Rent-a-Survey declares PPP as Leading party

PPPA final nail in the coffin into all these RENT-A-SURVEY’s cropping up Right-Left-&-Center – After a disastrous 5-yr rule based on the slogan Democracy is the Best Revenge the latest Rent-a-Survey Says > PPP

Survey by Heinrich Boll Stiftung  showed that 29 per cent of the people surveyed would support the PPP, the highest number for any political party surveyed by the company.

Go Figure – LINK: Next government to face strong opposition: Survey



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One response to “Rent-a-Survey declares PPP as Leading party”

  1. guY.sir Avatar

    u cannot expect free n fair elections bcuz it roots are corrupt n amoral.
    Its produce greedy gentlemen who suck economy badly.
    It enhance center govt who can make n break laws, aain-e-pak is nothin but a discord.
    It provides wider gate for foreign investors to come n suck economy thru stock exchange.
    It enhance terrorism.
    It is more dangerous than indian army in our borders.