sad reminder of what the spoilt young sons of feudal landlords can do if they or their friends are challenged.

After the condolences the delegation proceeded to Greenwich University to participate in a candle light vigil by the students and friends of In memory of Shahzeb Khan

The media seems to be playing down this incident, make your voice heard, make Shahzeb the beacon of light for justice for the hundred of thousands nameless people killed by Urban and Rural feudals of Karachi & Pakistan – today it was the son of a DSP Aurangzeb Khan – tomorrow it could easily be one of us, leaving behind a father and mother mourning the loss of a gun totting feudal on rampage killing over a mere dispute

Join the Protest on Sunday at the Karachi Press Club at 3pm – Peaceful protest ‘Justice for Shahzeb Khan’

TTP Terrorist Tattoo

TTP Terrorist TattooAbundant theories flying around regarding this Tattoo on the back of a TTP terrorist killed in the Peshawar Airport attack. TTP takes credit for an operation by a Foreign Funded militia … seems like this image will start putting into perspective how Pakistan is being taken for an implosive roller coaster ride at the behest of some hidden forces being externally funded. One thing is for sure this picture would not have emerged without the consent of the Pakistan Army – they are through this picture sending a message across – question is, is this the game changer?

What is your perspective on this latest development
Yahoo News: Tattoo is seen on back of a Taliban militant who was killed during a gun battle in Peshawar
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Shaheen Sehbai: Who wants elections on time and who does not

A very good and holistic picture presented by Shaheen Shebai on who wants a delay in the elections

I think at the moment PPP & PML-N would love an opportunity to delay giving them cushion to fix their 5-years of non-performance while MQM & PTI would prefer on-time elections

The President remains the de-facto president until the parliament elects a replacement – I think it’s most likely then not that the elections will be delayed How do you read the overall scenario?

THE NEWS 10th Dec: Who wants elections on time and who does not
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

Update: Pakistan Blind Cricket Team Captain served with a Bottle of Acid in India

UPDATE: Hearing that Zeeshan Abbas has been discharged from the Hospital – so in all likelihood he swallowed some “diluted solution” Had it been Acid then god help us, and if it was some concentrated Phenyl then it would require 3-4 days of detoxification – and the hotel manager is saying it was a glass of diluted soap solution – So im guessing that it was Soap. Pakistan and India Go back to DefCon 1

INDIA: What an utterly despicable & inhumane act “placing a bottle of acid on table of a blind cricketer” The captain of Pakistan’s blind cricket team was shifted to a hospital in critical condition after he mistakenly drank acid from a bottle which was supposed to contain water

I personally wont blame the entire Indian nation as I believe this was a despicable act by one lone person – SHAME HIM & OTHERS LIKE HIM
LINK: Pakistan blind cricket team captain critical after consuming acid
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi

ISF will Challenge the appointment of Director HEC in Islamabad High Court

Insaf Students Federation [ISF] has decided to challenge the appointment of new Executive Director Higher Education Commission before the Islamabad High Court.

Farrukh Habib the President “The government has political motives behind this appointment as it wanted to control the autonomous commission for its vested political interests, wanting to grab the funds allocated for higher education of students by transferring them for their upcoming election campaign,” LINK: ISF to challenge HEC director’s removal in court
shared on Facebook by Awab Alvi