Zardari Fort

According to picture story published in Daily Jinnah newspaper Zardari Fort is being built in Baharia Town Lahore and is almost nearing completion. The sprawling fort built on 200 Kanal are in Lahore is being referred to as Zardari Fort – it has 5 swimming pools, 2 helipads, 32 rooms, conference hall, meeting rooms, and can accommodate 10-15 K ppl

It is expected that this might later serve as the PPP secretariat in the future – ie if later Zardari sb decides to hand it over

Daily Jinnah



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3 responses to “Zardari Fort”

  1. Aizaz Moin Avatar
    Aizaz Moin

    He probably needs this "FORTRESS" To keep out his Pakistani enemies. How the public can keep voting this party is just beyond me. My mind boggles.

  2. Shoaib Avatar

    i live in Bahria not knew about this fort. shocking.

  3. Shamshad Avatar

    I am surprised every one remembers corruption of Zardari. It seems that all other politicians are rewarded with a corruption license from Supreme Court therefore no one remembers to take any action against Nawaz Shareef how he became billionaire. Pakistanis are well aware of the family back ground of Mian brothers. His father was neither a land lord nor an industrialist. This is the big question for entire nation that do Mian Sahib have Magic lamp that he became billionaire in over night. Of course this is the magic of corruption, he siphoned off billions in “ Qarz Utaro Mulk Sunwaro”, Mehran scandal case, Ittefaq foundry, Hudabia paper mill case, all these loudly speak the volume of transparency of Mian Nawaz Sharif. When Mian Sahib points finger to other, it exactly looks like” pot calling the kettle black”