CM Shahbaz exploits Punjab Govt websites for his own popularity

CM Shahbaz exploits Gov of Punjab website to promote his own Facebook pageCM Shahbaz Sharif continues to use Government websites to Promote His own Facebook and Twitter Profiles via ProPakistani

It maybe recalled that the Facebook page and Twitter Profile in question are personal properties of Mr. Shahbaz, that he will retain even after completing his service term. Instead of encouraging all these provincial government departments to have their own social media profiles, so that users may follow their updates and they may retain accounts even after the government is over, Mr. Sharif opted to promote his own profiles as if these government websites are his personal perperties.”

It should be recalled that previously in June 2012 we had reported on our blog : PML-N’s – ‘Like’ my Facebook page News Item [DELETED] an Express Tribune news report which reported that “the Punjab government issued a letter, sent to all officers, requesting them to join Shahbaz’s official webpage and to train themselves in social media networking” this news report was forcilbly deleted from the online edition of the newspaper apparently becuase of of Govt of Punjab pressure to suppress this humiliating news report – but todays evidence goes on to further reinforce that PML and Shahbaz Sharif is eager to aggregate clicks by any mean whatsoever instead of reinforcing institutions these government organizations are busy promoting the re-election of PML and Shahbaz Sharif – Simply said old habit of bending the rules,,,, die hard

ProPakistani Report: Shahbaz Sharif Uses Dozens of Government Websites to Promote His Facebook and Twitter Profiles



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