PTI has NO involvement with White Paper against GEO

The recent publication of a white paper of allegations against GEO bears the name of PTI Cyber Force team & PTI indirectly. For starters PTI categorically denies any involvement in this report and believe miscreants are using the party name to help deteriorate the relationships with the media house.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has taken strong objection to GEO issuing a legal notice to Chairman Imran Khan in the program with Mubashir Lucman.

The issue should have been between GEO & ARY or directly with Mubashir Lucman but looping in Mr. Imran Khan in the legal notice who merely responded to the questions posed to him was certainly an attempt to gag the entire talk show which is a decision of the ARY team and Imran Khan has no control over it whatsoever.

The Notice had demanded of the Chairman that he stop the broadcast of his interview of 28th October on ARY channel – as “the language and the conclusive tone” the Chairman allegedly used in the interview “is highly defamatory and unacceptable”!

The Chairman Imran Khan stood by every word of what he said in his interview with Mubashar Lucman for ARY television channel. The Chairman stated categorically that any allegations regarding ANY media house relating to money coming from abroad and allegedly creating links with foreign intelligence agencies must be properly investigated as “it was a very serious matter.” The Chairman reiterated that regardless of which media house was alleged to be involved in any such activity an investigation was in order. Yes the Chairman PTI’s tone was resolute in demanding such an inquiry rather than coming to a conclusion on his own. It is bizarre to accuse a political leader or any citizen of defamation merely because they demand an inquiry into what are serious allegations involving the security of the country.

Geo News Crying like a babySince this hard-ball stance by GEO against Chairman Imran Khan, the PTI social media team did admittedly “take on” GEO where we have posted a few images showing Geo “as a crying baby” & other images, a fun teasing jab at them for this incident where the tables have turned against them.  PTI Social Media team has given GEO a tough time – for their stance against Imran Khan, BUT LET ME CATEGORICALLY STATE THAT NONE of our Official Team members have engaged in ANY COVERT PROPAGANDA AGAINST GEO, what we do, we do so with our own identity and through our own accounts.

The PTI Cyber Force team is a group of random PTI supporters who are Imran Khan’s diehard fans and have always come forth to mostly defend the party and Imran Khan where needed, but entirely in their own personal  capacity – they have also given GEO a tough time on this issue – but the scope of their propaganda previous forms of propaganda usually entails hashtag trending and a competitive arguing (though admittedly it sometimes goes a little over board, but PTI has no control over this group)

Do keep in mind that the propaganda that they do, is identical to many other propaganda campaigns they have run example against PML-N, MQM & PPP and even more recently targeting Bilawal Zardari’s verbal tirade against PTI and Imran Khan – their strength is similar in all cases – but it does seem that the recent attack on GEO shows a remarkably more amount of anti propaganda and I truly have started to suspect foul play and believe “fake / pseudo account” may be involved – fake accounts posing as PTI supporter or even PTI Cyber Force to take on Geo – considering the wide scope of stake holders involved in this GEO vs ARY controversy its a tussle betweek RAW vs ISI, Jehangir Siddiqui vs Abdul Karim Dedhi, and GEO vs ARY (plus many other media houses enjoying the take-down) – finances to run any type of propaganda campaign outweighs the meagre volunteer resources by PTI SMT volunteers or even PTI Cyber Force

We have asked around from many PTI Cyber Force members, if the white paper originated from them – they have all denied and have also gone forth to publicly deny any involvement to this publication even on twitter as well – usually the Cyber Force is very upfront and very vocal when they do play a significant role in any propaganda but in this case they have clearly distanced themselves openly

The drafted “so called” White Paper by “PTI Cyber Force” is too well scripted, the detail and text is beyond the scope of a mere writer or blogger or even any cyber force entity that I am aware off – the concise point by point response to GEO in itemised intricate detail is written by a highly skilled propaganda team of investigative journalist and cannot be considered the work of PTI or its Cyber Force Team.

Digital Trail

The FIRST mention of the alleged PTI Cyber Force White Paper against GEO – came from the twitter account Sidra Saeed [@PolicyMaker3] this account was created in Feb 2013 and if you look into its detailed history has a very strong focus on targeting GEO – Sidra posted this on 2:16am on 1st November 2013 linking to the The NewsTribe article

Sidra Saeed starts the geo White paper controversy

Ironically even The News Tribe account @TheNewsTribe did not tweet this news story until an hour after Sidra Saeed specifically at 3:03am on 1st November 2013

The News Tribe shares the GEO controversy whitepaper

The issue gained biggest traction & virality approximately four hours later, when at on 1st November 2013 at 6:12 am Marvi Sirmed shared a link to Learning PK website (the first time it a link appeared to the issue from the Learning PK website

Marvi Sirmed tweets about the Whitepaper

Please take special attention to note that NONE of the main PTI Social Media team and neither the PTI Cyber Force that I know off talked or tweeted on this issue until well over 10-11 hours later. Truly had it been a Cyber Force initiative some of their accounts would have even so much as so inquired or tweeted about this link / issue as soon as it appeared in the digital space even an innocent “what is this all about ….?” would have been sufficient to indicate some involvement but none appears anywhere.


We strongly believe that some other propaganda group has carefully drafted this paper and is using the PTI Cyber Force name to attack upon GEO, so that PTI gets further embroiled into this mess with this media house

I will openly admit the battle is mostly between other entities and GEO – Imran Khan and PTI is unnecessarily being dragged into it. The PTI Social Media team is only voicing what the party leadership has positioned itself as (we are definitely giving Geo a little of the tough-guy treatment) BUT we will NOT create fake documents to disgrace PTI or IK in any capacity whatsoever – and yes we will continue to push PTI’s point of view with dignity and respect – in the realm of our freedom of expression.



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    With each day passing PTI is sinking to the bottom purely through its own doings. And teeth maestro has already touched the nadir in any case by becoming self-styled mouth piece.

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    why is it that nearly all those who post senseless accusation have either no name or have some foolish identity?

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