What has PTI done in KPK up until now! [Updated Nov 13th]

KPK Govt

[UPDATED 13th Nov 2014]

PTI remains focused on bringing a positive change in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and these progress notes will continue to be updated highlighting the efforts being made throughout the province







34 responses to “What has PTI done in KPK up until now! [Updated Nov 13th]”

  1. hatepti Avatar

    What good is it if it is published on PTI blog? I did not know and I already like many where I live have started disassociateing from PTImran. It is in total dissaray.Recent talk shows indicate that 'Mufahmat' is now the Party slogan.How Ch Nisar and Imran huddle and how Shafqat defends Nawaz League in the presence of despicable Saad Rafique.It is shameful.NO MOR CONFIDENCE IN IMRAN or PTI. It is another PM L N.

  2. Khan Avatar

    Your mission is "hatepit", my message is; mera paigham-e-muhabbat hai jahan tak puhnchay.

  3. MADISIAL Avatar

    Do not be aggressive dear SUHAIL, we r not supposed to abuse others, if any 1 has issues v should try to clarify logically.. now many of ppl has changed their minds n started admitting that PTI is not friendly opposition.. I.A things would change, show passion n courage…. May Allah bless our PAKISTAN and help us to promote it…

  4. arslion Avatar

    Keep it up !! We are always with you PTI <3

  5. peace Avatar

    If somethings are changing for good plz encourage it irrespective of the party

  6. anees Avatar

    Keep it up. Keep doing the good job.

  7. Ahmed Avatar

    We understand your emotions Sohail and remember people dont listen to God and Parents; they dont appreciate their deeds then how come they appreciate Imran and PTI. Listen, Imran has disturbed the status-co which is creating fear among these people. Just show good behavior.

  8. Ahmed Avatar

    Great work Imran Sb aap cha gaye…

  9. Ahmed Avatar

    You are the last hope, please keep the momentum high…Allah will help you more.

  10. anees imam Avatar
    anees imam

    passing bills is good.but bills have been passing throughout.actual thing is to act upon them.just depolicizing police is not solution.solution is whether that police has been able to bring the crime rate down or not???

  11. Omair Avatar

    Just for your information, passing bills IS the action. Depoliticizing police is the first step, followed hopefully by increase in police wages. Only then will they stop taking bribes because of necessity and focus on catching criminals, not making pocket money.

  12. Engnr.Salman Avatar

    Love you PTI. I have received that message of supporting pregnancy . Every thing written here is correct.

  13. Burhan mirza Avatar
    Burhan mirza

    Imran khan we love you <3
    We admire on you 🙂
    Insha Allah Naya pakistan 🙂

  14. zuhaib Avatar

    yes we appreciate boy, but plz control on your language. show by your language that you are supporter of PTI.

  15. NAWAB SHAUKAT Avatar

    Kam aisay hota KHAN SAAB seedhay saday satchay aur kharay aadmi hain jo kehtain hain ker dikhatain hain MUKHLIF logoon kay liyr aik sher arz hay IBTADAE-E ISHQ HAY ROTA HAY KYA AAGAY AAGAY DEKHEYE ROTA HAY KYA

  16. Engr.Faizan Avatar

    I’m not from Peshawar, but I have seen people from Peshawar and KPk are vetting this, so that would be true, Zubaan E Khalq ko Nqara E Khuda Samjho, Jo kahay duniya usay Zaubaan E Khuda samjhoo 🙂
    hats off Imran Khan n His team of honest and dedicated people

  17. Arif Avatar

    Excellent progress! Just when i was wondering to get an update about PTI's performance in KPK, here iz a timely share. The only area where perhaps we would like to hear more is the work done in controlling the electricity crisis. What is mentioned here is not enough. All the best

  18. Fahad Avatar

    great work sir 🙂 pti (y)

  19. sarmad Avatar

    Yeah this is what PTI is teaching to people. To abuse those who opposes you.

  20. sana Avatar

    Do some thing for electricity generation . if pti could do that then only no one can win from it. Just make electricity! !!!!!!

  21. Fakhar Avatar

    PML N was never genuinely focused on core issues like health, justice, police, education etc, it is because they know that that doesn't give them 'slogans' and 'big words', which they always use in making big impression by doing so called and stupid projects like 'metro' and they know that this way, they can easily fool the people and these so called projects, give them winning arguments against their oppponents. PTI is a genuine people's party and that is why it is working on the core issues of the country like transparency (look at the bills, right to services, conflict of interest), justice system, accountability, police system, health, education etc. There is no way that PML N or any other party can stop PTI because positive change is already came and it is continuosly growing everyday. Thumbs up to Imran Khan and all positive leadership in PTI.

  22. abc Avatar

    This seems great. But why it is on PTI page only. It should be repeatedly shown on media, news papers and other sources of awareness.
    Any one challenges, there must be an answer to it. There is a change and an effort to change … It is acknowledged by people in Peshawar, now it will take time to penetrate and show long lasting results …
    Everyone need to make sure this does not die down

  23. Maj(R) Nagham Fasih Avatar
    Maj(R) Nagham Fasih

    Great work by KPK govt but when safai ka insaf(cleanliness) will start?

  24. Tajdar Khan Avatar
    Tajdar Khan

    FOR PTI ANTI : Its a pity how divided we are. We wont accept any thing if its not from our party. Allah k wasaty yahee soch kar PTI ko qabool karlo k eik naya choor hay. PML-n PML-q PPP ko tu vote day chukay ho ab ess choor ko bhe try karlo.

    FOR PRO PTI : There are more negative people to pull you down than to lift you up. Hamara mulk pehlay he intna peechayrehgaya hay. Hum bare bare batain kartay hain . hamrae armay ayse hamaray log aysay , humaray pass atomic power, etc etc. Tu dunya walay kehtay hain k abhe tak bhek keyoun mangtay ho. Keyoun IMF k chakar lagatay ho. Mujhay aur aap sub ko sacrific karni hay aur yea sooch kar kaam karna hay k hamare aanay wali nasal faiday may hoge.

  25. Saleem Avatar

    Fuckin PTI haters…..Uper PML N pora tum logo ka Ke rishta dar betha he…..fucking whole Nora kandhan is in higher post…fuckin making money from top to bottom…lol..and using them to produce nawaz hair….hahaha….janga salaa…..tum logo ko sharaam nhe ate us jange Ke ya tareef karte hue…fuck n shame on u…we here oversees pakistani wants to fuck an see you people have the best lifeee….not go through tension and stress every fuck n day….but u pml n people are so messed up in the head that you will never understand….their is still time…stand up…stand up….kar do bagawat with those people…if not for the country…than for your u and your family…support imran…..pls..it's for ur own good…and start by not writing anything stupid against imran or pti…pleaseee…

  26. Rashmian Avatar

    YES they abusing by words,,,but others abusing physically…………jo loot rehe hen mulk ko aik ne 5 saal loot khaya dosron ne aik saal me kabara ker diya,,,tu 5 saal me mazeed kia hojae ga…aise me jo un ki favor kere ga wo bhi wesa hi hoga…………………………………………like chorr ko chupane wala bhi chorr hota he,,,,!!

  27. Muhammad kashif khan Avatar
    Muhammad kashif khan

    With the name of almighty Allah the most merciful and mighty, yes this is a good rolling out of kp govt, I myself has experienced the change being a son of govt servant and a resident of a govt colony; my father didn't use to go office since 1994 because of pure discrimination regarding promotion and being a religious kind of personality who didn't want to be a nut of the corrupt machinery. But now me and my father use to leave home together early morning towards our respective jobs.a few days back I was in a discussion with some of the govt officers about their performance in their offices the fearlessly exposed their own selves and admitted about their systematical corruption. They said that they are happy now being restricted from doing so again as all the govt servants are under watch. Allah hamaray nizam ko mazeed behtri ata farmain Amin.

  28. Muhammad Ayaz Avatar
    Muhammad Ayaz

    Well done and yes change is not the name of launching heavy projects we should solve the basic problems to protect the life and property of citizens instead of making metro, motorway etc. One positive thing of recent federal govt is nandi poor power project we also should appreciate it also. And by the way very well done pti and we expect more and more from u and ur govt in kpk imran khan best of luck and may live long

  29. Capt J Avatar
    Capt J

    Actually they forgets that Nawaz came into power two times earlier too, and he was kicked out, people didnt voted from him , people voted for PPP. So that means problem is with our people, we forgets who betrayed them, they keep on electing similar leaders, and in the end they cry about injustices ?

  30. Oxi Avatar

    What strange party using same journalist name (Umer Cheema) who they blame as traitor or funded by PMLN. Same journalist share the new of UK thingy on which khan was pissed off

  31. Talal Masood Avatar
    Talal Masood

    Kind of a similar list that can be drawn out from Punjab Govt. as well. So its nothing unusual.

  32. saqib Avatar

    I think its great start by mainly an experience team ….just in 1 year they introduced so many structural reforms like conflict of inetrest and right to info act …but still they have to do lot to show significent change

  33. Maqsood Ahmad Avatar
    Maqsood Ahmad

    I am a white collar PTI supporter but am compelled to say that the PTI has really disappointed us in the KPK. For instance, the ANP Govt during its five years tenure didn’t allow increase in the electricity prices. Whenever there was an attempt by PESCO, the Provincial Govt used to go to High Court on behalf of people and would get a stay. There was a time when the electricity price in the KPK was half as compared to the rest of the country. However, the PTI’s provincial govt has no time for the people and it has proved it by its actions.